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Question bank for unit 3 and 4

2 marks:
1. What are the methods of voltage control?
2. Compare shunt and series capacitors?
3. Draw a typical arrangement of a simple AVR modeling?
4. Define booster transformer.
5. What is a static VAR compensator?
6. What is meant by unit commitment?
7. What are the assumptions for priority list method using full load average production cost?
8. Define spinning reserve?
9. What is the purpose of using economic dispatch?
10. What is participation factor with respect to economic load dispatch?
11. What is stability compensation?
12. Write a few constraints in unit commitment problem.
13. What are the merits of synchronous compensator?
14. What is static VAR compensator?
15. Write the equality and inequality constraints considered in the economic
dispatch problem.

1. Explain in detail about generation and absorption of reactive power

2. Derive the relations between voltage, power and reactive power at a node for applications in power system

3.Explain any three types of static VAR compensators with a neat diagram.

4. Determine priority list using full load average production cost for the data give:


1 100 400 0.006 7 600 1.1
2 50 300 0.01 8 400 1.2
3 150 500 0.008 6 500 1.0

5. Derive the equation for without loss coefficients?