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You're invited!

We are having a baby,

shower that is!
All of the women of our church are invited
to join us in celebrating the coming of
Jimmy and Sakura’s new baby boy.
When: Saturday, August 28
Time: 12:00 p.m.
Where: Sippel Hall of the church

We will be serving lunch and hope you can join us

Please R.S.V.P. by August 20th
Chery Carew 310-650-0950
Or email:

Page 1 July 15, 2010

Disciples Women’s Ministry
Quadrennial Assembly 2010
What an incredible assembly it was! Nine of
our women attended this event in
Greensboro, North Carolina along with one
our teens. It was amazing to be with so many
other Disciples women across the country.
The event offered plenty of classes, exhibits
and so much more. As you know our women
worked really hard to get there and some held
leadership roles, including Linda Houston, Jill
Foster and Hillary Gonzalez.

Some of the highlights were as follows:

Each church was asked to lift up a woman in their congregation to be honored for
her work in Christian Education. We chose Jill Foster as our honoree and her picture
and a write up about her was posted on the “Wall of Honorees”
There was a Photographic Art Exhibit and one of our resident photographers en-
tered and won second prize.
Linda Houston put on a “Health Fair”, a “Red Cross Blood Drive” and over saw
the fundraiser “Bras for A Cause” which earned $5,000.00 for the Susan G Komen
foundation which raises money for Breast Cancer research.
We did a lot of onsite and off site mission work, including a pre-event Habitat For Hu-
manity build, and over 3000 Hygiene kits made for Church World Service.
There is so much more to tell and if you join the women who attended for lunch on
Sunday, August 22, in Sippel Hall you will hear some personal testimonies from the
women who attended.
Thank you all for your love and support of our women who attended.
Chery Carew

Save the date!

The next Women's Luncheon following second service will be August 22nd. The
ladies who attended the Quadrennial Assembly the end of June will be sharing their
experiences with us. Be sure to mark your calendar!
Page 2
Deck the Halls Holiday Boutique
Attention all crafty people! Preparations for the next Holiday Boutique are underway
based on the theme "Deck the Halls". We invite crafters of all levels to join us for
the upcoming craft workshops:
August 15th
Sept 19th
Oct 10th
Oct 31st
Please continue to collect any coupons for Joann’s and Michaels. Contact Dorie
Hernandez or Kara Ryan if you have any questions.

Calling all baseball fans!

It’s that time of year again – baseball season. Join the Prayer Shawl group for a
special event – the Stitch and Pitch! The game will be held on August 6, 2010 at
7:05 p.m. The group that went last year had a great time! Knitting and crocheting
is highly encouraged at this game!
Join your church family and let’s watch some baseball!

Date Friday, August 6, 2010

Time 7:10 p.m.
Details: LA Dodgers vs. Washington Nationals

Contact Anne Beecher or Maureen Estolas for ticket prices. Carpools will be
available if needed.

An Amazing Outing
Mashed 4077th was a really , really fun show attended by our Amazing Grays Fri-
day, June 18th. There was a good bunch and the show progressed as we ate. The
cast is all senior citizens known as the Young at Heart Theater Group. They take
the show on the road to Senior centers, hospitals, women’s clubs and other organi-
zations. This performance was at the Ken Miller Recreation Center right here in
good old Torrance.

June Perkins
Page 3
VBS is just around the corner and we need your help
with our last and final restaurant fundraiser! The
money will be used to purchase curriculum, crafts,
snacks, games, and recreational supplies.
WHEN: Tuesday, July 20th
WHERE: Sizzler (2880 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance)
TIME: 4:00-9:00 p.m.
The restaurant will donate 20% of all food and beverage sales when presented a
flier. Fliers will be available in the Sunday bulletin and the church office.
Thank you for your support!

People Who Greet People

Does our congregation do a great job of greeting folks each Sunday morning? You
betcha! Since loving, warm welcomes are truly one statement of who we are as
church, we’d like to invite you to take the next step. The Membership Committee is
looking for people willing to be once a month Greeters; at the front door, as worship-
ers arrive, for first or second service. It is easy, rewarding and an opportunity to be-
come better acquainted with our church family. Let Ruth Singleton (310) 542-6278 or
Susan Babcock (310) 326-9003 know if you are interested.

The Membership Committee

Feed The Hungry Sunday

Our next Feed The Hungry Sunday is July 25th. Your faithful donations have made it
possible to help feed needy families around the South Bay. His House continues to
thank you for your love and support.

With Sympathy:
Judy Rickabaugh’s sister-in-law, Betty Sawyer, has died suddenly after many years of ailing.
Betty’s husband Tom is in our prayers.
Virginia Gober’s long-time friend, Lorraine Hohn, lost her son, Mike, and her husband, Chuck, to
separate illnesses last month.
Bernadette Leake asks prayer for the family of Ruth Westerholm, who has died after a long battle
with cancer.
Dorothy Harris passed away. A Memorial Luncheon will be held in her honor on Saturday, July 24th,
at 2:30. Please call her daughter Janet Montgomery (858) 673-7466 if you wish to attend.
Page 4
Carole Jones is awaiting test results as to the possible recurrence of cancer.
Janet Wysong will need surgery to correct injuries sustained with her dislocated shoulder.
Keith McGiffin (Nonnie’s husband) has been in the ICU at Little Company of Mary with pneumo-
Mavis Davis has been in the hospital for treatment for severe back pain.
Hilda Coleman is home recovering from surgery to help correct diverticulitis. Gene Wiehe,
Chuck Bruley, Bonnie Reniff, Arly Jahn, and Clair Johnson (Sue Zukas’s father) are all home
from hospital stays.

Janie Oden’s sister, Gayle, is recovering from knee surgery.

Dolores Susswain is recovering from recent oral surgery.

Al Lubrani is doing well after another (hopefully last) elbow surgery.

Karen Jackson will be having a biopsy for possible breast cancer on July 22.

Ken Potter’s sister in Denver started chemo for breast cancer; their mother Joan is her caregiver.
Another sister in Billings is dealing with severe tornado damage. Ken’s father is in failing health
from a number of concerns.
Greg Oden’s long-time friend, Joy, is recovering from surgery for a brain tumor.

Toshiko Morotani, a friend of our congregation visiting from Japan, has been diagnosed with
breast cancer.
We continue to pray for those many other families touched by cancer…We receive many reports of
thanksgiving for prayer shawls given to cancer patients and others.
Prayers also continue for those impacted by job insecurity—we are particularly mindful of Dorie
Hernandez and others working at Ken Crane’s, which will be closing soon.
Prayers for those struggling with addiction, and for their families…for loved ones far from home,
especially those deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan…for those who are living in care facilities, and
their loved ones.

Anne Beecher’s niece (in New Zealand) is due to give birth any time.

Wally and Charlotte Sandberg ask for prayers for a close friend, Michelle Kain, who has been
hospitalized with MS and anxiety disorder; prayers also for Michelle’s 86 year-old mother, who has
been her primary care-giver.

Bonnie Evans’s friend Lisa is being treated for severe kidney problems; Bonnie asks for continued
prayer on behalf of her caregiver Art, and his wife, Sonja.

Page 5
July 2010
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thur
8:30 and 10:30 am
Sunday School 9:30 am

Please join us for VBS

July 26-30
4 5 6 7

Prayer Ministry 5:45 Bible Study 10:00

Prayer Shawl 7:00 Prayer Shawl 2:00

11 12 13 14

Prayer Ministry 5:45 Bible Study 10:00

Prayer Shawl 7:00 Prayer Shawl 2:00

18 19 20 21

Prayer Ministry 5:45

Prayer Shawl 7:00 VBS Prep
CYF 12:00 Jimmy & Bible Study 10:00
VBS Fundraiser Choir
Sakura’s Home Prayer Shawl 2:00
Sizzler 4:00-9:00

25 26 27 28

Feed The Hungry Prayer Ministry 5:45

Sunday Prayer Shawl 7:00
VBS Prep 12:00

Page 6
rsday Friday Saturday

July Birthdays
Ken Potter (1)
Debbie Gonzalez 5
1 2 3 Connie Hedde 9
Sarah Johnson 9
Jimmy Koontz 10
Richard Griego 11
Mark Jonas 12
Shirley Bill 17
Rebecca Foster 18
8 9 10 Evelyn Wright 20
Linda DeLanghe 21
Colleen Woodman 22
Jerry Jonas 26
Moggy Emmen 27
Trevor Bise 27
Angie Ahumada 27
Kelly Rogers 28
Frances Marshall 29
15 16 17 Judy Rickabaugh 29
Anthony Henderson 30
Men’s Breakfast Mary Matson (31)
8:30 a.m.
Men’s Prayer Meeting
10:00 a.m.

22 23 24

Brent & Jill Foster 1
29 30 31 Bob & Shirley Fender 2
Roy & Linda Houston 7
Wally & Charlotte Sandberg 12
Don & Sue Zukas 23
Walter & Ruth Morrison 28
Karen Jackson & Jim Brown 28
Carl & Kim-Silagy Silva 20
–12:30 Everyday Page 7
Education Notes & News
We are not closed for the summer. We are exploring the Books of the Bible for the
summer. Come and join in the fun with Art, Games, Cooking and more.

High School/Adult Education

Our high school and adult classes will continue through the summer. Come along
and participate in the lively discussion.
High School – Room 8
Adults – Room 7

Grades 3 – 8 Meet in Room 4
July 25th help with VBS prep

8/1 – light lunch provided – discussion/group activity
8/15 – we will go and visit a few of our homebound members

The following is a list of the planned activities for the summer.
July 14 - VBS Workday - Beach @ 2pm (meet at church)
July 18 - Jimmy's house for lunch @ 12pm
July 22 - VBS Workday - Torrance Scavenger Hunt @ 2pm
July 24 - Volunteer opportunity 6:30am to noon. Interested? EMAIL ME!
July 26 to July 30 - VBS, with activities after (beach, hanging out, etc.)
August 1 - Go Carting @ 7pm
August 8 - Movie at Jimmy's house @ 8pm (dress for outdoor weather)
August 10 - LA Food Bank. Meet at church @ 8am
August 15 - No CYF
August 18 - Beach @ 11am
August 22 - Museum Trip - California Science Center
August 29 - Parent meeting @ 12pm (30 minutes)
Page 8
I am sorry to say that my term on the Trustee Committee has come to an end. I hope
I have served the congregation/church well, and proven worthy of your confidence in
me during the last two years as Trustee Chairman. I have appreciated, and wanted to
thank, the truly dedicated, “WORKING” Trustee Committee. Currently on the board
are Nancy Johnson, John Beecher, Wally Sandberg, David Marvin and Paul Ryan
who will also be coming off the board.
The Nominating Committee produced our two new members, Ryan Rogers and Bill
Wysong, and we appreciate their respond to the call of service.
The Trustees want to thank so many of our congregation who stepped forward and
helped with extra financial assistance when special needs arose, either because of
short notice or to better improve our beautiful church. I believe many successful ac-
complishments of the committee’s responsibilities were completed, and I must admit I
was proud to have been part of this work.

Doreen Fay Jackson

Trustee Chairman 2008-2010

Welcome Our Newest Members

On June 20, John & Diana Sencerbox brought their transfer of membership from
Gardena First Presbyterian Church. They have been attending our second service
for several months, and felt that the time was right to make this important commit-
ment, seeing as it followed one day after the 55th anniversary of another very impor-
tant commitment—their wedding!

Bernadette (“Bernie”) Leake offered her affirmation of the Good Confession on

June 27. Bernie has been attending our 10:30 worship service since before Easter,
and is looking forward to helping out with Vacation Bible School.

Patricia Bryant reaffirmed the good confession on July 11. She was raised in a
Baptist church in North Carolina, but feels very happy to have found a church home
here at First Christian. She especially appreciates the more traditional tone of wor-
ship in our 10:30 service.

Page 9
Upcoming Sermons
July 18: “We Are Not Alone (Good News or Bad?)” (Genesis 16:1-16; 21:8-21)
While we may believe that some people (Jews, Christians) are chosen and special to God, the Bible
won’t let us forget the “others.” Specifically, the story of Hagar and Ishmael keeps us from presum-
ing that God cannot be in covenant relationship with those “outside” our circle.
July 25: “Altar Course” (Genesis 22:1-14)
For ten chapters, the story of Abraham has looked towards the promise of a great nation—a promise
personified in the birth of Isaac. But now, in one of the more troubling stories of the Bible, God
asks Abraham to sacrifice the very son who was promised. How does this dramatic and challenging
story speak to our own priorities, our own walk of faith?
August 1: “Womb for More” (Genesis 25:19-34)
Abraham’s story passes to new generations. But the element of conflict continues—in this case,
very different twins who struggle with one another even in the womb. So does our birth destine us
one way or another? How do our struggles play out, and what is God’s role in it all?
August 8: “Down Escalator Is An Oxymoron” (Genesis 28:10-22)
Fleeing from the consequences of his character, Jacob is given a powerful vision. What are our
spiritual markers in life—those experiences that open up new possibilities, and change us forever?
How shall we open ourselves to the continued guidance they offer?
August 15: “Fumbling Reunion” (Genesis 32:3-9; 33:1-11)
Fearful of his brother Esau, whom he has cheated horribly, Jacob returns home to a fearful and sur-
prising reunion. Are there moral lessons that can be learned from our “outside” siblings? How do
we remain open to the fearful promises of reconciliation and forgiveness?

Wednesday Bible Study

Our Wednesday morning Bible Study continues our study of the Babylonian Exile. We are
currently considering Ezekiel, and will soon look at the influence the exile had on other
writings in the Bible.
There is always enough review that joining in the middle of a series is not difficult. We
meet in Sippel Hall at 10:00 am each Wednesday.

Adult Sunday Class

Our Sunday morning Adult Class will continue to meet through the summer in Room 7.
Discussion is always lively and enlightening. Pastor Steve is currently facilitating a discus-
sion of forgiveness, based on William Countryman’s book Forgiven and Forgiving.

Page 10
By now, you’ve probably heard that our new 2010 directories are in. Perhaps like you,
I’ve been having some fun looking over all our faces—what a nice looking bunch we
Please make sure to express your gratitude to Susan Babcock for all her hard work for
getting things together—and then goading a sluggish directory company along when
things got bogged down! Thanks also to Jimmy & Sakura Koontz for their photogra-
phy and design work—and a special “behind the scenes” commendation to Camelia
for the extra effort to put together (and keep current) all the data that went into the di-
Any church directory is a snap-shot of a community—what we looked like at a certain
point. But God’s people are subject to the shifts of life. Some of our saints have died
since the photos were taken; other friends have moved away, or changed information.
And, thanks be to God, a number of new people have come into our church! For those
who are not already in the directory, we’re going to be working at putting their photos
on display, and we encourage you to write their contact information into the directory
as we are able to share it.
The hope is that we will use the directory as a tool to help make our community even
stronger. Use it to keep up-to-date on our church family. And give a good scanning to
those faces—connecting names to folks you may not know as well. It’s OK to say, in
the privacy of your home, “Oh, that’s his name!” It’s particularly good to call one an-
other by name, and say, “I’m so glad you’re here!”
Shalom, Steve
Home phone: 310-212-5950 email:

Worship Prayer Journals

Using themes from the approaching Sunday worship, a daily prayer journal guide is available
for those who want to explore a spiritual focus each day. An electronic version of the Prayer
Journal is also available—contact Don Zukas ( if you would like to
be added to the list.

Men’s Prayer Group

Our Men’s Prayer Group is a casual time of sharing and prayer. All men are welcome. Our
next meeting is at 10:00 am, Saturday, July 17—just after the 8:30 Men’s Breakfast.

Next Newsletter articles need to be at the church office by June 28, 2010

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(Disciples of Christ)

2930 El Dorado Street

Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 328-2820 Fax 310 328-2929
E-mail -
Web address -
Sunday Schedule
8:30 a.m. - Worship - Informal
9:30 a.m. - Church School for all ages
10:30 a.m. - Worship - Traditional
Children’s Worship - Ages Pre-school through
2nd Grade
(During the Traditional Worship Service)
Nursery Provided
Or Current Resident

For birth through age 3 during Sunday School

and Contemporary & Traditional Service
Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Steven Fietz, Senior Pastor
Ted Oden-Minister of Contemporary Worship
Administrative Assistant– Camelia Olloque
Choir Director - Ken Potter
Nursery Attendant - Kim Larson
Dorie Hernandez
The Christian Messenger


Chair - Chery Carew

2930 El Dorado Street

First Christian Church

Torrance, CA 90503


Vice Chair - Jerry Jonas

Treasurer– Jimmy Koontz
Financial Secretary - Charlotte Sandberg
Clerk– Angie Ahumada

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