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Lesson Plan Pro forma (Health & Physical Education)

Michael Allen 8:50-9:40 23-10-2017

Hip Hop Salisbury Downs Primary School
Speaker, phone, hip hop attire

Learning area: Health & Physical Education

Student learning Outcomes: Teacher Outcomes:

Evidence of learning The students will ….. The teacher will …….

Cognitive & Physical (including ‘skilful’ play) Management: (operating framework & interactions)
Demonstrate musicality by picking and moving on the Utilise a range of strategies to manage behaviour and
beat intervene early so that issues do not escalate
Demonstrate musicality by reproducing movements and Create an engaging environment through effective
linking them together effectively selection and use of music
Demonstrate technical form through strong arm
extensions and low grounded movements Presence: (verbal & non verbal communication)
Demonstrate creativity when working with a partner to Maintain a high energy presence and model enthusiasm
create a short sequence of movements by utilising exaggerated non-verbal communication and
positive verbal communication (including tone variation)
Personal Responsibility: (Fair Play)
Demonstrate respect and consideration when observing P’s of Pedagogy: (Presentation of task, positioning
as the audience General feedback - acknowledgement )
Position myself in view of all students, be mobile, and
Social: periodically move students so that everyone can view
Support peers by providing praise and constructive demonstrations from a range of locations, use mirrored
feedback when prompted and back-to-student position based upon task
Demonstrate collaboration skills when choreographing Provide large quantities of praise (to account for the
steps nervousness associated with performance of dance)
Provide constructive specific feedback related to learning
Affective: (feelings & attitudes) (Resilience) outcomes to scaffold improvement
Demonstrate resilience by maintaining a positive attitude,
even during periods of challenge, and by being willing to
try new things
Utilise expression through eye contact, swagger, and
intensity to capture hip hop attitude

Evaluation Evaluation
Student learning outcomes – address each outcome Teacher outcomes – address each outcome

Complete on a separate page. Complete on a separate page. Consider what happened

Consider what happened (with supportive evidence), the (evidence), the implications (so what) & future directions
implications (so what) & future directions (what now). (what now).
(Students will ……) (Shape +method .. how) (teaching cues or questions) (Shape)
Warm Up:
-Demonstrate musicality by moving on Music: Rappers Delight – -‘Listen for my count and 5min
the beat Sugar Hill Gang listen for the, hit the 8:50-
I -Demonstrate musicality by Follow Along movement on the beat’ 8:55
reproducing movements -teacher demonstrate -‘try transition from one
R -Demonstrate technical form by -students follow movement to the next instead
O utilising strong arm movements by Steps of them being totally
D going wide and low grounded -squat x8 separate…’ (flow)
movements by posturing down -squat with scoop x4 -‘drop it low with the legs and
T -pull up the socks x4 body and hit the arms strong’
I -wipe table x4 Cues
O -grape vine x4 -Squat: bop down, bop up
-under the bridge x4 -Scoop: spread out, scoop in
-lean backs x2 -Socks: lean and pop
-body + crump it out x2 -Wipe: clear the table
-Grapevine: step, behind, 3min
Learning Episode Closure step, together 8:55-
-awesome start, hip hop -Unders: down and across 8:58
places a real focus on -Lean backs: matrix!
grounded movements and -Crump: shake it off
strong arm extension. Not like
ballet where you are ‘on
point’ here we want to be full
of ‘swag’ and ‘laid back’ to
bring the hip hop attitude

Hip Hop Walk:

-Demonstrate expression by holding Music: What’s Golden – -‘it’s all about how you carry 2min
D strong facial expressions and eye Jurassic 5 yourself, think slick, cool and 8:58-
E contact during pose, coupled with a -walking around to music powerful’ 9:00
flowing strut walk -pose down when music stops -‘try out ‘hip hop’ your
L -all about hip hop swagger partner’
O walk -‘I’ll show you an
P -attitude and expression on example…(laid back walk into
the pose down with nearest squat with arms crossed, hold
N person (pair up) strong eye contact)
T -teacher participation -‘why do you think I have such
an intense expression on my 2min
Learning Episode Closure face?’ 9:00-
-‘swag city up in here!’ 9:02
-now that we’ve got the
attitude growing, let’s add
some personal style to it

Name Game: (No music) 8min

-Demonstrate creativity create a -students make movement to -‘Think about putting your 9:02-
signature move (short sequence of the syllables in their name personal spin on it, make it 9:10
movements) -standing in circle your signature move!’
-teacher starts and demos -‘This is mine… Mich…Ael’
their own (side lunge + snap x2)

Learning Episode Closure 5min

-‘awesome signature moves 9:10-
guys. Make sure you 9:15
remember them because we
might be able to work them
into our battle routine’

Routine: Direct Teaching

-Demonstrate musicality by picking Music: Stronger – Kanye West -‘Listen for my count and 20min
and moving on the beat -steps chunked into count of 4 listen for the beat in the 9:15-
-Demonstrate musicality by -first no music, repeat steps a music’ 9:35
reproducing movements and linking couple times -‘try transition from one
them together effectively -add music, repeat steps a movement to the next instead
-Demonstrate technical form through couple times of them being totally
strong arm extensions and low -add next four and repeat separate…’
grounded movements with no music-music -‘drop it low with the legs and
-Demonstrate resilience by approach body and hit the arms strong’
maintaining a positive attitude, even -‘don’t worry if you make a
during periods of challenge, and by mistake, just try find your
being willing to try new things place and keep having a go’
(above outcomes apply generally…) (above cues apply generally…)

Count 1-4
-Demonstrate expression and attitude (ends on makes us) -‘hold the pose, don’t raise
by keeping the head down and in -crouched, head down, arms the head, keep the intensity’
character crossed
Count 5-8
-Demonstrate musicality by popping (ends on stronger) -‘look up, pop up’
straight up on the fifth count (linking -5: pop up -‘stand with intensity’
grounded position to standing -6-8: Power stance
Count 9-12
-demonstrate technical form by taking (ends on kill me) -‘get low and limber on the
a low posture for lunges and squat -9: right shoe lunge lunges and squat, bending
-demonstrate technical form by -10: left shoe lunge with knees and hips’
moving arms wide on the scoop -11: scoop -‘arms all the way out then
-12: squat, double thumbs scooping in, thumbs point at
yourself when he sings me’

-demonstrate technical form by fully Count 13-16 -‘show me what you think
extending and swinging arms on -13: right wipe strong arm movements look
wipes, arms up, and bicep pose -14: left wipe like…’
-15: arms up, on toes -‘really punch and swing those
-16: bicep pose, on feet arms out and up! Feel strong,
look strong’
O Routine: Partner Feedback
S -support peer learning by providing -partner up -‘after watching your partner
U praise and constructive feedback -go practice the routine perform the first 16 counts
E -demonstrate resilience by being together tell them something they did
showing routine to a peer (mini- -then take it in turns watching well and one thing that would
performance) each other make it even better. Such as,
-looking for; grounded “you had strong hand
movements, strong arms, movements, it would be even
coordination, timing better if you got a little lower
with leg moves”’ 2min
-‘what do you think is your 9:35-
partner’s biggest strength?’ 9:37
-‘do not worry if it is not
perfect yet, we are all going to
make mistakes…partners are
there to help in this process’
Learning Episode Closure
-‘fantastic effort every one,
strong start to learning the
-specific feedback based on
observations 3min
-‘next week you’ll be 9:37-
choreographing some of your 9:40
own moves which we will
hopefully add into our
sequence, can start thinking
ahead between now and

Stretching and Info Session
-battle information
-theme, costumes
-goals for next week