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jksy la[;k / Roll No. ijh{kkFkhZ dk uke / Name of the Candidate

Kindly paste a colour

photograph, same as attached in
18015141100035 SHEEBA R your application

—i;k vius vkosnu&i=

ijh{kk fnukad / Date - Session of Exam in~ / Post tUefrfFk / Date-of-Birth leqnk; / Community esa yxk, x, jaxhu
QksVks fpidk,¡
29/08/2015 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM JE 05-05-1995 OBC (Other Backward Caste)

Self Declaration: I hereby declare that all statements made in this application are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event of any information

being found false at any stage or not satisfying the eligibility criteria according to the requirements of the post, my candidature / appointment is liable to be cancelled / terminated.
Note: This declaration given below should be written only in the presence of the Invigilator on the examination day.

ijh{kkFkhZ dk Á gLrk{kj
/ Candidate’s Certified Signature vuqoh{kd dk Á gLrk{kj / Invigilator’s Certified Signature
I have read the attached Instructions and I have filled I certify that the candidate has written the declaration in my —rs v/;{k / For Chairman
the declaration in Invigilator’s presence presence and I certify the resemblance of the candidate

" "




fyf[kr ijh{kk ds fy, cqykok i= / ADMIT CARD FOR THE WRITTEN EXAMINATION

ijh{kkFkhZ dk uke / Name of the candidate SHEEBA R


jksy la[;k / Roll No. 18015141100035 in~ / Post JE

frfFk & fjiksfVaZx le; / Date - Reporting Time Please refer to Point no 5 in
Instructions to the Candidate

ijh{kk dsaæ dk uke vkSj irk / Name and address of the exam centre

Vidhya Mandhir Institute of Technology

Perundurai-Chennimalai State Highway INGUR, Erode Erode Tamil Nadu India 638052

fnukad / Date —rs v/;{k / For Chairman



Candidate's Certified Signature Invigilator's Certified Signature

I have read the attached Instructions and I have filled the declaration in Invigilator’s presence I certify that the candidate has written the declaration in my presence and I certify the
resemblance of the candidate

Beware of touts - RRB Selections are based purely on merit Admit Card is valid only with an original photo ID Please read the attached instructions carefully.
nyky®as ls lko/kku & jsy HkrhZ cksMZ dk p;u dsoy ;ksX;rk ij vk/kkfjr gksrk gSa cqykok i= dsoy ewy QksVks igpku i= ds lkFk fg ekU; gksxk —i;k tqM+h vuqns'k®as dks /¸kkuiwoZd i<sa
Instructions to the Candidate ijh{kkFkhZ ds fy, funsZ'k
1. Please affix Passport size Colour Photograph - same as that was 1- —i;k cqykok i= ds Åijh Hkkx esa fn;s x, LFkku ij ikLi®VZ lkbt dk oSlk gh
attached in your application form - in the space provided on the upper jaxhu Q®V®XkzkQ fpidk,a] tSlk vkids vkosnu i= esa yxk;k x;k FkkA
portion of the Admit Card.
2- ijh{kk ds le; ijh{kkFkhZ d® viuk cqykok i= lR¸kkiu ds fy, tek djuk g®xkA
2. The Admit Card is to be submitted for verification at the time of the de ls de ,d ewy Áfr ¼Q+ksV® dkWih ;k LdSu dh xà Áfr ugha½ v©j Izkkekf.kd
test. At least one original (not photocopied or scanned) and valid (not ¼ftldh le; lhek lekIr ugha gqà gS½ Q+ksV® igpku i= ¼tSls egkfo|ky;
expired) photo identification card (such as College ID, Employer ID, vkÃMh] deZpkjh vkÃMh] Mªkbfoax ykblsal] ikLi®VZ] iSu dkMZ] ernkrk vkÃMh]
Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar, UID)
vk/kkj ;wvkÃMh½ d® Hkh ÁLrqr djuk g®xkA
should also be presented.
3. Candidates must also bring two colour photographs (of size 3.5 3- vkWuykbu ijh{kk nsus ds fy,] ijh{kkFkhZ d® n® jaxhu Q+ksV® ¼3-5 ls-eh x 3-5 ls-
cm x 3.5 cm) and also a post card size photograph with clear front eh½ Hkh ykus gksaxs v©j lkeus dh rjQ ls [khapk x;k ikLi®VZ dkMZ lkbt dk ,d
view of the candidate without cap and sunglasses, for appearing Li"V Q®V® Hkh ykuk g®xk] ftles ijh{kkFkhZ us d®Ã Hkh V®ih v©j /kwi dk p'Ekk ugha
in the ONLINE examination. yxk;k g®A
4. This Admit Card is valid only for the test date and session time as 4- cqykok i=] Åij crk;s x, vuqlkj flQZ ijh{kk frfFk v©j ijh{kk l= ds fy, gh
specified above. ekU¸k gSA
5. Candidates should report at 7:30 A.M. for Shift 1 ,11.30 A.M. for 5- ijh{kkFkhZ d® igyh l= ds fy, lqcg 7-30 cts] nwljh l= ds fy, lqcg 11-30
Shift 2 & 3.30 P.M. for Shift 3. cts v©j rhljh l= ds fy, n®igj 3-30 ds cts ls igys mifLFkr g®uk t:jh gSA
6. No candidate will be allowed inside the test centre after 8:00 A.M. for 6- fdlh Hkh ijh{kkFkhZ d® igyh l= ds fy, lqcg 8 cts ds ckn] nwljh l= ds fy,
Shift 1, 12.00 P.M. for shift 2, 4.00 P.M. for Shift 3
n®igj 12-00 cts ds ckn v©j rhljh l= ds fy, n®igj 3-00 cts ds ckn ijh{kk
7. A candidate should write the Self-Declaration inside the exam dsUnz esa Áos'k djus dh vuqefr ugha nh tk,xhA
lab in the presence of the Invigilator.
7- ijh{kk Á;®x'kkyk ¼VLV ySc½ ds vanj ijh{kkFkhZ d® vuqfo{kd dh mifLFkfr esa
8. Mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets such as watches, LOk&?k®"k.kk i= fy[kuk g®xkA
calculators are NOT ALLOWED inside the Test Centre. There is no
facility for safe-keeping of your personal belongings outside the 8- ijh{kk dsUnz esa e®ckby Q®u ;k fdlh Hkh bysDVª®fud midj.kksa d® ys tkus dh
examination hall and RRB/Assessment service provider are not vuqefr ugha gSA ijh{kk dsUnz ds ckgj vkids O¸kfäxr lkekuksa d® lqjf{kr :i ls
responsible for its loss. Only Admit Card, Photo ID card, pen/ pencil j[kus ds fy, d®Ã lqfo/kk ugha gS v©j fdlh Hkh uqdlku ds fy,
will be allowed inside the test hall. vkjvkjch@vkadyu lsok Ánkrk ftEEksnkj ugha gaSA ijh{kk gkWy ds vanj flQZ
9. The candidate can view and answer questions in any of the 15 cqykok i=] Q+ksV® vkÃMh] isu@isfULky ys tkus dh vuqefr gSA
languages applicable. 9- ijh{kkFkhZ fdlh Hkh 15 mi;qä Hkk"kkv®a esa vius Á'Ukksa v©j mŸkjksa d® ns[k ldrs gaSA
10. There will be negative mark for wrong answers. For every wrong 10- xyr mŸkjksa ds fy, udkjkREkd vad gaSA ÁR¸®d xyr mŸkj ds fy, 1/3 vad dkV
answer 1/3rd mark will be deducted
fn;k tk,xkA
11. Please find the practice test link (
OnlineAssessment/index.html?1181@@M1), use this link to 11- —i;k ijh{kk vH¸kkl ds fy, bl fyad ij tk,a (
familiarize yourself on how to view/answer questions on the exam OnlineAssessment/index.html?1181@@M1) ijh{kk ds fnu Á'Ukksa d®
day. ns[kus@mŸkj nsus dk vH¸kkl djus ds fy, bl fyUd dk Á;®x dhft;sA
12. Friends and relatives accompanying the candidate will not be 12- ijh{kkFkhZ ds lkFk vkusokys n®Lrksa v©j ifjokjokyksa d® ijh{kk dsUnz ds vanj vkus
allowed inside the test centre. dh vuqefr ugha nh tk,xhA
13. Rough sheet(s) will be provided to the candidate for rough work 13- jQ odZ djus ds fy, ijh{kkFkhZ d® jQ 'khV~Lk Ánku dh tk,xh] ftUgsa ijh{kk ds
which will have to be returned after the test. ckn okil djuk t:jh gSA
14. Candidate should write his/her name and registration number on the 14- ijh{kkFkhZ d® jQ 'khV~Lk ij viuk uke v©j iath—r Øeakd fy[kuk t:jh gSA
rough sheet(s).
15- ijh{kkFkhZ d® lykg nh tkrh gS fd os de ls de ijh{kk ls ,d fnu igys dsUnz dk
15. Candidates are advised to locate their test centre and its accessibility LFkku v©j og¡k rd ig¡qpus ds ek/¸ke dk irk yxk ysa] rkfd os ijh{kk ds fnu dsUnz
at least a day before the test so that they can reach the centre on time esa le; ij ig¡qp ldsaA
on the day of the test.
16. Candidate needs to make his/her own travel and stay arrangements
16- ijh{kk esa mifLFkr g®us ds fy, ijh{kkFkhZ;ksa d® viuh ;k ;k=k v©j jgus dh
for attending the test. O¸koLFkk LOk;a djuh g®xhA
17. The Admit Card is provisional, subject to the condition that the 17- cqykok i= vLFkk;h gS] t® fd vkusokyh p;u ÁfØ;k dh Izkkekf.kdrk ls lacaf/kr
candidate has fulfilled the eligibility conditions like academic voLFkkv®a ij fuHkZj gS] ftls ijh{kkFkhZ us vius vkosnu i= esa Åij crkà xà 'krksZa
qualification, category, PWD status etc. as mentioned in his/her d® iwjk djrs le; Hkjk gS & tSls 'kS{kf.kd ;®X¸krk]] ihMCY¸kwMh voLFkk
application which is subject to verification in the consecutive stages bR¸kkfn---
of the selection process. 18- vuqfo{kd }kjk fn;s x, fdlh Hkh fo'ks"k funsZ'k dk ikyu l[rh ls fd;k tkuk
18. Special instructions if any given by the Invigilator should be pkfg;sA
followed strictly.
19- fdlh Hkh ifjfLFkfr;ksa esa ijh{kk dh rkjh[k@dsUnz esa ifjorZu djus dh vuqefr
19. Change of date/centre of examination is not permitted under any ugha gSA
20- cqykok i= ds tkjh g® tkus ls ;g fdlh Hkh in ds fy, ;®X¸krk dk vf/kdkj
20. Mere issue of Admit Card does not confer any right to be eligible for
Ánku ugha djrkA
the post.
21. The candidature is purely provisional and is liable to be cancelled at 21- ijh{kkfFkZrk iwjh rjg ls vLFkk;h gS v©j fdlh Hkh rjg dh vlaxfr irk pyus ij
any stage of recruitment or thereafter, in case any inconsistency is bls HkrhZ ls igys ;k mlds ckn dh fdlh Hkh voLFkk esa jÌ fd;k tk ldrk gSA
noticed. 22- vkjvkjch] fdlh Hkh ;k lHkh ifj{kkfFkZ;ksa dh ijh{kk fQj ls ysus dk vf/kdkj j[krk
22. RRB reserves the right to order re-examination for any or all gSA
candidates. 23- lHkh ekeyksa esa vkjvkjch dk QSlyk vafre fu.kZ; ekuk tk,xk v©j ;g lHkh
23. Decision of the RRB in all matters will be final and binding on the ijh{kkfFkZ;ksa ij ykxw g®xkA

RRB 2015 WISHES YOU ALL THE BEST! vkjvkjch 2015 lHkh ijh{kkfFkZ;ksa d® 'kqÒdkeuk,a nsrk gS!