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Lesson Plan N°:

Course: Teacher:
Book: Date:

Aim/Lesson Topic:
Getting to know each other
PASS THE CANDY (GETTING-TO-KNOW-YOU ICEBREAKER) This is a fun icebreaker for people
Warm up: with a sweet tooth! It involves giving participants a small amount of colored candy (usually
(First 15’) skittles or M&Ms). Questions or challenges are assigned to each candy color.

Showdown game- the loser has to pay food for the following week.
Each grammar topic has got a number (choose with roulette)
Each group has flashcards with verbs/ nouns
One of the ss chooses the number and flashcard and ss work in pairs.

30-1Present Simple and Present Continuous

31-2Verb + infinitive or Verb + –ing form
32-3Past Simple and Past Continuous
33-4Uses of while and when
34-5some, any, much, many, a lot of, a few
Countable and Uncountable Nouns
35-6Articles - The use of ‘the’ - ‘a / an’
Class 36-7Adjectives ending –ed and –ing make fashcards.
37-8Comparatives and Superlatives
38-9Expressing Contrast: however – although
39-10Present Perfect
40-11Use of : How long - been /gone – for / since
12Present Perfect and Past Simple
13will and going to for plans, intentions,
predictions, offers and promises
14may – might – could
15Making suggestions
16Obligation / Necessity - Prohibition - Lack of necessity
17First Conditional: If + Present will
18Second Conditional: If + Past would
19wish + Past
20should and ought to
21Difference between rob and steal
22Noun suffixes: -er -ist -ian
23Past Perfect
24Reported Speech: Verbs and phrases
25Extreme adjectives
26Passive Voice – Present / Past / Present Perfect
27Passive Voice - Future
28Adjectives with prepositions: afraid of, bored with, different from, good / bad at, famous
for, interested in, necessary for, proud of, responsible for, similar to, to be sorry about, tired of,
useful for
29Verbs with prepositions: apologise for, ask for / about, borrow from, complain about, listen
to, look at, take care of

Strategies for motivation:

Play soft music while ss play
Stop the game every 20 minutes to breathe and move. (flashcards of movement- more
versions simon says)

Material/Resources: DVD, CD, i tools, IWB software, etc.

Use of photocopies:
St’s book pages: Exercise N°:

Ending up What is it about your class that you like?

activity Videos about the trip.

Tch’s aims
Aim/Lesson Topic:
Who Am I?
Give each teen a 3 x 5 card and have them write their name at the top and four things
about themselves they are sure no one else in the room knows. Collect the cards and hand
out paper and pencils to each player. Give everyone a lined piece of paper and tell the
Warm up:
teens to number each line. Read the cards one at a time and have the teens write down to
(First 15’)
which they believe the card is referring. When you have read all the cards, have the teens
exchange papers, and read the correct answers for the teens to check the sheets. Whoever
has the most right answers is the winner.

Jeopardy game.

This game is great for reviewing a lot of different subject matter before a comprehensive
test. It also encourages teamwork and critical thinking, while giving the students a chance to
build confidence and practice their speaking skills.
What You Need:
 An internet connection or PowerPoint
 A projector
Set Up:
 Prepare a jeopardy board filled with questions on the subject matter being reviewed.
You can do this on PowerPoint (use a pre-made template), or go to Jeopardy Labs for
easy set up.
 Assign a point value that aligns with the difficulty of the question to ensure a fair
distribution of points. Don’t forget to include a “Daily Double” for extra fun!
 Split the students into even groups of four, five or six. (This number can be adjusted
according to the number of students in the classroom. For the ideal playing situation,
there should be 4-6 groups.)
How to Play:
 After class has been split into groups, the first group chooses a subject matter and
point value.
 Read the corresponding question aloud, and then everyone has the opportunity to
raise their hand to answer the question.
 The first hands up get to answer and if they are right, their group receives the
designated amount of points and also gets to pick the next question.
 If they get the question wrong, then their team loses the points and another
group gets a chance to answer.
 The group with the most points at the end of the game wins!
Note: Make sure that the students rotate the spokesperson in the group so that everyone
gets English speaking practice!

Material/Resources: DVD, CD, i tools, IWB software, etc.

Use of photocopies:
St’s book pages: Exercise N°:

Ending up
Video about the trip.

Tch’s aims Pass a sheet of papera round to write down numbers.