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FITT Formula/   
Body Parts Affected 
Most body parts would be affected from the 
Stages of a  FITT Formula= 
F​requency- how often you do activity 
FITT formula and the stages of a workout. 
Working out requires many parts of the body 

Workout  ​I​ntensity- how hard you work at the 

to be at work to be successful with the 
​T​ime/Duration- how much time you  - One major body organ that would be 
devote  affected is the ​heart​. The heart is affected 
because as you reach the different stages of 
​T​ype of activity- which activities you select 
Reagan Schoening A4   
a workout, your heart is working at different 
levels depending on how hard you are 
Stages of a Workout=  exercising.  
1. Warm up- prepares muscles for  - Another major organ that is affected are 
work  the ​lungs​. The lungs are affected because as 
2. Workout- FITT formula  you are doing a workout the lungs work hard 
3. Cool down- activity that prepares the  and the respiratory system gives you the 
ability to breathe properly through the stages 
muscles to return to a resting state  of the workout.  
-Many ​muscle​ groups are affected 
depending on what exercise you do, and 
what muscles it is focusing on. The three 
stages of a workout gradually work many 
muscles in your body.  
Diseases/Disorders  Statistics  New Advanced Technology/Research 
There are many diseases that can occur if  ★ As many as​ 1 in 10 premature deaths   
around the world each year come  There are several new sources of advanced 
you do not exercise. It is very important to be 
from lack of exercise​ which is  technology and research in attempt to help 
active to prevent these diseases from 
roughly as many as smoking.   people become more active and pursue the 3 
happening. Being physically active and 
★ About​ 5.3 million of the 57 million  stages of a workout and the FITT formula.  
completing the 3 stages of a workout and the 
deaths worldwide​ in 2008 could be   
FITT formula can help you feel accomplished 
attributed to inactivity  ★ The S
​ kulpt muscle scanner and app 
and better about yourself.  
★ Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast  was invented to keep track of muscle 
cancer, and colon cancer​ are the 4  and body fat composition to help 
Diseases and disorders from inactivity may 
main diseases caused by inactivity  those focusing on their fitness 
★ Exercise can lower risk factors like  development  
high blood pressure, high blood  ★ The ​Smart Rope Pure​ will count the 
★ Obesity 
sugar, and high cholesterol which can  reps of jumps you do as you are jump 
★ Diabetes  roping, which can be a motivator to 
reduce the risk of heart disease and 
★ Heart attack  increase your number of jumps every 
★ High blood pressure  ★ A report showed the the Americas  time you work out 
★ Stroke  were the most sedentary nations-  ★ Omegawave ​measures your heart 
★ Depression/anxiety  43% of the population not exercising  rate and aspects of your nervous 
enough  system before you workout, and it 
★ Osteoporosis 
tells you how much activity you can 
★ Cancer  handle that day 


Edmundson A4 Health Notes- Chapter 4 “Physical Activity for Life”