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Healing Steps – Emotional Freedom Healing

1. In order to proceed with the EFH you will need to

complete the Prana Violet Healing steps as stipulated
in the Prana Violet Healing- Healing Procedure.

2. With the healing wand you need to find the Astral /

Emotional Energy Body. First find the energy body with
the healing wand and proceed until you find the
Emotional / Astral Energy Body. This would be located
about 2 to 3 feet from the Energy Body.
3. You will also need to find the Mental Energy Body
using the healing wand. This will start from the Astral /
Emotional Energy Body and would be located about 3
to 4 feet from the Astral / Emotional Body.
4. To find emotional issues hold the wand in that area of
the Emotional Energy Body and then ask “ Is there any
emotional problem “wait for a while say 10 to 15
5. The wand would move away from the energy body if
there were any issues. If there were no emotional
problems then the wand would stay still and not
move. To reconfirm this now ask “ There Is No
Emotional Problem “now the wand will move away
from the energy body. The wand will move by itself.
This would be confirmed if you have made an energy
connection / communication with the patients’ soul.
( Note ; You are not to move the wand the wand
should move by itself )
6. Should the patient have the emotional problem then
proceed to ask one by one the type of the common
emotional problems that the patient may have such
1. Disappointment
2. Worries
3. Sadness
4. Fear
5. Anxiety
6. Grief
7. Frustration
1. Once the type of negative emotion has been
identified the source of the emotions need to be
found, whether it is from outside source or from inside
of the patient’s conscious or subconscious mind.
2. This negative energy need to be removed from the
emotional body.
3. The process to do this is to first accept , normalize and
make the emotional energy positive. Let’s take an
example- negative energy of hatred for men..

Negative Emotional Energy :

I Hate Men, Men cannot be trusted Men Will
Cheat You.
10. Using the wand and accepting this emotional
energy, hold the wand about 1 feet from the Ajna
chakra and repeat this affirmation.
I Hate Men, Men cannot be trusted, Men will
cheat you.
I Am deeply, completely and consciously
accepting myself.
11. Using the wand in the same location neutralize
the negative emotion as below
My father was a good man, My grandfather was
a good man.
There are many good men whom I have
experienced in this lifetime.
I Am deeply, completely and consciously
accepting myself
12. Using the wand in the same location make the
energy positive
I Am A Soul, the Soul within me is not a man or
This is my karma and god’s divine plan for me to
be a woman in this lifetime.
I AM deeply, completely and consciously
accepting myself
13. Then sense for that negative emotion in the
emotional body, if it still exists. If it still exists then there
may be another issue. Find the cause of that negative
energy which still exists and remove accordingly
using step 10, 11 & 12. Recheck after that if it still
14. Once the negative emotions are gone from the
emotional energy body, proceed to check the
mental energy body. Check for any negative
emotions in the mental energy body.
15. If any negative energy is found then remove by
following steps 10, 11 & 12
16. Proceed to find larvae and entities in the
Emotional and Mental Body.
17. With the healing wand at the emotional energy
body ask if there are larvae / Entities. Only one item
should be asked at one time.
18. With the healing wand give command of the
following instruction by keeping the healing side of
healing wand on the emotional body.
Healing Wand burn and blaze away all larvae
/ entities from the aura. (3x)
( Keep the wand in the energy body for 30 to
45 sec)
19. Recheck for larvae / entities. If they still exist
repeat step 18.
20. The entities can be further divided into the
following and specific questions can be asked to
identify them and remove them accordingly.

21. Type of entities :

1. Smoke entities causing smoking habits
2. Alcohol entities causing drinking habits
3. Gambling entities causing gambling habits
4. Energy consuming entities
5. Lust, anger , sorrow etc
22. Follow the Step18. above to remove them.
23. Similarly check and clean Mental Body
24. Now check for the presence of souls in the
Emotional Body and Mental Body , with the wand ask
for the presence of any souls.
25. To remove these souls the patient should read the
Spiritual Affirmation- Pages 1,2 and 3 for about 3 to 6
26. Recheck after that, if the souls still exist then
contact Paraná Violet Healing