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FLA No.1
How do experts define reading? Research at least ten authors and
give your own definition as gleaned from these reading experts or
1. According to Vygotsky, children’s all higher mental functions are internalized social
relationship. Children increase their independent engagement in reading activities
through interaction with literate adults.
2. According to William (1984), he defines reading as a process whereby one looks at
and understands what has been written.
3. Rohani Ariffin (1992:1) in her book entitled Anthropology of Poetry for Young
People defines reading as a highly personal activity that is mainly done silently,
alone. There is a clear understanding that reading is something related to the
activity of acquiring information and it is done either silently or aloud.
4. According to Teale, reading is acquired through socially interactive and emulative
behavior. Social functions and conventions of reading are acquired through interactive
literacy events.
5. Reading is an interactive process between the reader and the writer. Brunan W.K
(1989) for instance defines reading as a two way interaction in which information is
exchange between the reader and the author"
6. According to Holdaway, children learn how to read naturally in the home environment
and interaction with parents. Children emulate the reading model set up by the parents.
7. Smith (1973) also shares Reading is an act of communication in which information
is transferred from a transmitter to a receiver
8. According to Williamson, reading is an interactive and interpretative process. No text
can be considered separate from the reader. There must be a successful interaction
between the reader and the discourse to be proceeded.
9. Burhan (2012: 9), reading is a physic and mental activity to reveal the meaning of the
written texts, while in that activity there is a process of knowing letters. It says a physic
activity because the parts of the body, our eyes particularly, do it. And it says mental
activity because perception and memory as parts of thought are involved in it. He then
concludes that the main goal of reading is a process of comprehending written texts.
10. According to C.S. Lewis, we read to know we are not alone.
Make your own definition of Reading.
Reading is an important thing and an attribute for a person to have. It is needed for
our everyday life to survive in this new generation. It is needed for us to understand all things
and I believe that knowing reading is the root of learning because if you know how to
comprehend you can understand all the written word and integrate it to your mind.
Reading for me is a greatest thing in the world, I always love reading especially books
that seems to take me to other dimensions and a whole new world. Reading is a passion that
when I start doing it I just can’t stop. I learn to love reading when I found it really interesting
and entertaining, the feeling it gives is in a different level than what I experience when
dealing in the real world and watching movies, I am really captivated and immersed when I
started to read. When I read, I am mostly alone because I’m more focused when I have no
company and even if I am alone I have this feeling that I can never be lonely when I read
because everything that enters to my mind when I read is so vivid and bizarre.
As I read, I am one of those people who read silently or who read with the eyes only so that
I can focus and put my heart with when I read.
Reading is one of my hobbies nowadays, because ever since my mom taught me to
read story books and bought us some text books to gain knowledge and information I get to
like the idea of it, reading is always my past time. Even though I am not smart and read like
huge amount of books I’m still proud to say that I am a booklover.


RESEARCH BASE Behaviorism Cognitive sciences
GOALS OF READING Mastery of isolated Constructing meaning and
facts and skills self-regulated learning.
READING AS Mechanically decoding An interaction among the
PROCESS words; memorizing by reader, the text, and the
rote context.
LEARNER ROLE/ Passive; vessel Active; strategic reader,
METAPHOR receiving knowledge good strategy user,
from external sources cognitive apprentice.
Why do experts believe in the concept that reading is a
psychological process?
Psychology is involved with anything that affects the mind or that the mind finds
appealing. So psychology is basically involved in everything! Reading and writing can appeal to
your emotional, mental, or intellectual parts of your mind. When you read your mind can trick
you into thinking that you are actually doing or taking part in what you are reading. This is a
main reason why reading is so enjoyable. Your mind is intricately formed to like certain things.
Books that contain what you enjoy in them are more likely to be read by you. When you read
something you enjoy, your mind tricks you into thinking that you are in the story. When you
read something that your brain already knows you don't really re-read it, you fill in the blanks,
this is called Prediction. Once you have learned about a certain subject and you read about it,
you seem to already know what an article is going to say before you read it.
It's called redundancy and it is your prior knowledge.