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2 – HOME & GARDEN • THE SUN – OCT. 11, 2017

Oreck can help with fall allergy season

Oreck Clean Home Center has longer than normal. The experienced team at Oreck
been South Jersey’s local vacuum re- According to the EPA, the air inside knows that a key component to
tailer and repair shop for more than your home may be up to five times cleaning the air of allergens and
20 years. With locations in Cherry more polluted than the air outside. pollution is being able to efficiently
Family owned and operated since 1985 Hill, Washington Township and Mays That means every time you close the move the air — and that’s where air
Landing, owner and operator Glen door to your home, you’re sealing purifiers come in.
Noyes and his team of seasoned pro- yourself in with allergens, airborne Oreck air purifiers work by filtering
fessionals, are committed to keeping dust, pet dander and smoke. In ad- out particles from the air that passes
not just your house clean but your air dition to these elements, there are through its filter system keeping your
clean this fall season. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) home’s air clean and fresh.
This will be especially important which are chemical fumes such as Everyone’s needs are different.
this fall as experts are expecting an paint smells and off-gases from new Oreck offers its customers a full line
Beautiful floors extended allergy season. Many re-
gions throughout the United States
rugs and furniture, and aerosol va-
pors and odors from cleaning sup-
of air purifiers that use either Truman
Cell technology or True HEPA filters
Exceptional service are taken over this time of year by
ragweed and mold spores. Ragweed
These compounds can be dam-
with each providing different ben-
Affordable prices a flowering plant that thrives in warm,
dry climates is an incredible trigger of
aging to your short and long-term
health. All of these particles are so
To determine which option is right
for your home, Glen and his team are
fall allergies. Because the fall season microscopic and lightweight that they happy to answer your questions at
Visit our showroom for the best service and prices. is expected to be warmer than aver- can remain suspended in the air for any of their three locations or by call-
age, the ragweed season could last hours. ing (856) 427-7990.
- 3-7766
- 66 856 6-262
- 62-0606
- 06
370 Miller Road 547A Cross Keys Road
Behind Dutch Wagon Market Across from Winslow Plaza Advertise in the next special section  by calling (856) 427-933.

is a Potential Nightmare. This is a Potential Night

License #13VH00085500 Dan Higgins Wood Flooring is a DBA of Quality Installation Associates, Inc.

This is a PoTenTial nighTmare.

This is a Potential Nightmare. Your floors, furniture & upholstery
are Being exposed to the suns harmful UV
Your f

This is a Potential Nightmare.

are Bei
rays which cause Fading. rays w
Your floors, furniture & upholstery
Window Tinting blocks
are Being exposed to the suns harmful U
99% of the harmful floors, furniture & upholstery
UV cause
rays which Fading.
are Being exposed to the suns harmful UV
rays, and will enables
rays which cause Fading.
Window Tinting bloc
you to continue living
99% of the
Window harmful
Tinting block U
the dream.
99% ofandthewill enables
harmfulLet us pr
our serv
The solution is CLEAR! you to
rays, andcontinue livin
will enables
the to
you dream.
continue living

Let us provide you with more information about the dream.

The solution is CLEAR
Offis CLEAR!
our services or visit our website
Your floors, furniture & upholstery are being exposed The solution
520 Fellowshipus harmful
to the suns provide
RoadUV raysyou
Suite with
which more
Hours: All
M-F abo
Serving the Tri-State Area Since 1985 Mt Laurel,
Window NJ 08054
Let services
us provide•
99% of the
you harmful
with UVSat.
more Tinting
By Appointment
information abou
our or visit our
and will enable you to continue living the dream.
websiteNot valid with any other
Safety • Res

The solution is CLEAR!
our website offer. Expires 11/11/17

provide you with more information about our services
Serving the Tri-State Area Since 1985
or visit ourServing
the Tri-State Area Since 1985

520 Fellowship Rd.

p Road Suite B205 Hours: 8:30-6:00 M-F LLC. Since 1985
Suite B205
08054 • 856-840-0900 Sat. By Appointment
RECOMMENDED Safety • Residential • Commercial • Auto/Boat Mt Laurel,
NJ 08054
520 Fellowship RoadRoad
Suite B205B205 Hours: 8:30-6:00 M-FM-F 856-840-0900
520 Fellowship Suite Hours: 8:30-6:00 LLC.
LLC. Hours: 8:30-6:00 M-F,
Mt Laurel, NJ 08054
Mt Laurel, • 856-840-0900
NJ 08054 • 856-840-0900 Sat. By
By Appointment RECOMMENDED
Safety• Residential
• Residential••Commercial
Commercial •• Auto/Boat
Auto/Boat Sat. By Appointment
OCT. 11, 2017 – THE SUN • HOME & GARDEN – 3

A ‘Smart’ look inside Jacqueline “Jacki” Smoyer

As nature propels us toward an
upcoming season, homeowners
begin to pay less attention to the out-
ered, tilted and put on a schedule
with a smartphone app.
If you want to modernize the heart
The Smart Move
side and start looking inward. Jacki of the home, Jacki Smoyer mentions
Smoyer of Weichert Realtors and that you might consider modular
“” reminded me kitchen appliances such as column
that, “The kitchen is the heart of the refrigerators and freezers, as well
home but technology is the wave of as drawer appliances to customize
the future.” She enjoyed pointing your kitchen. Drawer appliances can
out that “smart” technology is at the be tucked neatly into the cabinetry
forefront of popular home upgrades. to give the kitchen a clean, sleek
Smoyer gave a few examples. Refrig- look. Smoyer also said that, “Matte
erators equipped with smart technol- black stainless steel appliances are
ogy and a camera, allow you use an replacing the popularity of simple
app to see inside it while you are out stainless steel.” She also points

We are thrilled to
grocery shopping. GE is introducing out that, “The resurgence of sub-
a new line of appliances that utilize way tiles in kitchens and bathrooms
smart technology, apps and even proves that sometimes ‘what’s old is
voice control. Smoyer explained that what’s new.’” Marble is also staging

announce the addition of

much of this smart technology only a comeback and supplanting both
allows you to monitor the appliances. granite counters and ceramic wall
However, GE’s ovens can be remote- tiles. However, Smoyer cautions her
ly preheated which can save time if readers about the cost of constantly

Stan and Trey Smoyer to the

you want to start baking the moment chasing trends. By way of example,
you get home. She also mentioned she explains that “Once white kitch-
that Ring, a new company out of en cabinets were in. Then they were
Santa Monica California, produces replaced by cherry, light woods, and

Weichert family and my team.

video doorbells that they advertise, then mocha before white became
“… lets you see, hear and speak to popular again. Smoyer advises her
anyone at your door from your phone, clients to make “The Smart Move”
tablet or PC.” Security systems are and discuss contemplated upgrades
appearing with smart technology that with her. She also reminds that, “Not
will stream video from your home’s all trends repeat. If anyone is holding
security cameras to your smartphone out for the resurgence of the 8 track
or tablet. She said that we even have player…be prepared for a really long
smart blinds that can be raised, low- wait!”

Energy Resources
We may have changed our name fire producing products need regular
and the size of our showroom, but we service to keep them working trouble
are still the same Family Owned and free and with the greatest efficiency.
Operated store that has been here A simple servicing by one of our techs
for 37 years, where the customer can save you money later in replace-
comes first! ment parts.
Unlike the big box stores, we take Whether you are a homeowner
your job from estimate and design looking to install a new, beautiful
to satisfied customer - all under one fireplace, or outdoor kitchen, or need
roof! We don’t sub out our work. Our work done on what you already have
techs are gas and wood certified.
Although we also sell parts for any
in place, we are your local experts!
Energy Resources is also happy to Sales Associate | ABR, MRP
brand gas grills, we sell top quality
manufacturers product. Items such
work with your builder, landscaper
or realtor. Our prices are competi- cell: (856) 296-7226
as gas, pellet and charcoal grills,
wood stoves, pellet stoves and gas
tive for quality products. Our sales
people are always helpful and knowl-
office: (856) 235-1950
fireplaces that are meant to last for
many years.
Stop by our newly designed and
We also service all the products expanded showroom to see the new- email:
we sell. est products... We have all grills and
Just like your home furnace, or outdoor kitchens on display. You will 202 W. Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057
your car, grills, gas logs and other be happy you did!
4 – HOME & GARDEN • THE SUN – OCT. 11, 2017
Pala Brothers Furniture Deck Restoration Plus
Many property owners struggle to other wood structures are a large in- tee of the Forest Products Labora-
find one company that specializes in vestment and we take pride in restor- tory. Deck Restoration Plus has also
exterior wood, and that is what has ing and repairing these surfaces to been recognized by South Jersey
made Deck Restoration Plus suc- exceed our customers’ expectations. Magazine as the “Best of Home &
OR SAVE $500 cessful for more than 24 years. Once When we leave, we provide you Garden” from 2011 through today.
Sale Ends on any Stressless a wood structure is built, whether with a discounted future mainte- These qualifications and back-
October Signature Base it be a deck, wood-sided home, log
cabin or any other wood structure,
nance plan that keeps your wood sur-
faces protected and looking uniform
ground are what makes Deck Res-
toration Plus different from all other
16th! recliner and
Deck Restoration Plus provides re- and beautiful all year round. Deck companies and in most cases prop-
ottoman or
pairs, restoration, additional fea- Restoration Plus is a complete wood erty owners hire multiple contractors
LegComfort™ recliner.* tures, in some cases new structures, restoration company that also pro- to provide the same services that
SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY sealing, staining, painting, media vides our own Deck Restoration Plus Deck Restoration Plus provides.
Hancock & Moore blasting, chinking and many services Stains as well as providing education The “Plus” means a great deal to
Century • Jessica Charles for our customers all under one roof. to contractors nationally through our the company as we provide stamped
Zimmerman Chair What makes Deck Restoration Deck Restoration Plus Institute. concrete and paver restoration, con-
Plus special is our goal to restore Many customers have benefited crete cleaning and restoration and
Lexington • Sherill
your wood back to its natural beauty. by having Deck Restoration Plus and pressure washing services, and other
Theodore Alexander
When that is not possible, we will the “Wizard of Wood” Everett Abrams services in Burlington, Gloucester,
Elran • Motion Craft
give you options that don’t always in- in South Jersey because he and his Camden and Ocean counties.
Henkel-Harris • IMG • Harden
clude “You need a whole new... ” or company have been at the forefront For more information, contact us
Woodbridge • and many more
“You have to just paint over it.” We of industry standards and previously online at www.deckrestorationplus.
recognize that a home, deck, cabin or served on the Joint Coatings Commit- com or call (866) 440- 3325.

1800 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmnigton, DE

Advertise in the next special section
302-994-0141 • 1-800-994-PALA by calling (856) 427-933.
Mon.-Sat. 9:30-5 • Sun. 12:00-5:00

Magnesium RS SALE

More power provided, less muscle required. At 7.7 lbs, the Magnesium RS is the
lightest full-powered, swivel-steering, bagged upright vacuum Oreck offers. Its
wide, 12-1/2" cleaning path lets you speed through rooms--over carpeted or
bare floors--while a HEPA-filtered inner bag works with the patented Saniseal
system to keep debris confined and sealed off.


Air Purifier Elevate Uprights

On Sale $139.99
On Sale 25% OFF
The Oreck® ELEVATE CONQUER™ provides maximum maneu-
verability with SlimSwivel™ steering while delivering powerful,
Built for smaller rooms, Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier Tabletop model is
HEPA media filtration performance for all types of flooring – car-
just 16.6” wide and filters the air in an average-size room* in up to 12 minutes. pet, hardwood, tile & more.

We Service All Vacuum Cleaner Brands

25% OFF
Cherry Hill Mays Landing Turnersville
1180 Rt. 70 (Kinko’s Plaza) 300 Consumer Square 110E Greentree Road
Total Purchase CHERRY HILL
Half Mile West of Rt. 295
(across from Hamilton Mall)
(609) 272-7590
(Directly Off Rt. 42)
(856) 228-9100
Must bring in coupon to redeem offer.
Discount applies to regular priced items only. (856) 427-7990
OCT. 11, 2017 – THE SUN • HOME & GARDEN – 5

Tips from SJ Window Tinting

Installing films on the interior win- reducing heating costs. What does
dows of your home may not be at the come through during the Winter is
top of your home-makeover “to-do” trapped, which keeps the heat inside
list, but SJ Window Tinting has sev- your home”. $360
eral good reasons why homeowners Talk a little bit about how your
should consider this a priority. SJ product provides protection from the
Window Tinting believes in, Block sun? “This is the latest, nanotechnol-
the Sun, Not the View concept. As ogy film that is applied to the interior
one of the areas largest contractors of the existing glass, which insulates
of Window Films, SJ Window Tint- homes both Summer and Winter. It
ing has more than three decades of protects you and your home from

experience and knowledge in the harmful UV rays.”

importance of Window Film. Rob How much does it cost?
Kemly, the owner of the company, of- “Pricing is job specific. Call or

Hunter Door Service

fers some tips why window tinting is email us to receive a FREE in-home
Why should people seriously con-
estimate. We run several pricing in-
centives throughout the year...We
Garage Doors Entry Doors
sider investing in widow tinting for
their home?
“For heat, glare, fading of flooring,
have one going on now!”
What’s involved in this installation?
“Jobs vary from one to the next.
furniture, paintings, wallpaper, etc.
We also offer safety film to protect
Our experienced installers will go
over thru 4/30/16with you from start
from glass breakage and intruders”. to finish. There is no heavy lifting on
How does putting film on the win- your end.” NJ REG 13VH00794100
dows reduce energy costs? For more information, call 856-
“By installing film, you are not al- 840-0900, email sjwindowtinting@
lowing 100% of the cold air to pen- or visit our website at
etrate through the glass surface,
Save NOW while reinventing your home
Hunter Door with beautiful new doors from Clopay®
Now is the time to improve the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home
with beautiful new garage and entry doors from Clopay. Act now and save!
Hunter Door Service, Inc. is an • Garage door opener installation

established family owned and oper- and service including remotes and

$ OFF $ 10 OFF
ated company with more than 40 keypads
years of experience providing garage • Garage door service, repair and
doors, entry doors and garage door parts including springs, rollers, tracks
openers to homeowners and builders and cables
throughout South Jersey. • Entry door, storm door or
We have a complete offering of sliding door replacement and instal-
high-quality garage door and entry lation Any garage or entry door $360
Any service call*

door styles to choose from so as to When you choose us, you will
enhance the curb appeal, energy- quickly discover why thousands of
install of $995 or more*
efficiency, safety and function of your South Jersey area customers from *With this coupon. Not valid with any other offer or prior *With this coupon. Not valid with any other offer or prior
purchases. Offer expires December 31st, 2017

Hunter Door Service

home. house to house and generation to purchases. Offer expires December 31st, 2017
We are a master authorized deal- generation have chosen Hunter Door
er of Clopay garage doors and entry Service as their “door company”
doors as well as an authorized dealer
of ProVia entry doors. We are also
since 1969.
Our experienced installation staff LiftMaster 8355W800-575-3667
/ HP Belt Drive 1

a ProVantage Dealer for LiftMaster and service technicians are highly-
Garage Door Opener includes

garage door openers – the world’s skilled and well-equipped to handle
No. 1 professionally installed garage any job - big or small. 3/01/16 thru
second remote & FREE wireless keyless entry

HunterNJ REGDoor Service

door opener. Don’t wait – call now to 800-
We offer designs and products to
fit nearly every need and every bud-
575- DOOR; whether its repair, re-
placement, service, parts or just a
$399* Professional Installed

get. Our team is committed to being question – we are here to help! Our *While supplies last, not valid with other offers or prior purchase.
honest, professional and great at office is open Monday – Friday from

Hunter Door Service

what we do. Here are some of the 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from
everyday door issues we can solve
for you:
8 a.m. to 12 p.m., or visit us at www. New Jersey Home 3/01/16 thru 4/30/16
• Garage door replacement and
Improvement Contractor Registration
No. 13VH00794100 NJ REG 13VHOO794100
NJ REG 13VH00794100
6 – HOME & GARDEN • THE SUN – OCT. 11, 2017

Home improvements ... are they worth it?

So, you want to sell your house but line. Let’s face it – you only get one get, replace those colored carpets
not quite sure whether, or how much chance to make a first impression. with something light and neutral.
to improve it before listing. Even If your house does not appear fresh 4.) Kitchen - This is typically the
Specializing more – does it really even make a dif-
ference? The answer is a resounding
and updated, buyers are more likely
to take your house off their list. Buy-
most heavily considered room in
terms of choosing a home. If replac-
In: YES! The appearance of your home is ers often opt for a turnkey, “finished” ing cabinets is not an option (or not
critical, and second only to “pricing it house versus one with more square necessary), updating the hardware
• Exterior Wood right from the start.” footage that requires updating. and installing granite (or some other
Restoration Homes with updated kitchens and Updates can be costly, but here natural stone) countertops is rela-
• Decks, Fences, baths, and freshly painted walls in a few tips that can help you achieve tively economical and very desirable.
Log Cabins neutral, contemporary colors tend to that “new, fresh look” without break- A matching stainless steel appliance
sell the quickest. Even better, these ing the bank: package will bring it all together.
• All Wood Siding homes sell for close to, at, or more 1.) Paint - A very inexpensive way Now, you are ready to hit the mar-
and more than their asking price - assuming to give any home a beautiful updated ket! With less competition in the fall/
• Stamped Concrete, they were “priced right” from the facelift - it goes a long, long way! winter months, all buyers eyes will
Paver & Concrete start. 2.) Bathroom- Updating the light- be on you! If you would like more
Simple, budget-friendly improve- ing fixtures, faucets, and cabinet information about a property, or a
• Cleaning &
ments can make a world of differ- hardware can completely change the complimentary listing consultation,
ence that will draw buyers in quickly. look and feel of the baths. please contact Christine Dash, Keller
• Painting, Staining & Today’s buyers are very savvy - most 3.) Flooring - Hardwood floors sell Williams Realty at (609) 332-6266 or
Sealing begin by viewing properties on- homes - period. If it is not in the bud-
County • Deck Building, Rebuilds
Serving Burlington rs.
Lic# 13VH08085900

for over 20 yea and Repairs

1-866-440-DECK Advertise in the next special section

609-268-3436 by calling (856) 427-933.

Heating • Air Conditioning • Air Cleaners • Humidifiers • UV Lights • Sales

Service • Installation • Service Contracts • Custom Sheet Metal Shop on Premises SALES • SERVICE • INSTALLATION
> Fireplace Experts
For over 37 years, homes and business owners have relied on T.J. Eckardt Associates, Inc. for
first class heating, air conditioning and indoor comfort equipment, and for prompt, dependable
service after the sale. We stand by our motto ‘We treat your house like it’s our home”. T.J. Eckardt
> Gas Fireplaces
Associates, Inc. is truly your best choice when you need first-class comfort solutions. Call us
today at (856)767-4111 for the best deal around. We’ll come out and give you a FREE, professional
estimate and show you how to maximize your savings.
> Wood Stoves

We Sellls
FURNACE “We treat your house like it’s our home.” EQUIPMENT Call Now
SJ Gas has 0% financing up to $8000.00 for all conversions and up to
> NFI Certified Techs To Get Your Gas

Logs Service for

Gas Gril
the Season
$6500.00 for gas to gas upgrades including water heater with no down > Custom Glass Doors

all year long!

Includes 1” disposable filter *Per payment and up to 60 months. Call for details! We handle all the paperwork.
single zone. Expires 11/15/17
Not to be combined with
for Fireplaces
other offers Up to $1000 in Utility Rebates available on select HVAC Equipment

Call today for a FREE We Carry Custom Glass Doors and Fireplace Hoods.
0% Financing Available no obligation
estimate We can help you Update and Upgrade your
to Qualified Buyers! Existing Fireplace... Call us Today!
We are your Fireplace Experts!
Thomas J. Eckardt
Master HVACR Contractor Lic #19HC00544000
P.O Box 570, Sicklerville, NJ 08081
Visit Our Showroom: 4222 Rt. 130 North • Willingboro, NJ 08046
Serving South Jersey and the Shore Area Since 1980 (609) 871-2289 •
OCT. 11, 2017 – THE SUN • HOME & GARDEN – 7

In 1953, the Pala brothers ven-
tured into the furniture business with
a small brick building on Kirkwood
Highway in Wilmington, Delaware.
Their roots were in the bar and res-
taurant business. The four brothers
worked hard, focusing on the cus-
tomer and always striving to give the
best in customer service and pricing.
That same focus can be seen today
over 50 years later.
Pala Brothers Furniture still strives
for customer satisfaction. There is
now one difference, we handle the
best furniture manufactures avail-
able. That small brick building where
Pala Brothers started in 1953 is still
our only location, but there are now
18,000 square feet attached to it.
Stop in any day of the week and the
Pala’s, with their design team would
love to talk to you about all your fur-
niture needs.
We are proud to carry and display
the following brands. Century, CTH-
Sherrill Occasional, Durham, Haber-
sham, Hancock & Moore, Harden,
Hickory Chair, Jessica Charles, Jona-
than Charles, Lexington, Maitland-
Smith, MotionCraft, Nichols & Stone,
Sherrill, Sligh, Stressless by Ekornes,
Surya, Telescope, Theodore Alexan-
der, Tommy Bahama Home, Univer-
sal, Wesley Allen, Woodbridge, Wild-
wood Lamps, Taylor King, Randall
Allen, Perfect Balance, IMG, Elran,
Friedman Bros Mirrors, Henkel-Har-
ris, Nisley, Randall Allan, Somerset
Bay and Zimmerman.
For more information contact us at
302-994-0141. Come see our show-
room at 1800 Kirkwood Highway in
Wilmington, DE or visit us online at

in the next
special section
by calling
(856) 427-0933.
8 – HOME & GARDEN • THE SUN – OCT. 11, 2017

Smolar Garage door

Smolar Garage Door offers sales, meet the individual style and needs
service and installation of residen- of consumers.
tial and commercial doors. Whether Built with unique SafeGuard pinch
it is the installation of a high-quality protection design, Amarr steel garage
garage door or the repair of rollers, doors offer safety, durability, energy
‘You Dream It…I’ll Make It Happen’ cables or replacing broken springs,
Smolar Doors can take care of it.
efficiency, low-maintenance, as well
as design.
They also work on truck trailer doors Clopay is North America’s leading
and automatic garage door openers. residential garage door manufacturer
They offer free estimates, are fully and a preferred supplier of commer-
insured and have been serving all of cial overhead sectional garage doors
771 Westfield Road South Jersey for more than 20 years! and coiling steel doors. Clopay of-
Smolar Doors is service with a fers a broad assortment of beautiful,
Moorestown smile, quality workmanship done in energy efficient residential garage
Stunning custom built contemporary
a timely proficient manner, and they doors to fit your home style and your
on the most picturesque 3 acre lot in
will not overcharge you. budget.
Moorestown! Backs to Green Acres.
Smolar Garage Doors offers a In addition to installing new ga-
Newly renovated! $825,000
complete line of high-quality residen- rage doors, Smolar Garage Doors
• Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) • Over 25 Years of Professional Sales Experience tial and commercial garage doors offers, installs and repairs all lines
• Certified Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR) with quality doors from Amarr and of garage door openers. We offer
Clopay. quality garage door openers from Lift-
Amarr is one of the world’s lead- master which include a complete line
CHRISTINE DASH ing designers, manufacturers and of residential and commercial door
distributors of garage door access openers, keypads and remotes.
Realtor Associate systems for residential homes and Call Smolar Garage Door for all
123 E. Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057 commercial applications. Since your Garage Door needs from open-
C: 609.332.6266 O: 856.316.1100 1951, Amarr has been providing a ers, repairs and installation, at (856)
wide selection of garage doors to 466-7473.

Tailored Living
Tailored Living® serving Southern Our products are also perfect for
New Jersey is a locally owned, nation- many commercial spaces looking for
ally supported company dedicated to storage solutions that are attractive
helping our clients live life to the full- and functional, with excellent durabil-
est. We provide world class organiza- ity, ease of cleaning, and an excellent
tion systems and specialty flooring warranty.
solutions that enable our customers Each customer’s needs are our
to lead better quality, more produc- primary focus. We will actively listen
tive lives. to our customers’ needs before of-
In the home we provide systems fering solutions. We provide the high-
that stylishly control closet chaos, lay est quality products and services in
out the perfect laundry room, man- a timely, professional manner that
age the mudroom, and streamline reflects our unwavering attention
home offices. We also offer fold out to quality outcomes. We will ensure
wall beds that help create an instant that every individual encounter with a
guest room without taking up valu- Tailored Living employee is a positive
$200 in Free Accessories able floor space.
For the garage, we are proud to
Call us today at (856) 872-2918
on Orders Over $2000
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx
feature Premier Garage® cabinets and see what Tailored Living® serv-
856-872-2918 and flooring. Whether you are look- ing Southern New Jersey can do for
XXX-XXX-XXXX ing for the ultimate man-cave, or just you. need to get your car in the garage We sincerely look forward to meet-
again, we can help you craft the ga- ing you and tailoring your home or
rage you’ve always wanted. business to the way you live!

Advertise in the next special section

by calling (856) 427-933.
Contractors license #000000
OCT. 11, 2017 – THE SUN • HOME & GARDEN – 9

Wholesale Mattress Warehouse

Wholesale Mattress Warehouse cent lower than regular store prices.
truly is the little guy the big guys hope Not only has she taken all of the
you don’t find. That is their motto, overhead out of buying a mattress,
and there may not be a more fitting she also eliminated the decep-
one for any business anywhere. Lo- tive advertising, phony sales and
cated in a little warehouse next to high pressure sales tactics that are
Dunkin Donuts at 2060 Springdale unfortunately all too common nowa-
Road in Cherry Hill, take one step days.
inside the front door and you will “My goal is for my customers to
instantly realize it is unlike any mat- have fun buying a mattress,” Cutry
tress store you have ever been in. says. “And if they are able to come
Imagine walking into a discount here and find lower prices than they
store and finding every item marked will ever see them any place else
down lower than it has ever been ever again, every minute of every
marked down before. That is what it day, and not have to haggle for those
is like in their warehouse every min- prices, that is a fun buying experi-
ute of every day. ence.
Carole Cutry is the owner and sole “I want every person that walks
operator. With no employees, virtually out of here to have a smile on their
no paid advertising and operating out face. We want to be a breath of fresh
of a warehouse rather than a big ex- air in the marketplace.”
pensive showroom, she simply does Saving every customer 55 per-
not have the overhead that all the oth- cent to 80 percent every minute of
ers have and can therefore hit lower every day in a no haggle, no hassle,
price points. How much lower you no pressure environment? That’s a
ask? Shockingly, every mattress in her breath of fresh air alright. Keep it up
warehouse is 55 percent to 80 per- Carole!

Dan Higgins
“My model was to create an in- We appreciate that you welcome
stallation company that did excellent us into your home. That’s why we
work, as scheduled, and respond to have a team of clean-cut, courteous
customer’s needs quickly.” employees we personally train to pro-
In 1985, Dan Higgins Wood Floor- vide professional installation. We do
ing Warehouse was founded by Dan not hire subcontractors so we can en-
Higgins at 22 years old. Dan Hig- sure the best quality work. Our non-
gins started installing floors himself; commissioned sales team is ready

Your Local Home for Screen Printing, Embroidery,

more than 30 years later, we serve to help you select the best flooring
customers in New Jersey, Pennsylva- for you and your family--with no high
nia and Delaware out of two show-
pressure sales tactics or signing gim-
micks. Our team is here to provide Digital Printing and Custom Apparel
“Wood flooring has become the you with professional service from We specialize in business apparel, team uniforms, promotional items,
most affordable long-term solution start to finish.
for floor coverings in your home and “The community has given so and apparel for clubs, groups, and families
it’s a permanent solution to your much to me and my family, I’m happy
flooring needs.” to be able to return the favor by help-
We pride ourselves in selling prod- ing those who are in need.”
ucts that will be beautiful, practical, Our success has happened thanks Bark Tees 12 Haddon Ave,
and affordable. We offer products
from only the best manufacturers
to our location in a great community.
Our way of thanking those who sup- Haddon Twp. NJ 08108 Mention
we trust. Our showrooms display port us is by sharing our success with (across the street from McMillan's Bakery)
this ad
thousands of quality products, with those who need our help. Working and take
PH: 856-240-1734
samples you can take home to help
you choose.
with charities by giving both time and
resources is our way of saying thank E-mail: 10% OFF
“I found that the best way to take you to the community for making us your
care of your customer is to take care the company we are today. order!
of your employees. That’s why we “From the staff at Dan Higgins
share a large percentage of our prof- Wood Flooring Warehouse to all of
its with our terrific staff.” our customers: Thank You!”
Start designing your own t-shirt TODAY at
Advertise by calling (856) 427-0933. @Barktees
10 – HOME & GARDEN • THE SUN – OCT. 11, 2017

Don’t go another day with that Old, Ugly

& Unsafe Bath! we’llGive us One Day, and
give you a new bath!

Before After

• Fits in your • Financing available • Lifetime warranty

existing tub • Senior & Military • Safety features
space discounts available


Get up to
900 OFF
your Bath project

Ask about Special Financing!

Some restrictions apply. Not to exceed 10% of the retail price. Must be mentioned
at time of scheduling. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 10/31/17.

nO Interest • nO Payment
Options available
P.J. Fitzpatrick is neither a lender nor a broker. All financing is provided by 3rd party lending institutions under the terms and conditions of each
lender. All applications are subject to approval through credit, income and residency verification. All advertised finance terms, rates and pay-
ments are subject change without notice. Advertised terms are solely to be used as estimating tools, actual terms will be disclosed at time of
approval. Not all applications will be approved for all programs. P.J. Fitzpatrick does not assist with counsel or negotiate financing other than
submitting credit applications on behalf of our customers to the lender. Approved applications become customers of the lender and will make
payments directly to lender. Lender has final say to approve or decline of an application based on fair lending guidelines. NJ Lic. #13VH01142000
DE Lic. #2009603070 HIC PA #011323 MD Lic. #130457 *For complete details see
OCT. 11, 2017 – THE SUN • HOME & GARDEN – 11


Established Circa 1877

25 King’s Highway East

Haddonfield, NJ 08033
(856) 429-0428 Phone
(856) 428-3108 Fax

Flowers are about relationships. Develop a relationship with your local florist.
12 – HOME & GARDEN • THE SUN – OCT. 11, 2017

These 19,399 local homeowners

chose our windows.
= Our Delaware Valley Customers
Must call before October 31st!

SAVE 20%
on windows 1

SAVE 20%
on patio doors 1

SAVE 20%
on installation 1

Why have 19,399 Delaware Valley
homeowners chosen us to replace
their windows?
money down payments interest
No pressure. During your Free Window and Patio Door Diagnosis,
we’ll give you an exact, down-to-the-penny price that’s good for an
for 1 year1
entire year.
114 years of window expertise. We’re the full-service replacement Make an appointment and
window division of Andersen, the window and door brand that your
dad told you to trust. get a price that’s good for
No middleman to deal with. There’s no runaround between the an entire year!
installer and the manufacturer because we handle it all, from
custom-building to installing to warranting all our products.
We won’t sell you vinyl. We’ve replaced thousands of poor-quality
vinyl windows and patio doors, so we made our window’s Fibrex®
composite material two times stronger than vinyl.

Call for your FREE Window 1-877-866-4518

and Patio Door Diagnosis
Renewal by Andersen of Greater Philadelphia is an independently owned and operated affiliate operating in the Delaware Valley (PA, NJ, DE). Offer not available in all areas. Discount applied by retailer representative at time of contract
execution and applies to purchase of 3 or more windows and/or patio doors. Cannot be combined with other offers. To qualify for discount offer, initial contact for a free Window and Patio Door Diagnosis must be made and documented
on or before 10/31/17 with the appointment then occurring no more than 10 days after the initial contact. No payments and deferred interest for 12 months available to well qualified buyers on approved credit only. Not all customers may
qualify. Higher rates apply for customer with lower credit ratings. Financing not valid with other offers or prior purchases. No Finance Charges will be assessed if promo balance is paid in full in 12 months. Renewal by Andersen retailers are
independently owned and operated retailers, and are neither brokers nor lenders. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only, and all financing is provided by third-party lenders unaffiliated with Renewal by Andersen retailers, under
terms and conditions arranged directly between the customer and such lender, all subject to credit requirements. Renewal by Andersen retailers do not assist with, counsel or negotiate financing, other than providing customers an
introduction to lenders interested in financing. PA Lic. # 001884. NJ Lic. # 13VH05055400. J&M Windows, Inc, d/b/a Renewal by Andersen of Greater Philadelphia. “Renewal by Andersen” and all other marks where denoted are marks of
Andersen Corporation. ©2017 Andersen Corporation. All rights reserved. ©2017 Lead Surge LLC. All rights reserved.

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