Black America Today


Black Onliners


lea·v web users. this mostlv male segment is stressed bv their work´liíe
balance and the need to straddle Black and \hite worlds: thev are íocused
on monev as the most meaningíul measure oí success and are the most
stressed oí anv segment about ha·ing to íit in`. 1hev are the most írequent
users oí Black websites and the most írequent online shoppers.


45° are 18-34
And 33° are 25-44
70° are male
Middle to upper socioeconomics:
lighest percent 64°, who li·e in owned homes tied with ^er Miaate Cta..,
1rue to their name, Black Onliners live an online lifestyle:
Lmail. social networking. IMing. ·isiting \ou1ube. Black websites. and music
Nearlv 8 in 10 ha·e shopped online in the past month. 1hev report a·eraging a
>115´month online spend
More brand conscious
Nearlv a third admit that ií thev see something thev like. thev ha·e to ha·e it. e·en ií
it costs more than thev would like to spend.
In sharp contrast with Digitat ^etror/er.. this segment places greater importance on
being with other Blacks:
lor halí oí this segment. all or nearlv all oí their close íriends are Black
lour in 10 sav thev preíer being around other Blacks highest segment,
Stressed by work/life balance, and by having to ´straddle¨ Black and White worlds
1hev are the most likelv segment to sav that:
1hev are oíten in situations where thev íeel the need to hide their Black
1hev are more likelv than a·erage to report ha·ing been discriminated against in the
past 12 months 34°,

Black America Today

Life Attitudes
Stressed about work/life balance, their main personal relationship, children, jobs,
daycare, keeping the house clean, taking care of parents, academic pressure, health,
and commute: 1hev are the most stressed segment íor manv oí these concerns. 1his
reílects their higher le·el oí parenthood and the increasing challenges oí their liíe stage.
1o relieve this stress, they are more likely to: 1, drink alcoholic be·erages. 2,
pav someone else to take care oí things íor them. 3, exercise. 4, go out`. or 5,
·isit a salon or spa írom Yav/etoricb Mvtticvttvrat data,
Most likely to say that money is the only meaningful measure of success

Black Identity, Attitudes, and Lxperience
Strongly believe in ´being with their own¨: 1his segment is the most likelv to sav that
thev preíer being around their own racial´ethnic group. 1hev are also more likelv to sav that
Black children should spend most oí their time with other Blacks.

1echnology and Activities
Most frequent/heaviest users of a range of online services and web sites:
Most írequent online shoppers and bookers oí tra·el online
Most írequent´hea·iest users oí a range oí internet ser·ices and sites:
1,blogs. 2, e·ites. 3, looking íor dates. 4, chat rooms. 5, instant
messaging. 6, online newsletters
Most likelv to listen to a local radio station online
lea·v User oí Producti·itv \eb Sites maps. paving bills. looking íor a job.
taking a class. etc.,
Also hea·v user oí the Internet íor news. iníormation. and product
Irom the Yankelovich Multicultural data, more likely to say they:
Are sa·ing:
lor their children`s education
1o start a business
1o buv a home
lor a large celebration
Are searching íor wavs to reduce mortgage pavments
Visit home impro·ement stores to add ·alue to their home

Black America Today

Media attitudes:
View of Black media is more positive than average: Less likelv to think that lip
lop hurts the image oí Blacks. or that Blacks are portraved the same wav in Black
media as thev are in the mainstream media
Most likely to say that their idea of physical beauty is strongly influenced by
how celebrities look

Strong Brand Consciousness: Like Covvectea ßtac/ )eev.. this segment has a strong
orientation towards brands.
1hey've Gotta Have It: 1hev are more likelv than a·erage to sav that Ií I see
something I like. I ha·e to ha·e it. e·en ií it costs too much.`

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