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Cuenca, Glenn Ian Raphael D.

G11- STEM 2


Recyclable “Removing Recyclable bags in Las Piñas City”

Tablets and Smartphones “Restricting 5-10 years old children to use tablets and
Bio Fuel “Bio Fuel as an alternative fuel for vehicles”

Freedom of Information “Implementing Freedom of Information in school”

Local Tourism “Creating an art gallery to promote local tourism in the



ISSUE: Implementing K to 12 Education in the Philippines


CLAIMS: Lack of facilities, Inadequacy of teacher training, Increased expenses of parents

THESIS STATEMENT: Implementing K to 12 Education in the Philippines should be prohibited

due to lack of facilities, Inadequacy of teacher training, and Increased expenses of parents.

ISSUE: Political Dynasties


CLAIMS: Monopolized power in public offices, possibility of corruption, eroding of democratic


THESIS STATEMENT: Political Dynasties should be prohibited because there is a possible of

monopolized power in public offices, corruption, eroding of democratic choices.
ISSUE: Use of Social Media web site in School

STAND: In favor

CLAIMS: Speed in spreading news/announcements, possible venue to air concerns, classroom


THESIS STATEMENT: The use of Social Media we site in school should be implemented
because it can help spread news/announcements faster, classroom appliances, and possible venue
to air concerns, like reports and others.


“Implementing a No Private Transport policy for two days a week along Major Highways in
Metro Manila”

Metro Manila has many major highways like EDSA, Buendia, Taft Avenue, Roxas Boulevard,
Quirino, and many more. Most of the days, specifically during weekdays, those major highways
get clogged by traffic. Traffic is common to Metro Manila because of having commercial
buildings, many intersections, and lots of vehicles, both private and public. Even though 80% of
private vehicles consumes the road it does not mean that the private vehicles are the cause of
traffic. It should be prohibited since every filipino owners use private vehicles as their mode of
transportation. There is also a law in Metro Manilla that decides every day which car can go out,
which is the coding. The last number in the car’s plate number represents the day that vehicle
should not go out. Public Transport service causes traffic to since they switch lane to accommodate
passenger that commutes going to their work.


Reduction of traffic It will remain the same for the traffic volume
Reduction of Pollution There will be no reduction of pollution

Increased of Public More public transport services are needed to accommodate

transport service commuters and improvement of service quality

In the opposing claims, traffic cannot be avoided even if the private vehicle is prohibited to go out
for two days a week. Reduction of traffic volume will not lessen since the public transport services
will accommodate passenger and thus resulting in switching lanes. Pollution will still increase
because our Public Transport vehicle can still emit smoke, and some parts of the public transport
are recycled parts and can emit more smoke than the private vehicles. And last is if the private
vehicles are prohibited to travel, Metro Manila should increase and improve Public services to
accommodate citizens.



Reduction of Traffic Reduction of traffic volume is
volume expected
Reduction of Pollution Reduction of Pollution is
Extensive use of transport Extensive use of transport
vehicles vehicles will be high due to No
private vehicles
Reduction of traffic volume is expected because only the Public transport vehicle will consume
the highway, and 80% will be removed since the 80% is the private vehicle that causes the

Air Pollution is common to busy highway because of vehicle emitting smoke that can harm the
ozone layer. To lessen the pollution at the same time traffic, Private are not allowed to
travel for two days a week that’s why reduction of pollution is expected if public transport
vehicle will travel and accommodate citizens.

Extensive use of transport vehicle will be high because most citizens in the Philippines owns
private vehicles and use it as their transportation. If private vehicle will be ban for two
days, citizens with private vehicle will commute to their work, thus resulting to extensive
use of public transport vehicles like jeepney, buses, and the MRT and LRT station.