Black America Today


Stretched Black Straddlers


Mostlv 18-34. this online. cell phone toting segment is the most stressed bv
straddling` the needs oí íamilv and work. Stressed about monev and a lack oí time.
thev are hea·v users oí Black 1V and websites and the most likelv to sav thev ha·e
been raciallv discriminated against in the past three months.


• Young Adults
- 80% are 18-34
• 6 in J0 are women
• Middle socioeconomics:
- Almost two-thirds 65°, ha·e ll incomes between >25->100K
- Almost three-quarters ¯2°, are emploved and the rest are students,
- O·er two-íiíths are suburban
• 56° have never been married
• 1hev are more likely than average to use the Web and magazines to get product
• Nearly half have been recently racially discriminated against (highest segment)
• 1hev are the segment most likely to:
- Sav thev act diííerentlv among Blacks than among other races

Life Attitudes
Highly Stressed:
More stressed than all other segments by:
Balancing íamilv and work
1heir job
Lack oí time
\orrving about the happiness and well-being oí their children
liguring out how to pav íor íurther education both íor selí and children,

Black America Today

Black Identity, Attitudes, and Lxperience
Only 23° (lowest for any segment) prefer to be described as ´African American¨
instead of ´Black¨ ÷ but 23° have no real preference
Most likely to say:
í act aitterevtty rbev í av avovg peopte ot otber etbvic grovp.
ßtac/ .tavg i. av ivportavt ray ot .tayivg covvectea to ßtac/ cvttvre
More likely than average to say:
ít i. ivportavt to ta/e aaravtage ot tbe opportvvitie. rov by preriov. geveratiov.
)be bi.tory ot .tarery i. a /ey ray iv rbicb ßtac/. are aitterevt tbav otber vivoritie.

1echnology and Activities
Most likelv to:
1, ha·e high speed Internet at home. 2, ha·e gotten it in the last vear. 3, ha·e onlv
a cell phone no landline,. 4, text message on a cell phone
More likelv than a·erage to need help: 1, íinding \eb sites that recognize and
appreciate their culture and heritage írom Yav/etoricb Mvtticvttvrat data,

Segment most interested in stvle in clothing and shoes
More likelv than a·erage and much more likelv than other. vounger segments, to
preíer brands respectíul oí their cultural background
Most likelv to sav thev will purchase a PDA in the next vear

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