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An Application for the post of a “Mechanical Technician”

Objective :
To be an active part of industry where I will use my abilities and to
increase my skill.

Work Summary :
Mechanical Technician with 8 years 2 Month of hands on experience in oil
and Gas environment petrochemical & power sector development work
includes Installation, commissioning & start - up, Maintenance & Shutdown

Educational Qualification :
 Passed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in University Of Port
Harcourt 1998
Permanent Address :
 Passed Certificate course in Production & Maintenance Technician
At: 6 Location road Oyigbo
 Passed Secondary School Exam S.S.C. in 1993
Rivers State, NIGERIA.
 A.V.T.S. 1. Preventive Maintenance of Machineries.
2. Dismantling, Repairing & Assembly of machine Tools.
E-mail : 3. Lubricants and Lubrication.
Additional Training Courses :
 OFFSHORE H.U.E.T. & SEA Survival Training
 Safety Induction Training
Mobile:  B – Safe
+2348034885337  H2S & BA Awareness

Personal Details : Employment History :

Date Of Birth 19.07.1974 1. Name of Company : Woodside Services. Lagos

Client : Nigerian LNG Train – 3 Shutdown
Sex Male. Nigerian LNG Train 1 & 2 Shutdown
Nationality Nigerian. Designation : Facility Mechanic
Duration : 21/10/2014 to 31/05/2016
Marital Status Married 2. Name of Company : Afroceanics Port Harcourt
Client : Nigerian LNG Train – 3 Shutdown
Nigerian LNG Train 1 & 2 Shutdown
Passport Details : Nigerian LNG Storex, at Bonny Island
Designation : Mechanical Technician
Passport no A05688241 Duration : 29/10/2013 to 24/04/2014
3. Name of Company : Petronella Turbo Tech Eng. Services Ltd.
Client : Ammonia IV Plant, Notori Fertilizer Company
Issus From Port (NFC)
Harcourt NG Designation : Mechanical Technician
Issus Date 09.05.2015 Duration : 27/04/2013 to 22/05/2013
Expiry Date 08.01.2019 4. Name of Company : Grandoilfield Services Port Harcourt
Client : Chevron Philips.
Eleme Petrochemical SCP, JCP, S – CHEM.
Eleme near Port Harcourt.
Designation : Mechanical Technician
Duration : 25/12/2012 to 28/03/2013
5. Name of Company : Niger Delta Trading Services Ltd. Warri
Languages Known :
Client : Nigeria GAS Company, at Effurun Industrial City,
 English. warri .
 Igbo
Q.CHEM – 1 & Q.CHEM – 2.
 French NGC Vinyl Company (N.V.C.).
Interests and Hobbies : Designation : Mechanical Technician
Duration : 07/02/2008 to 18/10/2012
 Playing Cricket.
6. Name of Company : Niger Delta Trading Services Ltd. Warri.
 Trekking.
Client : NGC Shutdown, at Effurun Industrial City
 Interacting With
Designation : Mechanical Technician
Duration : 14/10/2007 to 22/11/2007
7. Name of Company : Colt Engineering Services Ltd.
Personal Skills :
Client : Amadi Industrial Ltd., at Warri
Designation : Mechanical Technician
 Establish and Maintain Duration : 26/02/2005 to 30/09/2007
good interpersonal
 Dedicated and passionate Computer Qualification :
towards work. Proficient in the use of MS-Office , Access and Outlook express.
Computer skills.
 Good communication skills. Nature of Work :
 Good listener, optimist, I have been doing Predictive Maintenance and Break down Maintenance in
quick learner, problem Continues Process Petrochemical Plant, Gas Plant and Power Plant of
solving and grasping Following Equipment.
 Work effectively with Alignment : 1. Reverse Alignment,2. Rim & Face,3. Laser Alignment.
diverse groups of people
Centrifugal : Impeller & Casing Wear Ring Clearance Checking,
Pump Mechanical Sleeve Inspection, Bearing Replacement,
Alignment of Pump to Gear Box to Motor.

Reciprocating : Plunger and Cylinder Clearance Checking, Plunger

Pump Packing Checking, Crank Shaft Main Bearing Checking,
Alignment Checking.
Centrifugal : Checked Bearing Clearance, Inspection of Thrust Pad &
Compressor Checked Axial Float, Checked Radial Float, Checked
Labyrinth Seal Clearance, Inspection of Oil Seal,
Inspection of Diaphragm, Inspection of Mechanical Seal
(Wedge Gas Seal), Checked Alignments (Laser

Reciprocating : Checked Crank Shaft Deflection, Checked Piston Road

Compressor RunOut, Checked Main Bearing Clearance, Replaced
small end &big end Bearing, Installed Stuffing Box Seal,
Replaced PistonRing Rider Ring.

Gear Box : Completely Overhauling with Bearing and Gear, Teeth

Checking, Bearing Clearance Checking, Run Out Of
PinionShaft, Backless of Pinion and Pull Gear.

Fin fans : P.M. jobs of Fin fans, Belt and Pulley

Alignment,Measurement of Blade Angle, Tip Track, Fit of
Fan Hub and Sleeve with Shaft.

Static : Heat Exchanger, Vessels, Column, Condenser, All types

Equipments of Valves & Other All types of Static equipments etc.

Hydro Testing : Vessel, Pipe Line, Valves, Nitrogen Testing & Pneumatic
Testing of 3.5 BAR to 900 BAR &Torqueing.
Mechanical Maintenance Technician:
Worked in LNG Plant, Predictive Maintenance of Gas Turbine, Gas
Compressor, Various types of Centrifugal Single & Multi Stage Pumps,
Plunger type Reciprocating Chemical inject Pump, Heat Exchanger, Gas and
Oil Filter, Suction Strainers, Fin Fan Coolers, Agitators, Towers Vessels,
LNG Loading Arms Connection and Disconnection, LNG Loading arms
Preventive Maintenance and Overhauling and Inspection & checked the
Punch – List as P & ID and Isometric Drawing, Fully Commissioning of Utilities,
Process Train, Inlet, Storage etc.
I have my experience and knowledge will be suit your purpose and hoping
for favorable reply.
Thanking you…

Yours Faithfully,
(Chinedu Okeke)