Lesson: “Stairway to Heaven”—Examining Metaphor in Popular Music

1. Define & discuss metaphor using examples. (Make sure to distinguish

from simile) 2. Find a song to discuss with metaphor in the lyrics (like “Stairway to Heaven”). Example: Stylo by Gorillaz
a. “Love, electricity, shockwave central
Pummel on the motherboard, yes Push up, overload, legendary heavy glow […] b. “Overload, overload, overload Comin' up to the Overload, overload, overload […] c. “Yes, this love is electric/ It'll be flowing on the street Night after night/ Just to get through the week Sometimes it's hard/ Right now” 3. Lead discussion on metaphor, asking them to find examples & interpret the meanings. 4. Homework: find their own song with metaphor & print the lyrics for next class. 5. Share metaphor project rubric so students understand expectations of the project. 6. Use Literary Graffiti Tool to have students create visual responses to the song lyrics they chose.

Paraphrase from ReadWriteThink.org, a content partner of Thinkfinity.org Source: http://www.readwritethink.org/resources/resource-print.html? id=975&tab=4

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