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Q.1)A School of design established in Germany called D.

Louis Khan
"BAUHAUS" founded by

Q.6)One of the Principles of Composition which is also known

A.Walter Gropius (Answer) as "Formal Architecture"

B.Peter Behrens

C. Auguste Perret A.Scale

D.Louis Khan B.Balance (Answer)


Q.2)Art Nouveau is known as International Style, in Germany D.Unity

it is also known as

Q.7)What do you call this concept in Architecture which is the

A.Ecole des Beaux result of intellectual, Social, Religious & Political conditions
developed at a given place by a given people?

A.Architectural Legacy
D.Jugendsstil (Answer)
B.History of Architecture

C.Historical Style
Q.3)Whose famous dictum or axiom is "Less is More"?
D.Architectural Character (Answer)

A.Louis Khan
Q.8)According to this Architect his philosophy is "Ornament
B.Mies Van der Rohe (Answer) equals Crime"
C.Le Corbusier

D.Peter Behrens A.Le Corbusier

B.Victor Horta
Q.4)It refers to the quality of surface treatment, associated C.Eric Mendelsohn
with materials
D.Adolf Loos (Answer)

Q.9)Symmetry resulting from the arrangement of similar
B.Texture (Answer) radiating parts about a center point or central axis

D.Volume A.centralized symmetry

B.formal symmetry
Q.5)The Architect who is known to be the "Father of Fantastic C.radial symmetry (Answer)
Architecture" or "Art Nouveau"
D.bilateral symmetry

A.Adolf Loos
Q.10)An architectural term which is known to be the free
B.Alvar Aalto from any historical style
C.Antonio Gaudi (Answer)
A.Futurism Q.15)Who wrote “Treatise de Architectura”


C.Art Noveau (Answer) A.Vitruvius (Answer)

D.De Stijl Architecture B.Palladio


Q.11)Architecture that combine new ideas with traditional D.Moneo


Q.16)He termed the "International Style" as "flat chested,"

A.New Modernism because of lack of depth in their facades


C.Post-modernism (Answer) A.LeCorbusier

D.Metabolism B.Mies van der Rohe

C.Louis Sullivan

Q.12)A movement founded by a group of Dutch painters & D.Frank Lloyd Wright (Answer)
architects who abolish all styles & liberate art from
representation & individual expression
Q.17)Form that is generated using two or more geometric
A. a. Architectonic

B. b. CIAM
A.Pragmatic designb
C. c. Jugendstijl
B.Pragmatic design
D. d. De Stijl Architecture (Answer)
C.Analogical design

D.Canonic design (Answer)

Q.13) Architect of Petronas Towers in Malaysia which is the
worlds tallest building in 2001
Q.18)Who said “Beauty grows from necessity, not from
repetition of formulas”
A. a. Norman Foster

B. b. SOM
A.Eero Saarinen
C. c. Cesar Pelli (Answer)
B.Eric Mendelsohn
D. d. KPF
C.Eliel Saarinen (Answer)

D.Marcel Breuer
Q.14)Different historical styles combined and termed as

Q.19)A concept for the form, structure and features of

A.Classicism building or other construction, represented graphically by
diagrams plans or other drawings

C.Eclecticism (Answer)
A. idea
C. scheme concept (Answer) A. a. Minoru Yamasaki

B. b. Kenzo Tange (Answer)

Q.20) What is the psychological significance of color red? C. c. Toyo Ito

D. d. Fumihiko Maki

A. a. richness, splendor

B.stimulation (Correct Answer) Q.25)The Architect who designed the World Trade Center,
New York
C.coldness, tranquility
A.Minoru Yamasaki (Answer)
D.relaxation, sheer
B.Kenzo Tange

C.Toyo Ito
Q.21)The building which was known as "The Falling Water"
designed by FL Wright D.Fumihiko Maki

A.Robie House Q.26)The culmination of all the elements of design which

suggests harmony
B.Guggenheim Museum

C.Kaufman House (Answer)

D.Johnson Building

C.Unity (Answer)
Q.22)Architect of "Notre Dame du Haut, Ronchamp

A.Mies van der Rohe

Q.27)Architect of the TWA or the John F Kennedy Airport
B.Le Corbusier (Answer)

C.Louis Khan
A.Eero Saarinen (Answer)
D.Eero Saarinen
B.Eric Mendelsohn

C.Eliel Saarinen
Q.23)Fort Santiago is also known as "Shrine of Freedom"
designed by Engr. Diego Jordan & D.John Utzon

A. a. Melchor de Vera Q.28)What is referred to as the origin of architecture?

B. b. Roque Roano

C. c. Antonio Sedeňo (Answer) A.practical usefulness of space (Answer)

D. d. Miguel Narro B.system of ornamentation or decoration

C.expression of structural systems from inclemency of the seasons

Q.24)The Architect who said that "Modern Architecture need

not be Western"
Q.29)Which of the following indicates the brightness or C.Ancient Tagala
dullness of a color?
D.Moro House

Q.35)Whose famous dictum or axiom is "Design as if you
B.hue were a child"?


D.intensity (Answer) A. Alvar Aalto

B.Robert Venturi

Q.30)What is the purpose of the disks found on the tree C. Renzo Piano
trunks where the Ifugao house stands
D.Michael Graves (Answer)

A.Weeding out evil spirits

Q.36)Color harmony that is equidistant to each other on the
B.Protection against rats (Answer) color wheel

C.Structural purpose

D.Decoration/ornamentation A. Analogous


Q.31) To whom are coated tension structures attributed as a C.Split Complementary

contribution to architecture
D.Triad (Answer)

A. a. Frei Otto (Answer)

Q.37)What type of architectural elements provide protection
B. b. Robert Maillart for users from inclement of seasons or enemies

C. c. Pier Luigi Nervi

D. d. Eugene Freyssinet A.decorative

B.protective (Answer)

Q.32)The merging of juxtaposed dots or strokes of pure C.structural

colors when seen from a distance to produce a hue often
more luminous than that available from premixed pigment D. need-specific

A. a. pigment color mixing

B. b. light color mixing Q.38)Whose famous dictum/philosophy is this: A house is a

machine for living
C. c. optical color mixing (Answer)

D. d. subtractive mixing
A.Robert Venturi

B.Le Corbuiser (Answer)

Q.34)A royal house used for political & social ceremonies of
the Datu C.Victor Gruen

D.Frank Lloyd Wright

A.Maranao House (Answer)

B.Badjao House
Q.41)What type of distance is that which is psychological and Q.45)What is referred to as a Chinese geomancy originally
is indicated by a hidden band that contains two or more called "under the canopy of heaven"?
individuals in a group

A.Si Chi
A.flight distance
B.Ba-Gua distance (Answer)
C.Sheng Chi
C.critical distance
D.Feng Shui (Answer)
D.personal distance

Q.42) What do you call the doctrine that has two

extremes: One is that a building can not be beautiful unless it Q.46)Which sensual type enables one to identify materials at
answers its function in the best simple and direct way -and a distance?
that, if a building answers its function in the most simple and
direct way, it will automatically be beautiful
A. thermal

C.visual (Answer)
B. sensitivity
C. functionalism (Answer)


Q.47)Whose famous dictum is this: Unity disguised as chaos -

Q.43) What type of art outlines the crude realities of life, complexity and contradiction are often what make works of
like filthy dustbins, mud, dirty works and vulgar situations? art both exciting and profound

A.dirty A.Robert Venturi (Answer)

B.modern B.Philip Johnson C.Michael Graves
D.pop (Answer) D.Kenzo Tange

Q.44)The state or quality of being combined into one as the

ordering of elements in a composition that constitutes a
harmonious whole or promotes a singleness of effect Q.48)A relatively dark value of color, produced by adding
black to it

C.unity (Answer)
C.shade (Answer)
Q.49)Which of the following explains the mechanism by
which the concept of territoriality operates, particularly in

A.Prevents communication with each other

B.Coordinates individual activities and separates

them (individuals) in groups

C.Provides a frame in which things are done -places

to learn, play or hide (Answer)

D.insures propagation of species by controlling


Q.50)The measurement and study of the size and proportion

of the human body

A. a. ergonomics

B. b. human scale

C. c. anthropometry (Answer)

D. d. proxemics