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Petro China (Halfaya)

Production Department
Maintenance Section


Equipment Failure Description

Report Date: 11-10-2016

Report #: HFY-RCFA-CPF2-2016-011

A. Equipment/ System Details.

Facility HP Gas Compressor System

Equipment Tag, Make, Model Flame Arrestor line of K-23210 B
Equipment/System description HP Gas Compressor K-23210 B Flame Arrestor line
Date and time of abnormality 1st Oct, 2016

B. Brief Description of Failure

Description: (Briefly mention-What Happened? / Where Happened? / When Happened? / Why Happened? / Who is
Responsible for corrective action?)

 1st Oct2016 observe Nozzle fractured of Vessel at HP Gas Compressor K-23210 B-

Flame Arrestor line in CPF2;
 Fracture due to welding defect and vibration
 Fractured Nozzle (1’’) replaced by XYKJ

Level High
Justification K-23210 B Flame Arrestor line could not be operated.
Fire system could not be operated.
HP Gas Compressor K-23210 B disturbed and obstructed.

C. Background/Problem Statement:

(List down briefly the previous history / problems faced during maintenance, since inception)
 Welding defect during construction stage
 Due to abnormal vibration welding defect increased and leak occurred at welding area
 Defective spool replaced by new one and after PT completed material crack observed on HAZ
area due to fast cooling (vessel full of water )
 Crack removed , PT done before and after re-welding to confirm crack clearance
 New joint and vessel painted

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D. Likely Root Cause:

Briefly mention about probable root causes and way forward

Description: Welding defect during construction stage
Abnormal Vibration.
Likelihood High

Information: Inspect the welding (PT) for gas high pressure points
(i). Tests to Clarify

E. Analysis of Basic Root Cause

1- Welding defect
 50% weld seam of the nozzle was unfused;
 50% tear on the pipe which part of weld was fused;
Analysis of Basic  Stress on fused part of the nozzle affected the welding
Root Cause / 2- Vibration and restrain
Distribution of  Continuous abnormal vibration of HP Gas Compressor system lead to
failure of defective welding
 The nozzle restrained by connected pipe
 Welding seam affected by stress and restrained.
 Welding defect occurred during construction stage
 Vibration and restrain was due to the service condition.
Corrective Action to  Replace defective nozzle
Eliminate Basic Root
 Grind the surface-remove the crack and re-weld
 Repaired the fractured Nozzle by TIG (welding method);
Implementation of Grinding, welding and coating.
Corrective Action:
Verification of Welding: Penetrate Test & Visual inspection.
Corrective Action and
Effectiveness: Coating: Visual inspection.
Follow up of 1- Continuous surveillance and monitoring the repair weld seam of vessel
Corrective Action
2- Enhance Welder/QA/QC during construction.

Team Members:

S. Name Position Signature

01 Prepared by: Ayman Elzain NDT. Engineer

02 Revised by: Ibrahim Yousif Corrosion Supt

03 Approved By: Saravanan Beemen Maintenance SH

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Overview- Fractured nozzle inspection

Fractured Surface Grind welding groove

TIG welding Weld shielding

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Weld surface after repair PT

Crack defect observed Defect confirmed on HAZ

Welding defect removal (crack )

Grind to remove the defect Defect had been removed

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Crack repair PT result Accepted

Vessel surface: with new coating

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