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4th Year BBA (Hons.

) Improvement Examination
Course No. 224
(Organizational Behavior)

Total Time: 4 Hours Total Marks: 70

( Answer any five of the following questions. Marks for each question are given on the
right margin)
1. a) Define organizational behavior. 02
b) Discuss the importance of studying organizational behavior. 04
c) What are the elements of organizational behavior? 08

2. a) What do you mean by organizational climate? 02

b) State different elements of favorable organizational climate. 04
c) Explain the different models of organizational behavior. 08

3. a) Define motivation. Explain the motivation process. 06

b) Distinguish between the need hierarchical model and two-factor theory 08
of motivation

4. a) Define Leadership. Discuss different styles of leadership. 07

b) Discuss the contingency model of leadership. 07

5. a) State different types of conflicts 04

b) What are the major causes of conflicts at the individual and group level 05
in our industries?
c) Explain the techniques to resolve conflicts in our industries. 05

6. a) What do you mean by organizational development and training? 02

b) Discuss different methods of organizational development. 06
c) What is organizational change? State different forces for 06
organizational change.
7. Write short notes on any four: 14
a) Managerial Grid b) Job Satisfaction
c) Social System d) Informal Organization
e) Participation f) Role Conflicts and Role Ambiguity