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of Concrete
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O N L I N E !
Cost is: $300/per person
September 11, 18,
This includes a copy of the PCA Design 25 & October 2
& Control of Concrete R E G I S T E R T O D A Y
Mixtures Manual, O N L I N E 12:30 - 5:00 p.m.

15th Edition W W W . A Z A C I . O R G
(a $90 value) Held at:
Every industry has Questions? Please contact us at: Sundt Construction’s
one outstanding 480-442-3296 or Training Room
2620 S. 55th St.,
reference book, and for concrete it is Design Tempe AZ 85282
and Control of Concrete Mixtures - the guide to
applications, methods, and materials.

durability. The series focuses on how * Proportioning concrete and cement technologies Donald L. Session 2 9/18/13 weather and wear resistance and Derek Wright. F.ACI construction material.E. constructability * Batching.ACI Concrete Mixtures Portland Cement Association (PCA). P. Hanson Aggregates etc. sharing their * Cold Weather Salt River Materials Group experiences and the latest advances * Testing AZ Sales Manager in concrete technologies. As well. Suntec Concrete susceptibility to chemical attack * Water & Admixtures and undesirable reactions within Vice President/Principal * Properties the concrete. crete industry reference. Session 1 9/11/13 Concrete Mixtures sustainability and economy have made it the world’s most widely used * Introduction to Design & Control Jerry Holland. The strength. * Place & Finish Bryan Castles. * Aggregates Robert Barkley.E. this reference standard. P. Co-Author of Design & Control of Concrete’s versatility.. want to know more about the Session 3 9/25/13 CalPortland world’s most common building Director of Quality Control material. Mixing & Transport Speedie & Associates and life-cycle of the finished * Reinforcement Vice President/Division Manager concrete/concrete product. F. Inc. Speakers Include: Design & Control of What Will Be Covered (tentative & not limited to) Michelle Wilson. * Volume Change Frank Kozeliski. impact sustainability. the Design and Principal/Senior Materials Engineer Control of Concrete manual has become a primary cement and con- Jeff Hearne. Cornelison. * High-Performance & Specialty . stiffness. Session 4 10/2/13 Salt River Materials Group VP of Quality Assurance Local and National industry * Hot Weather professionals will guide you through Clinton Wilkins. mix recipe. handling and placement techniques. * Sustainability Structural Services. these factors can affect Quality Control Manager the concrete’s appearance.ACI This four-part series is intended Concrete Consultant * Durability for construction professionals who Tom Romero. workability and durability of Vice-President & Director of Design Services modern concrete can all be influenced * Cements by raw material types. Since the 1st edition was published by * Curing Western Technologies PCA in the 1920’s. F.