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BUT THE McKINLEYSTATUE continues to stir

controversy as the City Council’s decision
to remove it faces both staunch
support and opposition.

V O L . 5, N O . 24 10 P A G E S W E D N E S D AY , M A R C H 7, 2018
E S T . 2013 $1

Growing Vets Hall hits headwinds GREEN RUSH


Alana Nicklas, Coco Maki, Rachel Parry,
Warning of
activated, Maile Barnard, Alison Robbins and

Kathryn DeLoach. KLH | Union
need work
Kevin L. Hoover
Mad RiveR Union
ARCATA – The Arcata
for industry
Veterans Memorial Build- Daniel Mintz
ing and the organizations Mad RiveR Union
it houses continue to meet, HUMBOLDT – A cannabis attorney has told Hum-
eat, work, dream, improve boldt County’s Board of Supervisors that if a backlog of
and expand the venerable J permit applications isn’t caught up with, the local indus-
Street facility. try will face a “trainwreck.”
THOSE WISHING TO JOIN the local chapter of the 800,000-member American Le-
The county’s cannabis cultivation
gion Women’s Auxiliary may contact Robbins at
permitting backlog was highlighted
William McKinley after it is started Friday’s meeting some somber news. as supervisors approved extending
removed from the Plaza. on an upbeat note. He an- The hall now has im- a temporary permitting program at
But the upward arc is nounced that the Legion’s proved control over its fi- their Feb. 27 meeting.
AMERICAN LEGION tempered by some difficult auxiliaries – support orga- nances via online banking, Planning Director John Ford re-
POST 274 REPORT constraints. The groups’
ambitions are limited not
nizations for the post and
hall – were restarting.
allowing virtually instan-
taneous access to figures
ported that about 360 interim or
temporary permits have been issued
John Ford
Friday night saw a lively by any lack of energy and Along with the Wom- through the World Wide to existing growers whose applica-
meeting of American Le- ideas, but by challenges en’s Auxiliary, the Sons Web. It has also added a tions were deemed complete as of mid-July.
gion Post 274 in the Great fiscal and physical. Still the of the American Legion is mailbox at the facility rather An additional 650 applications from existing growers
Hall, while downstairs in vets forge ahead, tallying also ramping up with two than using only a post office are being reviewed and could be eligible for the interim
the Whiskey Locker can- victories and overcoming vets, one Marine and the box, improving efficiency. permits, Ford continued, hence the need to extend the
teen, the newly restored obstacles as they crop up. other Navy. Tracking expenses, program.
Women’s Auxiliary Unit The Legion meets Finance Officer Bill Kohse said, “starts to build The temporary permits allow cultivators to apply for
274 held its first meeting. Following the tradition- Kohse offered his monthly a story.” April was chal- temporary state licenses. The county is also processing
There is serious talk of the al 5 p.m. dinner, Post 274 rundown of the post’s fi- lenging, with expenditures permit applications for manufacturing, distribution and
hall hosting the statue of Commander Jeff Sterling nances, but this time with LEGION A2 other cannabis-related businesses.
The county’s workload totaled about 1,700 pending
permit applications as of last month.
County vows to work on shelter crisis Beorn Zepp, a Eureka-based attorney who represents
and advises cannabis farmers, supports the interim pro-
Daniel Mintz The shelter crisis declaration is The committee’s focus will be on gram and its extension. But he warned that the emerging
Mad RiveR Union enabled by state law and allows re- what a resolution establishing it de- cannabis industry will falter if permanent permit ap-
HUMBOLDT – Heeding calls for laxation of codes so county-owned scribes as “brick and mortar” housing provals lag.
action on sheltering the homeless, properties can be used for emergency projects. It will advance recommen- “This is really only a partial, temporary fix,” Zepp said.
Humboldt County’s Board of Super- shelters. dations on spending money from an He noted that state licenses themselves are only tem-
visors has approved a shelter crisis But the county is pursuing a “hous- Affordable Housing Trust Fund. porary at this point, with 120-day spans. They’ll begin to
declaration and the formation of a ing first” strategy which emphasizes During a public comment session, expire on May 1, Zepp said, and “if we don’t have signif-
new committee dedicated to housing permanent housing in conjunction several people involved in sheltering icant movement on the final, actual permits by then, we
and homelessness reduction projects. with social services. The committee efforts welcomed the county’s re- are going to arrive at yet another trainwreck that holds
Rallies and petitions to the board – which will be called the Housing sponse and said the scale of home- up the entire industry and the permitting process.”
have urged those actions and they Trust Fund and Homelessness Solu- lessness demands it. Lance Morton, Zepp asked for more timely reviewing of permit re-
were discussed and adopted at the tions Committee – is more relevant to a former county Mental Health Di- quests because “at the rate we’re going, the present
Feb. 27 supervisors meeting. the housing first approach. SHELTER A2 TRAINWRECK A3

Download coupons
McKinleyville weighs in on budget priorities from our new website:
Jack Durham
Mad RiveR Union
McKINLEYVILLE – Nearly 100 2014 winner!
people turned out last week in McKin- BEST SMALL BUSINESS
leyville to learn about the county budget McKinleyville Chamber of
and help set priorities for how tax dol-
lars should be spent.
The crowd, made of mostly McKin-
leyville residents, was the largest county
officials have seen since starting what it
calls the Humboldt County Community
Budget Roadshow, during which res-
idents weigh in on the county’s $377.5 1590 Nursery Rd. McKinleyville
million annual budget.
Opening the Feb. 28 roadshow, Fifth Bring in this coupon and receive
District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg ex-
MACK ROUNDTABLE Humboldt County residents gathered last week to plained that the county wanted to focus
discuss priorities for the Humboldt County Budget. From left, Joyce King, on the topic of “service delivery.”
$5 off any service!
Kate McClain, Bonnie McGregor, John Corbett and Kent Sawatzky. As an unincorporated community, 1590 Nursery Rd. McKinleyville
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Legion | McKinley matter tabled for now Shelter | ‘Moral statements’
Arcata Main Street has booked it for
exceeding income. While it’s unlikely the May 5 kickoff for the Arcata Bay Oys- vision director, said funding under the state’s
that the post will become insolvent, the ter Festival. The hall will have a table at Mental Health Services Act needs to be ex-
tough ledger situation promises to con- the OysterFest. panded, as it’s now only offered to people who
tinue for reasons internal and external. Legionnaire Phillip Nicklaus said the have been homeless for at least a year. He said
Rental revenue is down. Other halls most recent swing dance was well attend- the committee is a “really great foundation” for
are competing for the same types of ed. About 60 people showed up, and the networking on service advancements.
events, and in some ways can’t be indi- hall cleared $350 from the event. Nezzie Wade of the Affordable Homeless
vidually heated. Any renter using a single The College of the Redwoods Jazz Housing Alternatives group noted that many
room for just an hour and a half must ac- Band, a big draw, is playing at the next homeless people can’t access county services
tivate the heating system for the entire, end-of-month dance, and is happy to because of eligibility restrictions. She said the
9,956-square-foot building, and the heat be paid in pizza. “That band rules,” in- committee resolution’s language is “very weak”
may remain on for six hours. terjected Veterans of Foreign Wars Post because it doesn’t set forth clear mandates.
Between the heat, water, sewer, insur- 2542 Commander Phil Irvine. But Supervisor Estelle Fennell, who along
ance and innumerable other expenses, Rachel Parry of the Redwood Vets with Supervisor Rex Bohn is on the board sub-
it costs up to $1,500 per month “just to Center announced that coordinator po- committee that developed the resolutions, de-
SOLEMN SERVICE Leginonnaire Phillip Nick-
keep the doors open” at the hall. sitions are open at North Coast Stand scribed the committee as a mechanism for new
laus tends to the Missing Man table with
On top of that, installing thermostats Down, which is accessible via Facebook. efforts.
assistance from daughter Clara. KLH | Union
for individual room control will cost Trae Garza, veterans employment rep- “To the people who have had good ideas,
around $500, but the droopy drapes in resentative for the Eureka Employment cial membership ceremony. you should put those ideas together and bring
the Great Room pose a much costlier Development Dept., encouraged vets She hopes to be able to elect officers in them to the committee,” she said. “This is the
challenge. They don’t retain heat, and re- seeking employment to contact him at May, then swear them in concurrent with whole reason for forming this committee.”
placement costs are a whopping $13,231. (707) 44-5709. Post 274’s ceremony in June or July. Emphasizing the county’s “housing first”
The new expenses come at a time when A raffle was held for a 50-inch TV the The Legion’s four-day State Confer- focus in conjunction with treating substance
the aging Vets Hall finds itself less than post bought for $300. Some $520 was ence is in June, and if fundraising is suc- abuse and mental illness, Fennell added, “This
competitive in wrangling rentals. A key raised, and Legionnaire Jim Zabel won cessful, local legionnaires and Auxiliary is part of the fabric of addressing the issue in a
shortcoming is, of all things, its lack of the massive flatscreen. members will be able to attend. Another comprehensive way.”
pancake-friendliness. The batter-based McKinley in motion upcoming event is the national Legion Downplaying the effectiveness of shelter cri-
breakfast delights are a staple of commu- A motion to accept the statue of William convention, set for Aug. 24 through 30 sis declarations, Bohn emphasized that prog-
nity fundraisers, but the hall’s downstairs McKinley once it is removed from the Pla- in Minneapolis, Minn., which Robbins ress hinges on community teamwork.
kitchen lacks a stove flat top. This limits za was tabled out of concern for involving plans to attend. “I haven’t gotten a good answer on what
its ability to turn out flapjacks efficiently, the Legion and Vets Hall is a still-roiling She and Sterling hope to get leader- the shelter crisis (declaration) does – Eureka’s
and sends some renters elsewhere. controversy. A new activist group opposes ship training for their officers. Robbins is had one for almost two years and it hasn’t done
Besides the flat top deficit, there’s no statue removal and is mounting a petition working with Legion Post 205 in Fortuna very much,” he said. “We can make all the dec-
deep-fryer, another hit to the kitchen’s drive to turn the matter over to Arcata on this. larations we want but we’ve got to work to-
usability. And apart from that, the kitchen voters (see page A3). Once up and running, the Auxiliary gether and do something … it’s got nothing to
is out of code and needs a complete reno- Though the matter had been tabled, will tackle a broad slate of projects. It do with political parties or how you feel about
vation. Stove hoods, for example, can’t be Legionnaire John Kulstad spoke up would take over the hall’s new communi- things, it’s about getting off your ass and get-
installed because the stove is located be- about the statue. “I think we ought to ty trash cleanup efforts, which have got- ting something done.”
neath a window, and shouldn’t be. give that some careful thought,” he said. ten off to a good start. Committees could Supervisor Mike Wilson said he’s also “a
Sterling said that all told, the need- “Everybody’s views have to be taken take on matters of civic and community strong supporter of the local voice and the
ed kitchen improvements add up to an into consideration, including the Native pride, youth and community service. local effort.” But he added that elements like
“astronomical” $120,000. “We’ve lost Americans, who have a somewhat dif- There are numerous holidays that the housing trust funds and mental health services
contacts here because we lack the proper ferent view of President McKinley than, hall will participate in that require prepa- “require resources – money – that we don’t
cooking facilities,” Sterling said. perhaps, others,” he said. ration – Memorial Day, Vietnam Veter- have the ability to put forward.”
It doesn’t help that some legionnaires Further, Kulstad noted, impacts on ans Remembrance Day, Flag Day, Army With the cost of housing rising, there is an
are skipping out on their meal tab. The the hall’s neighbors have to be taken into Birthday, Independence Day and more. increasing number of people who struggle for
pre-meeting dinner – featuring pork account. “The Auxiliary exists to support the it, Wilson continued, but government spend-
chops, vegan spaghetti and sides – was The hall has no obvious place to put Legion post, especially when first begin- ing focuses on other priorities.
prepared by Auxiliary members and the statue, and costs are unknown. The ning,” Robbins said. “Then they create “Our budgets are moral statements – we’re
needs to at least pay for itself. “Ten dol- County of Humboldt, which owns the activities around causes.” a country that spends more than the next 10
lars isn’t very much for the kind of dinner hall, might have to formally accept the Robbins said her model is “leading by countries on our military,” he said.
we had tonight,” Kohse admonished. statue. example, nurturing strengths and over- The county will be able to infuse a first shot
Sterling said a new project board has “These things ought to be thought coming weaknesses,” so as to “encourage of funding into its Affordable Housing Trust
been created to track the hall’s needed out,” he said. the foundation of the entire Legion fam- Fund with proceeds from the sale of a coun-
improvements. Sterling stressed that the matter had ily.” ty-owned property on Lucas Street in Eureka.
Despite Kohse’s dour assessment that been tabled, and that any decision would Of particular interest to Robbins is The trust fund and homeless solutions com-
“things are going down the dumper,” be arrived at through a democratic pro- cultivating the leadership skills of young mittee will have 11 members appointed by su-
they’re also looking up in some key ways. cess. women. “I’d like to start with younger pervisors and planning and health and human
A formal vote was taken re-establishing The meeting closed with the tradi- women, those under 17 who may join as services department heads. The Humboldt
the all-female Women’s Auxiliary Unit 274 tional POW/MIA memorial service, with junior members, and foster and mentor Housing and Homeless Coalition will also ap-
as well as the all-male Sons of the Ameri- Nicklaus removing the black shroud them in leadership roles,” she said. point a member and one member will be a de-
can Legion. Both need a minimum of 10 from the chair at the missing man table Robbins advocates for Americanism veloper with experience in affordable housing
members in order to officially constitute. with assistance from his daughter, Clara. – the kind marked by belief in self-gov- projects.
The recent Arcata Chamber of Com- Auxiliary Unit 274 ernment, equal opportunity, freedom of
Several people had recommended having
merce mixer at the hall made many at- Alison Robbins, acting president of the speech, and a belief in progress.
someone that is homeless on the committee
tendees aware of its availability, and of newly re-formed Women’s Auxiliary Unit “We’ll advocate for better public rela-
and supervisors agreed to that.
its potential as a community partner. 274, hopes to fill out the group’s ranks. tions by veterans, a better understanding
The appointments will follow the county’s
Sterling proudly passed around the “We need to get 10 ladies into the unit of vets and how we can work together
application process for advisory committees
plaque awarded the Arcata Veterans Hall in order to do a charter,” she said. There with the community.”
but County Administrative Officer Amy Nilsen
at the recent annual awards dinner, at are presently nine applicants awaiting Robbins has created an “American Le-
said the committee can be formed and start
which the hall was named New Chamber approval by the state organization. Once gion Auxiliary Unit – Arcata #274” Face-
working “relatively quickly.”
Member of the Year. accepted, they will be sworn in at a spe- book page.

ARCATA CITY COUNCIL The Arcata the current fiscal year. Next is oral questions of a councilmember.
City Council meets today, March 7 at and written communications, council
If you look at what you have in life, 6 p.m. in Council Chamber, 736 F St. and staff reports and more. OPEN SPACE AND AGRICULTURE
you’ll always have more. If you look The council will receive the Arcata’s Open Space and Agriculture
Planning Commission’s an- WATSON’S OFFICE HOURS Committee meets Monday, March
at what you don’t have in life, you’ll nual report and take early Arcata City Councilmember 12 at 6 p.m. in Council Chamber at
never have enough. oral communications. New Brett Watson is available to City Hall. Agenda items include oral
– Oprah Winfrey business includes the final meet with citizens the sec- communication; welcoming a new
report of the Public Safety ond and fourth Thursday member; election of officers; consid-
Task Force; introduction of each month, including eration of the proposed new Open
of an ordinance regulating this Thursday, March 8, at Space Funding mechanism; a review
drones; a public hearing 5:30 p.m. during his “Office of changes to the Arcata Municipal
on Community Development Block Hours” session in Council Chamber Code; consideration of pre-applica-
Grant accomplishments; and adop- at City Hall. The open-ended session tion development projects including
tion of a resolution accepting the mid- is an opportunity for Arcata residents Creekside Homes plus city and open
year budget review with revisions for to discuss issues of concern and ask space projects; and more.

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Statue still hot topic, plaque-ectomy pending

Kevin L. Hoover vote on this issue in November.” But landmark plaque from the corner of
Mad RiveR Union specifics are as yet unknown. Eighth and H streets was proceeding
ARCATA – The week after the City Local postcard collector Steve Lazar with dispatch.
Council voted to remove the statue of has been compiling historical images City of Arcata Senior Planner Al-
William McKinley, the matter seemed of the statue. A number of postcards yson Hunter said that city workers
anything but settled. were first available on The Humboldt had assessed the logistics of plaque
Advocates for removal and re- project website, thehumboldtproject. removal, and could attempt a Plaza
tention continued to battle it out on org, but the images were later trans- plaque-ectomy as soon as Tuesday of
social media, talking as much about ferred to his Facebook page. this week, and hopefully before Friday.
each other as the statue itself. The Los Angeles Times sent re- She said the workers had said it
While some pro-McKinley parti- porter Jaweed Kaleem up to cover the would be “not too hard to remove
sans had hoped for a Motion to Re- statue controversy, and his is known without damaging it,” but that it
consider at this week’s City Council to have conducted a number of inter- might take more than one day to ac-
meeting, none appears on the agenda. views. But as of Monday, no story had complish.
Lacking council action, the keep- yet been published. Jacoby’s Storehouse managing
the-statue forces appeared to be co- American Legion Post 274 is ex- co-owner Bill Chino said the plaque
alescing around creation of a petition ploring the possibility of accepting vendor had told him that a replace-
advocating for a ballot measure to de- the statue once it is removed from the ment with roughly the same num-
cide the statue’s fate. Plaza, but action on that regard was ber of words will cost about $2,675. SUNNY BRAE | CUTTEN | TRINIDAD | GLENDALE | WESTWOOD
Arcata resident David LaRue, who tabled pending further discussion That’s well within his initial ballpark More than a grocer, your neighbor since 1971
created the “Save Arcata’s Historic among members and consultation estimate.
McKinley Statue” Facebook page, an- with the Arcata Veterans Memorial The replacement wording would
nounced there that “There is a lot of Building’s neighbors (see story, pag- be developed with the Historic Land-
work going on behind the scene and es A1 and A2). marks Committee in consultation
we should all have great optimism Meanwhile, action to remove and with local historians and Indian
that Arcata will get their chance to replace the Jacoby Building historic tribes.

Trainwreck | Clearing permitting backlog a top priority

FROM A1 Submitters of the insuffi- he added. “We really want within six months, 500 per-
round of permits are going cient applications are being to be in a place to have our mit applications have been
to be in process for years sent follow-up letters re- permitting and the state’s deemed as withdrawn.
and we’re not going to be questing more information. permitting meshing and we Supervisor Mike Wil-
able to get this industry off Another batch of applica- don’t want to have, as was son said that some inter-
the ground locally.” tions will get more straight- mentioned, a trainwreck.” im permittees won’t get
Asked to respond to the forward administrative ap- He said the county will permanent permits due to
permitting challenges by provals because they’re for be doing “cultivation area “market forces” or because
Supervisor Estelle Fennell, operations that are princi- verifications” on all 650 of grows are in “non-permit-
Ford said clearing the in- pally permitted under the the waiting applications table locations.”
terim permitting workload county’s commercial produc- and growers will also be He said, “At some point,
is a top priority. tion ordinance, Ford said. asked to sign compliance we will be hitting that wall.”
There are 150 interim “The interim permits agreements.
permit applications that are absolutely the highest Ford added that under
are “packaged and in the priority of anything we’re a requirement for mak-
hands” of the county’s con-
tracted permit review con-
working on right now be-
cause we do recognize that
ing applications complete Pauli-Harbour Insurance &
sultants and 46 are “totally the temporary state licens- Anderson Robinson Starkey Insurance
incomplete.” es will start to come due,”
New name and new location
Pauli-Shaw Insurance Agency
627 7th St., Arcata (formerly Spotlight Video)
Same friendly faces, Formerly Anderson Robinson Starkey
same great service! & Pauli-Harbour

Opening March 19, 2018

New Location:
627 7th St., Arcata
CROSSWORD We’ve got you covered
1. Makes a lap 1. Icy road danger
5. Smelting refuse 2. “Bus Stop” playwright
9. Ring-shaped island 3. Implement
14. Entanglement 4. Severity
15. Sound of contentment 5. Harpoons
16. Did a farmer’s job 6. One of the Seven
17. Frankenstein’s aide Deadly Sins
18. This: Sp. 7. Mr. Johnson
19. Lindens and others 8. Picnickers’ surface
20. Food shop 9. Toward the rear
23. One of two N. T. books 10. Having
24. Masculine title mixed feelings
25. Montgomery’s 11. Have debts
place: abbr. 12. __ Majors
28. Swears 13. Joseph Smith’s
32. Caught religion, for short
34. Pancreas or thyroid 21. Skirted student
35. Sleep activities, 22. Wimp
for short 25. Stir up
37. Word with hog or map 26. Pioneer
38. Frost 27. Tallied up
39. Small flock of birds 28. 1960s skirt styles
40. Tactless 29. Easiest to handle
41. Suffixes for 30. Run
salt and hero 31. Three and four
42. Residents’ endings 33. Charging in court
43. __ up; relaxed 34. Barbecue
44. Smaller of two 36. City in Arizona
46. More offensive 39. Plant tendrils
48. WWII vessel 43. Rising late?
49. Time 45. Conger fishermen
51. Fall behind 47. Drinks noisily
52. Elation 50. Houston slugger
58. In the know 52. Lager
61. Sightseeing trip 53. In the near future
62. One called “Terrible” 54. Show anger
63. Parker’s coin eater 55. Malicious
64. Frolic 56. Bargain
65. Longest river 57. Type of knife
66. One-dish meals 58. Dawns, for short
67. Numerals 59. Like a baby, often
68. Delight 60. Nourished oneself

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34 35 36 37

38 39 40

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48 49 50 51

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58 59 60 61 62

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66 67 68
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Props for your stylish weirdo-ensemble McK Safeway fire doused
ArcAtA Fire District
• Tuesday, February 3 5:49 p.m. It’s always nice when 3:30 p.m. An entrepreneur toting two cans of spray paint
MCKINLEYVILLE – On Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 7:33 p.m.,
hospitality is extended to strangers, especially with the of- applied pigment to unspecified items on J Street, offering Arcata Fire District firefighters were called to a report-
fer of shelter to a woman and her daughter in one’s home. passersby “paint jobs” on their cars. ed structure fire at the McKinleyville Safeway located at
It’s even more gracious if, unlike this case, the home be- 7:09 p.m. A woman said that an Uber driver she’d hired 1503 City Center Rd. Battalion Chief Rick Gomes arrived
longs to the person doing the inviting. to take her home parked past her house, then “rubbed his on scene first and discovered black smoke coming from a
5:58 p.m. The CHP was called in to assist with removal hand up and down her leg.” vent on the back of the building. Being familiar with the
of a giant teddy bear in the roadway at U.S. Highway 101 7:29 p.m. A man in high-visibility blue camouflage jacket building layout, Gomes knew the fire was in the store-
and the Bayside Cutoff. and pants, and wearing combat boots, was arrested on a room and directed the first due engine from the McKin-
7:03 p.m. The driver didn’t remember whether the car charge of assault with a deadly weapon at the bus station leyville Station to make entry at the rear of the store, and
doors were locked when the laptop computer and tablet after allegedly trying to stab a guy in the throat. initiate fire attack. Store employees confirmed the fires
left on the front seat outside the everything’s-a-dollar 9:54 p.m. A cocktail-familiar man called police from a location and had initiated a building evacuation.
store disappeared. But it probably wouldn’t have mat- downtown variety store with the impeccable drunk-guy The crews located the fire in the loft machinery room,
tered; being both visible and fungible to the legions of reasoning that since a cab never came for him, he needed above the rear storeroom. The building’s sprinkler sys-
roving opportunivores, its fate was sealed. to go to jail. Heard in the background was a store employ- tem had been triggered.
7:53 p.m. A yellingman wearing his finest credibility-re- ee telling the cluster-mer to hang up the phone and get out The fire attack team used the building’s ladder way to
duction garment, a bathrobe, proved too erratic for that of the store, both of which aspirations were fulfilled when gain access to the loft and deploy a hose line to the fire to
same store’s lofty customer-behavior standards. he was arrested on a drunk in public charge. complete extinguishment.
9:47 p.m. • Thursday, February 8 4:25 a.m. “Shut up or I’m going to The second arriving engine from Mad River Station
A bongoman showed up to squat beat you!” was the shimmering, Noel Coward-grade repartée supported the fire attack operation by securing a water
In a place where he shouldn’t have ought and stark binary proposition emanating from an Al- supply. The third engine from Arcata Station, and subse-
The nightclub’s front entrance v ARCATA liance Road apartment well familiar to police. quent arriving CalFire and Fieldbrook engines, assisted
with water removal to the sales floor and storeroom and
With him as a hindrance POLICE 2:48 p.m. Two behoodied men tookah hookah
applied salvage techniques to save computer equipment
Posed questions like, what hath clod wrought?
• Sunday, February 4 12:42 a.m. From inside L G from an H Street store.
• Friday, February 9 1:14 a.m. A Uniontown
and merchandise.
The fire loss was minimal, with an estimate of $2,000
the trunk of a car parked on G Street came the variety store found itself under siege by a trio of
Kevin L. in damages. Gomes reports “The fire was held by the
sounds of someone trying to kick their way out. galoots, who came in, injured an employee’s ab- sprinkler systems that had activated properly, which as-
8:22 a.m. A man who’d threatened employees Hoover domen and then went outside and hid. sisted the firefighters in quickly extinguishing the burn-
of an I Street store was back, in a suit and tie. 1:55 a.m. Individuals under the influence of ta- ing material. The combination of the two, saved this
The natty, courtship-grade garms didn’t forestall another cos, or at least within the sphere of influence of a truck multi-million dollar building and its contents. Safeway
trespassing warning. that sells them on G Street, talked entirely too loudly. was open for business the next day.”
4:56 p.m. Same store, same freakshow, still acting out 4:17 p.m. A little brown dog that “looks like Benji” ran free The cause of fire was determined to be ordinary com-
over his unwanted crush on one of the employees. The be- at 12th and G streets in a red collar with no collar or tags. bustibles stored too close to hot mechanical equipment.
smitten bozo brought her flowers, sat in the parking lot all 6:19 p.m. A Bayside Road resident let his roommate use
day, argued with the assistant manager, and wore a bow tie. his car, the vehiculargesse repaid by the roommate refus-
Somehow none of this made her fall into his longing arms. ing to give it back and then cutting off all communication. Home invasion robbery in McK
8:55 p.m. Following a parking lot child custody exchange • Saturday, February 10 1:37 a.m. A Valley West mo-
HumbolDt county sHeriFF’s oFFice
gone awry, a man was almost home when he realized he’d tel’s ice machine and laundry room had their own mascot,
MCKINLEYVILLE – On Wednesday, Feb. 28 at about
been rather stabbed. a traveler with metal poles hanging off his backpack.
3:40 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were
• Monday, February 5 9:49 a.m. The formally attired 1:52 a.m.
dispatched to the 2200 block of Thiel Avenue in McKin-
store botherer was back, in blue suit, blue shirt and bow tie South of their time-honored remove
leyville for the report of a residential armed robbery.
with a blue knapsack to round out the weirdo-ensemble. Some bongo practitioners grooved
According to the victim, at about 3:30 a.m. three sus-
3:18 p.m. A gentleman wearing a welding mask and car- Pitter-patterdemaliens
pects kicked open the front door of the residence and
rying an axe was asked, for whatever unfathomable rea- Hammered the craniums
entered the victim’s bedroom. Two of the suspects re-
son, to depart the grounds of a Sunny Brae school. Of Eighth and H’ers, who reproved
portedly brandished firearms at the victim, demanding
• Tuesday, February 6 10:06 a.m. A woman on Union 11:57 a.m. Off-leash, but apparently very special dogs
marijuana. The suspects fled with approximately three
Street made the involuntary acquaintance of a man who plagued the marsh trails.
pounds of processed marijuana, five pounds of mari-
told her he had stabbed a woman in the chest and gone 10:37 p.m. Pathos, bathos, and probably Athos, Porthos
juana trimmings and a new, in-the-box arc welder. The
to jail. The next revolting disclosure was that he had been and Aramis, all their friends and personal problems fully
suspects are believed to be white male adults, last seen
spying on “her” – either the woman he stabbed, or this engulfed a pair of rooms at a less-than-super Valley West
wearing hoodies, ski masks and gloves.
person – and self-pleasuring. motel. The worrisome wingding in 107 featured multiple
Anyone with information about this case or related
10:27 a.m. It’s fair to say that two Zehndner Avenue loud ’n’ addled souls attempting to express themselves
criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office
neighbors aren’t getting along, in that one man and his in- with primitive grunts and shrieks through the dense fog
at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at
fant child were pelted with debris by their neighbor when of whatever trendy chemical amusement aid they had on
(707) 268-2539.
he spotted them in their own backyard. board. Over in 109, a comparably modified man had only
• Wednesday, February 7 7:11 a.m. A woman said her a woman and baby handy to yell at, which he did.
husband sent her photos of her dog being killed, and it • Sunday, February 11 9:39 a.m. A blanket-clad wom-
looked like the dog was tortured. an caused a scene at a Plaza coffee shop, vomiting and Fire board seeks applicants
8:11 a.m. A man at Ninth and G streets carried a white “semi-refusing to leave.” ArcAtA Fire District
sheet and bag of beef jerky as, despite the sheer statistical • Monday, February 12 8:35 a.m. A woman lingered ARCATA FIRE DISTRICT – Due to the pending res-
density of non sequiturs, he peed into the storm drain there. on and around a Samoa Boulevard business waiting for a ignation of Director John Davis, effective at the conclu-
11:35 a.m. No no, I said you could use my home to watch male employee against whom she had a restraining order, sion of the May 15 Arcata Fire District Board of Directors
our kids, not make withdrawals from my bank account. but he wasn’t there. meeting, a vacancy will exist for the position he occupied
4:28 p.m. A shirtless man displayed his abundant tattoos serving Division 5.
outside a store where everything’s a dollar, drawing atten- As this appointment will occur in the second half of
tion to himself by staring at employees, talking to himself, the term of office and more than 130 days prior to the
waving his arms around and intimidating passersby. next general district election, the appointment to fill the
4:30 p.m. The arm-waver took his demented display in- vacancy will expire on the first Friday this December.
side the store, breaking at least a dollar’s worth of glass, Should the appointee desire to continue, he or she must
then went back outside to yell some more. file candidacy for the November 2018 General Election.
7:30 p.m. A man called from a state university located Prospective candidates must reside and be a regis-
on L.K. Wood Boulevard to complain that a woman was tered voter within the boundaries of Division 5 of the
giving him dirty looks, and he felt threatened by this. The Arcata Fire Protection District (Division 5 includes prop-
information was forwarded to university police. erties located in Southeast Arcata, Sunny Brae, Bayside
• Tuesday, February 13 1:20 a.m. A man in Crescent and Jacoby Creek areas, and all of Manila). The Board
City noticed that his debit card was used at a downtown intends to make its appointment no later than June 29.
Arcata donut shop, where only some of the baked goods Any person interested in being considered for ap-
on hand are in the display case. pointment to this seat on the Board of Directors is asked
9:46 p.m. Neighbor turned on neighbor on 11th Street to submit an application of qualifications. Forms are
after one of the neighbors turned off the other’s floodlight. available at any of the district fire stations or through the
10:18 p.m. On Seventh Street, he yelled and she cried, District website at
sadly consistent with the whole of human history. Applications can be mailed to the District Office at
• Valentine’s Day 2:18 p.m. Across from a historic 2149 Central Ave, McKinleyville, CA 95519 or dropped
downtown storehouse, two men subscribing to the any- off Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m,
thing-anytime-anywhere-for-any-reason-at-all way of life closed for lunch. Application deadline is Monday, March
discovered the joys of smoking while drinking, both of 19 at 4 p.m. Postmarks are not accepted.
which are prohibited on the Plaza as if that matters. Questions concerning this appointment should be
3:52 p.m. All the property manager wanted was to do the directed to the Clerk of the Board, at (707) 825-2000.
annual fire extinguisher check inside the I Street apart- The board will consider all applicants at a special public
ment. But the tenant responded as though he was under meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 27 at 5:30 p.m. at
siege by zombie hordes, barricading the entrances. 631 Ninth St. in Arcata.

now open
11 p.m.
On the Plaza

Full menu available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.


ou might not have any in-
terest in our local statue
controversy. It may seem
It’s not about the statue
in hateful, hurtful actions and of those who are not like us? Our ... until it didn’t. As the general
we might imagine this place, Arca-
ta is in a state of flux. Unavoidably,
its character is changing. There
just another Arcata antic, much are those who resist growth, and
ado about nothing, the people’s words. But ... reputation swings quite deliber- willingness to abide by standards those who rush to define it. Most
republic continued. On the other It’s. Not. About. The. Statue. ately the other way. of civility eroded, the council tim- of us accept change and gradually
hand, if you do care (a lot) about Whether or not to re- Yet anger abounds. orously applied timing rules, but adapt – but adaptation takes a va-
it, that statue has come to stand move McKinley from the Frustration has re- the horse was pretty much out of riety of forms. And whatever forms
for something quite beyond its Plaza is not the critical cently erupted over the barn by then. Respect? Old it takes, conflicts are inevitable.
historic intent. issue Arcata’s citizenry innumerable, highly school. An adversarial attitude Establishing and enforcing
Either way, one thing seems cer- needs to address. The sensitive issues, old has become the norm, as embold- reasonable, respectful rules of en-
tain – this seemingly innocuous statue merely stands in and new. And in this, ened interest groups routinely gagement (not the usual descrip-
question, of whether or not to re- the center of the Plaza; a most pernicious dy- pack council chambers, deter- tion of City Council discourse, but
move a public property, is not about the battle at the heart of GUEST namic has arisen – mined to apply pressure by any appropriate here) are key. Their
McKinley, the person, or McKinley
the President. It’s not even about
this city is alive, simmer-
ing in an increasingly
OPINION between those who
abjectly assume all re-
Can order be restored? How
observation sets the stage for op-
posing views to be aired and dis-
heated social crucible. Judith C. sponsibility for every does this community, with its leg-
history – after all, the story of the parate voices to be heard. This is
Are we ideologically Williamson perceived wrong, and acy of soft-hearted, obliging ac-
past changes, because understand- merely cooperation – which does
ing is an ongoing process. Facts divided? Our differences those who react to per- quiescence, reset itself and stand not imply agreement.
are continuously reinterpreted, as- are not that clear cut (a room full ceived wrongs by bullying. up to bully tactics? Civility holds a very thin line. It
sumptions are upended, perspec- of liberals can still disagree about Not that long ago, anyone who Speculators can point to a host may seem antiquated in this age of
tives readjust. And conclusions, every issue). Are the haves against wished to speak at a city coun- of probable sources for our com- commentors, twitterers and scofflaw
however rewritten, are never final. have nots? This is an indefatiga- cil meeting could do so, without munity’s current state of height- entitlement. Without it, we’re wild.
Yes, tempers are flaring, ac- bly fairness-oriented community. constraint of time. Aside from ened discord. As retro and rural Former Arcata Eye columnist
cusations flying, pain surfacing Are we insensitive to the needs long-winded gadflies, it worked and redwood curtain protected as Judith C. Williamson is a resident

Commendation and healing LETTERS Make Bill a ride The McKinley distraction
I commend the courage and leadership All this talk about whether the McKinley John Wiebe, (Letters, Feb. 21) is appar-
shown by the four Arcata City Councilmem- statue should stay on the Arcata Plaza and ently unaware of the 40-foot statue of Wil-
bers who voted to remove the McKinley Dump Trump, not McK talk about how can we make the Plaza more liam McKinley at the entrance to Golden
statue from the Plaza (Opposition to City There is a group who is spending a great secure and attractive to families, locals and Gate Park in San Francisco.
Council’s McKinley removal decision be- amount of time and energy working to have tourists, makes me think about an idea I’ve He wears a Roman toga and laurels. His
gins to emerge, Feb. 24). Though it was the statue of President McKinley removed had for years for attracting people to Arcata: right hand bearing an olive branch is raised
(and will continue to be) difficult, they have from the Arcata Plaza. This group has suc- lets put an EARTHQUAKE RIDER on the high; his left is at his breast grasping a dou-
struck at least one small blow to the dom- cessfully lobbied the Arcata City Council, Plaza. So what is an earthquake rider? Sim- ble-edged broadsword down to his feet. I
inant culture of patriarchy and white su- who voted 4 to 1 for approval of the move. ply put, it’s a 10 ft metal pipe (1.5 inch in di- am unaware of any attempt to remove him.
premacy that we are all living under. A former councilmember has stated that ameter) stuck into the ground at both ends Many/most of us are grandchildren
I know Sofia Pereira to be one of the removing McKinley will have a high cost about five feet apart, and then bent up in the or great grandchildren of the people who
kindest, most thoughtful people I know, and and be very time consuming, with both middle into a loop about three feet off the murdered and raped native Turtle Island-
I take offense to the tone of Michael Win- state and local approvals required. grass, so that whoever is on the Plaza when ers without compassion.
kler’s letter on her behalf. Unfortunately I believe this time and energy should be an earthquake happens could hold onto I live near Squaw Creek, so named be-
it’s far from rare for women in positions of spent to remove the current president from the pipe and RIDE THE EARTHQUAKE. cause native women did their laundry here
leadership to face this kind of condescend- office. President McKinley died long ago. There’s a webcam on the Plaza to record it (not!).
ing treatment from their male co-workers. He can no longer harm us, but Mr. Trump and people all over the world could watch Indigenous people currently suffer se-
I assume based on what I know of May- is on course to damage not only our county the whole thing over and over. We would be vere poverty, inadequate education and
or Pereira that she understands the deep and our state, but the entire planet. the only city in the world to have an earth- now potential starvation due to overfishing
wounds that colonialism and racism have Space restrictions don’t allow me to list quake rider. It could go in the center of the in the ocean of their salmon runs. A com-
inflicted on our community, and that she the many immoral things he stands for and Plaza or off to the side. It would attract tour- munity on the rocks, and not because a
recognizes the importance of allowing those has done that make him unworthy to be the ists, kids could play on it, and it would make lighthouse moved.
hurts to be aired and hopefully rectified. the idea of earthquakes a bit more fun. Who We cannot change history, but we can
leader of the United States.
This process is ugly and uncomfortable – wouldn’t want to ride an earthquake and act; that our children won’t want to.
I hope I haven’t offended Trump sup-
but not nearly as ugly and uncomfortable as then see yourself doing it online? We could Unless old Bill is mounted next to the
porters, but at this point, I don’t care if I
the long list of atrocities that have been per- have a sculpture contest to make it look more “World’s Largest Totem Pole” (Horses have
have. Not speaking out means I condone
petrated against indigenous people on these artistic and get the community involved. We the right of way) and a real discussion of
and support the damage he has done and
lands over the past two hundred years. could do online fund raising to help pay for race ensues, Bill’s removal is a distraction
will continue to do to our democracy.
Every bit of the wealth and prosperity it. I don’t mean to trivialize the danger of big from the real work our society needs to do.
Leave McKinley were he is and remove
that we currently enjoy on this country is earthquakes, it’s just that they’re inevitable His presence is a reminder of that work,
Mr. Trump from where he is.
based on the oppression and extinction of here on the North Coast, so why don’t we and his significance will fade when he is no
Scott R. Baker
native people and people of color. None of take some of the fear away from worrying longer needed.
McKinleyville about the next big one. Let’s enjoy the pros-
the land on which our homes and businesses Why is made in Canada or made in Mex-
sit would be “ours” had it not been viciously pect of being able to ride some of the small- ico not make in America?
taken through the genocide of indigenous Scoreboard shaming er ones in between. Riding an earthquake
could be like a giant game of musical chairs,
This letter is in loving tribute to John
people. The wealth that has passed to us Former Arcata Mayor Dan Hauser Trudell.
(primarily white people) generation to gen- should be ashamed for claiming that the where everyone who is on the plaza when an Christopher Mackinney
eration was only made possible through the Arcata City Council “got rolled” at the re- earthquake happens would all playfully fight Fieldbrook
murder of native people and the exploita- cent council meeting, where the council for a place at the EARTHQUAKE RIDER.
Rocky Drill
tion of slave labor. Like it or not, that is the
reality of our current economic system.
voted 4-1 to remove the McKinley statue.
Let’s review the actual democratic pro- Arcata Give Congress armbands
In this context, Dan Hauser’s assertion There have been many mass shootings in
cess that took place. Over the past year,
recent years; the largest being the Las Ve-
that “it would be totally unfair and unrea-
sonable to promote this effort with City
several community meetings were held to
gauge public opinion on a variety of pro-
Weaponizing mental illness gas shooting last fall with 59 fatalities and
I’ve been reading that some elected offi- another 422 injured, and the most recent
funds,” would be laughable if it weren’t so posed changes for the Plaza. Attendees cials propose that our mass-shooting prob- being the high school shooting in Parkland
sad. Has he no understanding that every overwhelmingly expressed a desire for the lem might be remedied by expanding ser- Florida with 17 dead.
dollar collected by the city for hundreds of McKinley statue to be removed. vices for the mentally ill. Each time there has been public outrage
years is tainted with the suffering of indig- A group in favor of removing the statue I’m a mental health professional and calling for Congressional action to limit
enous families? Apparently not. started a petition campaign and eventual- I think expanding the sorely threadbare access to assault rifles. But Congress can’t
We, as white people, have a lot of work ly gathered about 1,800 signatures. Peo- system of mental health services is a great agree on how to respond. Those on the
to do. At a bare minimum, we need to learn ple opposing the removal gathered none. idea, especially for the severely mentally ill. right see this as a mental health issue. They
to be OK allowing the victims of this sys- Score: 1,800 to 0. But it is unlikely to make more than a dent are willing to offer support for the affected
temic violence and exploitation to be mad. I advocated for the removal of the stat- in the problem of mass shootings. families and survivors.
What other reaction could they possibly ue by standing with a sign near the Plaza Most experienced mental health pro- The minority on the left responds with
have to the knowledge that their parents for an average of an hour a day for 26 days. fessionals will tell you that, absent a per- “enough already” and seeks Congressional
and grandparents suffered so mercilessly The number of anti-removal protesters? son actually expressing intent to commit action to address the issue of assault rifle
in this, their home country? What other re- None. Score: 26 to 0. harm, predicting violent behavior is one of access head on. So nothing changes. Sup-
action should we expect in the face of the The number of tribes that support the re- the most challenging tasks they may face. port is offered with flags flown at half-staff
statistics showing that nearly 30 percent moval of the statue as shown by representa- There are no subtle clues or sophisticated for a few days while the matter soon dis-
of Native Americans live below the poverty tives and members who attended the coun- psychological tests that reliably differenti- appears from Congressional attention. But
line, and that Native Americans are killed cil meeting or who sent a letter stating such ate those who will go on to commit mur- I think that Congress has been getting off
in police encounters at a higher rate than support: 15. The number of tribes wanting der from those who are simply hateful and too easy.
any other racial or ethnic group? Hopefully the statue to remain? None. Score: 15 to 0. maladjusted and may act in less harmful I propose that all members of Congress
once we master the ability to allow space Number of people who attended the ways. And I think most of us will agree that be required to wear a two-color black-
for this anger, we can move into productive council meeting who clearly supported the locking people up for long periods of time green armband after each shooting for the
conversations about how to create a future statue being removed: About 150. Number for actions that they may or may not un- same number of days as there were people
that is very, very different from our past. of people who attended the council meeting dertake is itself a very dangerous proposal. killed and injured. The black is to acknowl-
But we won’t get there if we continue to who clearly wanted the statue to remain: 1. This focus on mental illness as the cause edge all victims and the green is to remind
demonize oppressed people any time they That’s 150 to 1. of gun violence also serves to further stigma- Congress members that it’s time to get go-
display justifiable anger. In the face of overwhelming support to tize people who experience mental illness. ing and do something.
Removing the statue isn’t about “eras- remove the statue, the council voted 4-1 to The fact is that most mentally ill people are If this measure were adopted retroac-
ing our history”; it’s about listening to the remove the statue. That is the democratic no more dangerous than anyone else. tive to last fall, all members of Congress
voices of those whose lives have been the process in action. In my personal opinion, if there is one would be wearing armbands well into 2019
most harshly impacted by that history, and People opposed to removing the statue bright point in our current sad situation at a minimum. With this constant reminder,
following their lead about what can be done had an equal chance to make their voic- it may be that at least we are not facing perhaps the two sides could get together and
to begin to heal these deep wounds so we es heard but decided to largely sit out the homicidal maniacs wielding tanks, rocket come up with a joint approach to address
can move forward process. As it turns out, that was a losing launchers, or cannons to blast our schools the mass shooting problem before then.
If anyone would like to watch the Feb. 21 strategy and they lost the council vote fair and public spaces. But we know why that Sherman Schapiro
City Council meeting in question, you can and square. is. Outside military control, no one has ac- Blue Lake
do so through Access Humboldt’s website, The post-vote, too-little, too-late com- cess to such weapons. Which might give us
plaints by Mr. Hauser and others opposed; the incident around
to removing the statue are anti-democrat-
a clue as to what we might actually do to You simply must include a
which your recent article centered begins reduce mass killings: eliminate access to
around minute 58. ic, disingenuous and come off as privileged, highly lethal automatic weapons which re-
phone number with your let-
Tamara McFarland petty and sour grapes. ally belong only on a battlefield. ter before you send it to to
Fhyre Phoenix
Cooperation Humboldt Board Member
Patrick Carr
Eureka Arcata
Roads o | Recession coming? sion could result in a dou-
ble-whammy – revenues
has been much greater re-
spect and adherence to the
FR A “Going forward, Mea- go down, while demand for McKinleyville Community
McKinleyville doesn’t have sure S [cannabis grow tax} services go up. Plan,” Corbett told Ford.
a traditional city govern- and the cannabis industry To prepare for a Craig Tucker told Ford
ment. as a whole are uncertain,” downturn, the proposed that one of his depart-
“Since we’re not a city, Nilsen said. “We simply 2017/18 budget includes ment’s top priorities should
we can still have the same don’t have the data to give a $500,000 contribution be getting the resources to
services as a city, right? We us a good indication of to a rainy day fund. Nilsen have code enforcement go
can have fire, roads. We can what may come next.” noted that this is well below after all the illegal cannabis
have quality parks and rec,” As for the national econ- the desired contribution of grows in Humboldt County.
Sundberg said. omy, there’s good news and $10.9 million as called for “We’ve got 11,000 un-
The quality of those ser- bad news. in the board’s adopted pol- permitted grows,” Tucker
vices depends in part on “On the national level, icies. said.
the health of the economy, the economy is doing well. After listening to presen- At a table hosted by Pub-
which County Administra- Unemployment contin- tations about the budget, lic Works Director Tom
tive Office Amy Nilsen said ues to decline and wages attendees were divided up Mattson, there was a dis-
811 I St. in Arcata • 25 4 th St. in Eureka
faces an uncertain future. are slowly beginning to into small groups that sat at cussion about the future of
increase, and consumer round tables and discussed the Hammond Trail.

got bulky?
confidence is at an all-time issues with individual “We need to protect the
high,” Nilsen said. “The county department heads. Hammond Bridge,” Corbett
economy is currently in its John Ford, the director told Mattson.
Recology Arcata can haul away your unwanted ninth year of expansion
and all signs point to that
of Planning and Building,
listened to several McKin-
The pedestrian bridge
crosses the Mad River at
bulky items – such as old furniture, carpets, continuing next year.” leyville residents give input the south end of Fischer
However, recessions on spending for his depart- Road, connecting the Ham-
and appliances! Free 2x/year for residential typically happen every five ment. mond Trail to the Arcata
years and, according to John Corbett, who is Bottom.
customers, available to all others for a small, Nilsen, the last nine years a member of the McKin- The old railroad trestle,
fee. Each pickup must be smaller than 2 cubic “has been the longest peri-
od of growth in our histo-
leyville Community Ser-
vices District Board of Di-
however, is slowly rusting
away. The county has de-
yards and lighter than 500 lbs. ry.” rectors, said he appreciated termined that it must be
Nilsen said the next re- the department standing replaced.
cession could come in the behind the town’s growth “It’s about a $4 million
summer or fall of 2019. blueprint. job,” Mattson said. “We are
For the county, a reces- “What has gone well continuing to look for mon-
ey to replace the bridge.”
Residents will have more
ART SUPPLIES FRAME SHOP upcoming opportunities to
823 H Street 616 2nd Street
give input on the county
On the Plaza, Arcata Old Town Eureka

(707) 822-4800 (707) 443-7017
A roadshow will be held
at the Benbow Inn, 445
Lake Benbow Dr. near
Garberville on Thursday,
March 8. A meet-and-greet
begins at 5:30 p.m. with
the meeting beginning at 6
For more information or to p.m.
or more information or to
For more information or to A roadshow will be held
at the Sequoia Conference
schedule your bulky waste
pick-up, waste
call Recology Arcata
Center, 901 Myrtle Ave. in
Eureka on Monday, March

at 822-0304.
Recology Arcata 12, with a meet-and-greet
at 5:30 p.m. and the meet-
ing at 6 p.m,
Shaffer recommends:
Primal Roots Red Blend The final roadshow will
be at the Willow Creek
Celebrating 30 Years as Your North Coast Casino! On sale for $6.99 from Community Services Dis-
March 7th through March 20th. trict, 135 Willow Rd. in
This delicious California Willow Creek on Thursday,
red blend contains hints of cream March 22 starting at 9:30
and black fruit such a.m.
as boysenberries The Board of Super-
Meet Shaffer Smith and black currants. visors will hold a budget
Wine and Liquor Coordinator
hearing and may adopt the
Sunny Brae • Glendale • Trinidad • Cutten • Westwood budget in June.


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Banner (11” x 1”) $70 (down from $79) ¼ Page (5.4” x 10.5”) $300 (down from $375)
Eye-Catcher (3.5” x 4”) $90 (down from $105) ½ Page (11” x 10.5”) $550 (down from $715)
There are many more sizes available; talk to Jada about ads!


MARCH 7, 2018
Arts! Arcata ...and more fun things to do
Friday night... in Arcata’s Creamery District
creAMery DiStrict
ARCATA – Creamery District is hosting Night Market co-
ArcAtA MAin Street

inciding with the Zero to Fierce Woman’s Festival on Friday,
rts! Arcata, Arcata Main March 9 from 6 to 9 p.m.
Street’s monthly celebration Explore art at the creamery Courtyard
of visual and performing at Seapod Studios, browse through Bang!
arts, is slated for Friday, March 9 Bang! Vintage and check out the pop-up
from 6 to 8 p.m. at various venues in Arcata, jewelry store from The Good Collective and
including: BEAUTIFUL
the awesome furniture at The Back Porch.
• Alchemy Distillery, 330 South CREATIONS Left,
Molly’s Revenge will be playing at the
G St.: Open from 6 to 9 p.m. Bring a watercolor by
Crib Concert Venue in the creamery build-
your sewing, knitting, crochet, Niniane Holland ing by donation.
drawing, or other art projects or on display at Zero to Fierce is hosting a Women's Ac-
they have adult coloring books to Angelica Atelier. tivist Panel at the Playhouse from 5:30 to 7
enjoy while having tasty cocktails. Below,a mosa- p.m. followed by two Fringe Shows, Sayda
• Angelica Atelier, 1101 H St. ic crab boat by Trujillo’s Win the War or Tell Me A Story starts at 8 which
Suite 2.: “Bodies of Inspiration,” Nin- Shane Harmon examines the effects of war and the power of story in war-torn
iane Holland, watercolor. on display at Sea Guatemala and the occupation in Palestine.
• Arcata Artisans, 833 Pod. After that, the rat pack’s 17th member, FRANK starts at 9:15
H St.: Jim Lowry, Submitted photoS p.m. at the Arcata Playhouse. This show is an American Ritzy,
photography and Tom sophisticated songster and most entertaining Emily Newton as
Kingshill, woodworker. Frank. Also from the 02F Festival, at Redwood Raks, a Young
Wine pours benefit Breast Woman’s Forum designed for girls 4th to 6th grade levels to
and GYN Health Project. meet Inspiring Local Woman in a variety of fields of study and
• Arcata Exchange, 813 H St.: Sylvia professions to expand their ideas of “Who they are” and “What
Stephens, drawings. Music by Dale Winget. they might become.”
Wine pours benefit North Coast Environ- There is Salsa dancing at 6 p.m. and Tango at 8 p.m. at Red-
mental Center. wood Raks. Wrangletown Cidery will have live music and La
• Bubbles, 1031 H St.: Music by Kentucky Bonita Mexican Food will be parked at 7 p.m. in front. Sauna
Warblers, a local bluegrass band. Surrounds You will be there, so bring your sauna clothes.

IRISH DANCING Performers from

the Irish Company Dance studio
will be at the Morris Graves Muse-
um of Art on Sunday, March 11 at
2 P.M. for the Afternoon of Dance
series. This festive and lively per-
formance features dancers of all
ages from youth to adult, as well
as dancers of all skill levels from
beginners to champion dancers.
In this show, they will perform an
array of traditional Irish dances
including: reels, slip jigs, treble
reels and ceili dancing. Admis-
sion is free for museum members,
children, and families with an EBT Eureka McKinleyville
card. Regular admission is $5 for 1450 Broadway 2165 Central Ave.
adults and $2 for students, seniors (707) 442-6325 (707) 839-3636
and military.The Morris Graves
Museum of Art, located at 636 F St.
in Eureka. Submitted photo

Stained glass restored to glory Register TODAY!

supporter or donor to the church. The new-
ly restored stained glass windows at The
Old Steeple in Ferndale tell those stories Arcata Elementary’s
and more. Some windows are inscribed
with the names of early church members Transitional
such as Francis Francis (1818-1877) or
Jane Fuller (1842-1900) "She did what she Kindergarten (TK) and
could," the window declares. But now all Kindergarten programs
the windows have small rectangles of glass
at the lower edge bearing the names of lo- are accepting
cal supporters who have helped to pay for
CRAFTSMEN Art Jimenez, left, and Paul
the restoration. registrations.
Beatie, owner of The Ferndale Music
Art Jimenez, the owner of Jimenez
Company. janine Volkmar | union
Stained Glass Studios in Arcata, has re- Students are eligible for our TK program if the child will have his or her fifth
Janine Volkmar stored the 20 windows in the historic birthday between September 2nd and December 2nd, 2018.
MAD river Union structure in Ferndale, using 485 square Interdistrict Transfers are required for families living outside the Arcata
ARCATA/FERNDALE – Stained glass feet of glass and over 300 pounds of lead. School District.

windows in churches often tell a story, It was a big project, involving Jimenez's
whether it is a story from the Bible told in two brothers, his daughter, and four other 2400 Baldwin Street, Arcata, California, 707-822-4858
pictorial form or if it is the story of an early helpers. RESTORATION B2

Linda Disiere CCIM CRS

(707) 845-1215 (707) 444-3007
W hen you want
to remember
Sunday, March 18 at 1 p.m.
Orick Community Hall
Specialty Food & Distribution for Sale
The Food
Dinner $13 adult as much
$25 dinner for two as the
$5 kids 10 and under
Proceeds to benefit
I Do
Orick community
Whether you are local or
looking for a destination
For further Well established over 20 years. The business has continually grown its wedding, Citrine Catering is
information, call business in manufacturing and distribution of local products. The business dedicated to bringing
has the opportunity for expansion and is well positioned locally for expansion.
Humboldt County’s bounty to
(707) 488-2885 The sale includes great operating business, all equipment, furniture and
fixtures. Please call for more details. $499,000 excluding inventory your perfectly tailored menu.
Sponsored by Orick Chamber of Commerce Please call for listings for commercial properties for sale or lease

Figuratively sunny in BL Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse finds new home

t’s amazing how such a small town like Blue Lake has rinidad Civic Club voted unan- School class last week. Go to or call
so many things going on. Just last weekend, there imously last Thursday in favor Marta, a sophomore at McKin- (707) 677-9493 for more information
was the Wonder Woman Dash through the town, of the Cher-ae Heights Indian leyville High School, is from Madrid. on the complete March WCA calen-
Mercy’s Haven held a special fundraising dinner at the Community of the Trinidad Ranche- Sakshi, from Mumbai, is a junior dar.
Blue Lake Casino, and the Blue Lake School Boys Bas- ria harbor location for the Trinidad studying at Six Rivers School. Miyu, a ‘Sham-Rock the House’
ketball Teams had their final basketball games. Memorial Lighthouse, fog sophomore at McKinleyville Trinidad School Education Foun-
I can’t wait until summer, when the town will real- bell and memorial plaques. High School, is from Tokyo. dation (TSEF) invites the communi-
ly be hustling and bustling with activities. For now, we The decision followed All of the young ladies ty to its St. Patrick's Day bash, "Sh-
have a few things for everyone to put on their calendars. the very well-attended Feb. were poised and articulate am-Rock the House" on Saturday,
Scholarship dinner 27 Site Selection Charette and spoke English beauti- March 17 starting at 5 p.m. in Trinidad
Today, March 7 is the annual at Town Hall during which fully, having studied it since Town Hall. The evening will include
Blue Lake School Trustee Scholar-
the community learned they were very young. They live music by Blue Rhythm Revue, an
ship Dinner. This will be at the Mad
about possible sites follow- attend much larger high auction, food stations and catering by
River Grange from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
ing the Jan. 10 lifting of the schools in their home coun- Brett Schuler and dancing. It is a 21
Choose from steak, salmon or vege-
tarian. Cost is $20 for adults and $10 monuments from their Ed- tries, where classes, they and over event. Tickets are $50 each
for kids. wards at Trinity location on said, were more challenging and can be purchased at Trinidad
Wha-Nika Women’s Club the bluff to the harbor area. than they are here. School. Call (707) 677-3631 for infor-
The Wha-Nika Women’s Club Three liaisons from the Trinidad Mingling with the three AFS stu- mation on the benefit whose proceeds
will have another meeting on Thurs- Rancheria and the Yurok Tribe par- dents, some of the eighth graders go to music and art programs at Trin-
day, March 8, also at the Mad River ticipated in the event. Civic Club Vice seemed inspired to consider applying idad School. If you cannot attend the
Grange. This week’s meeting is the annual White Ele- President Jan West did an extraordi- for foreign exchange programs during event, donations maybe sent to TSEF,
phant Auction. This auction is something that some nary job of moderating the meeting high school. Kathy Finlay, AFS coor- P. O. Box 3030, Trinidad, CA 95570.
Wha-Nikans look forward to for months. dispassionately and professionally dinator, introduced the students. TCC ‘Natural Systems
As you can see, the Mad River Grange is one of the and the audience was able to discuss, program chairman Penne O'Gara ar- of the North Coast’
central community places in Blue Lake. Community and list, pros and cons for each of the ranged for the uplifting event. It is not too early to sign up for a
members can take Yoga or Tai Chi Classes during the six sites presented on wall charts. A ‘Human Presence’ at WCA new Osher Lifelong Learning (OLLI)
week, and there is always the monthly breakfast as well. number of written, email and phone Ann Anderson, exhibit coordinator class series, "Natural Systems of the
The next Grange meeting will be on Wednesday, March communications came in from people at Westhaven Center for the Arts, an- North Coast" coming to Trinidad Li-
14 and the monthly Breakfast will be on Sunday, March who could not attend the charette in nounces the new group show of pho- brary on three successive Sundays,
11. There are also always specials each month, while person. tography and ceramic works by HSU April 8, 15 and 22, from 11 a.m. to
supplies last. The Trinidad Rancheria harbor lo- students, "Human Presence," now on 3:30 p.m.
Blue Lake Chamber cation received the most community view Friday through Sunday from 1 to Sean Craig, Elliott Dabill and
The Chamber of Commerce in Blue Lake is gaining as well as Club support. Now plan- 4 p.m. at 501 South Westhaven Dr. in James Webb will lead the classes ex-
new momentum with new leadership. Meetings are held ning, design, and permitting steps Westhaven. ploring the basic biological systems
the second Monday of every month, which means that
will be taken to finalize the permanent You also can view the exhibit that underlie life on the North Coast.
the next meeting is coming up on Monday, March 12 at
location for the memorial site, which during the many music, film, fitness Fundamentals of life in soils,
5:30 p.m. always held at Mad River Brewery. If anyone
will be close to its current temporary and art classes at the Center. Coming oceans, flora, fungi, marine and ter-
wants to see more about the Chamber of Commerce,
their website is location at the harbor. up on Saturday, March 10 from 5 to 8 restrial animals will be discussed by
City meetings News from Spain, p.m. is "Breath Releasing Energy for the science experts. Each class will in-
And lastly, don’t forget the city’s monthly meetings. India and Japan Transformation and Healing" work- clude a walking field trip to discover
The Economic Development Commission meets on the American Field Service foreign ex- shop. Marissa Celeste will lead the the basics of living systems found lo-
first and third Tuesdays at 3 p.m., the Public Safety change students Marta Villegas from workshop, which is meant to increase cally. OLLI members pay $90. Regis-
Commission meets the first Monday at 6 p.m., The Plan- Spain, Sakshi Chandore from India physical, emotional and psychological ter by calling (707) 826-5880 or go to
ning Commission meets on the third Monday at 7 p.m. and Miyu Marinaga from Japan told well being and decrease stress, anxi- and refer to class
and this month, the Parks and Recreation Commission of their American high school impres- ety and depression. Reserve a place number 27074.
meets on the third Tuesday at 7 p.m. Plus, the Blue Lake sions to the Trinidad Civic Club and by calling (707) 499-6917. Workshop
City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays to Tyler Vack's eighth grade Trinidad cost is $60. Email Patti at
of each month, which means the council will meet on
Tuesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. Agendas for all meetings
can always be found at the city’s website a minimum of GOSPEL CHOIR The Love Thy Neighbor concert will be held on Saturday, March 10 at 7 p.m.,, at the Arcata Presby-
72 hours in advance of the meetings. terian Church, 670 11th St. in Arcata. This benefit concert will help raise funds for fireproofing and restoration of the
historic Arcata Presbyterian Church that was attacked by an arsonist in September of last year. “The Arcata Interfaith
MCKINLEYVILLE BOOK SALE On Saturday, March 10, Gospel Choir (AIGC) and the Arcata Presbyterian Church are taking a stand for love and acceptance and taking a stand
The Friends of the McKinleyville Library will be holding against acts of hatred and violence against anyone in our community,”according to a press release. “The concert will
its Second Saturday Used Book Sale from 1 to 4 p.m. by help heal the wounds from the hateful attack from the arson.” Performing at the concert will be the Arcata Interfaith
the Totem Pole in the McKinleyville Shopping Center. Gospel Choir and the AIGC Youth Choir. The AIGC will be joined by well-known local guest soloists Claire Bent, Paula
The collection is blooming with many good condition Jones, Madi Simmons and Lyndsey Battle. Free refreshments will be served and the doors open at 6 p.m. for a silent
hard cover and trade paperback fiction books and most auction and raffle. All proceeds will benefit the Arcata Presbyterian Church. Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 at the
are available for 50 cents to $1. All proceeds benefit the door. There is no charge for children 10 years old and younger. Advanced tickets can be purchased at Wildberries
McKinleyville Library. Marketplace at 747 13th St. in Arcata and online at

Restoration |Labor of love

were buckling out, some were both. Repairs had been
done with plastic pieces glued in, the wrong colors
used, and some of the painted on dates had been
McK Land Trust dinner
“We took the windows down in July,” he said. wiped off when the windows were cleaned. We found McKinleyville land TrusT
Jimenez and a crew of helpers installed the newly re- old photos at the Ferndale Museum which were help- MCKINLEYVILLE – The McKinleyville Land Trust (MLT) in-
stored and repaired windows on Feb. 15 and 16, and ful in restoring the information.” vites the public to attend its 17th annual dinner and fundraiser at
all went well. “The hardest part was moving the scaf- The project cost $104,000 with local donors help- Azalea Hall in McKinleyville on Sunday evening, March 11.
ing to pay. The menu features chicken cacciatore or baked eggplant, both
folding,” he said.
with pasta, Tomaso’s sauce, fresh mixed green salad, bread from
If the scaffolding inside the former church looked “Back in the day it was 100 percent lead,” Beatie
the North Coast Co-op Bakery, Ramone’s coffee or tea, and dessert.
tall, it was dwarfed by the dizzyingly taller scaffolding said. “Now it’s a mixture of lead and zinc which is
This year’s featured speakers include two experts on managing
outside the building. The building sits on the corner much stronger. There were 4,526 pieces of glass in
wildland fires – Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Area Fire Advisor for the
of Berding Street and Ocean Avenue, near the ceme- the project.” University of Callifornia Cooperative Extension, and Eamon Eng-
tery in Ferndale, and was built in 1873 and dedicated “These windows made it through the 1906 earth- ber, fire ecologist for Redwood National Park.
in 1874 as a Methodist church. quake but after the 1992 earthquakes there were Devastating wildfires in 2017 have rekindled interest in the use
It stopped being a church in the 1950’s because of a holes in the roof and parts of the windows laying on of prescribed fire as an option for managing lands. While not with-
division based on civil rights, according to its current the ground,” he added. out risk, prescribed fire can have many benefits and has a long tra-
owner, Paul Beatie. “The progressives left,” he said. A Jimenez is clearly the man for the job. He’s been dition of use in California landscapes.
woman who was six years old when it happened told doing stained glass since 1995. He designed his own This presentation will provide an overview of how the Nation-
Beatie some of the story. major at Humboldt State University, combining art al Park Service (as proxy for public land management) uses fire to
The building had several owners, including the art- and business, graduating in 2009. He opened his restore healthy ecosystems, focusing on examples from Redwood
ist Steve Porter, before Beatie and his wife bought it. glass studio in Arcata in 2010. He and his crew took National Park. It will also delve into issues of burning on private
“We had bought the house across the street in 2012,” out the windows July 7 and then began the labori- lands and growing efforts being made to increase prescribed fire
Beatie said. The couple had moved to Ferndale from ous task of matching “116 year-old glass.” Some were use and highlight Humboldt County’s Prescribed Burn Association,
Auburn. “We didn’t have any idea that we wanted to shattered, others were double plated pieces. a public-private partnership between the UC Cooperative Exten-
own a venue but it came up for sale and we said, ‘It’s “All the glass is categorized numerically,” Jimenez sion, private landowners, and other partners - the first of its kind
across the street. Let’s look.’ so we did.” explained. Most of the replacement glass came from in California.
Since November of 2015, The Old Steeple, as it’s Kokomo, Indiana. All of the painted glass was re- No-host wine and beer bar opens at 5 p.m. Dinner will be served
now called, has brought a dazzling array of musical placed. “The border pieces you can’t tell we matched at 6 p.m. Tickets are $30 for adults, $25 for students or seniors, and
artists to perform in the transformed space. it but the amber pieces, you can tell.” $15 for children.
Beatie, his wife, and their young son live in the old Jimenez is obviously a meticulous craftsman. To Tickets can be purchased at the door or on MLT’s website
an ordinary viewer’s eye, the windows look amazing
rectory next to the church and the couple operates
both the music store and the concert venue. and perfect.
The building is also known for the owl cam that “It was a labor of love,” he said. “We rebraced all WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION Everyone is invited to an Inter-
tracks the progress of the owls that live in the stee- the wood frames,” he said, pointing to steel plates at- national Women’s Day Celebration on Thursday, March 8 from
ple, from nest building, to eggs, to hatching out of the tached to the original wood. “We sanded them down, 6 to 8 p.m. at the Arcata Playhouse, 1251 Ninth St. in Arcata. The
young owls. primed them, and then repainted them.” event features a sing along led by Jan Bramlett and Leslie Quinn,
Beatie had heard about the work Jimenez did re- Jimenez teaches stained glass classes at his studio special speaker Sara Obenauer plus appetizers, the Raging Gran-
storing old stained glass. at 820 N St. in Arcata’s Creamery District. He sells nies, a silent auction, quilt raffle, information on local services for
“I realized we had a problem,” Beatie said. “There glass and other supplies and does original work as women and girls, and friendship. The event is presented by the
were holes in the windows, pieces had fallen out here well as restoration. Humboldt Branch of the Women’s International League for Peace
and there, some windows were buckling in and some and Freedom. For information call (707) 822-5711.

Arts! Arcata |Mills of Humboldt booksigning at NT Books will be signing their new book, Mills of • Sacred Empire, 853 H St.: Catalina
Humboldt County 1910-1945. Ruiz, original acrylic, flow art imagery and
FROM B1 in acrylic on canvas. • Moonrise Herbs, 826 G St.: Augus- mixed media impressionist paintings.
• Garden Gate, 905 H St.: Artwork by • Plaza View Room, 791 Eighth St. tus Clark, mixed media paintings. Music by • The Sanctuary, 1301 J St.: “Projec-
Kathryn Stotler. Music by Good Company. (3rd floor): ”Captured Moments”, Rick Jennifer Breeze. tions from Cosmorphs in the Computerrar-
Wine pours benefit Casa. Vance, digital photography. • Om Shala Yoga, 858 10th St.: Joy ium”, Erich Ragsdale, multimedia and “Fire
• The Griffin, 937 10th St.: Douglas W. • Jay Brown Art and Design, 791 Holland, mosaics. Free chair massages and Stones Tea Leaves”, Joel Diepenbracks.
Blair, watercolors. Music by Dj EastOne. Eighth St.: Jay Brown, new drawings; im- snacks from 6 to 7:30 p.m. • Stokes, Hamer, Kirk & Eads, LLP,
• Humboldt Jiu Jitsu, 1041 F St.: Na- plements of the tea ceremony, a focus of • Plaza, 808 G St.: Leslie Price, artwork. 381 Bayside Rd.: Wesley Hans, line draw-
thanial Newcomb, mixed media. Brazilian Japanese aesthetic sensibilities. Wine pours benefit Housing Humboldt. ings and Roberta “Berti” Welty, Sculpture,
Jiu Jitsu grappling and demonstrations. • Gazebo, 791 Eighth St. (Plaza Level): • The Prancing Pony Gallery, 1075 K small metals, and print making. Music by
Local artwork, refreshments and reggae Tony Gonslaves, bird carving demonstra- St.: Art Night! Come make art with them! Hogleg Bluegrass, a traditional bluegrass
music by SelNatectah Positive I-Diaz. tion and sales. Join them for a grand opening and free art trio.
• Plaza Grill, 791 Eighth St. (3rd floor): • Northtown Books, 957 H St.: Au- supplies. Beer and wine pours benefit Red- • Redwood Raks, 824 L St.: Carla
Steven Infantino, new and recent paintings thors Susan J.P. O’Hara and Alex Service wood Spark Institute. Hayes, ceramic work and watercolors.
ebratory launch party to Singer-songwriter John LIONS Mark your calen- Bay Aquatic Center, 921,
take place Saturday, March Craigie will play HumBrews dar and help support the Waterfront Dr. in Eureka.
10 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Arcata with Donavon McKinleyville Lions Win- Admission is free. The ti-
and Sunday, March 11 from Frakenreiter at 8 p.m. on ter Express program. The tle of Dr. Uribe’s presenta-
2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in honor Sunday, March 11. Cragie is McKinleyville Lions will tion is “Growing your own
of, an touring nationally ahead of be holding a Pizza Night food through aquaponics.”
online social and business the release of his live album Fundraiser at the McKin- This talk will present ba-
organization dedicated to “Opening for Steinbeck” leyville Round Table Pizza, sic aquaponics concepts
on March 16. Craigie’s co- 2023 Central Ave., today, to help you develop your
empowering artistic entre-
medic delivery and craft March 7 from 4 p.m. to 9 own backyard system. For
preneurs. The events will
for storytelling between p.m. Round Table Pizza more information, visit ex-
be held at the Humboldt
songs led a critic for The will donate 20 percent of or call
Light Opera Company’s
Stranger to describe him the sales (excluding alcohol (707) 616-0016
Space, 92 Sunny Brae Cen-
MIDDLE SCHOOL MUSICAL Raquel Bell, left, and ter in Arcata. as “the lovechild of John and coupon purchases) to
Rogue Russell in Sunny Brae Middle School’s pro- Prine and Mitch Hedberg the program.
duction of Beauty and the Beast. Submitted photo PIANO CONCERT Join the with a vagabond trouba-
dour edge.” Tickets for GROW YOUR OWN FOOD
HSU Department of Music
Beauty & The Beast at SBMS for an exceptional Guest
the show with Craigie and
Frakenreiter are $25 in ad-
Explore North Coast and
the Humboldt Bay Aquat-
Sunny Brae Middle School Beast must first learn to Artist Series concert, fea-
vance and are available at ic Center as co-sponsors
SUNNY BRAE – Sun- love and be loved. This turing pianist Thomas invites the public to their
ny Brae Middle School classic story is filled with Rosenkranz, on Friday,
tickets/299876, or $30 at Lecture Series featuring
students are presenting unforgettable characters, March 9 at 8 p.m. in Fulk-
the door at HumBrews. The Dr. Rafael Cuevas Uribe.
the magic-filled musical colorful sets and costumes erson Recital Hall. On the
show is 21 and over, and The lecture is scheduled for
Beauty and the Beast on and lively music that in- program will be a single
doors open at 7 p.m. Monday, March 12 from 6
Wednesday, March 7 and cludes the Tony-winning solo work by American
Thursday, March 8, start- title song, “Beauty and the composer and virtuoso
ing at 6:30 p.m. in the Beast.” pianist Frederic Rzewski
Middle School Gym 1430 With the support of cho- called 36 Variations on “¡El
Buttermilk Ln. in Arcata. reographer Ann Youmans Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera
The production, under and the fanciful costumes Vencido!” (“The People
the direction of teachers created by many parents United Will Never Be De-
Meadow Lo, Anson Smith, and staff, the students feated!”). Admision is $10
Ann Youmans and Melissa have created a spectacular general, $5 senior/child, $5
Gussin, has fostered stu- show. All major roles were for HSU students with ID.
dents finding their voice double-cast to allow more
and expressing their tal- students to participate,
ents in over 70 varied roles. with each cast performing HUMBOLDT
Fifty students in grades once for the public and
sixth through eighth will
take to the stage to en-
trance the audience with
once for a school day per-
The public performanc-
this timeless tale of love.
Published in 1740 as
a traditional fairy tale by
es are free, with dona-
tions accepted at the door.
Doors open at 6 p.m. with
French novelist Gabri- the show starting promptly Next market is March 11
elle-Suzanne Barbot de at 6:30 and ending about 8
Villeneuve, Beauty and p.m.. Call (707) 822-5988 Redwood Acres
the Beast has been adapt- for more information. Fairground
ed many times through
Admission fee: $
the years, most recent-
ly as a musical adapted Wesleyan Church 2 After 9am
Kids 12 & Under FREE
from Walt Disney Pictures’ of the Redwoods
Academy Award-winning Pastor Chuck Clark For Reservations Call Dayton
1991 animated film of the (707) 616.9920
same name. at 10 a.m.
The show tells the story Traditional worship
of a cold-hearted prince at 10:30 a.m.
who is transformed into an Bible Study
unsightly creature as pun- 7 p.m. Wednesday
We are here for you Supervisor –
ishment for his selfishness. (Sept. through May)
In order to turn back 839-2625
Registered nurse support
into human form, the 1645 Fischer Rd., McKinleyville
Personal care Natural Resources
Light housekeeping
$51,128 - $62,146/yr.
Visiting Angels is (2.5% Salary increase anticipated by July 2018)
K N O T P U R R S OW E D daily activities
seeking Caregivers, Respite care
C O R S I R A L A CNAs & HHAs to assist & much more Filing Deadline: 4:00 p.m., March 12, 2018. The
G L A N D R E M S R O A D seniors in Fortuna, Insured & bonded
position schedules, trains, supervises and evaluates the
I N E S I T E S E A S E D McKinleyville, and H u m bol dt work of dedicated staff within the Parks/Facilities/Natural
Eureka. Part-time and Car egi ver s Resources Division. EOE. Application packet available
B L I S S F U L N E S S Full-time, flexible hours. Serving Northern California at: or City Manager’s Office, 736 F
AW A R E T O U R I V A N for over 20 years!
M E T E R R O M P N I L E Please call 707-362- Street, Arcata; (707) 822-5953.
8045. TOLL
See crossword on page A3 1-877-964-2001

ABANDONMENT OF FICTITIOUS AN INDIVIDUAL THE PRANCING PONY GALLERY KELLY E. SANDERS mains, digging and replacing 11 into pursuant to this advertisement, ber 2018. Should the appointee de- the personal representative to take
BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT S /PAUL BASTON, OWNER 1075 K STREET SM DEPUTY CLERK existing sanitary sewer manholes disadvantaged business enterpris- sire to continue, he or she must file any actions without obtaining court
15-00515 This statement was filed with the ARCATA, CA 95521
2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/7
and rehabilitating 24 existing man- es will be afforded full opportunity candidacy for the November 2018 approval. Before taking certain very
COUNTY OF ORIGINAL Humboldt County Clerk on FEB. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT holes at various locations in the City to submit bids in response to this General Election. important actions, however, the per-
FILING: HUMBOLDT 20, 2018 ANGELINA M. VENTURINO FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME of Arcata. invitation and will not be discriminat- Prospective candidates must re- sonal representative will be required
DATE OF ORIGINAL FILING: KELLY E. SANDERS 3576 SPEAR AVENUE. STATEMENT A mandatory pre-bid meeting ed against on the grounds of race, side and be a registered voter within to give notice to interested persons
SEPT. 1, 2015 SC DEPUTY CLERK ARCATA, CA 95521 18-00062 is scheduled for Wednesday, March color, sex, or national origin in con- the boundaries of Division 5 of the unless they have waived notice or
The following person(s) was (were)
3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28
This business is conducted by: AN The following person(s) is (are) 14, at 1:00 p.m. The meeting will sideration for an award. Arcata Fire Protection District (Divi- consented to the proposed action.)
doing business as: INDIVIDUAL doing business as: begin at the Arcata City Hall in the The above PROJECT is sub- sion 5 includes properties located in The independent administration au-
WOLFE PROPERTY FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME S /ANGELINA VENTURINO LSTC OF CALIFORNIA INC. City Council Chamber (736 “F” ject to compliance monitoring and Southeast Arcata, Sunny Brae, Bay- thority will be granted unless an in-
MANAGEMENT STATEMENT This statement was filed with the COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT Street, Arcata, CA 95521. enforcement by the Department of side and Jacoby Creek areas, and terested person files an objection to
5460 ERICSON WAY 18-00070 Humboldt County Clerk on JAN. 2440 BROADWAY Sealed bids will be received Industrial Relations. Each contrac- all of Manila). The Board intends to the petition and shows good cause
ARCATA, CA 95521 The following person(s) is (are) 29, 2018 EUREKA, CA 95501 by the City Manager’s Office, 736 F tor or subcontractor listed on the make its appointment no later than why the court should not grant the
COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT doing business as: KELLY E. SANDERS P.O.BOX 5350 Street, Arcata, CA 95521, until 11:00 bid proposal must be registered June 29, 2018. authority.
MARK V. NELSON EUREKA NATURAL FOODS SM DEPUTY CLERK BEND, OR 97708 a.m. on Monday, April 2nd, 2018, at with the Department of Industrial Any person interested in being A hearing on the petition will be
830 BAYIDE RD. EUREKA NATURALS 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14 LES SCHWAB TIRE which time they will be transferred Relations pursuant to Labor Code considered for appointment to this held in this court as follows:
ARCATA, CA 95521 1450 BROADWAY CENTERS OF to the City Council Chambers where section 1725.5 [with limited excep- seat on the Board of Directors is Date: APRIL 19, 2018
This business is conducted by: EUREKA, CA 95501 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME CALIFORNIA INC. they will be publicly opened and tions from this requirement for bid asked to submit an application of Time: 2:00 PM
AN INDIVIDUAL COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT STATEMENT 120900 COOLEY RD. read aloud by the City Engineer or purposes only under Labor Code qualifications. Forms are available ROOM.: 6
S /MARK V NELSON, BROKER RICHARD W. LITTLFIELD 18-00077 BEND,OR 97701 his designated representative. Said section 1771.1 (a)]. at any of the District fire stations or Address of court: Superior Court
This statement was filed with the 1450 BROADWAY The following person(s) is (are) This business is conducted by: A bids will be referred to the Arcata Pursuant to Section 1733 of through the District website at www. of California, County of Humboldt,
Humboldt County Clerk on MARCH. EUREKA, CA 95503 doing business as: CORPORATION City Council for consideration at the Labor Code, the Director of Cal- 825 Fifth Street, Eureka, CA, 95501.
1, 2018 BETTY LITTLEFIELD ROIL HOOD PATROL S /COREY J. PARKS, SECRETARY their next regularly scheduled meet- ifornia Department of Industrial Re- Applications can be mailed to If you object to the granting of
KELLY E. SANDERS 1450 BROADWAY COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT This statement was filed with the ing on or after April 18th, 2018. lations has determined the general the District Office at 2149 Central the petition, you should appear at
SC DEPUTY CLERK EUREKA, CA 95503 379 HOOKTON CEMETARY Humboldt County Clerk on FEB. 1, CONTRACTOR shall possess prevailing rate of wages. Bidders Avenue, McKinleyville, CA 95519 the hearing and state your objec-
3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28 This business is conducted by: A ROAD 2018 a Class “A” license at the time this should contact the Department of or dropped off Monday – Friday tions or file written objections with
GENERAL PARTNERSHIP LOLETA, CA 95551 KELLY E. SANDERS contract is bid or a combination of Industrial Relations at (415) 703- between 8am and 5pm, closed for the court before the hearing. Your
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME S /RICHARD LITTLEFIELD, PRESI- P.O. BOX 6051 SM DEPUTY CLERK classes required by the categories 4281 for General Prevailing Wage lunch. Application deadline is March appearance may be in person or by
2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/7
and type of work included in this Rates on specific job classifications. 19, 2018 at 4 p.m. – postmarks not your attorney.
18-00121 This statement was filed with the ROIL HOOD PATROL, LLC contract. Future effective wage rates, which accepted. If you are a creditor or a con-
The following person(s) is (are) Humboldt County Clerk on FEB. 5, 201728310042 CITY OF ARCATA This CONTRACT is subject to have been predetermined, are on Questions concerning this ap- tingent creditor of the decedent,
doing business as: 2018 379 HOOKTON CEMETARY ENGINEERING State contract non-discrimination file with the California Department of pointment should be directed to the you must file your claim with the
WOLFE PROPERTY KELLY E. SANDERS RAOD DEPARTMENT and compliance requirements pur- Industrial Relations. Bidders are ad- Clerk of the Board, at 825-2000. The court and mail a copy to the per-
MANAGEMENT SM DEPUTY CLERK LOLETA, CA 95551 736 F STREET suant to Government Code, Section vised that if they intend to use a craft Board will consider all applicants at sonal representative appointed by
2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21
This business is conducted by: A ARCATA, CA 12990. or classification not on file in the a special public meeting scheduled the court within the later of either
ARCATA, CA 95521 LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (707) 825-2128 This CONTRACT has a Dis- general wage determinations, they for March 27, 2018 at 5:30 p.m., 631 (1) four months from the date of
COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME S /LAURA ROIL/OWNER NOTICE TO advantaged Business Enterprise may be required to pay the wage 9th Street, Arcata CA. first issuance of letters to a general
APRIL L. SCHNEIDER STATEMENT This statement was filed with the CONTRACTORS (DBE) goal of 4.0% rate of that craft of classification Dated: March 1, 2018 personal representative, as defined
5460 ERICSON WAY 18-00080 Humboldt County Clerk on FEB. 8, FOR PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS, most closely related to it as shown By: Becky Schuette, Clerk of the in section 58(b) of the California
ARCATA, CA 95521 The following person(s) is (are) 2018 SANITARY SEWER INFILTRA- AND PROPOSAL forms for bidding in the general determinations. Board Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from
This business is conducted by: doing business as: KELLY E. SANDERS TION REDUCTION PROJECT this PROJECT will be available after All bidders shall be licensed 3/7 , 3/14 the date of mailing or personal de-
AN INDIVIDUAL NORTH COAST FISHERIES SM DEPUTY CLERK 2018 February 27, 2018; in accordance with the laws of the livery to you of a notice under sec-
S /APRIL SCHNEIDER, BROKER 1 COMMERCIAL STREET 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14 Engineer’s Estimate For download from City Web- State of California. NOTICE OF PETITION TO AD- tion 9052 of the California Probate
This statement was filed with the EUREKA, CA 95501 $6,500,000.00. site under “Bid The City of Arcata reserves the MINISTER ESTATE OF Code. Other California statutes
Humboldt County Clerk on MARCH. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME The City of Arcata is soliciting on a Project”. right to reject any and all bids. VELIKO MARINOV VELIKOV and legal authority may affect
1, 2018 PACIFIC CHOICE STATEMENT bids for the SANITARY SEWER IN- For viewing at City Manager’s Katie Marsolan, Property and CASE NO.: PR180042 your rights as a creditor. You may
KELLY E. SANDERS SEAFOOD COMPANY 18-00071 FILTRATION REDUCTION PROJ- Office, 736 F Street, Arcata, CA Special Projects Manager To all heirs, beneficiaries, cred- want to consult with an attorney
SC DEPUTY CLERK 16797 SE 130TH AVENUE The following person(s) is (are) ECT 2018. 95521, and at the February 23rd, 2018 itors, contingent creditors, and knowledgeable in California law.
3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28 CLACKAMASS, OR 97015 doing business as: The WORK consists of furnish- Humboldt Builder’s Exchange, 2/28, 3/7 persons who may otherwise be You may examine the file kept
OREGON 058782-85 HONEYDREAMERS ing all labor, materials, equipment, 1213 5th Street, Eureka, CA 95501. interested in the will or estate, or by the court. If you are a person
This business is conducted by: A PEDIATRIC SLEEP incidentals and implementation all For purchase at City Manag- NOTICE OF VACANCY both, of: VELIKOVELIKOV, VELIKO interested in the estate, you may file
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME CORPORATION CONSULTING work required to perform: lining er’s Office. A printing charge of BOARD OF DIRECTORS M.VELIKOV. with the court a formal Request for
STATEMENT S /LORI BROWNING, CONTROLLER COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT of 191 sections (approximately $100.00 shall not be refundable, Due to the pending resignation Petition for Probate has been Special Notice (form DE-154) of the
18-00096 This statement was filed with the 1825 OCEAN DRIVE 47,500 ft.) of sanitary sewer main plus a shipping and handling fee of Director John Davis, effective at filed by: VALENTIN MARINOV in filing of an inventory and appraisal
The following person(s) is (are) Humboldt County Clerk on FEB. MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 using trenchless cured in place pipe of $35.00 is required for mailing the conclusion of the May 15, 2018, the Superior Court of California, of estate assets or of any petittion
doing business as: 13, 2018 MELISSA R. GILES methods (CIPP) for the pipes rang- of PLANS and SPECIFICATIONS Board meeting, a vacancy will exist County of HUMBOLDT. or account as provided in Probate
LEFT COAST PAINTING KELLY E. SANDERS 18925 OCEAN DRIVE ing from 6” to 15”, digging and re- (contact Property and Special Proj- for the position he occupied serving The Petition for Probate requests Code section 1250. A Request for
130 MONROE LANE SM DEPUTY CLERK MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 placing or lining approximately 750 ects Manager-Katie Marsolan (707) the Board of Directors of the Arcata that: VALENTIN MARINOV be Special Notice form is available
EUREKA, CA 95503
2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21
This business is conducted by: AN lower sewer service laterals from 825-2101). Fire Protection District in Division 5. appointed as personal representa- from the court clerk.
COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT INDIVIDUAL main line to the edge of the City’s The successful bidder shall As this appointment will occur in tive to administer the estate of the Attorney for the petitioner:
PAUL J. BASTON FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME S /MELISSA R. GILES roadway Right Of Way (ROW); furnish a payment bond and perfor- the second half of the term of office decedent. J. BRYCE KENNY
130 MONROE LANE STATEMENT This statement was filed with the digging and replacing 8 sections mance bond. and more than 130 days prior to the The petition requests authority P.O. BOX 361
EUREKA, CA 95503 18-00053 Humboldt County Clerk on FEB. 6, (approximately 1,640 ft.) of sanitary The City of Arcata hereby noti- next general district election, the to administer the estate under the TRINIDAD, CA 95570
This business is conducted by: The following person(s) is (are) 2018 sewer main, installing 3 new sani- fies all bidders that it will affirmative- appointment to fill the vacancy will Independent Administration of Es- (707) 442-4431
doing business as: tary sewer manholes over existing ly insure that in any contract entered expire on the first Friday in Decem- tates Act. (This authority will allow 3/7, 3/14, 3/21

Meet ordy Small sturdy fond of treats

he dogs at Our featured
the shelter dog for this week Jordy
Commercial Printing & Design have been is Jordy. He
very good sports loves his time
Click Bug X Press at
lately with the cra- in the play yard
for simple no hassle online printing
zy weather that we with balls to
have been having! fetch and stuffed
5 25 50 75 95 100 5 25 50 75 95 100 5 25 50 75 95 100 5 25 50 75 95 100 The volunteers toys to wres-
have also been do- tle, but even he
ing a great job of trying to thought that some of those
work around the storms cold, wet days were suitable
and get everyone walked only for walking and get-
Artisan Tofu, Sauerkraut & Pickles during the breaks in the ting his business done.
rain. One of his most charm-
Unlike some of our ing physical features is his
spoiled home dogs, the large expressive ears.
shelter dogs do not stand The day I walked him
at the door debating about and we got hailed on, those photo, but it is so pitiful Jordy loves to play fetch,
Ask for us in your favorite market, restaurant or deli
whether or not they want to beautiful ears folded down that I decided one of these though his toy of choice is
Tofu Shop Specialty Foods, Inc., Arcata, CA
get their tootsies wet. flat on his head. I took a happier photos would be anything big and stuffed.
nicer for the paper! He is just a big puppy when 707-822-7401 Since 1980
Jordy is a small but stur- it comes to toys! Jordy gets

U N IO dy brown Pit Bull Terrier along with other dogs but


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Hey! we’re still OPEN

er m
like the dogs needed to be candidate for learning
adopted together, which more. Jordy is neutered,
during our REMODEL they did not. Now that he
has a room of his own, we
micro-chipped and current
on vaccinations Come meet
HARD HAT SPECIAL : 15% OFF hope more people will no- this friendly guy at the
Espresso Drink w/ Breakfast Pastry tice this silly and sensitive Humboldt County Shelter,
or dog. located at 980 Lycoming
any Lunch Main Dish Ave. in McKinleyville. More
Valid through April 1, 2018 - must clip and present coupon info is available at (707)
Maintenance Worker 840-9132.
One of the services that
Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District Redwood Pals Rescue pro-
vides for the shelter is to
Due to a retirement, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water arrange foster homes for
Winter Hours: District is seeking another new member for our the pregnant mama dogs
MON - FRI 8 am- 6 pm maintenance team. This is an entry level position and that occasionally come in.
SAT - SUN 8 am - 4 pm will work under both direct and general supervision. Mama Rosie showed up at

Cafe Brio This position assists journeyman maintenance mechanics

and any other staff as requested. This individual will be responsible for a wide
variety of maintenance activities, system inspections, and periodic construction
activities, and will also perform a variety of grounds keeping work, right-of-way
the shelter right before the
end of 2017.
Her babies were born
on New Year’s Eve and we
791 G Street, Arcata were able to set her up in
(707) 822-5922 clearing, painting, and other general maintenance. We are a small team with huge a foster home within their
responsibilities so the ideal candidate must be team oriented, highly motivated first week.
and have excellent interpersonal skills. Applicant must possess a valid California Rosie is a lean shepherd
SUE FORBES driver’s license and acquire Grade 1 Water Distribution and Grade 1 Water mix, blonde in color and
Forbes & Associates
Treatment certifications within 2 years of employment date. We offer both excellent about 50 pounds. She had
Independent compensation ($2,885-$3,506) and full benefits. Submit completed and signed eight puppies, four males 707.677.1600 application by 5:00 pm March 12, 2018 to our Eureka Office at 828 7th Street, and four females. The pup-
DRE#: 01144007 pies are adorable, as most
SELLER SPECIALIST 361 Main St, Trinidad Eureka, CA 95501. Contact HBMWD at (707) 443-5018 or visit
puppies tend to be. They
employment-opportunities for a complete job description and application.
TRINIDAD ICONIC BEACH HOUSE at are also well socialized with
the pier is one of the most popular homes children and with other
and locations in the village. Original owner/
builder, approx 1998 sq ft, 2 bedroom, 2.5 dogs.
bath, hardwood floors, open living, dining and We just gave them their
kitchen, floor to ceiling glass brings in light,
first round of vaccinations
sun and southern view to the pier, harbor, bay,
head, beach and sunset. ............. $990,000 and they were very cooper-
ative – easily handled and
SARAH CORLISS Rentals not jumpy at all with the
Forbes & Associates
Temporary and Portable fencing vaccinations.
Security Storage Containers The pups will be with
707.677.1600 obile ces their foster for another week and a half. If any of
(707) 443-6600
DRE#: 01405905
361 Main St, Trinidad COASTAL SPECIALIST the puppies are not ad-
opted by then, they will be
available through the shel-
ter after that.
Redwood Pals is able to
offer a foster-to-adopt op-
tion so that the new family
may allow the pup to grow
a bit more before spay and
neuter, which is a legal re-
quirement for adoption.
It’s tax time! Individual photos of the
puppies can be viewed on
But don’t panic.
our Redwood Pals Rescue
I can help you with: Facebook page.
• Cleaning up your records Please contact us at red-
• Preparing for your tax meeting woodpalsrescue@gmail.
• Providing ongoing support com or by calling (707)
• Full payroll service 839-9692 if you would like
to meet them or for more
We’re here to help your information.
business thrive!
Located in the Toastmasters meets the
Greenway Building, second and fourth Thurs-
8th and N in Arcata. dayof each month at noon
Call for an appointment. at the Forest Service Lab
conference room, 1700 Bayview St. in Arcata. Vis-
707-267-7923 itors are welcome.

classes in
clay and glass
Shop Our Gallery
across from the Marsh

Humboldt Back &

Neck Pain Center
839-6300 Fire Arts Center
520 South G Street, Arcata, CA 95521
1585 Heartwood Dr., Ste. B, McKinleyville

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