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ESSENCE - International Journal for Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation

Poonam Aggarwal/Vol. VII [1] 2016/50 – 53

Volume VII: No. 1 2016 [50 – 53] [ISSN 0975 - 6272]

Defects in the present day teaching mathematics in schools and their possible

Aggarwal, Poonam

Received: February 19, 2016  Accepted: March 09, 2016  Online: June 30, 2016

Mathematics is a very important and interesting i.e. the present day teaching of mathematics is far
subject because it is useful in daily life; it brings from being satisfactory. Everybody has a
logical, abstract and creative thinking in learners. complaint against the teaching mathematics.
It is necessary for the intellectual development of Students and parents complains that the
the students. In ancient era mathematics play a methodology adopted for teaching mathematics is
very important role as a subject. In present, not right (Clawson, 2004). It is dull, boring,
mathematics is more closely related to our daily difficult and useless from the point of view of
life. The study of mathematics demands hard students or learners. To get rid of these problems
work from the learner. Therefore, a student of we have to find the defects of teaching of
mathematics understands the importance of hard mathematics and their remedies.
work and he has a positive attitude towards more Introduction
and more exercise. But in the present time
Mathematics is very important subject. The
teaching of mathematics has many defects so that
meaning of the word mathematics is – the science
students are getting scared from it or feeling
in which calculations are prime. Mathematics is
bored in teaching – learning of mathematics. We
the science of numbers, word, sign, etc. with
have admitted that present day teaching
which we can know about direction and space
mathematics is not up to satisfaction (James,
(Kulshreshtha, 2011). Mathematics has originated
from numbers and number system is a special
Keywords: Defects | teaching mathematics | field of it, by which other branches of
remedies mathematics are developed. In ancient era
For correspondence: mathematics play a very important role as a
J.V. Jain College, Saharanpur, India
Poonam Aggarwal/Vol. VII [1] 2016/50 – 53

subject. In present, mathematics is more closely in making students able to understand the
related to our daily life ( Bishnoi 2012). The subject.
study of mathematics demands hard work from 4) Lack of knowledge of effective teaching
the learner. Therefore, a student of mathematics methods like-analysis, synthesis methods,
understands the importance of hard work and he project and laboratory methods, problem
has a positive attitude towards more and more solving methods.
exercise (Yadav 2005). Mathematics, it is widely 5) Lack of high decision power, courage,
understood, plays a key role in shaping how positive attitude, personality and feeling of
individuals deals with the various spheres private, cooperation.
social and civil life. Yet today, as in the past, 6) Injustice and unsocial behaviour of the
many students struggle with mathematics and teacher.
become disaffected as they continually confront 7) Discrimination of students on the basis of
obstacles to engagement (Anthony and Walshaw rich or poor, weak or intelligent, low or high
2009). But in the present time teaching of and familiar or not familiar.
mathematics has many defects so that students are 8) Lack of justice loving quality and
getting scared from it or feeling bored in teaching personality of teacher make students not to
– learning of mathematics. The present day make consider him ideal.
teaching of mathematics is far from being 9) Lack of motivational and inspirational
satisfactory. Everybody has a complaint against skills.
the teaching mathematics. It is dull, boring, 10) Lack of attitude towards teaching of
difficult and useless from the point of view of mathematics.
students or learners. To get rid of these problems 11) Improper use of evaluation techniques.
we have to find the defects of teaching of Crude methods of assessment that
mathematics and their remedies. encourage perception of mathematics as
Defects in teaching learning process of mechanical computation.
mathematics 12) Teachers’ salary- teachers’ economic
position is not good. He remains worried;
There are so many defects in teaching learning
and a worried teacher cannot give his best to
process of mathematics which are as follows-
the learners. He is frustrated, disconnected
1) Lack of self confidence and patience makes
and half hearted worker, these hard word
a mathematics teacher irritative in nature
days, he must be suitably paid.
and it costs bad influence on the children.
13) The vocabulary used includes too many
2) Lack of subject knowledge, puts fear in the
words which are not part of everyday
wind of tends “that tended him to commit
language of the student (Damerow,
repeatedly mistakes”.
Dunkley, Nebres, and Werry 2005).
3) Improper knowledge of child psychology. If
14) A sense of fear and failure regarding
a mathematics teacher does not have
mathematics among a majority of children.
knowledge of child psychology so he fails
Poonam Aggarwal/Vol. VII [1] 2016/50 – 53

15) A curriculum that disappoints both talented efficient manner (Sunetha, Rao and Rao
minority as well as the non participating 2005).
majority at the same time. 2) A mathematics teacher should be creative
16) Lack of teacher preparation and support in and imaginative.
the teaching of mathematics (NCERT, 3) Personality of a teacher should be good
2006). because personality of teacher influences
17) The text books in mathematics are based directly and indirectly to the students.
mostly upon the traditional methods of 4) A mathematics teacher should have full and
teaching. So it is quick hard for students to proper knowledge of his subject. Every
understand the subject properly. problem should be introduced to the
18) The books are full of misprints not only in students logically.
the settings of problems but also in answers. 5) A teacher should have the knowledge to
19) The syllabus is lengthy and it is not possible judge individual differences because every
to finish the syllabus within the time student is different in reading, writing,
prescribed by the board. That’s why understanding and work speed.
everything is done in haste, there is no time 6) A teacher should use proper teaching
to think, to mediate about any matter. methods, so that students may get the
20) The difficulty of medium of instructions has opportunity of learning by doing and their
also been affecting the efficiency in knowledge can be more permanent and
teaching (Aggarwal 2006). solid
21) Frequent and uncoordinated changes in 7) A teacher should give priority to
curriculum have also lead to big gaps in experimental work so that students may be
mathematics achievement in different habitual of learning by self doing.
school systems. When the revised syllabus 8) A mathematics teacher should inspire and
is introduced in any standard motivate the students to practice work
simultaneously the student of higher classes through example and to understand the
feel difficulty in understanding because they basic concept of the formulae.
have not studied some topics new 9) A good teacher should possess high
introduced in lower classes. decision power, habit to accept his
Remedial measures weakness, creativity, positive attitude and
With the help of following remedial measures we some social qualities.
get rid off from the defects of teaching of 10) A teacher should behave with all the
mathematics students equally. His should be impartial
1) A mathematics teacher must have self with all students.
confidence. Patience and self confidence 11) A good teacher should develop the feeling
makes a mathematics teacher able to solve of cooperation and competition in students.
the problems of his students in very
Poonam Aggarwal/Vol. VII [1] 2016/50 – 53

12) Proper mathematical laboratory should By adopting these remedial measures, the
provide to students so that they can use teaching of mathematics can become more
apparatus and can learn by doing. understanding.
13) Classroom atmosphere should charge with References
freedom and encouragement. The emphasis
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should be on understanding liking and
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14) A teacher should understand the psychology
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of students so that he can teach and make
Characteristics of effective teaching of
them understand by giving different
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15) A change in the syllabus so as to exclude
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16) There should be libraries, books on ‘how to Werry, J.B. (1984): Mathematics for All. 5th
teach mathematics’ should be placed for international congress on mathematical
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18) The syllabus should be child centred. The
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