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No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result

1 M. Scaioni a,*1, P. Giommi b, M.T. Brunetti c, C. The ‘Moon The research project ‘Moon The core of ‘Moon The main aim is to Several Chinese
Carli d, P. Cerroni d, G. Cremonese e, G. Forlani Mapping’ Project To Mapping’ has been Mapping’ project is train new scholars to universities and Italian
f, P. Gamba g, M. Lavagna h,
Promote established in 2014 between represented by the be able to work on national research
M.T. Melis i, M. Massironi j, G. Ori k, F. Salese Cooperation
k, A. Zinzi b,l, G. Xie m, Z. Kang n, R. Shi o, Y. the Italian and Chinese central role of different kinds of institutes and
Between Students Of
Sun p, Y. Wu q Governments to promote undergraduate students remotely-sensed data universities have been
a Dept. of Architecture, Built environment Italy And China
cooperation and exchange who are expected carry collected over the officially involved in
and Construction engineering (ABC), between undergraduate out the research activity Moon surface by the this project. Six main
Politecnico di Milano students from both countries. under supervision of Chinese space research topics have
via Ponzio 31, 20133 Milano, Italy –
The operational phase of the senior researches from missions Chang’E-1/2. been identified: (1) map
b ASI Science Data Center, Italian Space
project started in early 2015, universities and other The project of the solar wind ion;
Agency (ASI-ASDC), Roma, Italy – and will end in 2017, for a institutions. coordination has been (2) geomorphological
{paolo.giommi,zinzi} total length of three years. Students are assigned to assigned to the Italian map of the Moon; (3)
c Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological specific Topics and Space Agency for the data preprocessing of
Protection – Italian National Research Sub-Topics of the Italian side and to the Chang’E-1 mission; (4)
Council (IRPI-CNR) project. Since there is a Center of Space map of element
via Madonna Alta, 126, 06128 Perugia, parallel structure Exploration, China distribution; (5)
Italy – involving both Italian Ministry of Education, establishment of 3D
d National Institute for Astrophysics,
and Chinese project for the Chinese side. digital visualization
Institute for Space Astrophysics and
members, also students system; and (6)
Planetology (INAF-IAPS)
via fosso del cavaliere, 00133 Roma, Italy have a direct compilation and
– counterpart working on publication of a tutorial
{cristian.carli,priscilla.cerroni} a related topic. This on joint lunar mapping.
e National Institute for Astrophysics, strict cooperation would
Astronomical Observatory of Padua like to give the chance
(INAF-OAPD), Padova, Italy to compare different approaches to the
f Dept. of Civil, Environmental, Land research work, and to
Management Engineering and Architecture improve the capability
(DICATeA), University of Parma
to accomplish scientific
Parco Area delle Scienze 181/A, 43124
Parma, Italy – investigations thanks to
g Dept. of Electrical, Computer and
the exchange of
Biomedical Engineering, University of ideas.On the other hand,
Pavia, via Ferrata 5, 27100 Pavia, Italy students have the chance to work together
h Dept. of Aerospace Science & with expert scholars in
Technology, Politecnico di Milano, via La the field of Moon
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
Masa 34, 20156 Milano, Italy exploration and planetary research, and
i Dept. of Chemical and Geological
can benefit from the
Sciences, University of Cagliari, via experience of the
Trentino 51, 09127 Cagliari, Italy
international network
j Dept. of Geosciences, University of Padua,
related to the MMP.
via G. Gradenigo 6, 35131 Padova, Italy – Besides students who directly attend to the
k IRSPS - Dept. of Engineering and research activity, some
Geology, Università d’Annunzio, dissemination actions
65127 Pescara, are planned during the
Italy{ggori,francesco} last year of the project.
l National Institute for Astrophysics,
In particular, the
Astronomical Observatory of Rome (INAF- organization of an
OAR), Roma, Italy
international summer
m Center of Space Exploration, China
Ministry of Education, Chongqing school on the
University, Chongqing, China processing techniques
n Dept. of Remote Sensing and Geo- remote sensing data on
Information Engineering, School of Land the Moon is scheduled.
Science and Technology This important activity
China University of Geosciences, Xueyuan will spread out the
Road 29, Haidian District, 100083 Beijing, knowledge achieved
China – during the MMP to a
o School of Geographic Sciences, East
larger scenario of young
China Normal University, Shanghai, China
scholars not only
p Department of Computer Science and
Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, limited to Italy and
China – China, but with the
q School of Geographic and Oceanographic chance to involve
Sciences, Nanjing University students from other
Xianlin Boulevard 163, Qixia District, countries as well.
Nanjing 210023, China –
2 Development of By the end of the 20th The BSEP is being The main GIS The geographic
Natalya Kotelnikova And Ludmila Geographic century cartography has implemented through components are information system,
Kildyushevskaya Information amassed a vast array of an interactive matrix of designed to perform ‘Black Sea’ is cited as
Systems and their information on major aspects national co-ordinators, the following an example. This is an
of existence, interaction and thematic regional functions: information-based
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
use in National the functioning of nature and activity centres and • data input; project compiled with a
Libraries of Russia society owing to vigorous focal point institutions • data storage and view to taking decisions
automation and targeting: emergency database management; on the protection of the
computerisation. response, routine • data analysis and resources of the basin of
pollution monitoring, processing; the Black Sea.
special monitoring, • interaction with the The Black Sea GIS was
biodiversity protection, user (graphical/map developed for use by
coastal zone editing); and governments, scientists,
management, • data output and the general public,
environmental presentation (plotting). NGOs and the media
legislation and for the following
economic data purposes:
management and GIS, • planning for marine
and fisheries. A Project environment activities
Co-ordination Unit and impacts on a
(PCU), based in regional scale;
Istanbul, conducts the • public awareness
overall programme co- through training,
ordination. education, workshops,
In 1994 the PCU lectures and media;
established the working • scientific analysis,
party on Data modelling, ecological
Management and GIS impact assessment,
(GISWP) in order to science planning.
ensure a region-wide
compatibility in the
generation and
management of
databases and to
promote data exchange.
The working party
includes at least one
expert (contact person)
from each of the Black
Sea countries, together
with additional external
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
expertise where
appropriate. The
working party pays
particular attention to
GIS as a means to
communicate data to
managers, decision-
makers and the general
It was agreed that all
existing maps, which
will be collected by the
GISWP, should be
digitised at Moscow
State University
(MSU), Department of
Cartography and
Geoinformatics. The
MSU was also
responsible for the
distribution of special
GIS software to the
participants in the
project as well as for the
organisation of relevant
training workshops.
3 Waleed Lagrab, Noura AKNIN Analysis Of Since the establishment the Educational services is This study analyzes the One of the most
Educational schools and kindergartens in one of the most spatial distribution of important finding, that
Services the study area over the past important public kindergarten facilities most of the
Distribution-Based years, which mostly focus on services that must be in the study area based Kindergarten was
Geographic hustle and paralyzed traffic in provided to members of on the Geographic established in Mukalla
Information many themes and main any locality, as the Information Systems city, did not take into
System (GIS) streets, due to lack of education sector of the (GIS), in order to test account the criteria that
geographical distribution of most associated with an efficiency of GIS set by the authorities.
kindergarten, and some the construction of the technology to Furthermore, almost
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
populated areas there was not future and the redistribute the district suffers from a
enough kindergarten to achievement of the existing kindergarten shortage in the number
accommodate the growing renaissance and overall and choose the best of kindergarten, and
number of population, and development sectors, location in the future pattern of distribution
the kindergarten did not take because of its direct and applying the of those kindergartens
into account the criteria and links to political reality standard criteria for dominated by spatial
requirements for and the economic social selecting the suitable dispersed.
kindergarten construction, and cultural sectors, so locations for
especially new one. So, must governments are kindergarten. To
apply the ―principle of striving to provide achieve this goal, the
equality‖ in the distribution of educational institutions data and information
educational services in order of all levels are collected via
to reach all residents in urban (kindergartens, interviews and
and rural areas, and be far kindergarten, comprehensive
from roads and industries universities) in order to statistics on the
risk. accelerate progress and education facilities in
prosperity, where the Mukalla districts in
Progress and people’s YEMEN, which
development are contributed to building
measured by available a geographic database
services to the for the study area.
population, but not the After that, the
amount of these Kindergarten spatial
services only, but the patterns are analyzed
quality of these services in terms of proximity
and their conformity to each other and used
with international near some other land in
standard and the surrounding area
Specifications in the such as: streets,
planning. The planning highways, factories,
and distribution etc. Also, measures the
depends on several concentration,
criteria like: the dispersion, clustering
distance, population and distribution
and other land use. Also direction for the
taking into account the kindergarten, this
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
urban expansion in study showed the
those areas and effectiveness of the
assessment of needs the GIS for spatial data
future population in analysis
respect of educational
services. Spatial
resolution problems
usually involve a wide
range of possible
alternatives and
multiple, conflicting
and equal evaluation
4 Tee-Ann Teoa,*, Hsien-Ming Wub, The Analysis Of With the development of Many geomatics Apps These numbers were In this study, the
Tian-Yuan Shihc, Fuan Tsaid Smartphone Apps technology, a smartphone in use the built-in sensors classified into four smartphone Apps in
aDept. of Civil Engineering, National In Geomatics this present era is not simply of smartphones to categories. Figure 6 geomatics education
Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Education for communication; several measure distances, shows the average were briefly introduced.
Taiwan 30010 - low cost measurement angles, areas, three- downloads for each This study also created
b Dept. of Civil Engineering, National devices such as Global dimensional category. The results a webpage to collect
Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Positioning System (GPS), coordinates and others. indicated that the GPS these geomatics related
Taiwan 30010 - gyro and camera are It can also link to a web category is the most Apps. Figure 8 shows
c Dept. of Civil Engineering, National assembled in a smartphone. map for data editing as widely used and the the screenshot of the
Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Although the devices well as navigation. average of downloads webpage. Considering
Taiwan 30010 - assembled in a smartphone Although the is about 20,000. The that the popularity and could not meet the needs of measurement accuracy photogrammetry and convenience of a
d Center for Space and Remote Sensing accuracy requirement for of the devices remote sensing is smartphone, and
Research, National Central University, many geomatics assembled in a relatively less assuming that the
Taoyuan, Taiwan 32001 - applications, millions of smartphone is not as downloaded when accuracy of those mobile applications (Apps) good as professional compared to others. collected data is
can be downloaded and equipment, it can be This means, most acceptable for learning
installed from Google Play used to collect and people know about purpose, a smartphone
and Apple Store freely, and a roughly estimate the GPS Apps than can be employed in
variety of sensors can be information. In this photogrammetry and geomatics for hand-on
chosen for user. Considering study, the accuracy of a remote sensing Apps. education. The
that the popularity and smartphone’s sensors is advantage of using
convenience of a not the major concern. Apps in education is to
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
smartphone, and assuming The major have hand-on
that the accuracy of those consideration is experience anytime and
collected data is acceptable utilizing the smartphone anyplace
for learning purposes, it is as a mobile mapping independently.
expected that a smartphone device in geomatics Moreover, when
can be employed in education. combining various
geomatics for hand-on sensors and Apps in
education. For example, Category : geomatics education,
Vespucci OSM Editor is an Surveying: To use the there is a great potential
App to edit the
sensors of a smartphone for connecting different
OpenStreetMap on Android. in angle, distance, subjects in a geomatics
The user may have the hand-
height and area education.
on experience on GPS measurements.
positioning, web services and
GPS: To employ the
mapping via Vespucci OSM GPS sensors in
Editor. The aim of this paper
satellites distributions
is to collect and analyze and obtain locations in a
different Apps for geomatics
geographic coordinate
education. The Apps are system (or in
classified into four
geographic coordinate
categories, namely,
surveying, remote sensing,GIS: To provide web-
GPS and Geographic
GIS services, map
Information System (GIS). updating, and,
combined with GPS to
offer navigation or
Photogrammetry and
remote sensing: To
combine the camera and
GPS/IMU for images
mosaicking and
applications of close-
range photogrammetry.
5 Ligaya Leah Figueroaa,c* , Samsung Spatial analysis to This paper addresses the In the theoretical model Since the authors’ goal Since the spatial
Lima and Jihyun Leeb identify disparities issues that affect school of physical facilities is to identify spatial analysis result shows
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
aSchool of Civil and Environmental in Philippine building conditions as a case
and student outcomes, clustering in the data, that the school building
Engineering, University of New South public school study of the Philippines.Cash (1993) formalized the regression models requirements are
Wales, Sydney, NSW, facilities Geographic information
that financial that were employed as largely unmet, some
Australia; bSchool of Education, systems were utilized to allocations for a method to predict recommendations are
University of New South Wales, investigate the allocation of
education, school variable relationships proposed so that they
Sydney, NSW, Australia; public school resources and
leadership and are not appropriate. can be implemented by
cDepartment of Computer Science, the extent of disparity in
personnel maintenance Moreover, the the government in order
University of the Philippines Diliman, education facilities among 75
impact the quality of techniques utilized in to improve the school
Quezon City, Philippines Philippine provinces school buildings in the previous studies facilities and mitigate
2012 Philadelphia, only permitted the the existing disparities
Pennsylvania, USA. In analysis and among the four clusters
addition, Tan, Lane, and visualization of cluster of the Philippines.
Coustere (1997) characteristics one
demonstrated that variable at a time
characteristics also
affect school
environments in their
econometric model of
student achievement in
the Philippines. Aside
from extending the
work of Alba (2010a)
and Lanzona (2012), the
present study is also
intended to enhance the
model of Cash (1993)
and explore the model
of Tan et al. (1997) by
identifying additional
elements that affect
school building
6 Bob Kolvoord Integrating In United States secondary The concept of the Through a The Geospatial
Didáctica Geográfica nº 13, 2012, pp. 57 Geospatial schools, students in their Geospatial Semester is methodology for Semester is finishing its
- 67 Technologies And final year, and especially in simple. We work with project-based learning, 8th year. More than
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
ISSN: 0210-492X Secondary Student their final term, are often not secondary schools to students are motivated 2,000 students in
2012, Projects: The engaged and focused on their provide a term- or year- and involved in schools around Virginia
Geospatial schoolwork. They have long class in which conducting research have participated in the
Semester completed college admission students learn about and using geographic project and the large
applications and tests and develop skills with information systems majority of them have
have little at stake in their different geospatial and analyze, and even earned university credit
academic performance. They technologies, including propose solutions, for the experience.
are beset by a curriculum that GIS, GPS and remote different processes, Students have
focuses on high-stakes sensing, and in which problems or issues demonstrated that they
testing at the expense of more they engage in an spatial in nature. can master
inquiry-based learning, extended locally-based professional-grade GIS
which could lead to more project to apply those software and use it to
engaging higher-order skills in answering explore locally-based
thinking and problem- spatial questions of projects of interest.
solving. Teachers report interest. The class is Students remain
challenges in motivating taught by the secondary engaged throughout
these students and they often school teacher, with their final year of
come to university unready to regular technical secondary school and
engage with more support and mentoring are introduced to
challenging content from university faculty. content and career paths
In 2004, then Governor of the Students both earn high not ordinarily available
Commonwealth of Virginia, school credit and have to them. Participating
Mark Warner, recognized the option (upon teachers report being
some of the challenges payment of a tuition energized by the
mentioned above, and fee) to earn university experience and are able
suggested some possible credit. The tuition is to bring project-based
solutions, focusing attention considerably learning opportunities
on the problem. While he discounted (70% to students in the midst
placed a focus on Advanced reduction) from the of a mania for high-
Placement (AP) coursework, standard rate. stakes testing.
this attention provided an
opening for us to propose a
very different sort of
opportunity, the Geospatial
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
7 Ilona Pajtók-Tari, János Mika1, Zoltán Satellite The future teacher of Satellite technology is This paper surveys the For teaching climate
Utasi. Observations For geography has to know about based on key statements of the change in any school
1 Department of Geography, Eszterházy Károly Education Of everything which is related to electromagnetic IPCC (2007) Report subject, satellite images
College, Eger, Hungary. E-mail:, Climate Change his or her profession in the radiation observations. based mainly on the always bear the,
2 Hungarian Meteorological Service, Budapest,
real life. This is especially The use of remote satellite-borne advantage of undoubted
Hungary. E-mail: true for the devices where sensing techniques from observations to fidelity. Both the
either the factual knowledge space is advantageous, support teaching primary products and
or the interdisciplinary since this is the only climate change and composites are
relations can well be way to observe a wide geography by using the straightforward tools to
emphasized. From both range of geophysical potential of this understand weather.
points of view the satellite parameters on a global technology. In the Though the above
imagery and processing is scale to acceptable Introduction we briefly illustrated possibilities
such a tool. Since this device accuracy in a consistent specify the potential required far more
reveals figuratively the tiny and repeatable manner and the constraints of elaborations than that in
details of the surface to us. (Silvestrin, 2010). remote sensing. case if a single image or
Faculty of Natural Sciences Detection of changes in Next the key climate a moving series of
of Eszterházy Károly College the climate system is a variables for indicating them, the satellite
uses the satellite images of rather difficult and the changes are images are of high
EUMETSAT during 3 years long-term task of the surveyed. Snow and confidence among the
for educational and scientific satellite based remote sea-ice changes are public (students or
purposes starting in autumn sensing. The key displayed as examples pupils). Hence, the
of 2010. Running a little bit problems are the limited for these applications. above indicators of
ahead in time let us be accuracy of the Testing the climate climate change and its
playing about with the observations, i.e. the models is a two-sided research by climate
thought that this imaginary non-random, systematic task involving modelling can
right is available as physical error, or bias, that satellites, as well. effectively be applied to
reality for us already. defines the offset Validation of the illustrate the statements
between the measured ability of of contemporary
value and the true one. reconstructing the climate science.
There is also the limited present climate is the
precision of each one side of the coin,
observation, i.e. its whereas sensitivity of
random errors. Suitable the climate system is
averaging of the another key task,
random errors can leading to
improve the precision consequences on the
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
of the measurement, so reality of the projected
this problem is not a changes.
strict obstacle of the
long-term observations.
But, the limited
stability, i.e. the time
varying accuracy, when
no absolute standard is
available can lead to
systematic error as a
function of time.
Finally, the
representativity might
also be a constraint
though a good sampling
strategy can mitigate
this problem (Doherty,
8 Deren Li, Jianya Gong, Peng Yue Geoinformatics Geoinformatics education The basic requirements The paper will give an The paper gives an
State Key Laboratory of Information Education In China has progressed significantly for graduate students overview of the current overview of the current
Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and in recent decades in China. include literacy, status of education in status of
Remote Sensing (LIESMARS), For example, more than two professional skills, Geoinformatics in Geoinformatics
Wuhan University, 129 Luoyu Road, hundred universities have knowledge structure, China. First, the paper education in China, and
Wuhan, 430079, China academic programs on academic capabilities, will provide a general review the work having
Email: Geographical Information thesis writing, and review of the scientific been done by expert
Science (GIS), and about dissertation and technological group on Surveying and
10,000 students graduate defence.The literacy development of Mapping.
each year with degrees in section requires that the Geoinformatics in The expert group has
GIS.China’s education graduate students have China. It then presents made significant
system groups disciplines capabilities to read how the development progress in
into a three-level catalogue. professional literature affects the education Geoinformatics
At the first level, smoothly and write and training in China. education in the last few
Geoinformatics covers both academic articles. The In the paper, years. Geoinformatics
Science and Engineering professional skills universities and in China has become
disciplines in China (Figure indicate that the institutes in China that the pervasive
1). In the category of Science, graduate students are can award academic technology for
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
Geography, in particular its capable of doing degrees related to country’s economic
sub-discipline GIS, is the Geoinformatics related Geoinformatics will be progress and
major body contributing to technical works summarized industrialisation.
Geoinformatics education. In Consequently, the
the category of Engineering, education and training
Surveying and Mapping system in
discipline, contributes to Geoinformatics can
education in Geoinformatics. play an active role in the
The Surveying and Mapping development of
is further classified into two Geoinformatics
sub-disciplines at the third industry. Furthermore,
level of the discipline there is still a long way
catalogue: Geomatics to go to improve the
Engineering, and Remote Geoinformatics
Sensing Science and education to a higher
Technology. These level
disciplines reflect the
undergraduate education in
Geoinformatics in China
9 J. Jeziorska a - a University of Wroclaw, Unmanned Aerial Spatial information plays a Teaching materials - Block unit 1: This newly introduced
Institute of Geography and Regional Vehicle – A Tool crucial role in modern The course requires a Introduction to the course will give future
Development, Department of For Acquiring society. The Unmanned variety of teaching subject and the geographers an
Geoinformatics and Cartography, Spatial Data For Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which materials. Although the principles of opportunity to master
Wrocław, Poland Research And is defined as a vehicle flying developed curriculum Unmanned Aerial the skills of acquiring
( Commercial in the air with no person on doesn’t require a Systems. spatial data using an
2014 Purposes. New board with the capability of specific model of UAV - Block unit 2: Flight innovative tool – an
Course In The controlling the aircraft or software, the preparation – Unmanned Aerial
Geography And (Eisenbeiss, 2009) is a tool teaching process theoretical Vehicle. Reaching this
Cartography for spatial data acquisition described in this approach. goal requires that
Curriculum In with great potential for publication is based on - Block unit 3: Flight students learn how to
Higher Education science and economics. the features and preparation – use critical thinking and
Hence the ability to operate a materials available at practical approach practical application of
UAV is a desirable skill in the University of - Block unit 4: Flight knowledge to make
the job market and in the Wroclaw. (Field Excursion) well‐reasoned decisions
world of science. There is no Teaching methods and to solve research
doubt that students should and business problems.
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
learn how to use them The teaching methods - Block unit 5: This will allow them
efficiently. Many educational used represent a modern Processing flight not only to extend their
facilities conduct research approach to the data research skills but also
using UAVs, but yet only few education process: - Block unit 6: to enhance their
of them include courses in the learning through Interpretation of competitiveness in the
curriculum that enable practice. The role of the results job market. Developing
students to learn how to teacher in the whole relevant courses in
operate the UAV. So far the process is as a guide or areas that foster such
opportunity to study design, tutor rather than as a academic and
construction, and UAV knowledge provider. professional
operation has been limited to This approach will development is an
engineering schools, and the prepare students for important objective for
need for educating future independent critical universities today.
geographers, cartographers thinking, presenting
and spatial planners in how to their own ideas in front
use UAV technology for of the group and
research and commercial defending their point of
purposes seems to be view, and finally taking
neglected. responsibility for their
own decisions. Thus the
course objectives
include not only gaining
knowledge, but also
developing social skills
10 C.-K. Wang Department of Geomatics, Use Of Openly With the advent of Google Google Earth As the goal of the term This paper reports the
National Cheng Kung University, Available Satellite Earth (Google, 2011a), The Google Earth is project is to encourage use of openly available
Tainan, 701, Images For Google Maps (Google, highly acceptable by students to be exposed satellite imagery in an
Taiwan Remote Sensing 2011b), and Microsoft Bing students due to its to as many satellite introductory-level
2014 Education Maps (Microsoft, 2011), high intergraded interface, images as possible, remote sensing course
resolution satellite imagery which eliminates the assigning one in the Department of
are becoming more easily hassle of querying, particular software Geomatics of National
accessible than ever. More accessing, would implicitly limit Cheng Kung University
importantly, these software downloading, and this opportunity. So, as a term project. From
or web services are effective displaying images. The the following software the experience learned
and efficient interfaces to imagery provided is introduced to from the fall of 2009
provide integrated digital through Google Earth mitigate the hassles of and 2010, it shows that
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
environment for querying, can be recognized in the data pre-processing this term project has
downloading, and displaying interface, such as time (colour balancing and effectively aroused the
openly available satellite of acquisition and georectification). And, students’ enthusiastic
imagery on any PC with image source (usually the students are highly toward Remote
internet connection. Prior to the image distributor). encouraged to acquire Sensing.
any formal remote sensing However, it lacks more openly available
education, the college detailed information, satellite imagery from
students may already have such as sensor name, elsewhere
wealth experiences using resolution, whether or
these software and web not the image has been
services, mainly due to their pan-sharpened, etc.
popular functions (such as
route planning) and friendly
GUI design. NASA World Wind
NASA World Wind
(Kim, 2006) is similar
to Google Earth, but the
data provide through it
are mainly Landsat and
MODIS imagery. It
also provides historical
images function to
access the imagery
archive. However, it is
found that the
bandwidth of NASA
World Wind has caused
significant delay of
image transfer. Thus,
this software is rarely
used by students
11 Tino Johansson GIS in Teacher Geographical Information The Pedagogical The method of this The Finnish universities
Department of Geography Education – Systems (GIS) have not yet Potentials of GIS in paper is kualitatif will therefore face new
P.O.Box 64 Facilitating GIS been widely introduced to Secondary School method with interview challenges in
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Applications in secondary school geography Geography studi and Likert scale reconstructing their
Finland education in Finland. degree requirements for
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
2012 Secondary School However, in the outline of the The recent emphasis on geography teachers in
Geography new national curriculum for pedagogy focuses on a the future. GIS
upper secondary schools, shift from a behaviorist applications may help
GIS is incorporated into the to a constructivist teachers to facilitate the
elective, advanced approach in learning. implementation of
geography course. The Problem-Based constructivist and
Finnish universities will Learning (PBL) and inquiry-based learning
therefore face new Inquiry- Based learning environments at
challenges in reconstructing are instructional secondary schools.
their degree requirements for methods, which are Despite its potentials,
geography teachers in the based on many secondary
future constructivism and are schools in Finland still
challenging the lack the resources and
customary methods know-how required to
used in secondary use GIS in education.
schools. Students’ roles This paper shows the
are changing from findings of a
passive recipients of questionnaire survey
geographical focusing on in-service
information to active geography teachers at
members of an upper secondary
interacting group, schools in Finland.
which processes and
interprets geographical
information on
realworld issues and
collectively builds up
knowledge through
inquiry and reflection.
Similarly, teachers’
roles are changing too.

12 Thomas R. Baker Internet-Based In the last decade, the use of A formative review of The method of this The use of Internet-
The University of Kansas GIS Mapping in geographic information K-12 GIS training paper is kualitatif based GIS can provide a
2005 Support of K-12 systems (GIS) in K-12 workshops in the method with study of powerful method for
Education classrooms has grown very United States during literature collecting, exploring,
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
little (Donaldson 2000; 2002 revealed that a and analyzing
Kerski 2000). Of the high proportion of GIS geographic and
approximately 1,900 U.S. teacher-training scientific data. Using
high school classrooms that workshops exceeded Internet-based tools as a
have a desktop GIS, less than forty hours and focused first exposure to GIS,
15 percent report ever using it on the development of many educators will
for instructional desktop GIS skills find the value of this
purposesInternet-based (KanGIS 2002). For technology for
mapping provides a powerful widespread K-12 extending student
alternative for successfully adoption of computer- inquiries and will seek
establishingGIStechnology based mapping, the increasingly more
in the K-12 education required commitment advanced GIS
community, while of time and resources is solutions.
simultaneously avoiding the simply unacceptable
traditional barriers associated (Gatrell 2001).
with desktop GIS.
Internet-based GIS can
support standards-based
inquiry methods of teaching
and learning while providing
basic analysis tools for
studying and exploring
geographic or scientific data
in the classroom.
13 Z. L. Yang a, *, J. Cao a, K. Hu a, Z. P. Developing A With the advancement of Geospatial information (1) GIRs registration Results show that
Gui b, H. Y. Wu a, L. You c Cloud-Based sensors and information sharing and geoprocessi and multi-view query GeoSquare can
a The State Key Laboratory of Online Geospatial technologies, numerous g, which can promote functions allow users integrate and foster
Information Engineering in Surveying, Information GIRs, including geodata, the on-demand instant to publish and discover collaboration between
Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan Sharing algorithms, applications and transformation of GIRs more effectively. dispersed GIRs,
University, models, are now available geodata into knowledge (2) Online computing resources
Wuhan, China – (yangzelong, online for public use. Experts in the web geoprocessing and and people.
caojun1212, hukai, from other disciplinary can environment, have real-time execution Subsequently,
wuhuayi) use it to conduct attracted attention. As a status checking help educators and
b School of Remote Sensing and experiments. However, result, there are many users process data and researchers can share
Information Engineering, Wuhan traditional geographical GIRs published online conduct analysis and exchange resources
information system is as web services which without pre-
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
University, Wuhan, China – cumbersome and expensive. can be used for installation of in an efficient and Web geoprocessing based on collaborative education cumbersome harmonious way.
c Faculty of Computer Science and service collaboration has and research in cross- professional tools on
Information Engineering, Hubei been receiving increased domain their own machines
University, Wuhan, China – attention for geoscientific (3) A service chain knowledge discovery. orchestration function
2016 Therefore, this article enables domain
proposes to develop a cloud- experts to contribute
based online geospatial and share their domain
information sharing and knowledge with
geoprocessing platform to community members
facilitate collaborative through workflow
education and research. modeling.
(4) User inventory
management allows
registered users to
collect and manage
their own GIRs,
monitor their
execution status, and
track their own
14 S. Agrawal a*, R. D. Gupta b, a School Mapping GIS is a collection of tools Type School mapping Village Boundary The present paper
a GIS Cell, Motilal Nehru National And Geospatial and techniques that works on is an important part of Map illustrates how the GIS
Institute of Technology, Allahabad - Analysis Of The the geospatial data and is web GIS in education Village map of Jasra can be used in accessing
211004, U.P., India - Schools In Jasra used in the analysis and sector. According to block has been taken the current state of Development decision making. Education (Al-hanbali et al., from National education and also in
b Civil Engineering Department, Block Of India is an inherent part of any civil 2005), "School Information Center locating the probable
Motilal Nehru National Institute of society. Proper educational mapping is the art and (NIC), Government of places of concern in the
Technology, Allahabad -211004, U.P., facilities generate the high science of building India. It is used for the study area. The various
India - quality human resource for geospatial databases extraction of village analyses have been
any nation. Therefore, with relational boundary map through carried out on the
government needs an databases of georeferencing and on- mapped schools. The
efficient system that can help educational, screen digitization. possible concerns have
in analysing the current state demographic, social Total 114 village been raised along with
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
of education and its progress. and economic boundaries have been each type of analysis.
Government also needs a information for schools digitized. These issues need to be
system that can support in and educational GPS field survey tackled for better
decision making and policy directorates to support The location of each education system. This
framing. GIS can serve the educational planners school of Jasra block paper provides the
mentioned requirements not and decision makers." has been collected framework of the
only for government but also Hence web GIS works using the hand held application of GIS in
for the general public. In as the visualization tool GPS. Trimble Juno 3B the education field, in
order to meet the standards of and also help in handheld GPS with 2-5 particular, school
human development, it is planning and decision meter real time mapping and their
necessary for the government making. It could be accuracy has been used geospatial analysis
and decision makers to have used in the for this purpose. required for the success
a close watch on the existing infrastructure Attribute Data of Right to Education
education policy and its development and Collection (RTE) and Sarv Sikha
implementation condition. upgradation of schools Education data like Abhiyaan (SSA)
by combining several number of schools, programmes of
indicators (Attfield et student enrolment, Government of India.
al., 2002). It provides gender and caste wise
the tools and techniques enrolment, number of
that handle the teachers, examination
education from results of previous
geographic perspective academic session,
(Mendelsohn, 1996). classrooms condition,
repair needs, etc. have
been collected from
District Information
System for Education
(DISE), New Delhi,
India. This data served
as the attribute data in
the geographic
15 Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat ATEŞ Geography The aim of geography In the study, general According to the The study revealed that
Department of Geography, Namık Teachers’ teaching for an individual can survey model was used findings of the the teachers found GIS
Kemal University, Tekirdağ, Turkey Perspectives be summarized as the and the questionnaire research In terms of considerably useful in
2013 towards understanding of life with all was used as data educational primary education due
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
Geography its constituents. The students’ gathering tool. In the institutions’ physical to its ability to enable
Education with learning of the features of our analysis of the data, facilities, nearly half of students to learn
Geographic world, human systems for descriptive statistics the institutions have visually, improve their
Information their needs, realizing their along with t test and one computer labs and only map skills, and promote
Systems (GIS) limitations and the width of way analysis of a few of them (22%) retention. However, the
universe, meeting their needs variance (ANOVA) and have GIS software. A teachers also mentioned
with sustainable sources and Chi-square tests were majority of the several potential
living in a happy and used. research teachers have problems, including
prosperous atmosphere can heard about GIS before their own shortcomings
be possible with geography but only 32% of them in using both computers
knowledge. The role of are able to use and and GIS, the lack of
geography education is so 25% of them use it in time allotted for such
significant in terms of society their geography activities, students’
and the country. Students courses. Among the inadequate computer
have the chance to learn the research teachers’ skills, and the level of
necessity to live together, students, only 19% of difficulty of GIS since it
providing social solidarity them use GIS or its has been found to be
and the reasons why social applications in their rather difficult for the
development is so crucial in a projects or students. A number of
society through geography assignments. solutions to these
education. Geography According to the problems have been
education also gives students findings, 27% of the proposed in the study.
the conscious of social, research teachers
financial and cultural participated in an
improvement of a country by educational activity
getting the knowledge of towards GIS and 48%
individuals’ and societal of them stated that they
problems and the skills to know where to take
find out solutions to the GIS education. A very
problems. significant point is that
The purpose of this research a majority of the
is to put forth a total of 104 geography teachers
geography teachers’ stated that they would
perspectives towards the use participate in
and applications of GIS educational activities
related to GIS
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
through a questionnaire organized by the
throughout Turkey National Educational
16 Elif ALADAĞa An Evaluation of The aim of this study is to GIS is also an important The data were
Adnan Menderes University Geographic evaluate the applicability of tool for aiding students collected using
2014 Information Geographic Information to gain geographical qualitative research
Systems in Social Systems (GIS), used consciousness, which methods. The
Studies Lessons: increasingly in primary and can be defined as interview method was
Teachers’ Views* secondary education across willingly having, used to gather
the world, in social studies protecting, using, information on the
lessons in Turkey. In line organizing, planning, applicability of GIS in
with this aim, 14 social and saving nature and primary education.
studies teachers working in elements belonging to Prior to the interview,
the province of Aydın, humans (Karabağ & a 6-hour training
Turkey received a 6-hour Şahin, 2007). GIS helps session on
training course about GIS students to realize Geographical
during the 2011-2012 natural and human Information Systems
academic year. The training elements. Moreover, was given. The
covered theoretical planning and analyzing training provided
information on GIS, a the data regarding these theoretical information
demonstration of ArcGIS elements makes on GIS and the
9.2— a GIS software widely decision-making easier. demonstration of
used in the world, and the ArcGIS 9.2, the
presentation of GIS-based world’s most widely
teaching materials prepared used GIS software.
by the researcher prepared in With this software,
accordace with the Turkish sample lessons
national social studies prepared by the
curriculum for primary researcher in
schools. accordance to the
social studies
curriculum in primary
education were
introduced to the
teachers. At the end of
the study, an interview
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
was conducted to
determine the
teachers’ views on the
applicability of GIS in
social studies lessons
in primary education
17 Mohammad A. Rob Applications of Geographical Information Asthma has become a To understand asthma Preliminary results
University of Houston-Clear Lake, Geographical Systems (GIS) are becoming public health concern, prevalence in a show good correlation
Houston, Texas, USA Information useful tools in making especially among localized area, a between asthma and
2003 Systems in strategic decisions whenever children in the United survey was performed poverty. They also
Understanding data are found to have spatial States (American Lung on students in several correlate well with the
Spatial distribution. Federal, state, Association, 2002; middle and high spatial distribution of
Distribution of and local governments are CDPH, 2000; Lara et schools of the New asthma hospitalization
Asthma using GIS for assessment and al., 2002; Mann, 2000). York City area data. Results reveal an
planning in such areas as More than 20 million (Institute on Climate overall asthma
housing, healthcare, land use, Americans have asthma and Planets, 2002). prevalence of ~ 16% as
natural resources, and about 5000 people The project started in compared to the
environmental monitoring die from asthma each spring 2000 and national average of ~
and transportation. year. African continued for several 12% for a similar age
Companies are also using it Americans (Blacks) are semesters. In the group (5-17 years).
to expand and consolidate more susceptible to questionnaire, students When comparing
existing businesses, perform death from the disease were asked about their asthma rates among the
market analysis, and to find than Caucasians age, gender, race, predominant racial
optimum delivery routes. In (Whites), and females school and home zip groups of the city –
this paper, we illustrate the are more predisposed to codes, as well as Blacks and Hispanics
usefulness of GIS in the asthma than are males whether they had are found to have a
analysis and presentation of among all age groups. asthma or not higher prevalence than
spatially distributed asthma Low-income and according to their Whites or Asians. The
prevalence among school minority populations, belief. Details of the inner-city population
children (13-17 years) in the as well as children in data formats can be shows a significantly
New York City area. To the general have higher found in the project higher asthma
best of our knowledge, this is rates of asthma in Web site, prevalence than those in
the first presentation of comparison to other the suburbs. This study
asthma survey results groups. /research/urbanmaap/ shows our
distributed over the zip codes asthma.html . A total understanding of
of a large city. of approximately 4300 asthma prevalence in a
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
students aged 13 dimension that could
through 17 were not have been possible
surveyed. ArcView 8.1 prior to the availability
was used to plot spatial of GIS. The results will
distribution of data help us making further
over the New York decisions in planning
City zip codes. In the for asthma research.
study, a shapefile
containing U.S. zip
code boundaries was
downloaded from the
Web and only zip
codes in the New York
City area were used in
the maps.
18 MARSHA ALIBRANDI Making a Place for In our experimentation, each Social studies teacher Both authors are We navigate the
University of North Carolina Technology in of us has learned certain education faculty involved in the dangerous divide across
JEAN PALMER-MOLONEY Teacher Education lessons, and each has tried to members who research and the 'love/hate'
SUNY Oneonta with Geographic inform her practice effectively integrate development of social relationship between
2001 Information accordingly. Both university- technology in methods studies education in education and
Systems (GIS) based and community-based courses provide such a landscape. At innovation. Social
nodes have important roles students opportunities this point, there is no studies is largely the
and places in collaborative to explore applications map to follow. The domain of those who
networks that support GIS for the K-12 classroom addition of GIS love history; the stories
integration. Those forging and to consider how technology into social that have been told and
GIS integration know well technology is changing studies education retold. To think
the necessity of networking the way we teach and means stepping into differently about what
with fellow educators, with learn. As social studies the unknown, taking history is, how it is
students, and with industry teacher educators, one risks, creating shaped, documented,
and agency partners. GIS of our roles is to model pathways and represented, stored,
integration more directly appropriate uses of experimenting. Indeed, archived, and
reflects the networked technology for our these are the very reinterpreted by whom,
landscapes of the preservice landscapes we ask in whose interest and
'information age' workplace; teachers...(Mason, teachers to create for through which media is
the workplace in which Berson, Diem, Hicks, themselves. It requires where we see the
constant articulation horizon for 'conducting
No Identity Journals Tittle Problems and Purpose Study of Literature Method Result
today's K12 students will Lee, & Draille, 2000, and reflection to social studies.' In the
spend their working lives. p.1) determine what historical context of
GIS is being used as a worked, what didn not, standards and testing
learning tool in some what worked in driven by publishing
school settings, as unintended ways, and interests focused on
showcased in the 1995 what could be done to traditional contents of
video, Explore Your facilitate the work to social studies, there
World: GIS in K-12 make it more effective seems little hope for
Education (ESRI) and in its next iteration. integrating GIS for
in the book GIS in This requires 'conducting social
Schools institutional support studies.' Yet many
and personal time and await the inevitable
dedication. The time return of the pendulum.
commitment is often The skills of
overwhelming. Both interpretation, research,
authors strongly and representation are
believe that there are those embedded in the
transformative benefits social studies and can
to GIS integration in be enhanced by GIS.
social studies. Moved With its application are
to take the challenges opportunities for
for social studies and integrating actual
technology from our experience, virtual
respective state application, critical
education reflection, and ethical
departments, we have practice of conducting
met them by social studies.
incorporating GIS.