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Cindy and T.J. seem to have the perfect life—three great kids,
a happy home in an idyllic neighborhood, and eighteen years of
marriage under their belts. Happily-ever-after seems to be writ-
ten in the stars, until one fateful day when Cindy discovers some-
thing very different written in her husband’s e-mails that will
change her life forever. Good Riddance is a unique and honest portrait of the dissolution of a marriage, the
lengths we go to in order to heal a broken heart, and the journey of one woman on her discovery of all the
things she thought she already knew.


1) How do you think telling this story of a divorce in graphic novel format affected
the story? What did the format add to the storytelling?

2) The narrator writes, “Every woman is allowed to choose her challenges, to decide
whether to stay and fight for the relationship or to leave and make a fresh start.”
How do you relate to the narrator’s choices about her marriage to T.J.? How do
you feel about the narrator? What about her situation and her reactions to T.J.’s
infidelity did you relate to? How does she evolve as a person both during and after
her divorce?

3) The story is told entirely from the narrator’s point of view. What do you think of T.J.?
Was there anything about his actions that you could relate to? Did you like him?
Why or why not? Would you like to hear their story from his point of view?

4) Objectively, do you think the narrator and her husband

had a healthy relationship while they were married?
Why or why not? What do you think of how they
handled their lives post-divorce?


5) Discuss how the narrator’s children cope with their

parents’ divorce. How do their reactions differ from
what the narrator originally expects from them?
How do you think the actions and post-divorce

relationships of the narrator and her ex-husband 10

played a part in how the children processed this major HNA6834r+GoodRiddance_interior_blues.indd 10 02/02/2013 12:32 PM

life upheaval?

6) A panic attack eventually convinces the narrator to speak to a

counselor. How do you think her discussions with this counselor

help her understand her relationship, separation, and divorce?
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7) Discuss how the narrator’s relationships with her friends help her get through
her divorce. How does Cindy use her own experience to help her friend
through her marriage difficulties?


8) The narrator talks about dating after her divorce. What do you think of her HNA6834r+GoodRiddance_interior_blues.indd 12 02/02/2013 12:32 PM

approach to dating? What are some important things she learns from her
relationships with both Barry and Will?

9) The title of the book is Good Riddance, a phrase usually applied to being
happy to say goodbye to something or someone, yet for much of the
story, the narrator is anything but happy about the changes in her life.
Why do you think the author chose this title? Do you think it is a

10) After selling her house, the narrator says, “The thing is, you don’t
really get over a divorce. You just absorb it.” Do you agree with this
statement? Why or why not?

11) What do you think the narrator learned from her post-divorce
introspection that she carried with her into her new relationship?