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Activities Life circles Present perfect and Past simple rc >) Write down short answers to the following points in the circles below. Write your answers in any circle you ‘want, but not in the same order as the points. You do not have to answer every question, but try to answer at least ten. © the name of someone you've known for over ten years (but not a family member) © a film you've seen recently (either in the cinema or on TVivideo) © a place you went to on holiday when you were a child | @ a personal possession you've had for more than five years © the name of your best frierid when you were at primary school © a city or country you've been to that you didn’t like © something you got for Christmas last year © a place you've been to that's very beautiful © a job you've had in your life that you didn't like © a film you saw last year that you really enjoyed © something you've wanted to buy for a long time | © the name of someone you've talked to on the phone this week — — — / _FOLD, ee © Pearson Education Limited 2005 137