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Hourly Performance Appraisal

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Appraisal Score
JC003 - LIS Coordinator
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Business Deliverables

There are six key performance measures to be evaluated in the job this year. Performance measures should be linked to current business strategy and focus on significant business challenges or opportunities. At year-end, the employee and supervisor/coach should discuss specific accomplishments or developmental needs in support of each key performance category.

Assessment of Performance Measures
Performance Assessment: EE - Exceeds Expectations ME - Meets Expectations NI - Needs Improvement to Meet Expectations

Performance Measures
Competency Safety: Demonstrates a commitment to safety by following safety rules & guidelines; follows good housekeeping practices, takes proper care of equipment. Meets requirements of 100% participation in safety training & 100% safety actions completed.
Performance Assessment






Attendance: Regular & punctual attendance at or below the 4 point threshold. Individual is at workstation when scheduled and remains for the duration of shift.


Problem Solving: Demonstrates the ability to gather information. Embrace a culture of Diversity. Train & Retain exceptionally passionate and results-oriented people.   Quality: Considers accuracy & the appearance of work. Initiates actions without needing direction. to critically evaluate options. Exceed customer expectations by reducing variations & delivering high quality products on time everyday. Recognizes & learns from mistakes. If you would like us to send you the editable Word document. Understands the role that quality plays in customer satisfaction.. Integrity & Respect. Strive to earn loyal customers and maintain long-term relationships. seeking alternative perspectives to identify root causes & develop solutions.com Initiative & Energy: Takes advantage of training opportunities and progresses through work stations at an acceptable rate. please contact info@halogensoftware. Empower our people to win by improving results everyday. Productivity: Properly uses materials & equipment to effectively and efficiently complete varying workload in a timely fashion. Contribute to our communities & proactively support environmental initiatives. Provide a safe work environment. . Requests assistance in a timely manner. Development Plan: II. Demonstrates a sense of urgency. committed to producing a quality product and to continuous improvement efforts. Handles unexpected situations calmly & efficiently to minimize problems. Guiding Principles – How We Win • • • • • • • Attract. Corrects errors. taking appropriate action to reduce errors.Sample Form - Hourly Performance Appraisal This is an example form used by one of our customers.

com Indicate the extent to which the employee displays these values. works well with others. positively influencing & recognizing others and making work fun. creates excitement & inspires others to deliver by motivating. ideas & feedback are valued and acted upon. Attentive & respectful when listening and responding to others. contributes to positive morale & spirit within the team. fosters environment where questions. stays focused on business priorities.0 Score/3. Performance Assessment: EE . Performance Assessment EE ME NI Score: Comments: /3.0               Teamwork: Builds trust by respecting the ideas & contributions of everyone.   Commitment to Excellence: Meets commitments using available resources.Meets Expectations NI . willing to take risks & question status quo. effectively uses internal/external network.   Engaging: Demonstrates enthusiasm & passion for our business. actions & results. Proactive in decisions and actions.Exceeds Expectations ME . considering varied alternatives before selecting solution. Coaches & encourages others on a regular basis.Needs Improvement to Meet Expectations Values Competency Accountable/Dependable: Takes responsibility for decisions. places success of the organization ahead of personal gain. please contact info@halogensoftware. Acts in the best interest of stakeholders. Curious: Generates new & creative ideas. displays persistence & tenacity to overcome obstacles. Sets clear & measurable goals. delivers on commitments to stakeholders. . willing to make tough decisions & live with consequences. Decisive.Sample Form - Hourly Performance Appraisal This is an example form used by one of our customers. and embraces diverse & global cultures & ideas. Seeks simple solutions to complex problems. Accessible & approachable. learning from failures as well as successes. Develops self.. If you would like us to send you the editable Word document.

using appropriate and efficient methods of conveying the information.com Integrity: Demonstrates a commitment by adhering to its stated values. pursues creative & unique solutions. is inspired to achieve more than imagined.Sample Form - Hourly Performance Appraisal This is an example form used by one of our customers.. please contact info@halogensoftware. policies & procedures. conducts business in an ethical manner in accordance with our conduct guidelines. Does the right thing. Innovative: Anticipates internal & external customer needs & understands the customer perspective. Communication: Organizes & expresses ideas and information clearly. If you would like us to send you the editable Word document. candid and respectful manner. Overall Comments – Employee IV. Communicates accurately & honestly in an open. III. Overall Comments – Manager .

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