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Introduction: Diabetes mellitus is a disease that can not be cured but can we prevent through
regular blood sugar control, pravelensi globally disease diabetus mellitus has increased every year. It
was in because the patient is not able to care for his illness independently and will eventually have
an impact on the health condition of the patient's body diabetus mellitus which would worsen.

Purpose: To give an idea of the effort to meet the patient's blood sugar stability diabetus mellitus.

Methods: The method used to compile when shooting case is descriptive method with case study
approach, which was taken in the hospital ward jasmine dr.SOEHADI PRIJONEGORO SRAGEN, on
March 30 until April 1, 2016, 11:00 pm.

Results: Efforts are being made to meet the stability of blood sugar in patients diabetus mellitus is by
reviewing the nutrition, applying the diet program, physical exercise, regularly check blood sugar
and treatment collaboration with doctors.

Conclusion: nursing problems that occur in patients with diabetes mellitus have not been resolved,
so it requires cooperation with other medical teams and the necessary support for the success of
family nursing care.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, nutritional imbalance is less than the body needs insulin b.d balance
disorders, food, physical activity.