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KR Consulting, Delhi

A consultancy firm is a firm providing placements or job to the individual in a specific or

varied industry. The primary purpose of a consultancy firm is to provide jobs to the
candidates according to their requirements. We will recruit for only BPO industry
(International and Domestic) and IT-enabled services for Voice process only (inbound) for
various profiles in Delhi/NCR. It hires the candidates for permanent job.

MISSION: want to be the India’s best consultancy firm at helping employers achieve
success through people.

Start up cost: Will be around 4 lacs including all financial costs of set up. Like for
registration it costs Rs. 15,000, rent Rs. 22,000 including furniture’s, in buying domain Rs.
30,000 for 6 months, landline cost 3- 4,000 pm, internet charges 2000 pm, electricity
charges up to Rs. 7000 etc.

Buy a domain name for the company: It is compulsory because nobody would trust a
company who doesn’t have a good website and domain name is very important for having
a website. Domain names are cheap around Rs. 450 per year

Next step is to get ourself a professional website design for your company. Professional
design could cost starting from Rs. 15,000

Opening of current account in any Bank:

For opening a current account you will need a company letterhead, visiting card, and
company stamp.

KR agency business plan:

 Make a list of potential clients. These may be your own personal contacts, a list of
companies in a particular industry or a general list which we can obtain from an web
 We might contact prospective clients by mailing letters, sending e-mails and/or
following up with phone calls. Placing advertisements in newspapers, business
magazines and online job sites are common approaches for recruiting job applicants.
 Produce marketing materials. Creating a logo for office documents. Design a website.
Develop a company newsletter to send to prospective clients. Design company
business cards.


 (Chief Operating Officer) heads the recruitment team and operations.

 HR Manager
 2 Recruiter
 2 Security guards
 2 office peon

Job Description of KR Consultancy Employees

Chief Operating Officer

Job Responsibilities

 Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures

 Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth
 Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication
 Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
 Establish policies that promote company culture and vision
 Manage relationships with partners/vendors

 Proven experience as Chief Operating Office or relevant role
 Understanding of business functions such as HR, Finance, marketing etc.
 Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development
 Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics
 Working knowledge of IT/Business infrastructure and MS Office
 Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities
 Excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills


Job Responsibilities

 Maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all
 Take responsibility for the successful and timely completion of human resource
related projects and priorities, as allocated.
 Identifies key talents in the business unit and prepares the individual development
plans for key talents
 Provide expert advice on a range of human resource queries and opportunities arising
from within the organisation, in accordance with organisational policy and legislative

 Must be MBA in HR
 Should have excellent Communication, negotiation and HR Practices Skills
 Knowledge of HR Procedures

HR Recruiters

Job Responsibilities
 Sourcing profiles from Job portals, Screening basis requirement, filtering through
telephonic interview on suitability of the candidate for the position.

 Ensure candidate is shortlisted in all rounds of interviews within the Turnaround

time of 20 days.
 Maintain Excel Databases for all the candidates spoken to for every position by
 Be responsible to source quality resumes and ensure the conversion ratio of resume
shared to Candidate selected improves over a period of time.

 Minimum a Graduate, prefer MBA HR

 Prefer candidates with prior experience of Sourcing & Screening candidates.
 Excellent Communication Skill
 Working knowledge of MS Excel for maintaining database

Security Guards
Job Responsibilities
 In order to adequately protect people and property, security guards must know and
enforce rules and regulations to prevent criminal activity before it happens.
 They may monitor points of access in a building or property to allow entry only to
individuals with the correct identification or authorization. In some situations, such as
public events or crowded areas, they walk amongst visitors to promote order and
provide a visible presence that deters safety issues.
 If working after hours, they may maintain surveillance of a property by patrolling the
grounds or using closed-circuit monitoring or alarm systems. They'll investigate and
report signs of damage or unlawful entry as it occurs. Such issues require that they
contact authorities and make written or verbal reports to law enforcement. In
emergency situations, they may provide first aid or assistance and alert first

Qualification Required
 Education: High school diploma

Office peon

Job Responsibilities

 Required to maintain food pantry inventory by placing orders with vendors as well as
purchasing food and non-food items from local stores.
 Capable of making Hot & Cold Beverages.
 Responsible for Housekeeping activities
 Office Cleaning
 Water / Tea Coffee distribution
 Gardening work.
 Purchase of office material.
 Any other work as assigned by Superiors.

Qualification Required
 Education: High school diploma