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Anna University of Technology Chennai

CPT Campus, Taramani, Chennai-113.

Date : 06.09.2010


12 South Korean Masters and Doctoral Fellowships for the students and staff of Anna

University of Technology, Chennai.

The Anna University of Technology, Chennai has signed Memorandum of Understanding with 2

Korean Universities namely, the Hannam University and Soongsil University. As per the MoU, both

the sides have agreed to facilitate exchange of students with financial support for students and

staff. Accordingly, now the Hannam University has awarded 12 Masters and Doctoral

fellowships for the students and staff. The qualification and eligibility conditions and terms of

fellowships are given in detail in the Anna University of Technology website

“”. The fellowship covers tuition, travel and air fare.

The selection will be based on the research proposals. An Expert Committee consisting of Senior

Professors will select the candidates based on the proposals submitted and recommend suitable

candidates for the Fellowships. The fields of specialisation from which the students will be

selected are Nano Materials, Computer Security and Networks, Mechanical Engineering, Physics

and Chemistry. The program is to begin from March 20, 2011.

– Sd –

Qualification, Eligibility Conditions and Terms of Fellowships for 12 South Korean Masters and Doctoral Fellowships

Number Degree
of Course Preferred Academic / Research Background Fellowships Remarks
¾ Excellent Technical Skills (MFC Programming & Unix - Monthly stipend is 600.000 KRW
1 or 2 Master’s (Linux) O.S) Tuition, Airfare, Monthly (Tuition fee is offered separately
¾ Fluent Communication Skills (English Reading, Stipend from monthly stipend)
Writing, Speaking), Paper writing ability (English)

¾ Experience in using computers with Matlab or C(C++) Offering :

programming skills - 600,000 Won/month for living
1 Master’s ¾ Experience in digital signal processing Tuition, Monthly Stipend expenses
¾ Experience in PEKO or CST - 3,000,000 Won/year for Tuition

Master’s or ¾ Having mathematical capability and programming - Desktop Computer and office
1 or 2 Doctoral skills, as well as fluent English skills Tuition, Monthly Stipend supplies are provided to each
¾ Background in Computer Science or Engineering Tuition (full Support) - Interview by Skype or Phone
¾ Official English Score : {IELTS 6.5} or {TOEFL/TWE - Incentives based on journal paper
600/4.5} or {TOEFL IFT 92} Airfare (Full Support) publish
1 or 2 Doctoral ¾ At least {3 international conference papers} or {12 - 2 years study in Korea + 1 year
international Journal papers} publish Accommodation (Full Support) study in Australia (Full Support)

Monthly Stipend
- Monthly payment for tuition,
Accommodation & Stipend:
¾ Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Nano Materials Tuition, Airfare 1,00,000 Korean Won (about
1 or 2 Doctoral (Synthesis), Polymer com posites, Fuel cells Accommodation US$830)
Monthly Stipend - Airfare upto US$500
- Current Indian Students in our
Lab: 1 Post-Doc, 2 Ph.D Students
One Person : Polymer or Mechanical Engineering having - First year stipend award :
2 Doctoral knowledgeable experienced in computational solid/ 10,2000,000 Won.
fracture mechanics, including the finite element analysis - Years following the stipend,
softwares (e.g. ABAQUS, etc) Airfare, Monthly Stipend increase is negotiated.
Second Person : Polymer or Chemical Engineering having - Starting the second year extra
knowledgeable experience in flow simulation for Polymer may be earned on project based
processing (e.g. Fluent, Openfoam, Polyflow) consulting work Although Ph.D

1 Doctoral Physics Tuition and a monthly living

CPT CAMPUS, TARAMANI, CHENNAI – 600 113. passport size
(Notification No: 001/FU/2010 Dated: 06.09.2010) get it duly attested


1. Last Date for Submission : 15 October 2010

2. Application should be routed through Head of the Institution

1. Details of the Fellowship applied for

1.1 Name of the Fellowship
: Master Level Doctoral Level
(Master or Doctoral)

1.2 Area of Specialization :

2. Details of the Applicant

2.1 Name of the Applicant in full with

initials at the end (in BLOCK LETTERS)

2.2 Name of the Father / Husband :

2.3 Date of Birth : / /

2.4 Community (please tick) :

2.5 Nationality : • Indian • Foreigner

3. Address
3.1 Address for Communication :

Pin code :
Telephone No (with country and STD Code) :

Fax No. (with country and STD Code) :

Mobile No :

E-mail ID :
3.2 Permanent Address :

Pin code :
Telephone No (with country and STD Code) :

Fax No. (with country and STD Code) :

Mobile No :

E-mail ID :

4. Details of qualifications
4.1 General Educational Qualification:
(Start from the most recent degree and list up to SSLC) – Annexure: 1

Marks / Year of
Degree Branch University / Board Class
CGPA Passing

4.2 Details of NET/SLET Qualification :

(If applicable)

4.2.1 Whether cleared NET / SLET : YES NO NOT APPLICABLE

4.2.2 Year of Passing :

5. Thesis Details

5.1 Title of thesis at Bachelor Level :

5.2 Title of thesis at Master Level :

6. Details of Experience (Evidence to be enclosed with duly attested)

(Start from the most recent experience) - Annexure: 2

Name & Address of the Period of Service Duration

Post held Scale of Pay
Institution / Organization From To Y M D

7. Publications
7.1 No. of Publications in refereed National and National International
International Journals Details of NET/SLET
Qualification :

7.2 Details of publications as per the given order (to be given in a separate sheet)
[ Authors, Title, Year, Name of the Journal, Volume No, Page Numbers ]
Annexure – 3

7.3 No. of books published :

7.3.1 Details of books published as per the given order (to be given in a separate sheet)
[ Authors, Title, Year, Name of the Publisher]
Annexure – 4
8. Details of Supervision / Research Guidance

8.1 No. of Students Supervised / Research

M.E/ M.TECH M.Sc/ M.Phil
Scholars guided :

9. Membership in Professional Bodies

9.1 Total number of membership in Professional Societies :

9.2 Details of Membership in Professional Society and

Country of incorporation : Annexure - 5

10. Prizes, Medals and other Honours received if any

( Attach separate Sheet ) : Annexure - 6

11. Travel & Aboard Study

Period of Visit
Country visited Purpose of Visit
From To

12. Languages known

Language Speak Read and Write Speak, Read & Write

13. Have you got any research scheme
sponsored or supported by Local or National
(UGC, CSIR, ICAR, DST, etc) or
International ( UN, UNESCO, WHO, FAO)
Agency? Give Details (grant number and other
particulars) (to be given in a separate sheet) : Annexure – 7

14. Name and Address of two persons to 1.

whom confidential reference could be made

(not related by blood or marriage)

Note: They should be in a position to report

the suitability of the position you are seeking

15. Name & address of two persons from 1.

whom you have enclosed your testimonials:


16. Any other information you would like to

present for consideration in support of your
candidature ( use separate sheet if necessary) :
17. List of enclosures:

I hereby declare that all the information given in this application is true to the best of my knowledge and
belief. I understand, if any of the information furnished by me above is false, the University will summarily
reject / terminate my candidature / Fellowship at any point of time.

Place :
Date : Signature

Forwarded and Recommended by

Name and Designation with Seal

Head of the Institution

Date :