Product Manager Soldier Sensors and Lasers (SSL) FMV Sensor Symposium

28 August 2008
LTC Joseph A. Capobianco Product Manager Soldier Sensors and Lasers

Purpose and Agenda
Purpose: Provide Norwegian and NATO Defense Forces an overview of the US Army Soldier Sensor and Laser (SSL) programs as well as technology developments for future implementation and fielding with an emphasis on the Soldier as a System (SaaS). Agenda:
Video PM SSL Mission Sensor and Laser Functions Current Production Programs Current Developmental Activities Soldier as a Sensor (SaaS) / Platoon as a Sensor (PaaS) SaaS See SaaS Acquire SaaS Target Developmental Plan Conclusions Questions

SSL Video 3 .

mobility and survivability in all weather and visibility conditions When No Illum Starlight Obscurants DoD domain experts providing lifecycle management of Soldier-borne sensors and lasers Why Enhanced Fire and Maneuver What See… How Weight/Size Power Draw Reliability Acquire… Minimize cost for affordable basis of issue Target Field Rapidly 4 .PM SSL Mission Equip the Soldier with sensors and lasers to dominate the battlefield through improved lethality.

vehicle. aircraft…) .Point: for other’s weapon system .Designate: for laser-guided munitions Target Visible Pointer IR Pointer IR Illuminator Range Finder Direction Finder Target Locator Target Designator 5 .Classify: class (human.Sensors and Lasers Functions See: component of the Soldier’s individual situational awareness perceived directly through the aided or unaided eye Acquire: perception of an object to enable: .Identify: friend or foe Sensors & Lasers See Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Optical/Digital Enhanced NVG Sense Through The Wall Gunshot Detection Optics Thermal Weapon Sights Acquire Target: sufficient location information to enable engagement: .Aim: for own weapon .Locate: for conventional and coordinateguided munitions . personnel clothing and equipment .Detect: military significance .Recognize: platform type.

PM SSL Current Production Programs Enhanced Vision AN/PVS-7 NVG AN/AVS-6 ANVIS AN/PVS-14 MNVD AN/PSQ-20 ENVG AN/PVS-10 SNS AN/PVS-26 Clip-on SNS Target Acquisition AN/PAS-13(V)1-3 L/M/HWTS Maneuver Target AN/PEQ-2A TPIAL AN/PEQ-14 ILWLP AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL AN/PEQ-15A DBAL AN/PEQ-16A MIPIM An/PSQ-23 STORM AN/PEM-1 LBS AN/PED-3 LTLS (Mark VII/Vector 21) Precision Target AN/PED-1 LLDR LTLM 6 .

PM SSL Current Development Activities Enhanced Vision ENVG (Digital) Clip-on NS Target Acquisition 17 micron FPA Future Weapon Sight TWS Helmet Mnt Display Sensor Thru The Wall (STTW) Maneuver Target Aviation Laser Pointer Weapon Mounted Lights Crew Served Weapons Light Grenadier LRF Optical Warning Devices Green Lasers Individual Gunshot Detection Systems Precision Target Light weight Laser Designator Range (LLDR) II Laser Target Locator Marker (LTLM) Common Designator Module Azimuth Vertical Angle Measurement (AVAM) Joint Effects Targeting Sys (JETS) 7 .

Soldier-as-a-System (SaaS) Soldier Integration Soldier Weapons & Ammo C2/SA/SU Soldier Sensors & Lasers Clothing &Textiles OICW XM320 CDA Laser Range Finder + XM25 XM307 + NFF-CDA + TWS + Radios XM312 Core Soldier Ground Soldier Mounted Soldier Air Soldier Laser Designator Illuminator M107 … etc Aviation (EDM) … etc ENVG … etc Fielding the Future Soldier Requires Alignment and Funding of Multiple Programs 8 .

long-range rifle fire Rifle Unity Optic Light MG Mag Optic Vis/IR P/Illum Rifle Mag Optic Vis/IR P/Illum Grenade Lnchr Unity Optic Vis/IR P/Illum Rng Fndr Medium MG Mag Optic Vis/ IR P/Illum Rifle Unity Optic Vis/IR P/Illum Sniper Rifle Mag Optic Vis/IR P/Illum Rng Fndr Day Acquire LTLS Night HWTS NVD NVD Designate NVD MWTS NVD LWTS NVD NVD MWTS NVD NVD SNS/ HWTS NVD See Sense Through The Wall Body Protection Sensor (Gunshot Detection) 9 .Platoon-as-a-Sensor PL SL (4) PSG TL (7) FO (1) AR (6) R/ DM (6) Accurate direct fire for security. provide obs/Anti-armor G (6) MG (2) AG/ AB RTO (5) Assist Sn (1) Role Wpn Target Control fire and maneuver Rifle Mag Optic Vis/IR P/Illum Tgt Loc Rifle Unity Optic Vis/IR P/Illum Tgt Loc Locate targets/call for and adjust indirect fire High-volume direct fires Cover deadspace with indirect fires High-volume direct fires Precise. spt. cover obst.

Soldier as a System: See See AN/AVS-6 Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System •Aviators •Binocular I2 image intensification Acquire AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Device •Monocular •I2 image intensification Enhanced Night Vision Goggle ENVG(Digital) •Digitally fused •I2 image intensification /Infrared •Digital interop w/ Ground Soldier System •Optically fused •I2 image intensification /infrared Target 10 .

Helmet Mounted Night Vision Devices (NVD) AN/PVS-5 Optics: Binocular (Two tubes) Mounting: Head Weight : 30 oz Range: Starlight: 50 m Moonlight: 150 m Fielding: 1979 – 1986 Fielded: 48.394 To Be Fielded: 528.899 AN/PVS-7A/B/D Optics: Biocular (One Tube) Mounting: Head Helmet Weight: 24 oz Range: Starlight: 150 m Moonlight: 300 m Fielding: 1986–2006 Fielded: 232.967 Digital ENVG Digital Battlefield Ready Optics: Monocular (Thermal and I2) Mounting: Helmet Weight: ≤ 32 oz I2 Range: Starlight: 150 m Moonlight: 300 m Thermal Range: > 300m Fielding: FY2012Fielded: 0 To Be Fielded: Based on GSS AAO (TBD) 11 .Present Fielded: 193.800 AN/PVS-14 Optics: Monocular (One Tube) Mounting: Head Helmet M16/M4 Weight: 14 oz Range: Starlight: 150 m Moonlight: 300 m Fielding: 1997.420 AN/PSQ-20 ENVG Optics: Monocular (Thermal and I2) Mounting: Helmet Weight: ≤ 32 oz I2 Range: Starlight: 150 m Moonlight: 300 m Thermal Range: > 300m Fielding: 2008-2014 Fielded: 125 To Be Fielded: 61.

Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (Digital) ENVG(D) Provides dismounted BCT warfighters the capability to: .Display information from other digital systems . and under all lighting conditions using a combined I2/FLIR capability .Maneuver in all weather conditions. through obscurants. during limited visibility.5 hours • Operational reliability MTBEFF ≥ 250 hours MTBSA ≥ 360 hours • Compatible with rifle mounted aiming lights • Interoperable with digital systems (Land Warrior) Status • 12 month prototype contract awarded July 2007 • Limited user evaluation 4QFY08 • Competitive procurement 1QFY09 • Additional ATD effort(s) • Competitive procurement 2QFY10 • System development FY10-FY12 • FUE 4QFY12 Compete additional technology demonstrator contract in FY09 12 . moving) recognition 80% probability (Pd) ≥ 150 meters 50% probability (Pd) ≥ 300 meters • Total system weight ≤ 2 lbs • Operating hours continuous fusion ≥ 7.Export images to other digital systems Helmet mount Battery pack ENVG(D) Performance Characteristics • Man-sized target (upright.Rapidly detect targets and engage targets with rifle-mounted aiming lasers .

Visible /IR pointer Acquire AN/PVS-10/26 Sniper Night Sights •M24 and M110 •I2 image intensification AN/PAS-13 Thermal Weapon Sight •Small Arms •LWIR (Long Wave Infrared Future Weapon Sight •Rifles/Machine Guns/Snipers •Day/night fused •Digital interop w/Ground Soldier System Target Individual Gunshot Detection System •Soldier-worn Acoustic Sensor •Range and bearing to hostile fire Sense-through-the-Wall •Small unit through wall sensor •Detects personnel through obstruction 13 .Soldier as a System: Acquire See Weapon Light AN/PEQ-14 AN/PEQ-15 Weapon-mounted Aiming Lights AN/PSQ-23 Laser range finder & digital compass Far target location White light illum IR Illum.

Weapon Sights Light Weapon M4/16 MWS M240B AT-4 Medium M249 Heavy M2 MK19 Sniper M24 M107 M110 SNS AN/PVS-10 Weapon Sights Present TWS II LWTS AN/PAS-13(V1) MWTS AN/PAS-13(V2) HWTS AN/PAS-13(V3) SNS AN/PVS-26 LR SNS AN/PAS-13(V3) Near TWS P3I (improved range and/or weight) Improved LWTS SNS AN/PVS-26 Potential “Clip-on” variant Improved MWTS Improved HWTS Improved LR SNS Mid Future Wpn Sights Light FWS Medium FWS Heavy FWS Sniper FWS 14 .

survivability and lethality Close Combat Optic Ultraviolet Visible . weapon sight and head-borne goggle integration (individual rifleman) Near IR IR IR IR IR IR SWIR Midwave IR IR IR IR IR IR Longwave IR IR IR IR IR IR RF Technology What sensor fusion will enhance lethality (P(i)) for weapon sights? Thermal Weapon Sight Future Weapon Sight Vis and/or NIR and/or SWIR and/or LWIR 15 .7μm 1 μm 2 μm 3 μm 5 μm 8 μm 12 μm Night Vision Goggle Enhanced NVG (Optical) ENVG (Digital) NIR and LWIR Headborne-fused NIR and LWIR enhances SA primarily by sustaining resolution and improving target detection FY08 Efforts: • Tech Trade Study: Size/Weight/Power/Range contributions of various band sensors • NVESD engineering test bed to evaluate sensor mix analysis to include clip-on format FY09 – Beyond Efforts • Ballistic solution/fire control (crew served and Sniper).Future Weapon Sight (FWS) Current Single Band Systems Emerging Fused Systems Objective: improved SA.

Sources Sought Notice Jun 08 .3QFY08 + ATO Phase II began – 1QFY08 + RDTE Funding for FY08-FY09 + DARPA EMMDAR radarscope fielding + AOA completion in 1QFY08 + Dismounted STTW Transition to PM in 4QFY08 + Procurement funded starting in FY10 + Draft AAO is 8.Approved CPD expected 1QFY09 PM SSL .MS C 2QFY10 . I per MP SQD. FY07-08 Operational Task: . 2 per SOF team.1 per Infantry SQD.Preparing RFP package for 4QFY08 release .Detection of stationary and moving objects Key Performance Requirements KPP Target Detection Target Detection Weight False Report Range Threshold ≥85% @ Moving Targets ≥85% @ Stationary Targets ≤ 6 lbs ≤10% ≥20m Sensing Range Objective ≥95% @ Moving Targets ≥95% @ Stationary Targets ≤ 3 lbs ≤ 5% ≥100m Sensing Range Current Initiatives TRADOC/USAIC . Program Status + Draft CPD .Draft CPD in World-Wide Staffing .Sense thru the Wall (SttW) System Description: Provide dismounted users with the capability to detect.Increased force protection and survivability of Soldier in MOUT .415.Production Qualification FY09 . 1 per ENG Platoon. locate and “sense” personnel behind obstructions from a standoff distance.Provides situational awareness information .FUE 4QFY10 16 .

Soldier as a Sensor: Target Laser Targeting Location Module Laser Targeting Location/Designation • Platoon Forward Observers /Scout • Locator/Designator See See •Platoon Forward Observers/ Scout/ MP/EN •Locator Acquire Acquire Common Designator Target Target Joint Effects Targeting System •Locator/Designator •Joint CAS and FS LLDR I/II (Lightweight Laser Designator Range Finder) •Company Fire Support Team •Locator/Designator 17 .

Family of Multi-Function Laser Systems Who AR MG AB AG AA RTO Visible Pointer IR Pointer IR Illuminator TL R G PL PSG SL Sniper Target Location MILES Transmitter Visible Pointer IR Pointer IR Illuminator Range Finder Visible Illuminator Visible Illuminator Visible Pointer Visible Pointer IR Pointer IR Pointer IR Illuminator IR Illuminator PEQ-15 PEQ-15A PEQ-16A GLRF PSQ-23 STORM Emerging requirement for more powerful eye safe visible lasers for pointing and escalation of force non-lethal applications 18 .

Three Tiered Designator Strategy (FA Journal.8X Mode: vehicle mounted Target Locator/Designators Small Unit Locator/Designator Weight: 15 lbs Range D/N: 1X/1Y Mode: Individual Soldier (FO) LLDR II Weight: 30 lbs Range D/N: 1. Jun 04) Machine Gun Analogy M249 SAW Weight: 15 lbs Range: 1X Mode: Individual Soldier M240B Weight: 45 lbs (w/ tripod) Range: 1.4X/2.6X Mode: 3-man team/ tripod-mounted M2 50 cal Weight: 128 lbs Range: 1.2Y Mode: 3-man team/ tripod-mounted (FST) FS3 Weight: 120 lbs Range: Mode: vehicle mounted 19 .

7km 9 mil JETS I <17 lbs 2.8km 4 mil LTLM(O) <17 lbs 2.5km 9 mil LLDR II < 30 lbs 3.5km 9 mil LTLM(T) < 15 lbs 2/0.Joint Engagement Targeting System (JETS) Approach FY07 FY08 LTLM (T) FY09 FY10 FY11 LTLM (O) FY12 (Dates Are Approximate) FY13 FY14 Common Designator JETS 1 LLDR I Arms Room Concept Performance / or / Expected Performance JETS KPP Weight Range D/N TLE Required <15 lbs 8/4km (Id) < 1mil LLDR I 35 lbs 3/1.1/0.7km 4 mil 20 .3/1.1/0.

Counter Sniper Hand-Held Thermals Gunshot Detection Systems 08 09 Procure Field Sustain 10 11 12 08 CPD 09 10 11 12 In-theater Assessment Development Production • FY08 $61.180 COTs handheld thermals • OMA sustainment UFR for Contractor Logistics Support • “Niche” program – doesn’t replace TWS as PoR • FY08 Competitively awarded $670K BAA GFDS development • Source Selection board scheduled for 1Q FY09 Optical Augmentation PM SSL fully engaged in all efforts to find solutions for Optical Augmentation -RDTE UFR in FY08 21 .4M OPA3 to procure 3.

Open Field Indicator Outside ring >250m KPP Force Protection Target Detection Size and Weight Survivability Description System provides bearing to shooter with azimuth error < 7. Operational availability of the Gun Shot Detection (GSD) system will be no less than 90% on a steady state annualized basis consistent with wartime equipment.5 degrees of actual sniper location with range error of 15% of actual range for targets within 400 meters. Total system weight does not exceed 18 ounces and more than 13 cubic inches for sensors or receiver and a display volume no more than 5 cubic inches.2 oz 2. Sensor Scroll Up Toggle through menus Freeze Screen Enter / Hold for backlight Scroll Down 22 . capable of providing a target solution as a stand alone system.4 oz (2) DL123 (3V Battery) Inside ring <250m MOUT vs.SWATS System Overview Physical Description Size Sensor Weight (w/batt): Display Weight Mounting Mechanism: Operational Weight Power 3.5” x 3.2 oz 3.125” x 1. System provides 80 percent probability of detection of sniper fire from ranges <400m while dismounted at < 5 mph in open and urban environments.0625” 6.0 oz 11.

and provides a GPS derived location for targeting.SWATS Theory of Operation Self-contained passive acoustic system Detects and localizes the source(s) of small arms fire Utilizes supersonic bullet shockwave and muzzle blast signatures to detect weapon location Screens out other acoustic events. to include shots within 50m radius Reports bearing / range to the shooter within one second after muzzle blast detection 11 o’clock – 250 m (38SME 40926 25299) 12 o’clock – 325 m (38SME 40926 25299) 10 o’clock – 275 m (38SME 40926 25299) 2 o’clock – 400 m (38SME 40926 25299) Gunshot sensor locates shooter. in relation to the user. 23 .

Development Plan FY08 ASMS ATO Fusion Prototypes ENVG(D) Development MONTAGE FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 ENVG P3I: FY13 Single Sensor FY14 FY15 Imp Display Int ENVG(D) Production See MANTIS High Resolution Micro Display Enhance Aim (WpnSight-in-Goggle Display) ANVIS Imp Advanced Weapon Sight ATO Low Weight Optics HUD w/ Multiple Sensor Feed FWS AoA/Dev 17μ Thermal Future Weapon Sight SDD FPA P3I: FWS Production Two Color Out of Band Decrease Pitch Fire Control and Improved Display Int Out of Band FWS P3I: Acquire ATO STTW Handheld Sense-Through-the-Wall Production STTW P3I: Imp Standoff Imp ID 3D Mapping and Wpn Int GFDS Eval Gunshot Detection Gunshot Detection SDD Laser Warning Receiver/CID MFAL P3I: Green Laser/Dazzler STORM Production Out of Band Gunshot Detection/Laser Warning Production Integrate with BFT FLIR Pointer Micro Designator/Integrated Fire Control LTLM II (CDM Int/Wt/17 micron) LTLM II Production Multi-function Laser ATO NVESD NVESD RDECOM JETS II Dev JETS I SDD JETS Production Target JETS AoA TLDS ATO LLDR Upgrade LLDR TLE Imp (FOG) LLDR LLDR FLIR Imp RDECOM DARPA DARPA Joint Joint SSL RDTE SSL RDTE SSL Procure High Intensity Diode ATO-M SSL Procure 24 .

Gun Fire Detection System (GFDS) Target: Developmental Efforts 25 .Conclusions See: Night Vision Devices (NVD) .Sense Thru The Wall . Lasers .Enhanced NVD Acquire: Lights. Thermal Weapon Sights.

Questions? See Always – Acquire First – Target Once 26 .

g.Individual Soldier Fightability Shift focus from System-based to Capabilities-based Focus NVG CCO ACOG Night Sight Aim Laser Far Tgt Locator See Acquire: Recognize Future NVG + Future Wpn Sight Target: Aim Point Locate • A capabilities based system-of-systems approach is required • Each component does not have to provide full capability (e. fused goggle and fused sight) • Digital integration of components for system-level fusion may improve Soldier fightability 27 .

flexibility Integrated Weapon Sight Combines day and night sights for Snipers Integrated: reduced size. power Modular Laser Systems Each barrel-mounted.Modular vice Integrated Modular: increased reliability. each require boresight. each require power AN/PVS-10 Sniper Day/Night Sight MILES Transmitter Range Finder Laser Pointer/ Illuminator Visible Illuminator Modularize to decrease complexity and improve operational flexibility Integrate to improve simplicity and reduce Soldier load Day Magnified Optics “Clip-on” Sniper Night Sight AN/PSQ-23 STORM PEQ-16A 28 . weight.

TLE 80M Further Development of Ultra-Lightweight Laser Designator Technologies Integration of LTLM with designator Electro-optical and northfinding technologies applied to LLDR and LTLM G/VLLD with AN/TAS-4 110 lbs Recognize Current TLE Capability 40m Laser Designation Improve Target Location Error to < 10m LLDR 35 lbs Recognize Incorporate High Precision. non-Magnetic Azimuth Measurement into LLDR Recognize LLDR II-H Improved <34 lbs 29 .Advanced Development The goal: • • • • • • Lighter Lighter Greater range Greater range Improved accuracy Improved accuracy Conventional Munitions LLDR ORD Req.

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