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• Low evaluation high earning surprise growth.

• Reverse splits and insider.

• Reputable news sources giving outline.
• Floats under a million in consolidation
• high short interest closing high 3 days in row.
• Information overload analysis paralysis.
• Do not be motivated by pain and pleasure but consistency. Use them proportionally.
• Notice how petty things gives u pain and that major things stopped by pain filters.
• How pain teaches us a lesson
• when down keep consistency emotionless to gain loss since pain and the cycle of pain
recognises the love of the money in vein.
• Missing out factor may create false precedents. For example consolidation of penny with
huge volume implying accumulation. Weight excitement instinct with objective evaluative
sediment. Emotion is not bad but needs to be channeled.
• Getting out of penny stocks and never trading them cause of one bad trade is not objective.
• We want to get in when the sheep are in to valid your thesis but this is the distribution process. Having necessary reason faith and courage pays off and patience and
observation pays more than fear and greed.
• When your brave and break that step of decluttering to something you thought complicated
and big, when that first step is made, already you felt like you have done plenty along the
way to finish. Testing boundaries and sharpening the focus and resistance resilience.

• ready to trade when I cannot get into crypto and disposition is more to trade regardless of
whether opportunity has been made. Though screening for stock ideas on twitter is enticing,
ok to be excited but carefully so. Hopefully the level of excitement matchs the actual
potential of the stock
Despite knowing something mentally we always need to consult our trade guide since we are
influenced by passion not reason and can be seduced rather than excited and objective for an

• Missing out inflection makes you feel to get into something in haste. Made a portfolio of
consolidated stocks that is up 70% obviously know how to pick them. Should have entered
into LG.v but ill wait for a pullback.----tired went to bed no battery and in the mode of
wanting to buy metastock , over tired trying to get money out for crypto, so depleted with
recent win to get money out, did not want to re enter in haste. Should have at least set an
alert. Thought to focus only on cannabis stocks but did not follow through with a routine to
check them. Or be serious to anticipate a chart for example price action breaking new highs
from a channel. Now I am chasing 50% up on lg.v. With less fear since I got the fuck it
mentality when before it moved I should have bought on news and courage.
However the ugency you feel when you missed out is a positive reaction of intuition that needs to
be listened to , you build resilience and character however needs to be channeled.
Soemtimes opportunities come when you are not emotionally ready.
Keep streamlining simplicity
trying to find rules and maintaining strategy outline in chaos and distraction. The need for many
monitors, one for twitter, one for broker scans, and closely monitoring and constantly re organising
alerts for technical imminent plays, or just positioning in default on finviz scans then 3 updating
news feed for crypto plays for example are hot on trot in market now. Missed 300 % gains in 3
days. Not monitoring all hours, not taking twitter news but with preoccupations with crypto and
bright futures and disorganised room space I lacked the brain food and athletic zeal and passion to
remain consistent in applying rule set regardless of conditions. Eg checking your not influenced by
past precedents, or discouraged by lack of movement in stock, accounting for mood etc., asasuming
days is finished because by 10 all uppers are going down. Allowing for multi tasking to enter and
be prepared to enter a position based on an alert on volume, price is one up from the finviz chart
bottom consolidating plays and then you are leaving capital open for sudden news.
Obviously metastock tc 2000 or tradingview could provide the tools needed to spot accumulated
stocks with spikes of volatility in money flow and at least take a position in a consolidated form as
this hedges from buying into plays that are already broken out distributed and discounted and are
complete speculatory now where value of news is quickly being discounted in respect to increase of
If uptrend play, then buy for short term when acceleration of new high candle is formed that has
tested its lows but if it does not , then look to the daily for retracement and then consolidation on 4
hour or less to see next spike. LG.v with exposure in biggest marijuana farms in WA went up close
to 100 % missed out, I am assuming it will continue, but not necessary from book value
fundamental assessment or market share potential but technicals. Information arbitrage is rampant
and when it is released insiders have taken account. So due diligence to criteria is short available
and position sizing so to avg down within reasonable rebound range is prospectable in worse case
Is there a testing of resistance where second time there is a consolidated form as dekmar trades
shows. Just absolute monitoring of stocks even before alerts and having organisation in this fashion
is discipline and you are not affected by the craze of missing out, confusion from poppers left right
and centre and then trying to make up compensate for power loss by taking a bad position based on
reaction and emotion.

Affixiated and seduced on one stock, while not multi tasking best trade.

When your validation is only confirmed when chasing a stock rather than context and strategy.

When a down position in one stock affects your restraint, limitation, means and energy in evaluating
another. Firm position sizing is in order.
We tend to act on something, when we are disempowered and so a price shift simplifies this
confusion and compensates for the lack of clarity, organisation in stock information.
Need to constantly declutter and even write down basic tasks like watch list , alerts and identifying
ones with unusual behaviour.
2018 tips on stocks strategies
I.V and event scans.
Finviz low short high owner and volume scans.
High ask over bid scan buy imbalance means OBV is high. Tradingview shows possible tea
cup , volume absorption or accumulation and money flow, there is more bids on sells or asks. Has
incredible gap inflection to close to 1.5 and so at these levels close to support a no brainer. Has not
accelerated or broken out yet to be over extended in any manner. Spread was 300 percent up before
price or maybe call this I.V but good that it came down at open .otc tip reports and otc dynamic
gave the promotion to a niche that is established and storyline.IB manipulating price by half cent
when trading view, bloomberg show 0.04 not 0.035
in watch lists set price alerts and watch if there is consolidation and OBV divergence
Low to high shorts ib filters either insider institutional or pp signal

how glossy marketing, claims can blind the rationale person to see boring middle ground.
New converges with technicals, basing has the inflection news of positive and at resistance news
tends to press to negative in terms of general market and in particular block chains.
Excessive optimism in crypto had to be checked against regulation hurdle even though their was
plenty of fuel in tank for the industry, their will be interruptions in the technology that wants to
interrupt. Always contextualised road maps of cyrpto with
shorts will go where there is liquidity on risky stocks,it is easier said than done by position sizing
affordable amount to average down in case shorts beat it down another range is good so that you
can exit off the rebound in the new range.
Usually assessment of news stage can panic, whereby the worse implication is entertained with the
ardor of imminent crash of the whole money system, until reason rebounds and once the news clout
is assessed and clear skies come up, the pain turns into pleasure, hence the psychological rebound.

Heighhten awareness of gainers is to compell its own illusionary rules when it is a contrarian state
to short.
We tend and conditioned to look at stocks for the moment and negate them for something else new
or picked if it did not move. Interest in product promotion placement is little and especially good
undiscounted news since we are conditioned to focus on the short term rewards which unfortunately
stock market rewards but not without peering a little more into news and product potential in market
share. Shares utltimately are products of speculation where market makers continually manipulate
stock so it remains liquid and they can short a support zone so that by shaking out some, they can
aattain movement and liquidity in the stock without the event, holding a draw down is
psychologically essential. They want you to be shaken out so that when it is pumped, they have to
distribute shares at prices that permit bag holders with profit, but they want to profit.

Strategy mark technical alert with OBV and money flow and accumulation for day trade.

Hmpq steady bounces and holds affirmed nice pace to upside. But second day forgot to check daily
and did not feel right executing and it did anyway. Was over extended I bought on the 5 minute and
obviously on the daily.

Holding a drawdown resilience and fuck market maker stance to thesis failure and humility mental
stop loss.
An uptrend chart I would buy as the consolidation has legs and suggests a breakout imminent and
slow growth for the long term inferred. Numerous support basis and gap up
protext my 4000AUD win losing 32

-40% from huge win yesterday over 200% should have expected a ritual down turn bought at
0.0358 and then averaged down o.0254 and got out . It has the technicals but not the volume so this
determines graph. Nice bounce on low volume although ib presents 142 million volume, I believe
that actual participant rate is less. I averaged down on the area where it bounced off with velocity.
1 buy only heart beat steady ticker with good strong bounce rate
2 on discounted news and selling day from a big day wait for sell off
3 w ith position size can still make mistake
4 momentum plus channel average down. So the original pullback became support after price hit
pullback area after second rally and then third wave bounce again from this pullback support
provided the liquidity to work my average down cash. Slightly down spiral channel.

• 50% pull back is exhaustion but provides a believable support area and channel for
bounce , but bounce has no momentum and acceleration like a 15% retracement implying
speed to overtake high of the day. Target is middle range of down channel any sell off
[hypothesis] to support of quantrant channel is 2nd wave bounce
• low volume stocks best ISOL is accumulating on low volume, while HMPQ moved little on
146 million volume.
• 30% support zone
• If it doubles within a certain amount of time x and peaks , the immediate sell off point A will
be the potential next support if the next selloff hits that same support again -and holds the
square quantrant at 30% provides bouncy support 1
• buy under 30% good news and then wait for bounce after 60% general strategy/ anticipating
to average down. If average down does not work, factoring in market makers trying to shake
you, exit for a loss. But it should never be much.
• Careful the stock you choose since I missed other picks such as FUSZ cause busy getting
out of HMPQ which executed after I cancelled

• crypto re entry after hitting december 2017 high 30k now sold at 15k and am down to 8k.
Should have timed re entry with habit and cycle understanding. I am at the fuck them stage
not selling until hits target .defiance can be good but inflection to the gimmick or bluff can
be real that is when humility should kick in.

Ok i have spoken to numerous operators at IB. money was received 4.21 eastern standard
time 130AUD and was ample amount to cover subscriptions however IB took 4k as a liquid
event margin call to probably give short shares to insider. I had spoken to operator day
before and reassured me of the margin warning and i promptly put in money the next day
with due diligence. please submit this to the right department so resolution is made as
quick as possible.

A win is always mixed with some pain, that you could have made more. It is important to notice.

ARGS aggressive 3 average down points and still went to 1.80 and last average down was at 2.12
approx. got out with 1500 based on almost 18k position. It is preferrable to use less money to
average down three times and check volatility potential of stock, cash level and EPS and if it is a
bio tech it could have many indications or press events to spike and remain vivly impressionable
active support zones rather than oversold dead zones with no reactionary swings.
Their are price inflections or gap to fills where it has a potential to reach that resistance point
sometime in the future and can create a self fulfilling prophecy. Market share inflections seeing
competitor price and that it could match given the initial hype until dust settles that it is overblow as
a threat until regulation, events settle it to a position within the mix that is fair and valued and
without hype and without fear but efficiency of supposed market to create reversion to mean value
of stock..
cowardly rhythm is someone that won and now becomes overly complacent and when he losses he
becomes more confident and bets without concern, all or nothing feeling. So be objective even just
because you won yesterday, do not be shy to enter something we an incredible prospect.

Courage tenacity to hold draw downs and average down are necessary attributes to achieve at this

Scanning on giving basic ideas on basic criteria. Finding here technical and
fundamental confluence to buy signal of a stock in uptrend.
Need that anger resolve with courage and fed up focus. Otherwise ponder into wonderland on
yourtube at the bell

I find that APPS’s ratio of 2.1x is below its peer average of 4.8x, which suggests the
stock is undervalued compared to the software industry

Technology and its tools define the strategies available.

Behavioural analysis on the movie shorts speaks about the phenomena of people seduced into
thinking a established paradigm of up and up and begin to be complacent with the idea.
notice quandrants can provide target areas and illustrate momentum and true support areas where
psychlogically the first bounce after the break out is low risk high reward entry like a ball losing
momentum , then if it consolidated in the upper quandrant then target is below high again at quand
resistance. Notice the amount of times it bounced off the first bounce support area box and
resistance was exactly within the box resistance quandrants It breaks down the configuration of the
break out also interesting to find out bollinger and oscilator indicatorsa these vital points but price
action already infers and the totality of the move as 80% on his high is already suggestive of a good
enough news for a bouce. The result and reaction to news is sufficient to indicate a successful
bounce, their may be exceptions as I theorise this thesis, but it seems true for now.
FUSZ deal oracle the bounce I missed so far, but the price rhythm is stall and hold suspense. Their
is no volatility on the supposed 300k only force and veocity for the bounce is not can see on one minute many neutral yellow indecision trades in consolidation.

Setting entries or limit orders as conditions of entry to pre determined thesis of low risk oversold
day trade. With FUSZ there is little volatility so a limit order is set to adjust for lack of liquidity and
is the lowest support founded before rally.
Need a 3 average down strategy on key support levels that flush new bounces

example so 3000 each time if cached with 9000 and average down at nearest support range is
crucial with time because volatility is decaying so the third average down is literally to get out
in the week.
notice support area is old resistance point before break out is a good place to increment the
quandrant points up. 25-30% support is always a place of little risk and high reward given the
volatility an penchant for bounce momentum buyers

visual a range—only average down when there is a accelerated sell off which prompts oil drilling
new range otherwise averaging down within pre existing range creates more risk.
Be wary of slow down spiral with no bounces which is fishing for a level of buying action. Need a
bounce of at least 3 points twice.[untested.] hypothesis.

Accelerated pitches now at my entered level for ARGS wondering if a shake out or volatility for
upside. Prompted by end of candle base after gradual sell off. End of candle did not oil rig new
liquidty flush. Hourly candle closing above it low will signal a new volatile opportunity that inflects
the range of previous candle.

Gauge rule to average down –watch volatility as it can quickly dry up

candle bounce
when volatility is taken out, the support zone dramatically changes to the one before the rally and
even a little below since VWAP is changed

buying on the way up overbought and with risk. A trailing stop may be required unless of course
you average down. But to maximise position on a move a stop loss would ensure a strong thesis and
line drawn or mental stop loss.
Notice point of sweetness is 55 then 17% increase retracing 10% giving a sweet cushion of
inflection that is vividly relevant and will be tested confirming uptrend. Their is no sell off to
another reality being dormancy.

Intuition. For third average down cause alarm did not set off and platform closed as I slept.
Was it out of range rapid sell off to stake a level for new liquidity
Level 2 support levels eg ask price stronger and higher than bid
hourly trend trejectories or retracement levels are left unfulfilled and therefore may imply sell off to
potential hourly lower trendline range. So retracement could be 0.36 or 0.40
low liquidity or impending sell off. Is sell volume decreasing in patter narrangement is symmetry of
pullback in keeping with the high grade momentum and trend it has been producing thus far?
Do I did not average down third time since their was no significant breach or rapid moving
acceleratory breach of the retracement trendline so therefore the oversold inherent in rapid sell off
would create no liquid bounce event to justify average down so to capture execution zone
I could average down now on signal that it is the bottom of the range or retrace trendline but lack of
liquidity and weakness could mean rapid sell off trap and also average down is inefficient per units
capture while putting all bets down at these previous levels

fUSZ is derailing from its 45 degree trendline and is spiking which does not give confidence . May
have a little more until correction

Other concepts
on pullback
• healthy bounce volatility snapping into line –5 minute lanscape needs to show a wave then
gone flat.
• Beware of reversion to 22 degrees uptrend having no accleration or momentum but could be
in the dead pulp short squeeze non volatility zone where having an average price within pre
break out range is crucial
• a higher trough like FUSZ may indicate acceleration on uptrend especially if its pullback is
at the point above normal 45degree trendline perhaps stage before parabolic. If this reverted
to the predictable reversion pullback point like previous troughs in the uptrend cycle then it
may appear to be a sell off which is bounce play but uptrend not necessarily intact. So it is
proportional retracement with added acceleration.
• Stress can change the prism of reasoning making it primed for spontaaneous reasjustment,
example is learning technique in tennis when the coach gives u nice clean ball feeds but
when playing a match there is plenty of randomness lack of confluence, sporadic ball feeds
with varying spin and speeds and disguises which demands the greatest athletic zeal from a
person to adapt that dynamism inherent in technique through reading and varing stroke
according to circumstance.
• Simplicity includes the complex automatically and does not confuse but adds. Energy can be
focused eg. Thinking about simple insider with flat line stock. Low float.
• Complete anxiety and apprehension about outcome of an event. Perhaps intuitively we can
sense occurrence but not actual event. Child services completes my program, but when she
called I felt complete apprehension because my total experience of fear overwhelmed my
• averaging down needs to be proportional to beta value of the stock. No formula yet proposed
but quick down is bounce volatility to a new range and is average down op. If confident one
could add to a position on candle and price strength confirmation. But the worse to average
down is a death spiral stock slowly going down and indicating no bottom. If on day trade
and low float is the desired scenario entered initial position within 25 percent from its
original pre pumped support, then a retracement back into support is a nice buy in and any
drainage into short squeeze territory swamp with manipulated shorts below this is a buy
given a company like a biotech has a good cash position, plenty of inflections in the pipeline
and from a pure demand and supply point of view is oversold is especially important and so
given volatility history beta and nature of company to spike being a low floater, one can
expect a target of exit in a relatively safe range of engagement.
• Triangle pattern shows recent volatility and then suppression of price with accumulation
showing vivly valid and relevant wave from demand supply perspective. So it is true. That it
accords with both psychology and trade symmetry.
Signature for a pullback retracement. Problem is it no longer making higher highs and is closing
lower. May be playing a higher time frame

Strategy 13D otcmarkets penny bottom.

TNDM Tandem Diabetes Care Announces Pricing of $60 Million Underwritten Public Offering of
Common Stock... - end of dilution