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(Natural Phenomena)


Rainbow is a natural phenomenon that is beautiful and so ammazing. The color in the rainbow
is always be a symbol to express cheerful and beauty. Color is composed of red, orange,
yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Do you know how can rainbow appeared in the sky? Rainbow formed by the refraction of
sunlight by water vapour in the atmosphere. When sunlight through water the light is bent in
such a way as to make the color deflected at different angle, and the color red is the color of the
last bend, while purple is athe most first.

Rainbow can only be seen if the position we were on the water vapour and the sun is behind us.
(Natural Disaster)

Natural Disaster

A natural disaster is a terrible accident, e.g. a great flood, a big fire or an earthquake. It usually
causes great suffering and loss of a large sum of money. The casualties are injured or died. Some
people are homeless and need medical care.

Floods occur when the water of rivers, lakes, or streams overflow their banks and pour onto the
surrounding land. Floods are caused by many different things. Often heavy rainstorms that last
for a brief can cause a flood. But not all heavy storms are followed by flooding. If the
surrounding land is flat and can absorb the water, no flooding will occur. If, however, the land is
hard and rocky, heavy rain cannot be absorbed. Where the banks are low, a river may overflow
and flood adjacent lowland.

In many part of the world flood are caused by tropical storms called hurricanes or typhoons.
They bring destructive winds of high speed, torrents of rain, and flooding. When a flood occurs,
the destruction to surrounding land can be severe. Whole villages and towns are sometimes
swept away by water pouring swiftly over the land. Railroad track blocked and uprooted from
their beds. Highways are washed away.

When a building caught fire, the firemen pitched in to help battle the blaze. Before the pumps
were invented, people formed bucket brigades to fight fires. Standing side by side, they formed a
human chain from the fire to nearby well or river. They passed buckets of water from to hand to
be poured on the flames.

The damage of the fire did depend a great deal on where it happened. In the country or a small
village, only a single house might burn down. But in crowded cities, fire often destroyed whole
blocks and neighborhoods before being controlled.
(Natural phenomena)


The term of “tsunami” comes from the Japanese which means harbour ("tsu") and wave
("nami"). A tsunami is a series of waves generated when water in a lake or a sea is rapidly
displaced on a massive scale.

A tsunami can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms

and vertically displaces the overlying water. Such large vertical movements of the earth's crust
can occur at plate boundaries.

Subduction of earthquakes are particularly effective in generating tsunami, and occur where
denser oceanic plates slip under continental plates.

As the displaced water mass moves under the influence of gravity to regain its equilibrium, it
radiates across the ocean like ripples on a pond.

Tsunami always bring great damage. Most of the damage is caused by the huge mass of water
behind the initial wave front, as the height of the sea keeps rising fast and floods powerfully into
the coastal area.
(Natural Phenomena)

How Day and Night Happen

The sun seems to rise in the morning, crosses the sky during the day and sets at night. However
the sun does not actually move around the earth. Earth’s turning on its axis makes it look as if the
sun is moves.

The earth makes a complete turn on its axis for 24 hours. It is called as rotation. It causes day and
night. The earth also moves around the sun. It takes 365 days or a year. This process is called
revolution. The revolution process causes the changes of the seaso

Why Summer Daylight is Longger than Winter Daylight

In the summer, the amount of daylight that we get is more than we get in winter. This is not
because as much people think we are closer to the sun but because of the tilt of the earth.

The earth is actually closer to the sun in winter than it is in summer but you would be forgiven
for thinking that this can not be true after looking out of your window on a cold and frosty

It seems strange that as the earth get closer to the sun during its orbit then the amount of daylight
that we get decrease. But that is the case. It is the tilt of the earth that determine the amount of
daylight that we get and so the length of time that for us the sun is above the horizon.
(Natural Disaster)

Flood is an overflow of water that submerges the land. Usually occurs because of heavy rain.
Another cause is due to sea tide. But we hear most often floods often occur due to overflow of
river water.Flood occurred in the river when water flow exceeds the capacity of river channels,
especially at the corners. So for people who have homes or businesses close to the natural flood
of the river often get losses. They have homes and businesses near the river because of the
benefits and convenience aspects. Flood is also a seasonal problem that occurs in big cities with

Sea tide is also referred to the flood that also caused much losses to all those who live near the
beach. So flood is not only detrimental to the area around the river but also cause losses in the
area around the beach. But now the sea tide occur because of melting Arctic ice cap is causing
the increase of sea water. So flood is a result of all natural disasters on earth. And flood itself is a
natural disaster.

The word "flood" comes from the Old English “flod”, a word common to Germanic languages
(compare German “Flut”, Dutch “vloed” from the same root as is seen in flow, float; also
compare with Latin “fluctus”, “flumen”). Deluge myths are mythical stories of a great flood sent
by a deity or deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution, and are featured in the
mythology of many cultures.
(Natural Disaster)

How Earthquakes Happen

Earthquake is one of the most destroying natural disasters. Unluckily it often happens in several
regions. Recently a horrible earthquake has shaken West Sumatra. It has brought great damages.
Why did it occur? Do you know how an earthquake happens?

Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. This
sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves. It make the ground shake. When two blocks
of rock or two plates are rubbing against each other, they stick a little. They don't just slide
smoothly. The rocks are still pushing against each other, but not moving. After a while, the rocks
break because of all the pressure that's built up. When the rocks break, the earthquake occurs.

During the earthquake and afterward, the plates or blocks of rock start moving, and they continue
to move until they get stuck again. The spot underground where the rock breaks is called the
focus of the earthquake. The place right above the focus is called the epicenter of the earthquake.