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Readme File for TransIt Software

Copyright 1996 - 2001 by Nikon Instruments Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

This file contains important information about TransIt v. 2.35. In addition,

a revision history has been provided for your convenience. Please refer to
it as you find necessary to see what has been modified from one release to
the next.


TransIt v. 2.34 was released for internal use only. If you are upgrading
from v. 2.33B or older, please look at the sections for both v. 2.35 and
v. 2.34.

TransIt v. 2.35:

****** Additions:

1. Feet-Inch Input/Display support.

In Data Editor and Insert/Append New Record dialog, distance values (

Northing, Easting, and Elevation) can be displayed and input with Feet-
Inch notation. A new tab is added to "Tools | Job Settings" dialog to
select the format (Feet-Inch, Decimal Feet).

Also angle Input/Display notation in COGO commands described below can

be specified (Azimuth, Bearing).

2. Search Record command in Data Browser.

New command "Edit | Search Record" is added. Records in the Browser can
be searched by a combination of Point Name, Code, and record type.

3. Basic COGO calculations.

"Tools | COGO" menu has three basic COGO calculations, "Point Direction
Distance", "Point to Point Inverse", and "Intersection".

4. Invalid record correction (Data Editor)

Invalid records can be edited and re-parsed in the Editor by pressing

<Enter> key.

5. Technical Support command.

New command "Help | Technical Support" is added. It provides a form in

in which a user can type in problem description and attach files. It
also collects relevant system infomation.

The form can be emailed to Nikon Technical Support and/or printed for
faxing and regular mailing.

****** Corrections:

1. Corrected a bug in SoftDesk FieldBook Format Export

2. Corrected a bug in AP700/800 DataBase Format Export

3. Corrected a bug in DTM-700/800 Emergency Data Download

TransIt v. 2.34:

****** Additions:

1. "Code List Tool" has been added. It is a GUI based tool with which you
can create, edit, and export/upload code lists for the following

DTM-800 PreInstalled
DTM-800 AP700/800
AIMS Data Collecter

2. User definable ASCII field format support has been added for ASCII
coordinate file import and export.

3. MOSS format export support.

4. "Web Update" feature has been added. This allows TransIt to be updated
over the Internet.

****** Modifications:

1. Menu has been re-organized.

2. Export options dialog has been split into three separate dialogs which
correspond to individual format types.

****** Corrections:

1. TransIt runs on non-English (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, etc.) version

of Windows.

2. "Settings" button in Import dialog is always displayed.

TransIt v. 2.33B:

****** Additions:

1. When printing a report from TransIt using the File | Print Report
option, the Coordinate Order setting (NEZ/ENZ) is now reflected in
the printout. Originally, the data was printed out in NEZ format
regardless of the setting.

****** Corrections:

1. The transfer of very large data files from the DTM-500 to the PC (on the
Windows 95 and 98 platforms) no longer loses data during the download

2. Keystrokes made in the Editor window when a very large job was opened
were not being immediately displayed when entered. TransIt now processes
and displays the keystrokes as soon as they are entered.
3. Exporting to AP700 or AP800 database no longer swaps Northing and
Easting coordinates. (This bug only appeared in v. 2.33.) This has been


TransIt v. 2.33A:

NOTE: For internal release only.


TransIt v. 2.33:

****** Corrections:

1. TransIt no longer crashes when the width of an entry in a column

exceeds the column width.

2. Point numbers are no longer missing from the job when exporting data
from TransIt to an AP700 or AP800 job.


TransIt v. 2.32:

****** NOTE:

The Windows 3.X platforms are no longer supported by TransIt. TransIt v.2.32
will run on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT platforms.

****** Additions:

1. Alphanumeric point names are now supported in TransIt.

2. Since some of the instruments do not support alphanumeric point names

during upload operations, TransIt will now flag any invalid records and
display them in the Browser, higlighted in green. The user will also be
notified as to the nature of the invalid record. The information reported
to the user can also be viewed in the Upload/Export Log, found in the
Process | Upload/Export Log menu option.

3. Additionally, some of the export formats also do not support alpha-

numeric point names. TransIt will now flag any invalid records and
display them in the Browser, higlighted in green. The user will also be
notified as to the nature of the invalid record. The information reported
to the user can also be viewed in the Upload/Export Log, found in the
Process | Upload/Export Log menu option.

****** Modifications:

1. The File | Open and File | Import operations now support listing files
with more than one file extension. (Ex. Typing *.raw;*.txt in the Job Name
box will cause TransIt to display all files that contain either of the
two extensions listed. )

2. The "Angles Right" terminology for Horizontal Angle found in the

Settings dialog box has now been modified to read "Zero to BS."

3. The Map Projection Factor found in the Settings dialog box is now
restricted to a certain range.

4. The C & R Factor found in the Settings dialog box is no longer limited
to the predefined values and can now be overridden by user input.

5. The columns in the Browser Window are now resizable.

****** Corrections:

1. TransIt now properly handles long pathnames/filenames.


TransIt v. 2.31:

****** Additions:

1. The following 3 export formats have been added to the File | Export
menu in TransIt:
- Softdesk FBK
- Civilsoft

****** Modifications:

1. The Options| Export Options dialog box has been modified. The tab labeled
"Coordinate Exports" now supports both ASCII Coordinate and Civilsoft export

****** Corrections:

1. When uploading coordinate data to the DTM-500, DTM-700 or DTM-800

Series instruments, the coordinate order was always NEZ, even when ENZ
coordinate order was specified in TransIt's Settings. This has been modified
to upload data in ENZ when ENZ is selected for the coordinate order setting.

2. In TransIt v. 2.3 only, the C&R correction factor was set to

0.000 after being selected by the user. This has been fixed in
TransIt v. 2.31.

****** NOTE:
1. Transferring data to the DTM-500 under Windows 95 and 98 using the baud
rate of 38400 is currently not supported. However, this is supported under
Windows NT.


TransIt v. 2.3:

****** Additions:

1. Transfer & Conversion of DTM-500 data are now supported.

2. Baud rates of 19200 and 38400 are now available for data transfer
with the DTM-500.

****** Modifications:

1. Editor window now accepts manual input of negative numbers.

2. The SD field is now optional in the SS and CP records (angle only shots).

3. The point number field is now optional in the F1/F2 records (for azimuth BS's).

4. The duplicate point dialog box has been modified in the following
a. A fifth option has been added to keep all old coordinates and
discard the new ones.

b. An Abort button has been added.

c. The NEZ/ENZ coordinate order setting is reflected when the

duplicate data is displayed.

5. When inserting or appending coordinate data during manual input, the

coordinate order setting is now reflected.

6. The HA setting can no longer be changed during program execution. It

can only be changed initially when importing, opening or downloading a

7. The C&R setting has been changed to only allow values of 0.132
and 0.200.


TransIt v. 2.23:

****** Additions:

1. Importing and exporting of Pre-Installed software job files is now supported.

Please note that jobs with alpha-numeric point names are not supported at this
time. TransIt requires numeric point names.

2. Full support for DTM-700 and DTM-800 internal (emergency) data.

3. TransIt TRN files are now compliant with the Nikon Raw data standard version 2.
The major changes in version 2 are:
a) Addition of HT field to F1 & F2 records
b) Addition of Circle Reading field to Station Setup (ST) record

4. Angle values in TransIt are now calculated to tenths of seconds (required for
proper support of DTM-850 data).

****** Modifications:

1. The HI field of the Station Setup Record (ST) is now optional. The ST record
will no longer appear as invalid in the Browser if the HI is missing. (This
was incorrectly reported as fixed in TransIt. v.2.21.)

TransIt v.2.22:

****** Modifications:

1. Angles smaller than 1 degree are now correctly converted to decimal


2. Importing or downloading of ASCII Coordinate data containing a 0.0 in

the N or E fields will no longer generate an invalid record. In
addition, Z fields containing 0.0 will no longer be concatenated with
the code field.


TransIt v. 2.21:

****** Additions:
1. Incorporation of HT field into F1/F2 record is now supported. Please note
that F1/F2 records which have been generated in a prior version of TransIt
will appear as invalid in the Browser.

2. AP800 Database Import and Export are now supported.

3. Importing of *.NRW files from DTM-800 Pre-Installed Software is now supported.

****** Modifications:

1. The HI field of the Station Setup Record (ST) is now optional. The ST record
will no longer appear as invalid in the Browser if the HI is missing.

2. If an ST record contains no BS Pt#, the output file generated has been

modified to leave this field blank.


TransIt v. 2.2:

****** Additions:

1. TransIt v. 2.2 now supports RS-232 cable transfer to and from the DTM-800.


For a listing of Nikon Technical Support phone numbers, please see the Technical
Support section in the Online Help or in the manual provided with TransIt.

Thank you,

Nikon Technical Support