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City of Logan

City Futures
Mayor’s vision 1

CEO’s vision 2

City Futures – Introduction 3

The future: challenges and opportunities key stats 5

Our future city – your ideas 8

City Futures vision 9

Priority actions 13

Future innovation & prosperity 14

Future connectivity – mobility & communications 15

Future Council – future local services 16

Future community 17

Future place – sustainable, liveable, vibrant 18

Future City Streetscape 23

Building our future Implementation and next steps 25

Future city glossary 27

Mayor’s vision CEO’s vision

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1 2
City Futures – Introduction
Imagine a well-planned, sustainable city that has local and
global reach, where resources are used responsibly, and where
connections between people and places are convenient.

The City of Logan is poised to become an economic and

innovation powerhouse in South East Queensland, with
influence extending nationally and internationally.

Our location between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, To overcome these challenges, we must embrace
combined with our connectivity and our diverse, skilled innovation, technology and collaboration.
population, gives us a platform on which we can fulfil
Our emphasis on innovation will drive our planning in
our potential as an innovative, dynamic city of the future.
creating a second CBD for our region in the City of
With more than 313,000 people calling Logan home, Logan, which in turn will create new jobs and increase
we are one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. Our employment self-containment.
communities comprise around 217 nationalities and
We have a young, dynamic population - our median age
cultures, and our population is expected to increase to
is 34 years and 22.6 per cent of the population is under
more than 490,000 people by 2036.
15 years - and we have the energy and drive to lift the
Our city has urban, semi-rural and rural communities City of Logan to new heights.
linked by the four Key Activity Centres of Beenleigh,
In the coming years, our city will be renowned for
Meadowbrook, Logan Central and Springwood. These
its smart city connectivity and place-making; our
centres are our emerging economic hubs, along with
integrated transport systems and open data access;
major centres and rapidly growing urban communities
our improved energy efficiency and increased renewable
in the south-west. The Queensland Government’s
energy; and the smart ways in which we engage with
Priority Development Areas of Yarrabilba and Greater
our community, mobilise new generations, and foster
Flagstone will accommodate a significant proportion of
social inclusivity.
our projected residential growth.
Our world is changing and we must not simply
The City of Logan has already become a flourishing
adapt and change with it; we must think ahead
base for a range of sectors including health and
and anticipate where the next opportunities for our
aged care, transport and logistics, manufacturing
community will emerge.
and education. We are home to several centres of
excellence (including the Logan Teacher Education To become an innovative, dynamic city of the future,
Centre of Excellence), and we are well positioned to we need to harness our economic, geographic and
become a focal point for more such centres, as well as community assets, and we need a clear vision and a
start-up incubators and innovation hubs. detailed strategy: a map for success.
Local challenges reinforce our innovation imperative. The City Futures Strategy provides that map.
Our current city is highly car dependent. The majority of
our community (60 per cent) travels outside of our city This City Futures Strategy reflects the Logan City
for work, with commute times well above the average Council Corporate Plan 2017-2022, and is supported
for Brisbane and the rest of Queensland. Our education, by the City of Logan Advocacy Strategy 2017-2019
income, and employment statistics are below the and the Economic Development Strategy 2016-2021.
Queensland average.

The future: challenges and opportunities, key stats

Population – Projected growth (2016 to 2036) Journey to work – Location (2016) Commuting – Lengthy commutes Education Employment
(greater than 45 minutes) 2016 Completed Year 12 Participation rate (2017)

60% City of Logan

(or equivalent) 2016

City of Logan City of Logan

travel to 40-50%

57.3% 42.1% 39.4%

work outside
the City of Greater Brisbane
46.8% 62.1%
travel to
from 313,800 from 2,360,200 from 4,848,900 Logan Greater Brisbane Greater Brisbane
56.9% 66.9%
to 493,500 to 3,354,500 to 6,757,300
work within 22.4%
the City
of Logan Queensland
Queensland Queensland
50.5% 64.7%
Greater Brisbane
City of Logan

Income – Median Weekly Household Income equality – Income share of top Employment – Unemployment Rate (2017) Construction – Growth in annual dwellings
Income (2016) 10% of earners (2015) as at September 2017
constructed (2014-2016)

26.6 City of Logan

32.7 Greater Brisbane

Greater Brisbane

47.0% 46.2% 29.3%

City of Logan


$808 $932 $856 32.4 Queensland 6.6%

City of Logan
Greater Brisbane
City of Logan Greater Brisbane Queensland
(1,774 to 2,608) (21,220 to 31,023) (39,271 to 50,775)

Age – Median age (2016) Internet – Dwellings with Diversity – Population Housing – Median Sale Price (2015) Journey to Work – Mode (2016)
Internet access (2016) born overseas (2016) Public Transport Car Active Travel

33.8 City of Logan City of Logan City of Logan

80.3% 27.3%
35.2 Greater Brisbane Greater Brisbane Greater Brisbane City of
3.9% 75.4% 1.3%



82.4% 26.0%

8.5% 66.2% 4.0%
Queensland Queensland Queensland
78.9% 21.6% City of Logan Greater Brisbane Queensland
5.2% 69.3% 4.3%
Our city, our future - What the community said Our future city – your ideas

What benefits should the City What local services would you Empower the Implement innovation
community Improve transport spaces, innovation groups
of Logan target by leveraging most like to see improved by
and develop an frequency and local innovation
innovation and technology? innovation and technology? and connectivity.
innovation culture. communities of interest.
1 Increased job and economic opportunities 1 Transport
2 Better local services 2 Planning and development
3 Better social and environmental outcomes 3 Parks and amenities
We are a
4 Attracting investment Take care of the
4 Smart working facilities/hubs multicultural city –
Continue to support environment – our Involve youth and
Enhanced community consultation embrace all cultures. school students in
5 5 Council’s online services local businesses. future depends on it.

What are the greatest innovation How can we promote innovation Encourage more
Reduce red tape. business growth for more Create collaborative
opportunities for the City of Logan? in the business sector? community projects that
job opportunities.
1 Education 1 Education and skills development enhance Logan as the
Improve new liveable city.
2 Unlocking community creativity 2 Enhancing communication and promotion internet connections
and speeds.
3 Attracting new talent, ideas and investment 3 Encouraging connection and collaboration
Provide free wi-fi and
4 Establishing innovation hubs 4 Innovation programs internet connectivity Leverage the power
Create a centre for
Promoting the city’s innovation community in public places, of open data. Use it to
5 the youth of Logan
shopping centres and empower local businesses,
with access to the
on public transport. inform the population and
latest technology to
foster collaboration.
help their futures.

What are our How can businesses help build

innovation strengths? our innovation ecosystem? co-working places
1 Diversity 1 Better digital connectivity and business hubs.

Creativity The youth of our city are

2 2 Collaboration programs
the future - work and Promote thinking
3 Collaboration 3 Access to new technology communicate with them for Get as many people outside the box.
a brighter future. involved as possible.
4 Innovation events

7 8
City Futures vision
The City of Logan will be an innovation powerhouse,
recognised and respected for leadership in sustainability,
technology, inclusion, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

People will love living in our city. Businesses and investors will
see opportunity here. We will set new standards of creativity,
innovation and liveability.

Principles Objectives and progress indicators

Empowering community Open to innovation Key objective Progress indicators
Our future city will be created with our community, The City of Logan welcomes innovation. We will
and for our community. leverage change and ‘disruption’ to create new
opportunities, employment and growth.
We will work to encourage and increase To enhance the profile of our city ›› Media monitoring
participation, harness the knowledge and creativity Our city will be a ‘living-lab’, where we pilot new as a great place to invest, innovate, ›› Investment rates
of our community, and design services that are ideas and new technologies, apply innovation, learn collaborate and live ›› Community sentiment
people-centric. from trial and error and aim for improvement. ›› International delegations (inbound)
The City of Logan will embrace inclusion, We will encourage local innovation and embrace the
accessibility and diversity, working to increase best innovations from around the globe, building a
opportunities for everyone. dynamic ecosystem that makes the City of Logan an
innovation powerhouse. To increase innovation capability, activity ›› Employment participation rate
and outputs in the City of Logan ›› New business entrants
›› Patent applications
›› Labour productivity

Confidence Collaboration and partnership ›› Business confidence

›› Knowledge worker ratios
The City of Logan is a city of confidence. We are Our future city will be exceptional, founded on the ›› Participation in innovation hubs, programs and training
proud of our history, and look forward to our future best people, technologies, and ideas; identified, ›› Jobs creation in emerging sectors
with excitement and optimism. mixed and distilled through collaboration.
›› Growth in professional and innovation networks
Our city will be confident in our strengths and our Partnership will be embedded in our city, a symbol
unique identity, and confident as we embark on new of, and catalyst for, innovation.
paths of opportunity and innovation. To increase the quality and coverage of ›› Broadband connections and average speeds
We will work with local, national and international digital connectivity ›› Wi-fi coverage, speed and usage
We will promote our city as an ideal place for partners; bringing community, industry, academia,
›› Mobile phone network coverage and quality
investment, entrepreneurship and innovation, and government and innovators together to create
showcase our success with pride. our future city. ›› Coverage, quality and usage of other networks

9 10
Key objective Progress indicators

To improve transport mobility options ›› Jobs within 30 minutes

and outcomes for our community ›› Rate of flexible working
›› Congestion rates
›› Active travel share
›› Coverage and use of public transport
›› Commute times
›› Transport satisfaction rates

To enhance the sustainability of our city ›› Greenhouse gas emissions per capita
›› Access to urban green space
›› Renewable energy production/consumption
›› Air and water quality

To increase city vibrancy, visitation ›› Tourism numbers and feedback

and activation ›› Number of city events and attendance
›› Urban renewal projects and outcomes
›› Safety perceptions and outcomes

To improve community inclusion ›› Socio-economic indexes for areas

and participation ›› Education rates
›› Participation in community engagement
›› Digital technology access and literacy
›› Participation in innovation training, programs and hubs
›› Community perceptions of inclusion and opportunity

To modernise Council services, ›› Coverage and usage of digital services

improving convenience and satisfaction ›› Community/customer satisfaction with services
›› Innovation capability and outcomes within Council
›› Efficiency of Council service delivery
›› Council sustainability outcomes

To improve liveability and wellbeing ›› Housing affordability

outcomes for the City of Logan ›› Community connection and participation
›› Economic output per capita
›› Health outcomes
›› Social outcomes
›› Community confidence

11 12
Future innovation & prosperity
The City of Logan will be an 5 Logan Living Lab
innovation powerhouse, a place We will establish the City of Logan as an urban
innovation living lab – a place to trial, test,
of collaboration, opportunity, new experiment, create, learn and to improve.
jobs, and economic prosperity. 6 Smart Working
We are committed to: We will work with employers and the community
Priority actions to encourage modern working options (e.g.
co‑working, remote work, flexible employment).
1 Innovation & Co-Working Hubs
We will work with community, innovators and 7 Internet of Things, Open Data & Big Data
industry to develop a network of innovation/
FUTURE FUTURE co‑working hubs across the City of Logan.
We will enhance our open data program
PLACE COUNCIL and leverage the Internet of Things and big
data to build a more efficient, innovative and
2 Partnerships for Innovation
dynamic city.
We will foster research, innovation and
collaborative partnerships to drive economic 8 Innovation Brand
diversity, growth and resilience
We will promote the innovation credentials of
our city as a great place to invest, do business,
3 Procurement Reform
innovate, collaborate, work and grow.
We will modernise Council’s procurement
FUTURE processes and methods to drive local innovation, 9 Unpacking Innovation Program
COMMUNITY deliver outcomes, and make it easier to do
We will continue the Unpacking Innovation
business with Council.
Program to build local excitement, connections,
capacity, collaboration and action.
4 Innovation Skills Development
We will promote programs to build 10 Logan and Redlands Advancing
innovation skills and pathways to accelerate
Regional Innovation Program’s (ARIP)
innovation activity.
We will work in partnership with QLD State
Government, Redlands City Council and Griffith
University to coordinate and support the Logan
and Redlands Advancing Regional Innovation
Program (ARIP).

13 14
Future connectivity – mobility & communications Future Council – future local services

The foundation of our future city will be 4 Integrated Transport Council will lead this strategy by 4 Future Regulation, Future Processes
connectivity – to high speed internet, We will develop and implement Way2Go - example, working to modernise our We will review and reform regulation and
to communications networks (both Connecting Logan, a detailed Integrated Local organisation and our services. business processes to reduce ‘red tape’ and
Transport Plan for the City of Logan. improve the customer experience.
fixed and wireless), and to real-time
information and data. Local services in the City of Logan
5 Future Transport 5 Smart Decision Making
will be customer-focused and
We will work with the Queensland Government We will develop our analytics capability and
Our future city will be mobile and to progress transport outcomes for the
convenient, designed to make the decision-making processes to leverage our data.
connected, served by transport City of Logan, including better public most of technology and deliver value
options that are convenient, affordable, transport and mass transit solutions, new to our community. 6 Digital Services
sustainable, reliable and efficient. infrastructure, innovative transport policies and We will expand and enhance our mobile
autonomous vehicles. We are committed to:
services, improve our digital service channels,
We are committed to: and continue to develop the City of Logan app.
6 Transport Innovation 1 Innovative Council
1 Future Communications Connectivity We will collaborate with industry and innovators
We will develop a Council Innovation Framework
7 Smart Design
to enhance rideshare, car-pool, car-share, energy We will modernise our service design processes,
We will work with government, industry and to enhance innovation culture and capability.
efficient (e.g. electric vehicles), and on-demand allowing greater community participation, and
community to deliver high-quality, high-capacity transport options.
communication networks for our city – fixed and 2 Digital Council creating people-centric services.
wireless, narrow and broadband, cellular and We will develop a Digital Strategy for Logan City
7 Transport Efficiency 8 Future Health and Social Services
emerging technology. Council to drive efficiency and innovation.
We will work to reduce transport congestion We will collaborate and promote innovation
2 Free Public Wifi and improve efficiency, through active travel, to enhance local education, health and
low emissions transport, remote working
3 Smart Working
We will expand the free public wi-fi network for social services.
options (to decrease unnecessary trips), new We will promote smart working by Council
the City of Logan, with priority coverage zones technology to monitor traffic, and improved real- staff, and enhance technology for staff to work
to be discussed with the community. time information. efficiently in the field, in the office, or remotely.

3 Smart City Platform 8 Smart Parking

We will work with industry and innovators, We will continue parking improvements, using
leveraging existing infrastructure, such technology and collaboration with developers
as streetlights, to create a smart city to increase convenience, city vibrancy,
connectivity platform. and efficiency.

15 16
Future community Future place – sustainable, liveable, vibrant

The City of Logan will build strong, 5 Future Work Our future city will be planned, 4 Digital Planning
safe, inclusive communities; where We will promote smart working to increase designed and built to enhance livability, We will leverage digital technology, such as 3D
employment options, reduce unnecessary time
everyone is empowered to participate, safety, social inclusion, vibrancy planning models, to improve planning processes,
away from home and family, and strengthen our consultation and outcomes.
create and collaborate. local communities. and sustainability.
We are committed to: 5 Urban Renewal
6 Digital Inclusion The City of Logan will be an exemplar
We will position Invest Logan as a catalyst and
We will support the development of digital of sustainable progress, applying showcase of urban renewal, and work with
1 Future Engagement, Future Democracy literacy to increase participation in the technology and innovation to conserve developers to drive renewal outcomes.
We will modernise city governance and digital economy. our natural environment.
community engagement, especially through 6 City Activation
digital technology, to strengthen participation 7 Discussing Digital Technology We are committed to:
We will promote innovation that enhances
and innovation. We will promote community dialogue about tourism, city activation and local experience (for
digital and economic disruption (e.g. privacy, 1 Future City Collaboration residents and visitors).
2 Celebrating Diversity security, automation, the future of work)
We will work with the Queensland Government
We will showcase and leverage our creative and to proactively address emerging risks and 7 Sustainable City
and surrounding councils to shape regional plans
cultural diversity, through events, media, art and opportunities.
that help deliver our future city. We will deliver Council’s sustainability
collaboration. commitments, and work with industry and
8 City Studio Program governments to promote sustainability outcomes
2 Smart City Development
3 Innovation Opportunity We will establish Logan’s City Studio Innovation for the City of Logan.
We will work with industry to produce guidelines
We will work with industry to promote innovation Hub where students and community members
for integrating smart technology into new
programs and pathways for the community. co-create experimental projects that will 8 Smart Resource Management
contribute to making Logan a more sustainable,
We will work with industry and the community
4 Community Co-Design liveable, and prosperous city.
3 Future Activity Centres to expand the use of smart technology (such as
We will increase opportunities for collaborative smart meters) to improve resource efficiency and
We will progress the endorsed implementation
input and co-design of local services. affordability.
plans for key activity centres, to encourage city
activation, safety and vibrancy.
9 Future Environmental Management
We will leverage new technology (e.g. sensors,
networks, and data analytics) to enhance the
monitoring and management of our environment.

17 18
Case studies

Future skills for future schools Off grid energy for a Demand Responsive Transport Logan Entrepreneurs
sustainable future Power Homes in Indonesia
Students at Mabel Park State High School will be among The first water treatment plant in Australia to be powered Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) is a new type of shared The City of Logan has a thriving innovation eco-
the first in Queensland to gain a qualification in drone entirely by an off-grid, commercial-sized Tesla battery is right transport that provides an alternative to taxis when buses system driving local and global benefits. PowerWells,
piloting skills. here in Logan. and trains aren’t available. The service adapts to changes an innovative energy solution developed by a group
in demand by adjusting the number of vehicles to suit the of Logan entrepreneurs, is a great example of this
The course is being taught by an experienced former pilot Our new water reservoir at Round Mountain was
number of passengers who request a ride. DRT is different economic dynamism.
and, on completion, students will also receive six points constructed so far from the nearest power grid that it
from traditional forms of public transport because it does
toward their Queensland Certificate of Education. needed its own power source to be economically viable. Drawing on the resources of the Substation33 e-waste
not run to a schedule or along a set route. It is flexible and
The Tesla battery has saved ratepayers $1.9 million in power recycling plant in Logan, PowerWells are giving rural and
responds to customer needs.
Mabel Park State High is offering this course to make sure connection costs and allows the reservoir to chlorinate remote people free electricity. The solution is simple but
students have better employment prospects in emerging water ‘off-grid’. Unlike a traditional bus that runs along a set route, DRT effective - combining 25 lithium-ion laptop batteries to create
industries. The school has a reputation as a pioneer in sends out smaller vehicles, like sedans or mini vans, to pick one big battery, then connecting it to a solar panel.
vocational education and training and delivers a diverse Powering the plant this way has meant a sealed road to
up passengers wherever they are. This would mean each trip
range of courses from hospitality and tourism to digital the facility did not have to be built because it can operate Hundreds of communities in West Papua and Indonesia do
is different and follows a tailored route based on the location
media and engineering to more than 200 students. by itself. The massive 95kWh Tesla PowerPack battery not have access to electricity, and rely heavily on mobile
of the passengers it needs to pick up.
is the first to be installed in Australia, and comes amid phones for their flashlight feature. As a result, people
Mabel Park State High decided to pilot the new qualification a wave of support for solar-powered batteries among DRT is a flexible transport option that adapts to customer often walk for hours to the nearest town just to charge
to give students a pathway to school-based traineeships, Australian households. demand. It is designed to offer an alternative travel option their phones, so they can have a light at night. The only
as well as future employment and tertiary education for people living in areas that don’t have access to frequent other source of light – kerosene lanterns – is expensive
opportunities. This aligns with Council’s City Futures Strategy Three hundred and twenty-three solar panels have been
public transport, providing short trips to public transport and and polluting.
by showcasing innovation programs and pathways for the installed on the roof of the reservoir to collect sunlight to be
community hubs.
community. The City of Logan is building a strong, safe, stored in the battery. The technology will allow the reservoir The PowerWell designed by Logan innovators can charge
inclusive community, where everyone is empowered to to provide safe drinking water to residents south of Logan The City of Logan is an ideal location based on its up to 50 iPhones at once, as well as charging LED lights that
participate, create and collaborate. 24 hours a day and is expected to service 200,000 people geography, population density, recent urban growth, and can be used to illuminate a village at night.
when the region is fully developed. existing level of public transport services. This aligns with
This qualification will help to prepare students for the jobs PowerWell has been successfully tested in a remote village in
the City Futures Strategy Future Connectivity priority,
of tomorrow in a range of industries from workplace health central Java. This local innovation, from right here in the City
ensuring that Logan will be mobile and connected, served
and safety, ambulance services, mapping and exploration to of Logan, will help provide power to the nearly one billion
by transport options that are convenient, affordable, reliable
parcel and pizza delivery.  people around the world who don’t have reliable electricity.
and efficient.

19 20
The virtual power station
The virtual power station (VPS) is a collection of solar panels, For example, pre-cooling of rooms is a demand-side solution
batteries and electrical appliances in a neighbourhood, that could be easily adopted in the neighbourhoods of the
which are intelligently managed to maintain the future. By remotely turning on your air-conditioner before
stability of the power supply. It can help to avoid future you leave work, you could return home to a cooler and more
blackouts by optimising how, when and where we use pleasant home, reducing the energy needed for electricity
energy in our homes. during the peak demand period.

Thanks to funding from the Australian Renewable Energy You could also store energy produced by your rooftop
Agency (ARENA), CSIRO are conducting a virtual power solar cells during the day in batteries to be used later
station trial (VPS2) in Yarrabilba in collaboration with when it’s needed most. This would reduce strain on the
Energy Queensland, LendLease, inverter manufacturers electricity network, by minimising your demand for centrally
SMA and Selectronic, and electric vehicle charger generated energy.
manufacturer Tritium.
Early results of the trial have shown that significant savings
The trial is testing supply-demand management algorithms for residents and the network are achievable using demand
in 67 households with intelligent air conditioners, batteries management systems. The resident’s “hands-on” experience
and home solar systems. It’s objective is to achieve with CSIRO assistance has contributed to reductions in
household savings of hundreds of dollars, the installation of their power bills of up to 60 per cent being achieved when a
significantly more solar energy systems, and fewer blackouts modest household battery storage system is installed. A full
into the future. VPS2 trial summary report is being produced by CSIRO for
release in February 2018.
The virtual power station allows neighbourhoods to use
electricity more intelligently by optimising supply and shifting Lendlease and CSIRO have commenced discussions on
demand patterns. planning the next phase of the VPS trials program.

21 22
Future City Streetscape

Open data for innovation. Renewable energy,

Big data analytics for better  smart utility meters and
city design and experience innovation for sustainability

Modern Council for innovation,
better local services, community
Smart parking for convenience participation and reform

and efficiency

Reduced congestion through
smart technology, smart working,
and transport

Smart technology for
enhanced environmental
Smart streetlights for energy monitoring and management
efficiency, safety and smart city

Wireless networks and IoT Design and technology for Innovation hubs Active travel Free Public Improved mobility options,
for connectivity, innovation enhanced city activation, and co-working spaces options WIFI integration and transport innovation
and modern services vibrancy and safety (e.g. car-share, ride-share, AV, on-demand)

23 24
Building our future
Implementation and next steps

Our future city is imagined and planned in Everyone has a role to play, and everyone is invited to help
this strategy. build the future City of Logan.

Council itself will take a lead role, as coordinator, advocate

It will be created by leadership and action; and actor. In particular, Council will:
through the effort and initiative of our entire –– lead by example, transforming our organisation and
community and partners. services to be more innovative, modern and agile

The essence of this strategy is to empower –– monitor, measure and report progress against the
strategy, both actions delivered and results achieved
business, innovators and communities
–– develop a detailed implementation plan for Council to
to imagine, collaborate and create our
ensure focus and accountability
future city.
–– coordinate communication, promotion and advocacy
to elevate this strategy, encourage action and publicise
our city’s achievements
–– champion the efforts of individuals, businesses, and
communities who are taking the initiative and building
our future city
–– evaluate this strategy and reset objectives and plans in
consultation with the community as new opportunities
and challenges emerge.

25 26
Future city glossary

——— Big data ——— Innovation

The use of technology (especially sensors and Doing something different with the aim of improving
networks) to collect, manage, analyse and utilise large process and outcomes.
volumes of data.
——— Innovation ecosystem
——— Business accelerator The network of people, institutions, programs,
An intensive program designed to accelerate business regulations, culture and resources that work to
growth through advisory services, access to investors, promote innovation.
and focused strategic and operational planning.
——— Innovation hub
——— Business incubator Spaces, either physical or virtual, dedicated to
A program or organisation that supports early-stage supporting innovation.
business establishment and development, by providing
office space, mentoring, support services and training.. ——— Internet of Things (IoT)
The network of devices, objects and infrastructure that
——— Co-creation can connect to the internet and each other, allowing
Working with clients, customers and community to improvements in functionality and efficiency (including
design and create services/solutions that align with remote control, real time data and automation).
user expectations and meet user needs.
——— Open data
——— Connectivity Making data (especially government data) more
The breadth, depth and quality of telecommunications accessible and useable, to enhance transparency,
and internet infrastructure, networks and services. innovation and community outcomes.

——— Co-working
——— Open government
Emerging mode of working where a mix of individuals,
Efforts to improve the transparency of government
innovators and organisations work in the same
process, information, operations and decision-making.
physical location, sharing space, ideas, technology,
and motivation.
——— Red tape
——— Digital democracy Inefficient legislation, regulation or business process
The use of digital technology to modernise democratic that places undue cost on the economy.
processes and institutions, and facilitate participation
in debate and decision-making. ——— Smart city (smart community)
Cities and communities that apply digital technology,
——— Entrepreneur big data, community empowerment, and innovative
A person who creates, innovates, invests and takes thinking to improve livability, sustainability and
on risk aiming for commercial profit. productivity.

——— Hackathon ——— Urban living lab

A collaborative event where participants solve The use of city space to test and evaluate new
problems, use big data, design products/services, and technology, services and ideas ‘on the street’ to
develop new software-based solutions. promote innovation, dialogue and better outcomes.

Source: Delos Delta

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