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Volant Casing Running Tool - external (CRTe)

June 2012 marked the product launch of
Volant’s fully mechanical external grip
casing running tool (CRTe). The CRTe brings
the advantages of our compact and robust
internal grip equipment to applications
that require larger hoisting loads and
torsional capacity than what is currently
available with our CRTi equipment. The
initial product release will enable top
drive-equipped rigs to engage 4 ½” to 5 ½”
casing to apply hoisting loads up to 500
tons*, torsion up to 40,000 ft-lbs*, and
compression up to 100 tons*. The CRTe’s
modular architecture is scalable, allowing
future hoist, torsion, and diameter capacity
requirements to be driven by market

The CRTe is a fully mechanical tool, relying

upon the same gripping technology used in
Volant’s well-proven internal grip CRTi
family of casing running tools. In less than
four years since product launch, our
internal grip tools have run more than 100
million feet of casing at locations around
the world. The main difference between
the CRTi and CRTe tools is that gripping force enabling hoisting, pull-down and torsion is applied
externally rather than to the internal surface of the casing. Tool function, as experienced by the
driller, remains identical – set down and turn clockwise to engage; set down and turn counter
clockwise to disengage.

Volant’s efficient design philosophy has delivered another compact, lightweight tool. With
substantial load capacity, length as short as 71 inches (180 cm) and weight as low as 1700 lbs
(770 kg), the CRTe is positioned to become the industry standard for handling heavy strings in
deep wells, even if rotation and circulation are not required. Compact size and modest weight
delivers exceptional mobilization efficiency.

The CRTe’s modular design maximizes tool utility for a wide range of applications. The ‘Drive
Head’ module connects the top drive quill to the ‘Gripping Module’, activates the gripping
mechanism, and transfers hoist and torsion loads. The Gripping Module transfers load to the
outside of the pipe and is configurable to grip a range of casing sizes limited only to a module-
specific maximum.

ISO 9001 Certified 121211

Options are available to accommodate a range
of application requirements. The Drive Head
can be ordered with 6 inches of axial ‘float’ to
reduce the chance of casing thread damage
during stabbing and make-up, or without float
to minimize overall tool length. The Gripping
Module can be specified with a maximum
diameter to suit either 5 ½” or 7 ¾” casing and
both can be fitted with dies and seal elements
to accommodate casing sizes down to 4 ½”.

*CRTe Design Capacities:

Hoisting ............................ 500 tons (or more)
Torque .............................. 40,000 ft-lbs
Compression .................... 100 tons
Approx. Weight ................ 1,800 lbs - 2,500 lbs
(depends on option setup and casing size)
Approx. Length ................. 71 in - 90 in
(depends on option setup)
Field testing and design verification testing is
ongoing. Certified capacities may differ from
those described above, as final capacities are
likely to be even greater.
Interested parties are invited to speak with
Volant’s sales personnel to discuss the new
CRTe and target applications.