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Bonaobra, April Grace Prof. Romeo Cuevas
Floresca, Denise Alaine
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• Respect for honest labor. 5. known through generations here and abroad. founded in 1936 by Engracia Cruz-Reyes.  Home of the Best Chicken Barbecue in Town  First located along Roxas Boulevard. all serving the same quality foods. and served promptly in friendly and courteous manner. Reyes. SERVICES They provide catering and party services for special occasions like birthdays. • Efficient and courteous service as only Filipino hospitality can convey. sandwich and merienda favorites.  From a snack mobile in 1936.  Former owner is Priscilla Reyes-Pacheco. the Aristocrat has grown into a restaurant enterprise with branches in Metro Manila. in the achievement of our goals. • Awareness to the call of our community and responsiveness to its needs. classic dishes in pork and chicken. in keeping with her adherence to Filipino traditions. delicious and healthful food prepared under the most sanitary condition. • Reasonable balance of profit and cost as to make our products of good value to the common people.  Witnessed various events in the Philippine History such as: 2 . Justice Alex A. 2. a wholly-owned Filipino enterprise. VISION The Aristocrat. MISSION It is Aristocrat’s commitment to provide guests at each visit with affordable. BACKGROUND 1. and group meals. active teamwork and observance of business ethics. values and the spirit of culinary innovativeness thus commits to the founder’s vision of excellence and leadership in business as brought forth by: • High quality food unique to our name. HISTORY:  It is a Filipino-owned family corporation founded by the late Doña Engracia Cruz- Reyes and her husband. baptismal and wedding celebrations. the granddaughter Doña Engracia Cruz- Reyes and Justice Alex A.I. soups and salads. • Strong belief in God Almighty as Giver of resources and our role as steward of His blessings. 4. Reyes.  “The Philippines’ Most Popular Restaurant”. dessert and beverages. 3. high quality. PRODUCTS They provide a range of different choices in their menu from breakfast.

on Engracia Cruz Reyes’ 100th birth anniversary. Inc.) and a Product Research & Development Division which manufactures processed foods such as sausages. b. where one can have the rare opportunity to travel. and advanced culinary skills and the knowledge required in professional cooking and kitchen management using state of the art facilities. the issuance of a stamp edition and the naming of a street after her honor. The Institute also offers an international study program. o International Study Program a. bagoong.).).  Developed the Culinary Institute of Aristocrat that offers Certificate and Diploma programs with tracks covering both Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry.  Courses offered: o Certificate Programs a.The course uses the ServSafe Essentials 5th Edition textbook. Sr. and a variety of other products for the local and exports markets.  Rallies and parades. o ServSafe® classroom training are conducted regularly at the institute led by in-house Certified ServSafeInstructors.  In 1992. which includes the following: the Aristocrat Bakeshop (Bakerey.). the Aristocrat Robinsons. property management such as the Aristocrat Apartments (Tanglaw Realty. a 24-hour convenience store ( 8-week course that aims to familiarize the student on the various fundamental knowledge and skills involved in the culinary arts.  The Aristocrat has diversified into an integrated complex. Optional Hotel Immersion Program – a 3-month intensive hotel immersion program offered exclusively for certificate graduates of the Culinary Institute of Aristocrat. atsara. o Diploma Program a.  Funeral marches of national martyrs and prisoners of war. and is structured to include 3 .  Inspired the growth and development of the restaurant industry in the Philippines. Inc. Inc. Fundamentals of Professional Cooking . Gastronicom French Dual Diploma – a 12-month French dual- diploma program exclusively offered by The Culinary Institute of Aristocrat..). study & work in France. Gastronomicom. Inc. Inc. Inc. Ermita Branch (Legacy of Alex &Asiang. Aristomart. Culinary Arts and Kitchen Administration . cured meats.). the Aristocrat Franchise Corporation (Aristocrat Franchise. the constructed landmark in Rajah Sulayman Park.designed to give full time students the very best preparation for a career in culinary art and to develop the fundamental. the Franchise Office (Heirs of Alex &Engracia Reyes.

product or company in terms of its sales volume of its competitors in the same market or industry. II. MARKET POSITION Defined as the ranking of a brand. 4 . and perform on the job.  First to use the microwave oven in the Philippines. the information your workforce will need to prepare for ANSI-CFP accredited exams.


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INCOME STATEMENTS (2008-2012) 10 .

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the industry. PROFITABILITY Return on Assets – is an indicator of how profitable company’s assets are in generating profit ROA = Total Income Total Assets 15 . or even the economy to judge the performance of the company. other companies.RATIO ANALYSIS A tool used by individuals to conduct a quantitative analysis of information in a company's financial statements. Ratios are calculated from current year numbers and are then compared to previous years.

it is the most widely used test of liquidity of a business and measures the ability of a business to repay its debts over the period of next 12 months. 16 .LIQUIDITY Current Ratio .

It tells the percentage of total assets that were financed by creditors.STABILITY Debt-Asset Ratio – is an indicator of financial leverage. Debt-Asset = Total Non-Current Liabilities Total Assets 17 .

CAPITALIZATION Debt-Equity Ratio . It indicates what proportion of equity and debt the company is using to finance its assets.A measure of a company's financial leverage calculated by dividing its total liabilities by stockholders' equity. 18 .

Aristocrat remains to be known as the Philippines’ most popular restaurant. Still. Aristocrat had maintained their financial performance and continues to enhance their operations. CONCLUSION AND RECCOMENDATION RECCOMENDATION  Lowering the price range  Expansions  Promotions through advertisements CONCLUSION Aristocrat had vastly improved for the past 77 years. it needs amendments to provide. Aristocrat had grown into a business enterprise with branches in Metro Manila.IV.Diversified from a restaurant to a bakeshop. apartments and even a culinary institute. convenience stores. 19 . Who would have thought that from a simple snack mobile.