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Mission: Do you drive? If not I’m pretty sure you know someone who does!

Everyone the hassle

for parking can be especially in busy area, With this mobile app you can save time and get to
parking quickly with google api’s instilled you will find spots quicker, pay parking meter with
your debit or credit through mobile transactions and get to keep time of your meter so you can
never get a ticket or get towed.

I am currently working and on-active research with this idea. I think this is something that needs
to happen because of its effectiveness would be significant and needed not just in clifton but
everywhere around the country. As now day and age time reducing ideas is what the world want
because of its value. I think the more people that will use this app will soon to find it necessary
because the time and the no-more stress about parking will make their life easier.

● MeterBell(currently the name for my class project)
● UC Parc
● UC Park

Premium Features
● Compare parking lot prices around downtown area
● If you're a UC students:( find garages that has open parking and tracking system to keep
tabs on your vehicle)

Fun Facts:
● There are 1,500 parking meters throughout downtown
● Meters are in operation from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and from 2 to 9
p.m. on Sunday.
● $1.50 in the southeastern area of Over-the-Rhine
● $1.00 in the southwestern and northwestern areas of Over-the-Rhine
● $2.50 on the eastern side of the Central Business District
● $1.75 in the northwestern area of the Central Business District
● $2.25 in the southwestern area of the Central Business District
● Meters now have a pre-pay feature. If you park at a meter before enforcement hours
begin, you can pay in advance with the paid hours beginning once the meter is in effect.
This feature is available city-wide
● 11 garages(campus)
● 11500 parking spaces(around clifton)
Apps similiar:
● Passport Parking


Structure: LLC

Ownership: Partnership with Uber

Key Personnel:
Bussiness description:
Market analysis: Garrett Featherstone and Hannah Markel
Management:Ganda Kane
Financial and accounting
Personnel Plan:
Ops & Supply Chain:

Possible funding plans

1. Stock Looking for companies(Uber) or persons to fund our project and we

promise the investor a share on incomes and controls.
2. Debt financing. Borrowing from bank or lending facilities, divide the loan
into parts, pay the loan back from our gross income.
3. Crowdfunding.

This is an effective app. It can make your parking experience easier, with this app, people can
find a parking space much more quicker, so you can spend more of your time on eating with
your friends, enjoying a movie or just hanging out.

Business description:

This is an app that’s downloaded to your mobile device that makes parking at meters
easier, cheaper, more efficient and even lower traffic in dense areas. Downloading the app will
virtually connect customers with parking meters. Before arriving to a destination app users will
be able to search for open meters in their choice of distance. (green: spot is open, yellow: meter
time is running low or just ended, red:occupied.). It will also compare parking prices showing
app users prices of each parking option. Once parked you can now pay from your phone (linked
to debit card or credit card or bank account) or pay the traditional way with cash. App users are
now linked with that meter and can check their remaining time from their phone with options to
send alerts (10 min, 5 min, 1 min, etc.). App users can also add money to their meter avoiding
having to leave important meetings, doctors appointments, or even sporting events to put more
cash into meter. Users will be limited to 10 uses a week but can also purchase a monthly
subscription for unlimited uses.