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Arezzo ($$$$) - Italian 46 W 22nd St, New York 10010 Btwn 5th & 6th Ave Phone: 212-206-0555

Fax: 212-206-0666
Great Italian restaurant for an Italian This place is probably the best one I found for innovative yet traditional Italian food. I selected it because there were no typos in the menu (which is a pretty silly way to pick a restaurant but also the only reliable one in the land of mariobattali's and other Italian Americans from Seattle) and yes I am a huge food snob and very hard to please. This place is cozy, the service is nice and the food never disappoints me. From the warm arichokes with prosciutto and mozzarella to the luganica with polenta passing thru mint pappardelle and a delicious focaccia with robiola... ending with a slice of tiramisu. Arezzo delivers an unpretentious atmosphere and great food: great for a date, a business meeting or just an evening with friends or family. You will never be disappointed and will get out of the restaurant thinking that you had never experienced Italian that was as flavorful and tasteful.... as this! Great Experience The service was fantastic; the food was good and also reasonably priced for New York. Definitely a good atmosphere! I can't imagine anyone that says this place has bad service. The service was amazing, the staff went out of their way to answer my menu questions, and everyone was friendly.

Bellissimo! I had an amazing meal at Arezzo. The staff was straight out of Italia. The food was authentic, and I felt like I was in Italy all over again. There is nothing bad that one can say about this place either. It's not a big place, nor is it a place that one would notice from the outside, but that, in essence, is what makes it so quaint and fabulous simultaneously. It is definitely a place to find authentic yet aesthetically pleasing and delicious Italian food.

Carne Vale ($$$) Brazilian, Steakhouses 46 Avenue B, New York 10009 Btwn (between)3rd & 4th St Phone: 212-777-4686 Fax: 212-253-9485
Poor service
We went on a Monday night for a friends birthday, the service was poor. We had to ask for everything, and even when we did it either didn't come at all or took forever. It was a Monday night and there was only like 3 other tables. Some of the meat was great, some over cooked (well-done filet mignon?) they started bringing the meat out like 2 minutes after we sat down with our salad-not offering fresh plates.

Quality food, slow, poor service
I went on a Monday evening and even though the place was almost vacant it took 40 minutes just to get our drink order. First they didn't have the item requested; then they had to retake my boyfriends order; we had to ask for water multiple times and they never brought the salt and pepper even after asking us if we wanted it. In the end the food was at least very good, but I would think twice before putting myself through the absent minded service again - especially when on a schedule.

Brazil Grill ($$$$) Brazilian, South American 787 8th Ave, New York 10036 Phone: 212-307-9449 Fax: 212-307-9446
Friendly and Fun
I've eaten here many times since the restaurant opened several years ago and am a satisfied customer. I eat at the lively bar (if I can find a seat!) among Brazilians and those who love the country as well as curious visitors to New York, and the conversation is entertaining and pleasant. There, a reduced price menu is offered with huge portions, often with both rice and beans and french fries. I love the garlicy frango passarinho pieces of un-floured, deep fried bone-in chicken chunks marinaded in lime and spices - similar to chicharrones with a great parsley/wine sauce. On a couple occasions, though, this dish was a bit too salty for me since I have high blood pressure and I have returned it to the kitchen where it was quickly replaced with a less seasoned version. There is usually live Brazilian music after 8, which adds to the cultural atmosphere. I have not tried the all-you-can-eat bbq (barbecue) downstairs so I can't comment on that. Service can be a bit inconsistent but overall the wait staff is genuinely helpful and cheery. I recommend this restaurant, particularly.

Centrico ($$$$) Mexican 211 W Broadway, New York 10013 At Franklin St Phone: 212-431-0700 Fax: 212-431-0920 Good, good, good I'm always amazed at Centrico, it came just on time to tribeca, Centrico's food it's great; fried green tomatoes with the epasote cream, polo a las brasas (crispy and spicy) the paloma (tequila with grapefruit soda and lime ) I had that in Mexico many times and they make a great one at Centrico, the food , the staff and the place are a perfect combination, a fun place with lots of personality, I just love it! Best Mexican food in the city..for sure! Every time we eat at Centrico we leave so happy and full. The food and service are consistently great. Currently we are in love with the duck taco appetizer (tender braised meat, foie gras, concord grapes, spicy chile morita salsa, so good). Also, they make a truly delicious and original ensalada cesar. My favorite entree is their wild striped bass in mojo de ajo (spicy, garlicy, brothy, yummy!) My husband's favorite is the Birria (braised short ribs-tender, spicy, brothy). And of course you can't forget about cocktails and dessert. Pomegranate margaritas and menta magicos all night. I must note that they have a really interesting wine list. Primarily focused on latin countries made by more obscure producers. For dessert, chocolate con churros, flan de coco, fresh made sorbet, fresh figs. Everything is right in line with the quality of hot food that comes out of their open kitchen. Chef Sanchez really knows what he wants to portray to the food world with his work. Good quality Mexican food that maintains integrity from the beginning to the end. Last but not least, the service is honestly some of the best in the city. No minute detail ever goes unnoticed by their staff. A true testament to a Myriad restaurant.  

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