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There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the World,
and that is an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo
19th Century Author

Author: Stjepan Spanicek – Independent Researcher
Version 2.0 – March 6, 2018.
Zagreb, Croatia

This essay does not have any commercial use. Author of the essay does not have any claim on
copyrights, so the essay itself can be used freely, partially or entirely, for further researches and
for education purpose. The author retains right to changes, modifications, improvements and
making some appendices, because of material affluence and complexity, the entire research is
just like … the never-ending story. Therefore, always check if you have the latest version of that

This is the story, an essay, how the natal chart of Jesus was discovered. For all those who do not know what …
natal chart … means, well then, to say it differently, we can say this is the story of how the moment of birth of Jesus
the Christ was discovered. This is a long story indeed, but I will try to expose it in the form of a short essay, or
perhaps several essays. That means, not to be too long anyway. However, I know somebody would make a book
out of it, or maybe several. Indeed, it happened that this initial discovery provoked some further discoveries, and
the entire Biblical story was deciphered, but being watched through some entirely different prism, being watched
from the point of view what really had happened. The True History has shown up, or, what I call … the Vedic History.
Because it is all about the Truth. The Veda is all about the Truth. And vice versa, the Truth is all about the Veda.

Well, it is true, this is long time controversial topic of the History Science, and of theorists of the Bible after all, and
I know that making such a statement like finding the true moment of birth of the true historical Jesus, well that
could sound more like exaggeration, or at least, it would sound like being overly ambitious plan. Nevertheless, what
I stated, I will prove very soon, and it will be shown that none of the previously mentioned qualifications could be

It all started when I noted one very interesting article in the magazine which deals with history, archaeology, and
especially with Biblical History and Biblical Archaeology. The magazine is called exactly this way … Biblical
Archaeology Review … or simply … The BAR …

Another very important source of valuable information is … Prof. James Tabor …, whose very interesting blog called
… Taborblog … I regularly visit ...

To be honest, by following Prof. Tabor’s blog and books on Biblical topics I did find very precious information to
solve many Biblical enigmas.

Basically, this is the story about an article under the title …


… which can be found at the following link …

… and which was initially published in January of 2015.

Therefore, the following text and all belonging discoveries are based on and closely related to the BAR’s article
about King Herod’s death possibly connected with a lunar eclipse in March 4 B.C.E., and the discussion that followed
after the article was published.

I have been following History Science for a long time indeed, and I am really impressed and fascinated with all recent
achievements. Science is really doing great, and I enjoy having some close attachment wherever, and whenever, I
can. That is the reason I even follow some magazines. Though need to say, I do not have any formal education in

this field. Well, from the very beginning that was maybe something like a handicap, but as the story will show, in
some stage that will be proved as an advantage, real advantage.

It was about the spring of 2015, when I’ve noticed the mentioned article, I studied it for a while, then decided to
make my own commentary on that topic. Somehow it happened I made extensive research, but this article was just
as a trigger point, so to say. Due to the reason my knowledge was limited, I was forced to learn a lot, but I did it in
some unusual way. I used some very innovative technics, and to be honest, results are fascinating. “The miracle“
had happened when I started to use Vedic Astrology-Jyotish on ancient dates and ancient events. Soon it was proved
that my initial very innocent quest for the answer to the question when and how King Herod left this world, will take
me on the unbelievable journey to decipher and to correct all history lines. No exaggeration indeed. All history lines!

BAR’s editors have been very correct, I need to mention that, and they somehow did include my initial commentary
into all other commentaries on that article. But then, as research was extended, and it was going deeper and deeper,
I made more commentaries on related topics, which actually turned out to be real essays. To my very big surprise,
they included them all among commentaries as well. To be honest, I was surprised very much, because some of
these essays of mine, better to say all of them, are very … kind of … explosive. Very. I mean, they are not such like
for me, because I am already familiar with these discoveries for a long time. They will not be sparkling for many
others as well, in fact for all those who sensed already before that many history lines are corrupted. But, no doubt,
for some it will be kind of very radical. Yes indeed, even before that discovery, I had some suspicions on official
history, and especially on official Bible story. Therefore, all these discoveries could be possibly proved as very
revolutionary ideas when being compared with the mainstream of the History Science, and not even to mention
biblical topics and theologians’ point of view. In fact, perhaps for them, it would be proved as an anathema.
Nevertheless, it seems the time has come we tune all possible deviations with the true story.

Now, looking from the perspective of March 2018, almost three years are gone since I released the initial text and
informed BAR’s editors. I think it is time now for these essays to become even livelier. In the meanwhile, I made
some small, very small corrections, mostly to avoid some grammatical any syntax errors. Well, my English still have
some holes, even though I am doing my best to produce errorless texts. Need to mention, here and there I entered
few footnotes because some time was gone since the initial text was done, and in some places, I’ve noticed some
conclusions of mine which I would make different now. This is all due to the process of learning. Nevertheless, I did
not want to change the initial and original text and to modify it on a big scale, so I rather entered a few footnotes,
just to explain what is this all about. Another thing, as I already mentioned in the initial note, such kind of research
are more like never-ending stories. Just when you think that everything is done and that all discoveries are finalized
finally, something else will pop up to show that you are not even close to being finished. This is a never-ending story

Yet another thing, this is topic which is very much Biblical by the way. As we know, all Biblical topics are sentenced
to be controversial. Therefore, I do not have any doubt my essays will be very controversial as well.

Well, as all that is very Biblical, and as we are coming close now toward two very important Biblical festivities like
Passover and Easter of 2018, then let me be allowed to devote all these writings to the liberation of the Jews and to
the resurrection of the Jesus. Let it all be just as my small contribution to both of these very important Biblical

For the reason to be even shorter with the story, and due to that to be clearer and more comprehensive, I
compressed my two initial commentaries, two initial essays, into one. The result is in front of you. I entitled it …


… though the discovery of the natal chart of the Jesus was secondary discovery, and discovery of the moment of
death of King Herod was the primary discovery. Nevertheless, from the point of view of the History Science, and
from the point of view of all theologians, after all, I am sure they would all agree that finding the moment of birth
of Jesus is somehow more important and becomes the primary. I hope King Herod the Great would excuse us, and
very likely, he would maybe even agree with us.

Along with my very deep appreciation of the BAR, all readers of the BAR, as well as with my respect of all their
followers and commentators, I would like to express my opinion regarding one very interesting topic.

I am a passionate researcher of ancient history, kind of free researcher, and I am focused very much on all cultures
before the new era especially. I have been following BAR for some time already, and now, after reading the
mentioned article, I am motivated very much to make my own contribution to the discussion on final days of King
Herod the Great and the birth of Jesus itself. Both these topics are extremely interesting from the point of view of
real, true History, and I am pretty sure some new elements, some new clues, will be very welcome.

First about the death of King Herod. Regarding this point, I need to express my very firm opinion that he did die
during 4 B.C.E. - most probably early in the spring. The story of a lunar eclipse in 4 B.C.E. should be examined more
thoroughly. Because it seems to me, this eclipse is very important, almost as the key to decipher what really had
happened with King Herod the Great, and because, according to my opinion, the death of King Herod is closely
connected with the birth of Jesus, then we can probably solve both problems just with proper understanding the
lunar eclipse on March 4 B.C.E. The importance of that lunar eclipse we can see even from the Josephus himself,
because, according to the fact mentioned in BAR’s commentaries, it was the only eclipse he did mention in his entire
work. This also means something, I think. At that ancient time, an eclipse was much more than a time marker.

To understand that, a few more ideas should be developed.

One of the reasons we have so many mysteries about every ancient civilization and culture is the fact that we do
not understand them properly. We do not understand completely how they did function. With our brains fully
focused on technology, and with such very superficial, so-called fragmented and mechanistic brains, we cannot
understand cultures which embodied some deeper spiritual values and very profound understanding of natural
laws. To be even more concrete, at that time astrology was not detached from astronomy, they both were one
science, one comprehensive and holistic science, with a very profound understanding of sophisticated natural laws
that govern evolution in this vast Universe that surrounds us. Thus, let we try for the moment, just for the moment,
to look at these things in a way they did.

First, just to go straight to the point, an eclipse was not a good omen. The astrologer who did not warn a king or an
emperor on a forthcoming eclipse, this astrologer was beheaded for sure. An eclipse is a special time when,
according to deeper spiritual insights, natural laws are not functioning as they use to function in any other normal
situation. Eclipse is a very powerful mechanism of Evolution Force for not to be stacked, not to be interrupted in
any way. Eclipse simply shakes everything, the things are not as usual, and along with this Evolution Force would
find the way for next step to go on. Therefore, from the point of Evolution, eclipses are very good thing actually.
Nevertheless, wise and knowledgeable individuals of ancient times noticed that eclipses would have a tendency to
bring some negative vibrations. An eclipse was a bad omen for our ancestors, and they were feared by them. And

they were feared with reason, because, eclipses could be disastrous and dreadful. They could provoke terrible
events to happen. At that ancient time, astrologers would suggest people not to look at any eclipse regardless of
the fact how fantastic this phenomenon, the show on the sky, could possibly be. They would also suggest people
not to eat and drink during that time. Moreover, all that is irrelative to the fact weather eclipse is visible in own
geographic area or not. Even if not being visible, affliction was there. They claimed that afflicted field of life had
started to be excited some six months before the eclipse already, depending on the strength of the eclipse itself,
and the effect could last even six months after the very eclipse did happen. An eclipse time for them was not an
excellent time for starting anything new; no new business to be started, no new relation to be entered, no any
undertaking should be done about eclipse time. That was a time for introverting, spiritual practices, not going out
of the house. Nevertheless, it was good to do some activities anyway. For them, eclipse period was a good time for
cleaning the house. It is a very good time for breaking the relationship as well. If they wanted to destruct some
things, the eclipse was the ideal time. Perfect time to destruct something or ruin something or someone. Because,
as I already mentioned, they did understand natural laws are functioning different way during the eclipse time.
Many wars had started just about eclipse time. Eclipse was even more important on a mass level because it
influences masses very much. Many king’s astrologers have searched for weak points of opponents and rivals, and
eclipse time was proved as being excellent for such purpose. Very often history has shown that at that ancient time
war between two kings was actually a war between two astrologers, and the king with more knowledgeable
astrologer was a winner, of course. Certainly, an astrologer was not developing tactic for the battlefield, though he
could take his part in this story as well, but he was telling the king when to do what. Good beginning, half job done!
…. This is an old proverb, and it was used for both, construction and destruction, for good ideas … and for these not
so good as well. Because we should always have in mind that, our ancestors did understand very well the principle
of the dualistic nature of the life itself; that we actually live in the dualistic world. There are good guys around who
always think evolutionary way … but there are also some other guys around, who could possibly have who knows
what kind of wired ideas. Some ideas of theirs were not always so evolutionary.

Thus, that was just one small fragment of how our ancestors did look at these things. No doubt that every eclipse
was very important, as well as the role of an astrologer to predict it, and to offer some remedies. That was the time
when an astrologer was staying very high within a social structure. Very often, it happened that they were part of
the priesthood because they needed a good knowledge of astronomy for their religious feasts and ceremonies.
Therefore, priests and astrologers, they both were watching on stars and moving of planets very carefully, as well
as searching for good and bad omens.

As I am researching Vedic Civilization and consequent Vedic Culture very much, the Culture which had predated to
almost all civilizations of Near East, I am familiar with … the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish. I am not an expert, to be
honest, but anyway, I think I have enough knowledge to make some observations. By following BAR discussions
about the death of King Herod and a possible connection with some eclipse, an idea came to check something.

There is a very powerful tool, software for casting natal charts, called Jagannatha Hora (JHora).

I have been using it for a long time and can say it is simply amazing. Just to say, I am not acting as an agent of JHora;
it is freeware after all. I made many contemporary natal charts and some very interesting ancient, but this we can
maybe discuss some other time. Now, we can forget all these spiritual aspects of astrology, because, I am sure many
BAR readers would not wish to go so far. Because somebody would say, it is not scientific. What is scientific and
what is not, and who will decide what is scientific and what is not, all that can certainly be the topic of some other
discussion. Now, let us for the moment forget all that, and let us use this tool, this software that, by the way, is very
scientific, just as a time tool. Let we use it just as a kind of time machine, which will bring us some 2.000 years back
in time.

My idea was to check that eclipse on 13th of March 4 B.C.E. in detail. First, I did find the website of NASA where all
eclipses, solar and lunar, for the last several thousand years are exposed, as well as all these forthcoming in next
few millenniums. They are all there in one place, and one can do research in detail. Very quickly I found the one
labeled “13 March -3”. Please note that in astronomy, there is a year zero “0”, and it is actually referring to 1 B.C.E.
Then, “-1” represents 2 B.C.E., “-2” is 3 B.C.E. and “-3” is 4 B.C.E., and so forth. Thus, the year 4 B.C.E. is actually “-
3” in astronomical terms. OK, the one labeled “13 March -3” is there.1

Jagannatha Hora software uses ordinary year labeling, so 4 B.C.E. is actually “-4”. However, when I entered this
date, March 13, 4 B.C. into JHora program, the lunar eclipse was not there.

Figure 1 – Jyotish Chart for the March 13, 4 B.C.E., seen by ephemerides based calculation called Planetary Model. There is
no eclipse. Sun and Moon are not opposite to each other, and they are not associated with any Lunar Node.

1 Please note that the initial research on this topic, including the research on eclipses especially, was done in 2015. All data and all parameters
about eclipses are taken from the website: . Once again, all data on all eclipses are taken in the
spring of 2015. Since that moment, after year or two, I’ve noticed dramatic changes in data of all ancient eclipses and appropriate dates they
did happen. That means, there is a big chance you will not find certain ancient eclipses to be shown as I mentioned them in my essay. This is
very important observation for my research, and it is close to expose the fact that something very dramatically did happen with NASA’s story
on ancient eclipses after my series of commentaries was initially released in the spring of 2015.

By such programs, it is very easy to see lunar or solar eclipse time. For a lunar eclipse, Sun and Moon should be
completely at the same degree but opposite to each other, in opposite signs of the zodiac, and they need to be
closely connected with nodes, North or South Lunar Node. And it should be full Moon. Sun and Moon are directly
opposing each other every month, but that does not mean we have a lunar eclipse every month. This is because
Sun and Moon are not moving on the same plane. Their paths meet-cross only in two points, and this is being called
North and South Lunar Node. Therefore, when they are properly aligned with nodes, and that means, they are on
the same plane, and as they are opposite to each other, the Earth is in-between, and that means that Moon is
passing through the shadow of the Earth. In Vedic astrology the penumbral eclipse is not being considered, only
total and partial lunar eclipses are considered. For a lunar eclipse, there is a rule that Sun or Moon should be in the
range of 11 degrees and 15 minutes of arc (plus … minus) to the nodes. If they are in one degree of arc plus-minus,
that means, this lunar eclipse is total.

Thus, the date March 13, 4 B.C.E. does not show any sign of lunar eclipse. Then we can play a little bit, and we can
move the Moon by the Time Tool embedded into the program, to be completely opposite to the Sun. That did
happen on March 21, 4 B.C.E. When I checked how far the Moon from any lunar node is, I was shocked. It was only
about 16 minutes of arc. It is not mistaken! It is not 16 degrees of the arc! This is 16 minutes of arc! Thus, the Moon
was completely aligned with the Ketu, the South Lunar Node, at the same degree.

Figure 2 – Jyotish Chart for 21st of March 4 B.C.E. seen by ephemerides based calculation (Planetary Model). It is shown Total
Eclipse with only 16 arc-minutes of difference in position of Moon and South Lunar Node, while Moon and Sun are opposite
to each other.
Figure 3 – NASA specification for the lunar eclipse on March 4 B.C.E.

We see now that here we have a difference of about 8 days. It seems that lunar eclipse did happen some 8 days
after the mentioned day, and it was very strong. That was the Total Eclipse. It seems it appeared at 8 PM
(20h22min20sec), what was an ideal time to be observed and watched. How much was possible to be seen from
Jerusalem, I do not know right now. But that is irrelevant anyway. It was strong, powerful and functional even
without seeing it. Priesthood, astrologers and all scholars certainly knew about it. Ordinary people did not pay
attention to such things anyway.

To be honest, I was intrigued by this discovery, and that motivated me to do additional research. I checked many
ancient lunar eclipses, and all of them have some shift; the shift of about 8-10 days. Even the legendary Columbus
Eclipse was shown by JHora to be on 10th of March 1504 A.D., instead of the March 1, as NASA claims. Then, when
I checked the first few eclipses after 1582. when the Gregorian calendar was introduced, then dramatic change
again. There is no shift! JHora software puts eclipses right at the mentioned time. I checked several recent ones …
and … no mistake, everything is fitting perfectly well.

Thus, now it is clear! There is some problem with calendar conversion in the year 1582 A.D. Is it possible something
like that? How could that happen?

Now we need to say a little bit more about the story how JHora performs its own calculations. Basically, there are
two options, and both can be invoked optionally along with just a few clicks.

The first one is based on an ephemeris. It uses planetary ephemerides to calculate the position of each planet for
any given time. JHora uses so-called … Swiss Ephemeris … done by Swiss company … Astrodienst …. They are not
making ephemeris themselves; they took ephemeris from NASA’s Company … Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) …
from Pasadena, Los Angeles. JPL is a huge company with about 5.000 employees, but historically and practically
completely leaned on and attached to the Caltech University. They are doing many things, and among others, they
have been making ephemeris for everything whatever moves in our Solar system. For every planet, for every moon
satellite, and for every asteroid since it was discovered, registered and introduced … they make ephemerides for
absolutely everything. They measure the positions of all these objects every day precisely and register these values.
Then, by knowing the path of the object, velocity, and direction, they recalculate positions of that object in the far
past and in far future, and they make ephemeris for this also. In such a way, every planet has ephemeris from the
time of about 13.000 B.C.E. until maybe a few thousand in the future. This is really an extraordinary work, and all
Space programs are based on this ephemeris. Every flight of every spacecraft is based on this ephemeris. They are
used for planetarium software also. Such files are usually big, close to 3 GB, what is not a problem for big users like
NASA, but can be a big problem for astrology software developers. This is now where this Swiss-based company
Astrodienst comes in. They use basic original JPL file, they extract out what they do not need, and they compress it
heavily to reduce the size. Their final product is a file of about 100 MB. This is comfortable for practical use in
astrology, and that becomes the core for planetary calculation engine for astrology software developers. Then, such
compressed file will be taken by astrology software developers, they will also extract out what they do not need,
they will reduce the size again, and in the final stage, we have very sophisticated and very powerful tool for
astrological interpretations based on ephemerides.

Furthermore, calculation of positions of planets based on ephemerides is then oriented to find two closer
ephemerides of the specified date and time, and based on velocity and direction of moving of the planet, positions
of planets for any given time are interpolated and generated. This is just a very simple story about natal chart
casting. In reality, it is more complex, to be honest. Luckily, we have computers today, and such software programs,
what saves us from very exhaustible calculations. We just enter personal data, and in less than a second, we have
a natal chart done.

Therefore, the complete system is very precise, and JHora developers declared a possible error in fractions of
second of arc for all dates after 1000 B.C.E. For more ancient dates, like 3000 B.C.E. or similar, they declare possible
error within few minutes of arc, what is still good enough for astrology purpose. But they are developing and
improving this software all the time, as well as the precision of basic ephemerides is constantly being improved, so
in the final stage, we have a situation that errors developers do declare are permanently getting smaller and smaller.

Another method of calculation embedded in JHora, which can be optionally engaged at any time, IS NOT based on
an ephemeris. In order to accomplish the calculation, it uses an entirely different approach. It is based on certain
formulas taken from the classic Vedic text … Sri Surya Siddhanta (SSS). Hence, ancient Vedic Rishis, Vedic Scholars,
after observing moving of planets for a very long period of time, derived very special formulas which can help to
find the position of any planet at any time. They use the principle of counting elapsed time from one fixed point on
the Ecliptic, and this is defined by big conjunction of planets in the midnight before February 18, 3102 B.C.E. This is
a very good system also, but it is proved as not so precise when we go deep in history, deep in our past time, so to
say. It is precise enough to consider contemporary natal charts, and maybe even up to hundred years plus-minus,
but not very precise when considering ancient charts. My research has shown, for ascendant calculation, it
generates mistake of about 1 degree of arc for every 400 years, and if we apply it for dates around 4 B.C.E., it will
generate mistake of about 5-6 degrees what is a significant mistake. A mistake can vary for different planets. So, it
is shown that this system is definitely not practical for ancient dates.2

2 This statement should be taken with precaution. Later on, I learned that precision of the calculation would depend so very much on ayanamsa
we use. Ayanamsa is very important point in such researches, and it is very important to use proper and exact ayanamsa, but this is all long
story indeed, and it should be discussed separately. It is very likely that difference in longitude and eventual mistake in longitude, should be
addressed to the ayanamsa problem. This is to say that Suryasiddhantic model for planetary positions calculation could be very precise when
we consider ancient dates as well. It all depends on precision of ayanamsa model that is used. Furthermore, when Surya Siddhanta model is
being considered, there are maybe some other factors influencing precision of planetary positions, and which are not known to me.
This is true, it is maybe not practical for serious use in astrology when ancient dates are considered, but in our case,
it can be a good indicator. It can be a good control method. As I was plunging deeper and deeper into this eclipse
problem research, I was just thinking … well … let see what this other system will tell about the eclipse on March 4,
B.C.E. Shifting to this system within JHora is very simple, just a few clicks. And then … it was there … SSS system of
calculation came on the same day, March 21, 4 B.C.E., just with few degrees of difference in planetary longitudes.
So practically, I’ve got almost the same result as with system based on ephemeris, what is very indicative, and can
show that the complete story of putting this lunar eclipse on 21st of March 4 B.C.E., instead of March 13, is actually
very well based.

Figure 4 – Jyotish Chart for 21st of March 4 B.C.E. seen by the Sri Surya Siddhanta method of calculation. One can observe a
shift in longitudes of all planets for few degrees. This is logical to expect, but the most important clue is that it shows the
same day as ephemerides based method.

I checked many eclipses in this way: ancient ones, contemporary and far future forthcoming. The result is the same.
By using double system checking all eclipses of the present time and future time are fitting very well. And everything
is going well until behind this magic borderline … 1582 A.D. … then this shift of about 10 days occurs for all lunar
eclipses. I’ve tried to use the Julian calendar also, which is embedded in JHora as an option. This calendar uses a
similar principle as SSS, it measures elapsed time from one fixed point on the Ecliptic, and that point is fixed to some

4.000 years B.C.E. I was thinking, maybe that will show this phantom March 13. But it did not! According to the
JHora software, a lunar eclipse in Julian calendar occurs on March 23, 4 B.C.E.

I also checked many solar eclipses, and the result is absolutely the same. A solar eclipse is very easy to detect with
JHora software as well. Sun and Moon should be in the same zodiac sign, at the same degree, and they should be
lined up with one of the nodes within 18 degrees plus-minus. And it should be the New Moon. This is the Solar

Lunar eclipses in 1 B.C.E. and 2 B.C.E., I did check as well, and they follow the same sample, and they are not fitting
into the mentioned dates. Anyway, I think they are not of any importance. Because, the most important events we
follow now, like the death of King Herod the Great and the birth of Jesus, they did happen in 4 B.C.E. and 5 B.C.E.
respectively. According to my opinion, our focus should be on these years.

Thus, to conclude, interestingly, in no way I could replicate lunar eclipse on 13th of March 4 B.C.E. with JHora
software. Two different systems of calculation, though based on the same platform, they both appointed on March
21, 4 B.C.E., and I am close to believe this is the right date. But still, in spite of all these proves, I would consider an
option that JHora software, though internally consistent, and showing precise positions of planets relative to each
other, it can still be that this software maybe does not show proper date somehow. I am inviting all BAR readers
and truth-loving scientists to continue this research if possible. Maybe astronomers and NASA Eclipse Department
would know which calendar to use to get lunar eclipse to be on March 13, 4 B.C.E. I am a little bit confused, to be
honest. It was supposed to be very easy. As we live now in the era of Gregorian calendar, I was thinking, there is a
codex, general practice, so to say, to transfer all dates of ancient time into the Gregorian calendar with no losing
one single second, not to mention day or year, or even years. Nevertheless, is this true? Did we maybe lose

Anyway, we see that March 21, is very plausible. So now, let we for the moment take this new date of the eclipse,
March 21, 4 B.C.E., as a possible final solution. Does it change anything? Oo yes, it changes a lot! Then it turns out
to be exactly as Josephus and some other sources claimed. From commentaries in BAR, I saw, that King Herod did
die between lunar eclipse which could possibly be on a fast day, and before the Passover. Therefore, he died after
the lunar eclipse and before the Passover of that year. According to my opinion, the fast itself should be connected
with the lunar eclipse. Why? It was there in my introduction word where I already mentioned that our ancients
recommended fasting during eclipse hours, or complete day if possible. After eclipse is finished, they took a bath
and eat afterward; the food which was freshly prepared after the eclipse, and not processed before or during the
eclipse. Therefore, this fast was probably not some regular every year fast on that day. It was there due to the lunar
eclipse. Jewish priesthood at that time still preserved a lot of profound understanding of natural laws functioning.
This is basically one very important point inherited from Vedic Culture.

On the Internet, I did find that the Passover of that year was on 10th of April. Therefore, he could possibly die some
few days after the lunar eclipse on March 21. That could be around March 28-29 4 B.C.E.3

This will also make this eclipse very important, because, it seems, it was strong and powerful. This we should also
read between lines in the report of Josephus. If this is the only eclipse mentioned in his entire work, then that
definitely means this particular eclipse is very important one. We should always consider the fact that Josephus was
not a free writer; he was not a free historian. He functioned in captivity, and he exposed, and he wrote, what he
was told to. However, in his heart, he was true, honest and proud Jew, and very possibly, here and there, between
lines, he entered some important true clues. I think the story of Lunar Eclipse on March 4 B.C.E. is exactly such one

3 Later on I did find this is more precise to be at the beginning of April month itself, and therefore I was prone to believe April 3, 4 B.C.E. is the
proper day when King Herod the Great departed from this world. Some historians and some analysis, they do appoint on that date as well.
Regarding the date of Passover in 4 B.C.E., well, I do not have enough information to check with JHora software.
However, that should be checked also, because, as we can see, I do not know if we can lean on dates exposed in
History Books. Passover is traditionally linked with the 15th day of month Nisan, and some astronomer converted it
into 10th of April, 4 B.C.E. Time notation according to Jewish calendar is probably all right. Nevertheless, as we have
seen from eclipse case, we should be very careful with conversion to the Gregorian calendar, and I suggest this to
be reexamined.

Well, there is much, much more to say about the importance of that lunar eclipse on March 4 B.C.E., but that would
exceed an intention of this text. That would definitely enter us into the field of Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, which
actually has something to say, to be completely honest. However, as I mentioned before, let we stay out of the
domain of astrology for this time. We just used very sophisticated astrology software as a time tool, as a time
machine, to reconstruct the true image of the sky some few thousand years before our time. This progress in Science
is amazing, isn’t it! Just a few clicks of the mouse and we can see an image of the sky at any time of Biblical Era, and
even far beyond that. Isn’t it wonderful!? With phenomenal precision, I’ve generated some charts even from about
3.000 B.C.E., and even further back in time, so casting natal charts and seeing planetary positions for the time of
Jesus is an even lesser problem.

In addition, I will specify two more lunar eclipses. One is so-called Columbus lunar eclipse.

Figure 5 – So called Columbus lunar eclipse, specified to be on March 1st, 1504 A.D., but JHora software shows it was on
March 10, of the same year. According to legend Columbus used it to manipulate the native people of Jamaica who stopped
offer him a food and supply. Is this legend based on false lunar eclipse time?

Figure 6 – NASA specification for a lunar eclipse in March 1504 A.D.

Another additional lunar eclipse is the one that took place in June 1602 A.D. This one, same as all others after 1582
A.D., JHora software is possible to replicate with great precision.

Figure 7 – Jyotish Chart for an evening of June 4th, 1602 A.D. This one eclipse is perfectly fitting into NASA declared timing.
I inserted this eclipse just to show how precisely JHora software replicates exact date and time for all eclipses after the year
1582. A.D.
Figure 8 – NASA specification for a lunar eclipse in June 1602 A.D.

That will conclude my small research on the lunar eclipse on March 4 B.C.E. and a possible connection with the last
days of King Herod the Great. Mistakes in observations are possible. The intention of this text is to expose the
possible problem, not to offer all solutions. I’ve noticed something very unusual is happening with ancient eclipse
dates, but I am sure it must be some logical explanation behind. More research should be done along with the team
of different kind of experts.

Just to say that I am using the last version of Jagannatha Hora software, Version 7.66, which is based on the latest
release of Astrodienst DLL file in 2014, and last version of the original file from Jet Propulsion Laboratory released
in 2013. … JPL DE431.

In my previous text, I discussed some problems with the date of a lunar eclipse in March 4 B.C.E., and it was
shown that very possibly this eclipse did happen on March 21, instead of on March 13. It was also shown that all
eclipses before 1582. are off-road. The standard offset is 10 days. Only this specific lunar eclipse on March 4 B.C.E.
has an offset of 8 days.

In the meanwhile, I continued this research, and by using freeware astrology software … Jagannatha Hora …, I
checked more eclipses of ancient times, lunar and solar, both. The offset of 10 days was additionally confirmed for
all of them, so it is now finally clear that only this March 4 B.C.E. lunar eclipse has an offset of 8 days. Why is that
so? Why such kind of anomaly occurs only for this one lunar eclipse?

If all eclipses would have the same offset, then it is clear, there is a possible mistake in calendar conversion. We
know that since 1582, the Gregorian calendar is in use, and all dates before that year should be converted to the
Gregorian calendar. However, when eclipses are in question, this conversion is done in some very strange way.
Thus, it is more like that somebody was lost in calendar conversion, lost in translation so to say, and there is a
difference of 10 days for all eclipses except this particular one in March 4 B.C.E., where the difference of 8 days
occurs. Therefore, with eclipse on March 4 B.C.E., we have a unique deviation from this principle of 10 days offset.
If we count properly then it should be on March 11, because this is exactly ten days from March 21. But no! The
eclipse finished being shown on 13th of March! Again the same question. Why is that so?

After some thinking, there is only one possibility coming out as an option. It is as that somebody intentionally shifted
all ancient eclipses for 10 days, and then additionally moved this March 4 B.C.E. eclipse to be fitting with a fast day
on 13th of March 4 B.C.E. (Purim and the Fast of Esther – March 12-13, 4 B.C.E.). So, this deviation from the principle
of 10 days non-deliberately revealed us an act of deliberate shifting and masking that particular lunar eclipse behind
the date of 13th of March. As we know now, there was the true fast, the regular fast day in Jewish tradition at that
time, on March 13. That was The Fast of Esther. But why? Why would somebody do that? Why would somebody
like to show this strong and powerful lunar eclipse as weak and totally unimportant? Why would somebody try to
show that it was not even seen from the Jerusalem area? Why would somebody claim that it was hardly registered
by all people of knowledge of that time?

Once again, I would like to repeat that this particular lunar eclipse did happen on 21st of March 4 B.C.E. at 8.22 PM
Standard Time as a central point. Or, it was 8.42 PM Local Mean Time (LMT) as a central point. This is how it would
look like along with the Jyotish chart presentation …

The sunset at that day occurred at 6.08 PM LMT, so it was just about that time or a little bit later on that this eclipse
started with its penumbral phase. The Moon-Chandra was just about 16 arc-minutes away from Ketu, the South
Lunar Node, what indicates they are almost completely aligned, and that this lunar eclipse was strong and powerful,
that was the Total Lunar Eclipse.

We already have received one indication from Josephus that this is a very important eclipse, and that we need to
devote special attention to it. Now we have another clue by seeing that somebody is trying to hide this specific
lunar eclipse by shifting it to another date and masking it behind the already existing fast day. But why? What is so
special about this lunar eclipse?

Answers to all these questions, I think, we cannot produce just instantly. I think we still know less about all these
events, and without new elements, we can just lament about it, and waste our time. Instead, I would suggest we
focus ourselves on what was happening before that moment, what was preceding, what was happening before the
lunar eclipse on March 21, and King Herod’s death on March 28-29, 4 B.C.E. Well, somebody said there is a
statement that it must be that King Herod died exactly one week before Passover of that year. As Passover of that
year was calculated to be on April 10, so it can easily be that King Herod died on April 3, 4 B.C.E. That would say that
he died 13 days after the lunar eclipse on March 21, 4 B.C.E., 7 days before Passover on the April 10. Thus, now all
is perfectly tuned with claims of all witnesses and all documents we have about that event.

Nevertheless, before we plunge deep into research what was preceding to the death of King Herod the Great, once
again I would like to say something about Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, and precision of that astrology software. I will
repeat again that we cannot understand any ancient culture if we do not know how they did function and what
knowledge they did use. Therefore, in order to understand the Biblical time we need to know what and how people
of that time did think, how did they live and how they did communicate. Yes, we have Science of History,
Archeology, and many other branches of modern science, but there are some limits anyway. Astrology is maybe
just another aspect of entering this story, and this is an aspect that is in modern days forgotten and neglected
entirely. We see there is a wonderful software, which can bring as right at any time in the past, even thousands of
years ago, and then, why not to use that powerful tool. There is only one weakness of this software that I observed
so far. It would be so great to have Jewish calendar embedded as well. Then it would be so easy to convert and
compare everything along with Jewish chronology. Hope time will come soon this problem to be solved.

So, now about the precision of that software itself. This topic I was questioning myself for a long time. I wondered
myself how precise it could be. I wanted to be sure for myself, because, if leaning on something that is not precise
enough, all my researches can be proved as a time wasting. But then, along with the practice and checking some
special cases I’ve noticed that all that producers are talking about precision is true. Producers declare possible error
of few fractions of arc-second for all dates after 1000 B.C.E. And this is a phenomenal precision. Even for later dates,
like 3000 B.C.E. they declare possible error of few arc-minutes. Our planet Earth needs one minute of real time to
turn for 15 arc-minutes, so, actually, if we accumulate an error of 15 arc-minutes, this is only an about 1-minute
error in real time, and we are well within one minute of real time as a possible error. Thus, even for these older
dates, we can still be very precise.

Just to say that all until recently I was using Jagannatha Hora software Version 7.66, which was based on the release
of Astrodienst DLL file in 2014, and original file from Jet Propulsion Laboratory released in 2013. … JPL DE431.
Version 8.0 of Jagannatha Hora software has been introduced in January 2016, with significantly extended
ephemerides range, and many other improvements.

“The year range of full version is expanded to -12.900 to 16.600 (previously -5.400 to 5.400). Target precision of planetary calculations is
improved to 0.001 arc-sec. Swiss Ephemeris used in JHora was updated to version 2.02.01 and this updates the target JPL ephemeris to

Thus, just to mention, with great pleasure I am using this last version of that software.

Not long ago, but after long contemplation, somehow it did settle in my mind that the death of King Herod the
Great must be somehow connected with the birth of Jesus. There are so many indications about that connection.
Some indications came openly, but some on the more hidden way, more like reading between lines. As we could
see from different discussions, the birth of Jesus is a very special problem. Nobody knows anything for sure, just
some guessing, theories, speculations … and so on. It was very interesting to follow all of these discussions, they
offered some very interesting explanations and some of these explanations have the astronomical background, and
this is exactly what attracted my attention. There I found some extraordinary interesting points on the astronomical
background for the birth of real, historical Jesus. In many occasions, The Star of Bethlehem is being mentioned. One
very striking question is what the real background for The Star of Bethlehem was. There are many stories about,
but then again, nobody knows what The Star of Bethlehem is? Whatever it is, it should be very important, because
it was so strongly imprinted into the Bible, and so many stories are connected with The Star of Bethlehem. By
following all this, I was asking myself, well, really, what is the real background for The Star of Bethlehem?

One thing is for sure, something very unusual and strange was happening in the sky during the birth of Jesus. What
was that? Scientists and astronomers strongly reject an idea that was a Supernova, because no any was registered
about that time. Same with a comet, they say. What than The Star of Bethlehem could possibly be? There was
another option offered as well, and that is a possibility of some planets dance, some strange and very unusual
grouping of planets. In all these stories about The Star of Bethlehem, there is mentioning of Magi who came from
the East. As we know now, Magi were astrologers, and they would definitely have noticed something unusual. After
all, legend has it, it was exactly this happening at the sky what attracted their attention, and after recognizing the
very specific sign, they knew Jesus was born, and they made the trip to the Jerusalem to see him. But what was
that, what was this sign? What did they see in the sky? Astrologers watch on the sky, this is their job, but in this
particular case, they saw something, something that stroked them. What was that?

Along with all this, another question occupied my mind as well. There was kind of flash, and I asked myself: “… wait
a second! … OK … they’ve been astrologers, but which system did they use?” Definitely not any western system
because no any of such kind did even exist at that time. They came from the East. Well … Persia … East … Could it
be that they used Vedic Astrology-Jyotish or some variant of it? At that time, this knowledge was still very lively in
the East, in India especially, and very possibly in Persia which was just in close physical touch with India? After all,
in India, it is lively on a grand scale even today. Along the long history of the ancient world, we always have such
reports where astrologers were involved very deeply in making decisions of rulers. Therefore, we know the Magi
came from Babylon, and it is very likely they used some variant of the Vedic Astrology-Jyotish.

Then, in a certain moment, I thought, well let me try something, and I opened this Jagannatha Hora Jyotish program.
Well, but where to start? The first impulse of mine was to see when the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was going
on. One sub-variant of the planetary grouping theory for The Star of Bethlehem explanation is … the Jupiter-Saturn
conjunction. In Vedic Astrology – Jyotish, we call that Guru Sani Yuti (Sanskrit: Guru-Jupiter; Sani-Saturn, Yuti-
Conjunction). I already know from my experience that this is some very important combination with spiritual
people, spiritual leaders and all other kind of leaders including kings and emperors, and even today by presidents
and other highly posited politicians. I researched even more on the Internet, and I did find that Buddha had this
combination in his natal chart, as well as Zarathustra. I have seen many such cases during my work also. I’ve noticed
many people have this combination. Recently I cognized that US President Barack Obama has a strong Jupiter-
Saturn conjunction in his birth chart. Nevertheless, the story to explain the full background of this very complex
conjunction would be very long, so better not to go this way right now.

Therefore, I opened the Jagannatha Hora program with the intention to find some Guru-Sani Yuti about the
estimated birth time of Jesus in 4 B.C.E. and 5 B.C.E., and this is how this unbelievable journey had started. By
following discussions on the Internet, I saw year 5 B.C.E. should be considered very seriously as the year when the
real historical Jesus was born. There was mentioning of September 5 B.C.E. especially. This is where I made my first
check, but Jupiter-Saturn combination did not appear in September 5 B.C.E. Then I entered another date, a little bit
earlier … on April 25, 5 B.C.E. … and it was there … the Guru-Sani Yuti was there! I also noticed very, very strange
grouping of planets … and then I was thinking what to do now? Well, let us try now to assume and find out which
ascendant was possibly active at the moment of Jesus’ birth. I was thinking, which ascendant, Lagna in Sanskrit, that
could possibly be? Ascendant-lagna is very important. Lagna-ascendant is one of the signs of the zodiac, which is,
due to the rotation of the Earth around its own axes, rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of the person,
but being seen from the place of birth. This is very important to find out. Then, that sign is being placed in the first
house, and this is how natal chart is being formed.

This is actually the basic postulate of Vedic Astrology. All information about any entity, including, things, animals,
and humans, can be found at the place of birth at the time of birth. Well, it is not that we can literally find all these
information just in some ditch along the road at the place of birth. It’s not like this. Actually, we should look up at
the sky, in order to see positions of planets and signs of the zodiac. Natal chart is nothing else then sketch of the
sky in the moment of birth seen from the place of birth. As that stars and planets were frozen in their moving, this
is the natal chart. This is something very, very important for our story, and it is very closely related to The Star of
Bethlehem, and what the Magi actually had seen.

Thus, I entered Cancer ascendant … Karkha Lagna … because King Rama had it. There is a very close connection
between King Rama of ancient Vedic Culture and Jesus; this is the same incarnation line, actually. In Valmiki’s
Ramayana, there are some clues about the ascendant of King Rama and the positions of some other planets. After
all, my experience is that many real visionary leaders have exactly this Lagna, Cancer-Karkha Lagna. First four lagnas,
like Aries-Mesha, Taurus-Vrishabh, Gemini-Mithuna, and Cancer-Karkha, all of them are possible for real visionary
leadership, but Karkha is kind of strongest because it possesses very strong and very deep intuition, knowledge
orientation, and the possibility to envision what is important and what is not so important. Also, Karkha-Cancer
Rashi-zodiac sign contains three beautiful and most appreciated Nakshatras, and some of them are very closely
related to experiences of higher states of consciousness. And then, what I got was really stunning. Almost all planets
were grouped in two-three houses only, and especially strong concentration was in the 10th house, the house of
action, the house of status, power, job environment and father. And then I moved the time frame a little bit before
on 14th-15th of April. I was even more stunned. I was shocked! Sun-Surya appeared to be in the 10th house, in Aries-
Mesha sign, where it is exalted, in the best condition, we say. Each planet has so many nuances like dignity, strength,
and many, many others. And this combination which was there, every king and ruler would wish to have very, very
much. Surya, as lord of the second house, which means family, finances and wealth, is in the tenth house, the house
of status, power, and ruling. This is a kingly combination. There is no stronger indicator of king and kingship than
this one. King Rama had exactly this combination; exalted Surya as a lord of second bhava-house in the tenth.

And then, I was supposed to assume the Nakshatra where Moon-Chandra is at the moment of birth. I assumed that
Chandra was in the ninth house in Pisces-Meena. This is the last sign of the zodiac. It drove me somehow to use
Revati Nakshatra; this is the last one among 27 Nakshatras-Star Constellations. This is the last one. Revati. The last
one means almost not having touch with earthly things, almost like with one foot in Heaven … so to say.

Now, there is only one more decision to do. Which Navamsa to choose? Navamsa is the second chart; this is one of
the divisional charts. Divisional charts are like keys to open each house to see what is inside. Ninth divisional chart,
Navamsa, is always shown next to the main natal chart, and it is used to seeing many additional important things.
It is very important. No any Jyotish Pandit would judge the natal chart without Navamsa. It is telling much about
planets, but also about the possible partner. However, Navamsa is changing every 15-18 minutes, and that is one
of the reasons we need to have the very exact time of birth. Here I received a big help from one anonymous friend
who suggested adjusting the Navamsa Lagna on Meena Rashi-Pisces.

All this fine-tuning made unique timing that is set upon …

April 13, 5 B.C.E. at 11.32 AM LMT (Local Mean Time)

And this is it!!!! Please note that I used Local Mean Time, the time that is shown by sundial if installed there in the
same spot. For all ancient natal charts, it is much better and more precise to use LMT instead of Standard Time.

What I’ve got made me shocked and was in disbelief for a long … I needed some time to recover. Some strong
thrilling sensations appeared and rose along my spine. And after watching for long … long time … into the screen …
I asked myself … Is it possible? Is it possible that the birth time of Jesus is just discovered!??? And now … that his
natal chart is watching on me from the screen of my laptop? How is this possible??

Right from the very beginning, I need to say this natal chart is really very special. But to understand that fully we
need to explain few additional very important facts. Actually, this is the crucial moment when we need to expose
the final truth which is already in the air for some time, and what the natal chart of Jesus now finally reveals and
confirms. The striking truth is that Jesus was an offshoot of the royal family of King Herd the Great. To be even more
precise, King Herod the Great was the father of Jesus. This is that missing connection. As many times before in some
other incarnations, Jesus came into the royal family. That was actually something quite common at that ancient
time. All power of the country, all social life, everything whatever is important, all that was spinning around the
royal family and the royal court. Therefore, for Jesus to achieve something, he was supposed to appear within the
royal family, same as many times before, and many times after. And now it is clear it did happen exactly this way.

I tried to analyze this chart a little bit and saw that everything is fitting in perfectly well. Surya-Sun is exalted in the
tenth, what is strong kingly prerogative, but there is a big concentration of planets there; four planets are directly
there in the tenth house, including Surya. Two more are in the eleventh house, on almost the same degree, what
indicates planetary war. The eleventh house is a house of elder brothers, and along with big mess there in the tenth
house, which is also the house of the father, everything became crystal clear. The Royal Court is completely involved
in a war, family members were fighting, there was a big fight before, and right now is going on the fight who will be
the successor of the king Herod, who was getting old already, so to say. And King Father is there as a Mangal-Mars,
strong and powerful, but being influenced by all these planets and influences around, and having a war with many
of them.

Lagna Lord is Chandra-Moon which is placed in the ninth house … what will make him very righteous, and there is
Venus-Shukra in the same house, which is exalted there. Thus, we have Chandra-Shukra Yuti (conjunction). Shukra
is ruling the fourth house, the house of mother, and that means very nice, beautiful and charming mother involved
in a luxurious life. There is Ketu there in the fourth also, South Lunar Node … what indicates high spiritual
development as well … and some secret is connected with mother. Mother is enigmatic and secretive; there is some
veil on her.

The ninth house is the house of natural law, and affinity toward it, or any law, religious tendencies, then general
happiness and spirituality. Chandra is representing the owner of the natal chart, so inclination toward natural law
and spirituality, and search for enlightenment is very strongly indicated. Chandra in ninth house is very common for
preachers, religious leaders, and philosophical ideologists. And he, the owner of the chart, meets there nice and
beautiful lady or ladies … exalted … fitting well …

Therefore, everything is fitting perfectly well!

However, this is not all.

What follows is even more stunning.

If we look at this very strange grouping of planets, there is something even more shocking. I have already mentioned
they are all posited in three houses basically, all except Ketu, which is as always, opposite to Rahu, the North Lunar
Node. They are always opposite. Therefore, all others are in the ninth, tenth and eleventh house. In addition, all
planets are configured in such a way that they form an image of … of … FISH. The lowest longitude belongs to the
Moon-Chandra on 21D01 Meena. What is even more interesting, it starts there from the sign-rashi of Meena-Pisces.
Chandra is 13th Tithi Krishna Paksha, 28th Tithi waning phase of the Moon; two phases before New Moon, before
Amavasya, so this is actually tinny and not so emphasized crescent of the Moon. This is a crescent Moon. Please
take a look at the following image, and locate Krishna Paksha-Trayodasi. Actually, this is how it looks like …

Right behind the Moon, just in continuation, it follows Venus-Shukra on 23D01 Meena. Venus is very bright, and
after the Moon, this is the brightest natural object on the sky, and it looks like an eye in the head of FISH. Then

there are planets following in the tenth house, but also very close in longitude. Saturn-Sani 02D49 Mesha, Guru
15D04 Mesha. Then we have Rahu 23D14 Mesha, and this planet is also not seen, this is not a real planet, this is a
lunar node, one of two points where orbits of Sun and Moon are intersecting. Then it follows Surya 26D12 Mesha,
the highest point in this sign-rashi, and this is also the highest longitude in the chart in general, what makes that
Surya is actually Atma Karaka, and this is also something very, very important for judging the complete horoscope.
Surya is not visible during the night of course, but it is there. Thus, these planets in the tenth house format the body
of the FISH. And then we have two planets more in the eleventh house, just on the very beginning … the Mars-
Mangala 4D48 of Vrishabh; the Vrishabh is Taurus sign, and there is the Budha-Mercury on 5D20 of Vrishabh. Those
two planets formed the last part of the FISH, the tail. This entirely unique and very unusual gathering of the planets
is going on in or around the Mean Coeli-Midheaven point, the most important part of the natal chart.

On a starry night, it was very easy to see this image. It was probably very attractive. However, Jyotish uses the
Sidereal zodiac, what is a little bit different then Tropical zodiac actually, so it does not mean the sky will look exactly
this way. For basic calculations, Sidereal zodiac uses Tropical zodiac but differs from it for the value of Ayanamsha,
and that is connected with the procession of the equinox. What I want to say is that in reality, some planets will
probably not be in mentioned signs of the zodiac, they can find their places in some other zodiac signs. Nevertheless,
their positions relative to each other will remain the same. So ordinary people without knowledge of Jyotish could
not connect all these things together. Of course, ordinary people did not pay so much attention, because, for
ignorant people, it was not so striking anyway. For the experienced eye of an astrologer, that is something that they
have never seen, and have never heard about. Therefore, for them, that was a clear message. It could not be clearer.
In addition, this is what the Magi had seen, and why they harried up to the royal court of King Herod the Great to
ask him about. This sign, an image of FISH formed by planets themselves, was a very clear message. Dancing planets
formed an image of FISH. Incredible! Thus, they cast a preliminary natal chart of Jesus even while they were in
Babylon. They knew he is supposed to come. That is the reason they were rushing to the Jerusalem so much in order
to see what is going on there.

Nevertheless, this fish at the Sky is not the only fish in the complete story. There is same fish reflected in the main
natal chart somehow. Grouping of planets in certain houses will form the fish like shape. Please look at the following
graphic …

There are more surprises. If we now look into the second chart, Navamsa chart, we can easily observe another fish
there. All houses with no any planet inside form a fish, another fish, the secondary fish. This is sort of confirmation

that this is the very right chart with the very right birth time of Jesus. Because the primary image of fish in natal
chart has a meaning. This is the message, it should be considered as an instruction manual for setting the Navamsa
lagna. It states, set it up to the Meena Rashi Lagna! Please see the following photo where secondary fish in
Navamsa chart is highlighted and clearly visible.

As I previously mentioned, this image could be seen fully only from the place of birth, and that is Bethlehem. That
is the reason why Magi did search for Jesus and his place of birth. They did know the time of birth of Jesus, but there
was still some uncertainty about exact minute … and very possibly … there was uncertainty about the place of birth.
This is very important, they needed to know the day, hour and minute. Even a minute can change the natal chart in
some cases. Of course, place of birth was not completely clear either. A complete performance of dancing planets
lasted for about two-three days only, as long the Chandra stayed in Meena-Pisces rashi-zodiac sign. Chandra is the
fastest moving planet, in any sign-rashi will stay only two and half days. Therefore, the complete show lasted two-
three nights maximally, and then this illusion disappeared. The Magi had watched what is happening in the sky, this
is for sure. Because, they came from Babylon, and this is just straight to the east comparing to Jerusalem. From
Babylon, Magi could have seen the same ascendant just with about half an hour time difference. They could not
miss it. Somebody would maybe say it was close to mid-day, noontime, and there is nothing seen in the sky at that
time, except Sun, of course. This is true, but astrologers of that time, though not having computers, shining screens,
and monitors, they did make a track of planetary positions by special astrologer’s board, where all signs of the
zodiac, all nakshatras, and positions of planets were marked very carefully and updated on daily basis.

Regarding the birthplace, from the Magi point of view, every place in the circle of about 20-30 kilometers around
Jerusalem could be a good candidate, because on this small distance lagna-ascendant can change very little in
longitude. Nevertheless, there is one particular place that fits the best, and this is the exact birthplace, of course.
Thus, they knew it is somewhere therearound. Jerusalem could be a good candidate as well, and it is exactly this
place they entered in their preliminary charts, and that is the reason to come and ask King Herod himself. He was
the one to be asked anyway, because, most probably, the first impression of Magi was exactly this, that Jesus was
born in the royal family of King Herod the Great. Thus, in that very first moment, they did not know exactly all
circumstances, and they wanted to inquire, and of course, to find Jesus for their own reasons.

It was a well-known fact that Jesus was being expected for some time already. Many different groups did expect
him to come, but in the very different way, and with very different plans. Some would be happy for him to come,
but some not so much. Magi were astrologers, but only three of them perhaps. This group was much bigger; ten to
fifteen people maybe. Some agents and military trained people joined them for protection, to make all necessary
inquiries, and to fulfill their true agenda. They were all in a foreign country; they needed some protection for
themselves. The job of the astrologer was only to help to find Jesus, and to cast his true natal chart … both. Having
his chart, that would actually expose his plans. For good astrologers at that time, natal chart of Jesus would be just
as reading his personally authorized biography. Even more. Full role of this group called Magi should be discussed
additionally because there are many indications they had some other hidden agenda with Jesus as soon they find
him. My opinion is, they wanted to kill him as soon as they find him. That was the main mission of the Magi.

Nevertheless, King Herod did not know anything about the newborn king of Jews either! Why!? Why is that so?
Then they had asked all around the Jerusalem, but nobody did know anything. And now we are coming to the point
where we need to say how this all story was going on. We need to say something about the real mother of Jesus.
His real mother is stepping on the stage right now. Who was she? What is her name? Well, if we research a little
bit, we shall find out there was a wife of Herod the Great named … Malthace. Actually, Herod the Great had about
ten wives … and many children … but, it seems … Malthace was a long-term wife, the one he married about 28.
B.C.E. Let us say she was about 20 about that time, so in 5 B.C.E. she might have been about 40 years of age.
Interestingly, she also died in 4 B.C.E., just as the king Herod did himself. Is she the one? Is she the real mother of
Jesus? It seems this is the one.

Thus, according to the natal chart, the conception of Jesus had happened in mid of a July 6 B.C.E. The story of having
a dream or voice from the God should be assigned to the Queen Mother, Malthace. It must be that something like
this really had happened. She has been his mother in many very important incarnations, and she is spiritually highly
developed and quite high in evolution. She was about forty at that time, I guess, and after realizing she is pregnant,
she did not tell anyone. Not in the beginning, and not even at a later stage. She silently conceived and developed
the complete plan. From the very first moment it was clear to her that newborn baby cannot stay at the Royal Court,
because, based on all what was happening within the royal family and around, it was clear the baby could not
survive for a long. She made a plan. She was hiding her pregnancy. For the first few months, 4-5 maybe, that was
not so big problem. Then winter came. Winter in Jerusalem can be cold and snowy, so additional robe is needed.
That was a great support for her because she could hide her pregnancy easily. She probably did not allow Herod to
come close to her and to be intimate with her as time was progressing. After all, he had many wives, and that was
actually not so big problem for him. She did not want to tell Herod, because he already had so many problems, so
many worries, and exposing this problem would be just as making the situation even worse.

She made a very clear plan. She found some very loyal and confidential assistants, maybe one or two, who helped
her to carry on and manage everything. In very deep silence, she also did find the person who will foster Jesus. No
doubt, that was … Mary from Nazareth. She was a young woman, not having children until that moment. In
addition, Joseph is there around, of course. However, whether he was around when she was supposed to “become
pregnant”, we do not know. This can be the source for rumors about the illegitimacy of Jesus, which developed
even further on in some later stage. Therefore, it can be that Joseph enters the stage some few months after the
beginning of the story. Mary and Joseph were informed secretly, prepared nicely, and the plan was going on very
well. Most probably, Queen transferred a significant amount of goods to Mary, in a form of coins or gold or maybe
even property, just to ensure Jesus would have enough support for his young days, for his education, all until he
would be capable to make his own existence. That might be a significant amount. Moreover, all was done in total
secret. It must be some connection between them anyway, between Mary and Queen Mother. Because, situation
needed a reliable family, maybe there was some kinship anyway. That is to say, this other family was not just
random as well. I am quite sure about that.

They claim there was a big Census in 7 B.C.E. while conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was going on. By Jyotish
program I use, I have checked many things. I checked complete 7 B.C.E., 6 B.C.E., 5 B.C.E., and 4 B.C.E. However,
except just about four days in January 7 B.C.E., there is no conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7 B.C.E.! Saturn
entered the sign of Pisces in January 24, 7 B.C.E., and it was there all until March 22, 5 B.C.E. Jupiter entered Pisces
on January 30, 6 B.C.E. This is the moment when long-term conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn had started, and lasted
all until February 7, 5 B.C.E., when Jupiter changed to Aries-Mesha. Just a little bit later, on March 22, 5 B.C.E.,
Saturn-Sani changed to the same sign … Aries-Mesha and they were again conjoined for some time, and this is
exactly around the birth of Jesus. I need to emphasize again, this is sidereal zodiac being considered.

I want to say that this big Census was probably going on in 6 B.C.E., and continued through 5 B.C.E. for some time.
Therefore, the claim that because of Census Mary and Joseph visited Bethlehem, or, they passed through the
Bethlehem on the way to some other place, is probably very true. That was just their alibi to be there close to the
Jerusalem, right about the time when Queen Mother was supposed to give a birth.

Queen Mother gave them very clear instructions what to do and how to do. Mary was supposed to fake her
pregnancy. She was acting as being pregnant. She was playing this role all these long months. Why was she supposed
to do all that? The point is that for local people, the local community, there is no way for a woman to explain how
she gets the child just almost overnight without being pregnant. As the conception of Jesus had happened on July
6 B.C.E, it could be that Joseph was not with Mary about that time. He could be absent for some reason, and this is
where the story about illegitimacy originated. Nevertheless, Mary and Jesus, they both knew the truth. They did
not care about rumors.

In addition, this is how we come to yet another twist …

During my research, I did find another alternative story. It says that Jesus was actually not born in the stable of
Bethlehem. Instead, they say, he was born in some cave in the mountain nearby the Bethlehem. In addition, this is
where another click did happen. It seems this is very true. Mother Queen could not come to the stable in Bethlehem
and make a delivery there. This is very less likely to have happened. It would be extremely dangerous. Somebody
could see her and recognize her. She was supposed to avoid any settlement and people around. Instead, she made
a marvelous plan. She had plenty of time to think about. They found empty, lonely cave in the mountain around
Bethlehem, they prepared everything in advance, and just when it was a time, somebody secretly took her there,
maybe one day before or even two, just not to risk anything. She gave a birth there, and Jesus baby was quickly and
secretly relied on the stable in Bethlehem where Mary was already mimicking her delivery. Mary was surrounded
by one or two women of her trust, nobody else was supposed to come close, and Joseph was taking care of
everything is going well. Moreover, this is how Jesus “was born in the stable of Bethlehem”. As that had happened,
after day or two, they immediately continued back toward Nazareth. Actually, they did it as soon as it was possible.
Just quickly to leave this place, as soon as it is possible.

Queen Mother returned to the Royal Court safe and sound as well. Nobody did notice anything, or at least it looked
like this. Everything was going well, all until the moment Magi had appeared in the Jerusalem at the Royal Court,
and asked King Herod where the newborn king of Jews is. Now, another drama it just about to unfold. At that
moment, Magi did know something is happening, because, it was just announced at the Sky … a message from
Heavens directly … it was very clear, no doubt about that. Most probably there was a close watch on the Royal Court
of Herod, there were some insiders as well, spies who were spying for another side. But Queen Mother tricked them
all!!! She did it so well. Now another drama is just about to be played out. Agents from the Magi group had started
a very careful investigation. They needed some clue, some sign, something. They wanted to have precise birth time
and the real place of birth. After all, to cast the natal chart was just one part of the job. The main part of the job
was actually, to find Jesus and to kill him. This is where the story of killing all newborns came out. That was not an
idea of King Herod. That was what the Magi had asked him to do. However, he never did so. The killing of newborns
never did happen.

In addition, it seems, agents did find something. Most probably, Queen Mother was quickly under suspicion, but
she did not want to say anything. Then, they found and press some close personal servants. Most probably, they
did find someone who gave them some clues. Moreover, this is how they came to the name of Bethlehem. They
went there, all of them. In one place, I did find out that they settled there for some longer time actually. They even
constructed a house there, it seems. Well, that is also possible. Therefore, now there was another part of the
investigation going on, in two directions actually. One group was trying to investigate who are those people involved
in the “birth of Jesus” in the stable, and to find out where they are coming from, their origin, in order to trace them.
Because, finding the origin of the people, and those people themselves, would mean to find Jesus himself. Another
group, real Magi, astrologers, they continued their research on the precise natal chart of Jesus.

In the meanwhile, as Queen Mother saw there is a problem, and that big quest for Jesus had started, she
immediately sent a secret messenger to Nazareth to alarm Mary and Joseph and to tell them they need to go in
hiding urgently and immediately. They just had arrived home from the trip, and just a few days afterward they
received the message. What could they do? They knew they are all in mortal danger. They knew that very well.
Moreover, this is the moment when they fled to Egypt.

At the Royal Court in Jerusalem, nothing was the same anymore. This event has sealed their destinies. First, King
Herod was killed. Actually, he was killed because of not being cooperative. They say chronicle disease of the kidney
and very painful death. This is the moment where eclipses come into the game. It is not so easy to kill the king.
However, it is easier if you find some weak points. It is even easier if there are some astrologers around to find weak
points of the king. Moreover, there were some astrologers around! Magi! They studied carefully forthcoming
eclipses, and they saw their chances. The first one was a lunar eclipse on September 25, 5 B.C., which was declared
as September 15, 5 B.C. in NASA’s library. But that one was not very strong, Chandra-Moon and Rahu-North Lunar
Node are about 9 degrees apart. However, it was probably enough to do some good preparation, to prepare the
terrain. The Magi probably infiltrated their own man on the Royal Court of King Herod. In addition, another step
was done during a lunar eclipse in March 4 B.C.E., when King Herod was finally killed, most probably by poisoning.
For Queen Mother, I did not find a lot of information. Only that she died in Rome while waiting that Emperor
Augustus confirms successors of King Herod. Well, we know how people in Rome are dying. I am sure it was not a
natural death. That could have been some month or two after the death of King Herod, maybe in May or June 4
B.C., but this is definitely connected with lunar eclipses as well.

Thus, this is the story about The Star of Bethlehem. It is quite true, who finds The Star of Bethlehem … will find
when Jesus was really born. When this is revealed, then the entirely true story of Jesus will be deciphered. That is
the reason that astrology became so very dangerous, and it was forbidden very soon. Later on, all calendars
produced, they have some intentional mistakes, and they are driving people to search in the wrong time interval.
All texts have the same purpose, to drive attention far away from 5 B.C.E. It was even proclaimed to be very
dangerous to search for The Star of Bethlehem. Of course, it is! It is dangerous for all those who made this fraud,
all this mess. Because, once the Star of Bethlehem is being found, this is the end of the entire swindle.

My knowledge of Vedic Astrology–Jyotish is not enough to make the complete interpretation of the natal chart of
Jesus itself. This I will leave for some experts to do. I only know that the chart of Jesus is very complex, just as was
his life and his mission. When many planets are gathered in one house, this is not easy to explain, and also, this is
not easy to live in daily life. There is always something there, some additional complexity, heaviness … life can be
completely OK in mostly all fields, but one field would be somehow problematic. Now when I see this strange game
of planets in the chart of Jesus this is being confirmed again. This big conjunction of planets is going on in the tenth
house, the house of karma-action, job environment, status, ruling … and we know now there were some ups and
downs regarding all these points in his life. This is the house of the father also, and now it is being clear why King
Herod had such a reputation, and that he did all these things what he did. He had ten wives, fifteen kids … he killed
three sons and some wives. In some commentaries, it was written that King Henry VIII of England was just an
amateur in comparison with King Herod the Great. In some other book, I found that Emperor Augustus had said: “It
is better to be a dog of King Herod than his son”. Actually, I do not think so. I can only say … Poor Herod! He made
almost mission impossible. What Julius Caesar made in Rome, he made in Judea. Almost the same job. He traced
the way Jesus could come even in such a very problematic way. So, personally, I think, we need to pay homage to
the King Herod the Great for the role he played, because, I exactly know what it means to have 4-5-6 planets in one
house. There were tremendously huge forces accumulated in his mentality, in his mind, his psyche, and all around
him, and making heavy pressure on him, and it was really not an easy task to carry all that.

In one place I found out that King Herod the Great has developed sexual impotency along with his chronicle kidney
disease, and he couldn’t father children anymore. I think this is a false acquisition. In this very claim, I see another
scam with the role to convince us to believe he couldn’t be the father of Jesus; not in any case. Nevertheless, as we
know now this is a construct, then we also know we need to take just opposite as a real fact and that is:

King Herod the Great is the real father of the historical Jesus.

Thus, the trigger point for me was cognition that those Magi probably used Vedic Astrology-Jyotish, and then I
wanted to find this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Another trigger was this date in September 5 B.C. It was very
close! It was so close. I really need to congratulate all those who came so close along with so many false information
and deceiving calendars.4 The problem was in lack of information. Lack of information on many levels. Western
calendar and time counting is not a true one. After all these transformations, perturbations, manipulations … there
is nothing we can lean on. Even western astrology has many limitations. Vedic Astrology-Jyotish … well … this is
another story. This is still the instance where Astronomy and Astrology go together hand in hand. That is the reason
we need to pay homage to the Vedic Civilization that established such a phenomenal system, based on the pure
astronomical background so that we can navigate throughout the time, throughout millenniums, and find whatever
we want. We also need to pay homage to India and Indians who survived this knowledge all until our days. The
same is with the modern science because it evolved to such a level where manipulations are not possible anymore.

It is really amazing all this. At the time of Rama, sage Valmiki compiled Ramayana, and he gave detailed explanations
about all events in the life of Rama and connected them with what was going in the Sky. Every event was followed
by astronomical background at the Sky. Similar thing Veda Vyasa made when he compiled Mahabharata, and
Bhagavad Gita as part of it, during Krishna’s time. At the time Jesus was supposed to come, the level of
consciousness was so low, the negativity in the brain of people so high, strong and prevailing, that it was very clear
they will try to manipulate the truth, and then Heavens by itself made a sign, it put a marker at the Sky, just to sign
and mark that real, exact moment and place of birth of Jesus forever. Just not to be forgotten ever. Maybe for some
time, this information could have been suppressed, but no any lie or manipulation can last for a long, the truth is
always capable to find its own way.

In this text, I have used a lot of Sanskrit terms and expressions. Actually, it would be a problem for me not to use
them. Vedic Astrology-Jyotish is entirely Sanskrit oriented. For those who are not familiar with Vedic Astrology-
Jyotish, that can be maybe confusing. Nevertheless, this is good anyway. It is good to learn these few words or
expressions. Sanskrit is very special language. It is not the language of nature, as somewhere I did find some
explanations. Nature does not need any language to communicate. Nature creates all that what we see in this vast
Universe, and much, much beyond, it does create entire creation in the completely silent way. It does not need to
talk. Nevertheless, some highly evolved Rishis cognized there is a connection between form and sound. They
cognized that everything is vibration, frequency … But, this is a long story. Just to be short, Sanskrit is doing
something very good for our brains. Sanskrit is restructuring the human brain so that people think only true way
and then false values and fabrications are not welcome and not possible anymore. In general, more Sanskrit in daily
use would be very welcome.

Now, after having the natal chart of Jesus fully exposed, everything will be different. Nothing will ever be the same
again. It will be much easier to fill all these gaps … all that what we did not know about Jesus. Now we know why
an image of fish so intimately connected with Jesus is. However, Jesus’ fish does not have anything to do with any

4 This date was given in the work of Prof. James Tabor. I did find it by following his blog, I noted it down, and that was how I came very close
when researching with JHora Jyotish astrology software. The rest, the final tuning, was done by planets themselves. They simply told me where
they need to be.
fish from any sea or any river. It does not have anything to do with fishing and anglers. Jesus’ fish is entirely an
astrological concept. That was a sign from Heavens, or by Heavens, to mark the birth of one very great individual
who will mark the complete forthcoming era. Interestingly, the astrological period of Pisces was just about to come,
and this is marked by vernal equinox to appoint exactly on that sign. Once again, I need to remind this is closely
connected with the precession of the equinox. This is how fish became the symbol of Christianity. But need to say
that some other symbols with the origin from the same story, like crescent Moon and star, find their own way to
be exposed in some other religions, like Muslim religion for instance. We can see those symbols even on national
flags. Now we know where these symbols are coming from.

Therefore, April 13, 5 B.C.E. – 11.32 AM LMT

On imaginary wall clock installed in any house in Bethlehem at that time, with the presumption that this imaginary
wall clock was tuned with imaginary or real sundial in front of the house, it was exactly 11.32 AM on April 13, 5 B.C.
when Jesus was born. I must also highlight that this time is precise to the level of a minute.

The End

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