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MGT211 GDB Solution;

The future marketing mix strategies management could use to sustain Lux on
maturity stage is as follows.

1. Highest level of sales in the market because of awareness about the

2. More sellers will also enter in the market.
3. Completion become very high
4. More & more D & R & innovation in order to add more feature in the
5. Product
6. Searching of new target markets for the product
7. Evolution of new co-product
8. Improvement in features
9. Improvement in style and looks
10.Reduce the price due to more competition.
11.Spend money on research and development.
12.Spend money to promote the brand name of the product.
13.Marketers will also revise their marketing strategies. i.e. They will find new
14.Segments of the market for their product

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