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1. What is the organization in control of international civil aviation?

2. What is the organization in control of European civil aviation?
3. In control of civil aviation is AACR/RCAA
4. The private organization establishing aircraft maintenance basics is
ATA Air transport asociation(A4A Aviation for america)
5. ATA-100 is the numbering system for aircraft components
6. MSG (maintenancestearinggroup) is a committee to established design rules for maintenance
7. The true statement about MSG is all of the above!!! MSG1 MSG2 MSG3
8. The false statement about MSG1 is „ ???????? nu punem (The concept of hard time este
afirmația corecta dar întrebarea e greșită.)
9. The true statement about MSG2 is e non of the above
10. The true statement for MSG3 is none of theabove
11. The formal document upon aircraft maintenance is done is MP/S developed by the aircraft
12. The legal person to approve an Aircraft Maintenance Program by compentent Airworthiness
13. A competent authority to approve aircraft maintenence program represents the organization
that: Registered the aircraft
14. Aircraft maintenance program is regulated by PART M
15. Qualification and training of Aircraft Maintenance presonnel is regulated by part 66
16. Authorisation of training organisations for aircraftmaintenance Part 147
17. Certification of maintenance work is regulated by Part 145
18. What is the organisation not having regulations divided into PARTs? ICAO
19. What manual is approved by the airworthiness authority of a Type Certificate holder? SRM-
Structural Repair Manual
20. Dispatch deviation guide DDG does not allow the aircraft to fly with a missing structure part
from CDL
21. MEL allows an aircrafttoflywithdefects for a limited time, because:approvedType certificate
configuration must berestored
22. Levels 1,2,3, corrosion granted by Corrosion Prevention Control Program CPCP aim to
identify causes of corrosion on the princopal Structure Element
23. The Issue of e Certificate of ReturnTo Service (CRS) confirmsthat: a maintenance action of
any kind did not affect the airworthiness of the a/c.
24. Who determines when and what scheduled maintenance tasks are due to an aircraft-CAMO
25. Who is not allowed to issue CRS? CAMO
26. Airworthiness directives are issued by The aviationauthority of the state of registration for
theaircraftServicebulletins are issued by the aircraft manuf or component manufacturer
27. Service Buletines are issued by The aircraft manufacturer or component manufacturer
28. Which of these are mandatory provisions? Airworthiness directive
29. WhichMaintenance Program chapter does not remedy design errors?
Corrosion Prevention Control Program (CPCP)
30. What categ of Maintenace program inspection does not prevent fuel tank explosion?
Fuel Tank Sump FTS
31. Which statement on EASA Form One is not true? The certificate aknowledges proper
component installation and aircraft serviceability after new component installed.
32. Select aircraft maintenance inspections in their ascending order: ??
33. Select Aircraft maintenance inspections in their ascending ordered of complexity: GVI->,DVI-
>, SI->PFC
34. Where do you (not) find part 145 certifying staff categ c? a) aircraft line maintenance (AMO)
35. A stores release receipt for an aircraft spare part is: all above
36. What is the formal intrument to record flight hours and cycles consumption:
Onboardtechnicaljournal/ Jurnal Tehnic de Bord-orele de zbor si decolarile
37. The stored components ans sub-assemblies are: both of the above
38. How do you categ repairs to structure or components? Repairs peformed according to the
manuf’s instructions and manuals
39. How many defects may be reported in a sequence of Aircraft Tehnical Report? One defect
40. Hold Item list of deffered defects: a) provides inf that enables operation of the airplane in
accordance with MEL/CDL
41. THE DEFECTS discovered while performing scheduled maintenance inspections are
highlighed by issueing a : Non routine Card to AMO/MRO
42. One of the following statementsiscorrect: ATR containsthe certificate of release to service
last issued based maintenance organization approved Part 145 who performed work
43. When a critical Work (Critical task) type LEFT/RIGHT is performed by the same person,
following precautionary measures must be considered: b) work cards LEFT/RIGHT are
performed simultaneously
44. While to wing aircraft the following recommendation is true: The presence of a person on
board to assist wheel brakes operation
45. For component removed by the organiz: A component removed by qualified...
46. To Support applic for an internal certificate: 6 months once in 2 years:
47. TO qualify for a CAT A staff autoriz: Both
48. Who may praticipate to OJT? All above
49. The personnel conducting OJT must record the corresp section of „Aircraft Maintenance
Engineering Logs”..:at least50% ofrequiredtaskslist in appendix
50. The issue or renewal of an internal certifying authorization is subject to proof of following: all
answers are correct
51. A part 145 class C approved organization may have the capability: to change wheels, replace
tires, change batteries
52. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer LogBook allows owner of : c) both
53. Individual Toolbox should contain: c) both
54. In line maintenance are allowed the following activities: c) both
55. Select the correct set of license categ applicable to aricraft>5700 kg: A, B1, B2, C
56. Which of the following statements is true? B1 categ license includes categ A
57. Part M.G approved CAMO organization: Analyses Ads and SBs and decive which one should
be implemented.
58. An European design & production organization must be approved: part 21