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wearing I an I blouse I elegant I white I She's /lacy

shoes I high-heeled I wearing I ridiculous I She's

He thinks / He's thinking it'll rain tomorrow.

Mandy has / Mandy's having breakfast.
He appears / He's appearing to be wearing a hat.

Can you imagine____________________ (not have) a fridge?

They agreed______________________ (not stay) out late.
Did you manage_______________________________________ (do) the shopping?
James_____________________ (wait) for the bus when he_______________(see) his girlfriend with
another boy.
Marcus___________________ (break) his arm while he _____________________(play) ice hockey.
We _________________________________(stop) playing tennis because it
_____________________(get) dark.
lucy ______________________________(run) all the way here. so she
_________________________(feel) exhausted.
My piano teacher _____________________(get) angry because I___________________________ (not
As soon as we _______________________________(finish) lunch. we ________________(go) into
By the lime we ________________________ (arrive) al the cinema, the film_____________ (start).

The Anglo Saxons ____________________(kill) babies who were born on Friday.

Coca·Cola _______________________________________-(be) green.
Before 1687, clocks __________________________________ (not have) two hands.

I keep getting text messages from somebody I don't know. -What / How strange!
When I got home, there was a burglar in the kitchen.- What / How a shock!

That's the woman whose I who works a 60·hour week.

Jenny is the IT consultant who I whose fixed our computers.
She's the woman who I which applied for the acting job.
That's the building site where I whose my brother works.
My aunt is a famous scientist. Her laboratory is at Cambridge University.
The head office of my dad's company is in Oslo. Oslo is in Norway.
Our accountant is retiring. I've known him for years.
Bar staff must do shift work, _____________________________________?
You won't tell anyone,______________________________?
You can drive,_______________________________________?
I started guitar lessons years ago.___________________________________for years. (learn)
The rain started at midday and it hasn't stopped.
___________________________________________________________________since midday. (rain)
We started this phone call an hour ago.
__________________________________________________________on the phone for an hour. (chat)
I / pass / my exam (90% chance)
we / go on holiday / this summer (40% cha nce)
Cathy / say yes (O% chance)
my dad I buy me / a new bike (10% chance)
you / enjoy / this DVD (100% chance)
some friends I come round later (70% chance)
I'm not sure where Sally is. She _____________________________ have gone in to town.
You have seen the new Matt Damon film.It hasn't been released yet
There's no bread. Somebody___________________________________ have eaten it.
I sent Keith a text, but he _______________________________________ not have received it.
If I (fall out) with my boyfriend, I (try) to make up.
I _______________-(not chat up) a girl if I___________________(not fancy) her.
Please don't open the window.
I'd rather _____________________________________________open the window.
Please don't keep interrupting.
I'd rather__________________________ interrupting.
I live in a small village. If only ____________________________________________in a big city.
I can’t find my mobile phone! I wish I _______________________________my mobile phone!

I'm not going to clean the carpets. I'm_____________________________the carpets cleaned.

Did you cut down the tree or you _____________________it_________cut down?
We didn't make new curtains. We______________________________________ them made.

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