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Project Overview Statement


Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (SBBU) has encouraged business graduates that they must have experience to
manage the project for nurturing a more management skills. Formerly, no concept of such project named
“Business Expo” was found at Nawabshah. Project Management subject is currently taught to MBA-12 batch by
Sir Shafqatullah, at department of business administration, SBBU Nawabshah. So, it has been suggested that MBA-
12 students will take initiative towards a real ‘Business Expo’ Project, designed to implement all theoretical aspects
into practical work and spread awareness to new trends of business projects. Therefore, University has given
opportunity to students for managing project. This project will be part of course or program. Our stakeholders are
SBBU, project team and or local businessmen. Funding will be raised by local businessmen, educational institutions
and the students who can afford for the development of professional level project. This project involves different
sub business projects such as T-Shirts printing, Bedding Farm, Ehsas ‘The Paintings’, Coaching Centre, Flower Shop,
Door step computer repairing services, Boutique and Scarf.


 To have a project management expertise in business graduates.

 To give delegates skills in project management which will be directly useful to employers.
 To exhibit different businesses at one platform (“Business Expo”).


 Secure top-up funding from different people such as University, Local business (s), etc.
 Advertising, administration.
 Development of project management, and interpersonal skills, etc
 Performing in real project
 Duration 1 day.


 To achieve the current business needs and disseminate the business fare at Nawabshah.
 Designed one day business oriented project.
 The project will run for a four week period in May and June 2014.
 To be able to manage a project as project management profession.
 To make students familiar with different markets.
 To take initiative to promote new businesses ideas.
 The estimated cost of the project is 25000 rupees.
 The project will be held in the 2nd week of June-2014.


 Electricity availability and/or standby generator.

 All stakeholders may or may not be involved in activities.
 Some funding will be obtained from students own sources.

 Funds may not be obtained fully, as required.

 Permission may be granted by higher authorities.
 Might be tough to manage ten (10) different business dimensions in limited time and other resources.