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Gargoule CCIE Eee meme OE B-10K I volume sixty-three, issue ten eho 01 ‘managing editor-in-chief ‘ede akolo ‘content editor-in-chief taryn parker | arts & culture ‘ondik odor opinions eee Editor’s Address avant-garg avncet sharma ve Dea frends, shania pera pers Here at the Gargovle, we promote sexual health ad seuxal comsad aon ery. althongh you missed the fee abortions we gave at proton hight ast week, we hope this issue brings you knowledge. Knowl- = ‘cde that wilncnerate the pckiters on St George street. Know! comics fe and humour tat wil fovingly roast your conservative relatives danila mahimoudt aie yang at the next family reunion oo Weare sadn that this issue must be made every year. Hopeally aaron! ‘vrs wl be putt god sen your hands ithstrtor Sincerely, Jodi etencee nee staffemeritus lon starter front and back cover ‘ary parker | stat | isobelcamegie | Ica huntsman merkur | maya morgan emma kelly ‘vilean :menstraleupboler420 rehana mushtaq sam bronet| About us The Gargosl is University College's greases student newspaper and publishes every two weeks ‘We area paper that believes that sometimes you should be angry, and that sometimes you shoul be laud, and if you have not had a voce before, you deserve a voce. We donot give print space to bigots and we donot feign neutrality on issues of social justice, At this moment, everthing in our ‘office iso i ‘The Gargoyle dungeon/ofice is located in 6, acessed by the F door in the UC quad 416.946.0041 uegargoyle@gmailcom /submissions@uegargosle-ca ARTS AUD ouTURE