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Tribomet Wear Control Coatings

Tribomet® coatings are electro- Advantages Coating to Size

deposited composites that are • Provides excellent resistance to Tribomet wear control coatings
applied by a patented process. fretting and abrasive wear can be used as plated or ground to
The coatings are produced when • Suited for coating non-line-of- finished dimensions. Typical as-
particles, which are kept in sight faces and internal bores plated finish of 1-2µmRa; Ra can
suspension within an electroplating be further improved via grinding,
bath, settle onto the component and • Excellent adhesion >30,000 psi lapping, vibro finishing, or honing.
are fixed by the depositing metal • Operating temperatures up to
(see Figure 1). 900oC for Tribomet T104CS Coating Characteristics
Tribomet T104C – Carbide content
Tribomet wear-resistant coatings • Pre-oxidation heat treatment will 12-28 wt%; nomimal hardness
can operate at elevated temperatures further improve wear resistance
for applications operating
300 HV; maximum operating
and are produced from electroplated temperature 700oC; typical coating
below 300oC
cobalt (in various amounts) and fine thickness 0.08 mm-0.130 mm after
particles of chromium carbide (see • 100% dense coating final machining
Figure 2). The coating forms an
adherent oxide that readily forms a • Suitable for low- or high- volume Tribomet T104CS – Carbide
manufacture for both OEM and
glaze on sliding contact to prevent repair content 30-40 wt%; nomimal
adhesive wear. The higher-carbide- hardness 450 HV; maximum
composite Tribomet T104CS can • No component distortion operating temperature 900oC; typical
be used in heat-treated form with coating thickness 0.08 mm-0.130
increased hardness, corrosion • Can be coated to size or ground mm as plated
resistance, and hammer wear • Applicable to most metallic
resistance. Tribomet T104CS is also Tribomet T104CS heat treated –
substrates and for contact with
an excellent replacement for hard titanium alloys Carbide content 30-40 wt%;
chrome and other galvanic coatings. nomimal hardness 700-800 HV;
• Excellent replacement for maximum operating temperature
hard chrome and other galvanic 900oC; typical coating thickness
0.08 mm-0.130 mm as plated
Typical applications include
aviation, automotive, power
generation, and general engineering.

Base Materials
Tribomet coatings can be applied
to aluminum, steel, and cobalt- and
nickel-based alloys. Components
can be cast, forged, rolled, or
Figure 1. Schematic showing formation extruded. Figure 2. Tribomet T104CS coating
of Tribomet composite coating microstructure

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