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Protective coatings need to adhere to steel and other substrates, even at extremely high
When a building catches fire, intumescent coatings heat up and expand 10 to 75 times their
original thickness, so 1 millimeter of coating could expand to as much as 40 to 50 millimeters.

Without strong adhesion, the coating flakes off, exposing steel to intense
heat. When steel heats up to 1,000°F/535°C (the temperature a building fire quickly and easily
exceeds), it loses half its strength.
At 1,000°F/535°C, a steel beam supporting 200 tons can only support half that weight, putting the
structure at risk of collapsing. In a fire, steel softens and deforms, so much so that if heated to
1,200°F/650°C you could easily bend a giant steel beam.

Strong adhesion in acrylic copolymer latex paint allows the coating to stick to
the steel, even when heat causes the steel to lose shape. Additionally, the
intumescent coating keeps the steel from reaching those dangerous temperatures by insulating
the substrate, even at elevated ambient temperatures, such as in a fire.

1 • Insert the two windscreen tabs into the slots on the bonnet. Turn the windscreen in the direction of the
2 • Fasten the windscreen using the two screws supplied.
3 • Join the two parts of the steering wheel.
4 • Insert the horn in the central hole in the steering wheel following the instructions in its packaging.
5 • Apply sticker No. 6. Insert the steering wheel onto the steering rod as shown in the figure.
6 • Fix the steering wheel using the screw and bolt supplied, taking care to insert the screw into the round
hole and the bolt in the hexagonal hole.
7 • Insert the toy key in its slot in the dashboard.
8 • Apply sticker No. 2. Install the bumper by inserting the lower tabs into the two slots on the body first
and then by fitting the two upper bushes.
9 • Fasten the bumper using the two screws supplied.
10 • Install the seat bases by inserting the 2 U-shaped tube in the seat supports.
11 • Place the right-hand base you just assembled on the right-hand side of the vehicle, as shown in the
figure (the side is indicated on the lower part of each base). Proceed in the same way for the other base.
12 • Fasten each base using the 2 screws provided.
13 • Loosen the knobs underneath the seats.
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Place the seats aligning them with the holes according to the child’s height. The vehicle has 2 positions (see
Fasten the seats to the bases by means of the previously loosened knobs.

A dozen small spots of Earth are lit up, as if by a spotlight. In each spot, a large human figure waves to us.
They are all BOYS and GIRLS.
The globe disappears, and all the small spots turn white. They turn into WHITE TABLETS ON A CONVEYOR
BELT in a...
The tablets move through a bizarre testing machine, that hammers the tablets, dissolves them in water,
burns them, etc. At the end, one shiny tablet is still intact.
Two DOCTORS in white lab coats lean in to examine the tablet with magnifying glasses.
A big traffic light device in the machine goes GREEN.
The doctors nod satisfied. This tablet has passed the safety test.
One of the doctors flicks the tablet into his mouth and swallows it.

In a doctor's office, a girl walks cautiously with a blindfold on her eyes, her hands outstretched as if playing
blind man's buff.
She reaches for a doctor - whose hands are also outstretched, a bottle of medicine in each, one with the
question mark and the other with the exclamation mark. (Note: we don't see the doctor's face)
The young patient takes the bottle with the exclamation mark.
Finally the face of the doctor is revealed: she is wearing a blindfold as well!

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