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Civil Engineering and Building Contractors

P.O. Box 31161, Lilongwe 3.
Cell: 265-999 335 885 / 265-999 783 555


Proj-Ex Contractors was established as a general works contractor in 2011 to carry out small
scale to medium scale commercial and public works. Over the years, the company has
undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in
building, civil engineering and associated mechanical and electrical engineering works.

Today, Proj-Ex takes on the role of main contractor for large scale projects and also provide
design inputs and engineering solutions as value-add services to our clients

Proj-Ex, coined from Project Excellence, has a number of cornerstones on which its ethos and
culture are founded:
 Honesty and integrity in all our relationships
 Reliability, dedication and loyalty
 Health and Safety –providing a safe and healthy work environment for its stakeholders
 Efficiency – enhancing our clients value for money by achieving more with less
 Quality – constantly exceeding expectations of our clients
 Time - we work hard to meet our targets within the specified time

We take pride in our delivery, thus our clients can always be assured that only the most
experienced and qualified people are serving them, all the time.

Our Vision
To be a respectable engineering contractor delivering beyond expectation, always

Our Mission
To secure projects at competitive pricing, provide safe working conditions and deliver quality
work within reasonable timeframe.
Company Information

Address: Proj-Ex Contractors

P. O. Box 31161
Area 4
Onions Complex
Lilongwe 3
Phone: +265 111 912 053 / +265 999 335 885 / +265 999 783 555

Contact Name: Eugene Lewis Khoriyo – Managing Director

Bankers: Standard Bank

Capital City Branch
Current account number 0140031668800

Registration No: 143779

TPIN: 30819827
Our Organisation Structure

Our Management Team

The business is driven by 2 working directors and 3 senior managers; collectively they
accumulated over 20 years of work experience in the construction business management.

Eugene Khoriyo, Managing Partner, is a civil engineer with an Executive MBA and is a
nationally recognised player with vast experience in construction business management. Prior to
establishing Proj-Ex, he had worked with different contractors as Site Engineer as well as
Lafarge Cement Malawi Ltd as Technical Sales Engineer. He then joined Intra Energy
Corporation (IEC), a coal mining company where he resigned as Country Manager to focus on
growth and development of ProjEx.

Phillip Tembo is the Managing Partner of Proj-Ex responsible for resource mobilisation, health,
safety, environment, security, community liaison and general administration. He holds a BSc in
Agricultural Economics and an Executive MBA. He is in charge of the strategic development of
the company.

Martin Muchotse, Contracts Manager is a Civil Engineer with over 12 years uninterupted
experience with high level skills and knowledge in all phases of construction, including
estimating, preconstruction, field construction, cost control, scheduling, quality control and
overall contract administration. Prior to joining ProjEx he worked for Mota Engil in Malawi as
Projects Manager as well as in Botswana.

Nancy Beza ACCA is the Finance and Administration Manager for ProjEx. She is an ACCA
certified public accountant and holds a Masters in Business Administration. She possesses vast
experience in financial reporting, financial management, audit and general management.
Jayne Chisenga is the Health Safety and Environment Manager. She is an experienced health
professional with specialty training in Midwifery and Health Services Management including
occupational Health. She is result oriented and has over 20 years’ hands on experience in the
midwifery and nursing field including adolescent sexual and reproductive health, youth friendly
services, counseling, maternal and neonatal nursing.

Our People
Our technical staff which includes engineers, materials technicians, surveyors and foremen are
crucial in the delivery of our services and solution to our clients. In order to ensure that everyone
is equipped with the right skill, knowledge and attitude, a comprehensive training is put in place
to constantly upgrade our people in technical and management skills. Our aim is to stay relevant
to the ever-changing marketplace and client’s requirements.
Health and Safety
When it comes to safety, Proj-Ex operates under high health and safety standards and believes in
zero accidents, incidents or occupational illnesses. All levels of staff including directors,
managers, site foremen, tradespersons and laborers have undergone health and safety trainings
applicable to their needs and responsibilities. Some of the trainings which its employees have
undergone include:

 Occupational health and safety

 Site safety management

 Risk assessment /Methods Statement

 First Aid

 Fire Fighting


Everyone working for Proj-Ex expects a health and safe work environment and in turn is
expected to contribute to that safe environment through responsible behavior.

Proj-Ex Contractors prides itself with Zero Fatalities and Lost Time Injuries ever since the
company was established in 2011.
Civil Engineering and Building Contractors
P.O. Box 31161, Lilongwe 3.
Cell: 265-999 335 885 / 265-999 783 555


Our statement of general policy is:

 To provide adequate control of the health and safety risk arising from our work activities;

 To consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety;

 To provide and maintain safe plant and equipment;

 To ensure safe handling and use of substances;

 To provide information, instruction and supervision for employees;

 To ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate

 To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health;

 To maintain safe and health working conditions; and

 To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.

Signed :



Date : 29/11/2013
Why Choose Us
ProjEx is a multi-crafted construction company that offers a blend of different construction
solutions with precision, discipline, and in – depth knowledge. We are a preferred construction
collaborate because of:
 health and safety – to us, life matters most;
 good reputation – we are reliable and dependable
 quality, timely and hassle free jobs that you expect and deserve
 tailor-made projects within your specific budget – giving you value for your money
 prerequisite credentials – we have permits, licenses and training to do our job effectively
 extensive hands-on-experience - gained recognitions through high customer satisfaction rate

Our Services
ProjEx offers building and civil engineering services as follows:
 Building services: specialized in residential, commercial and public facilities new
construction, improvement, remodeling, and repair. We have extensive experience in
kitchens, baths, floors, roofs, concrete, carpentry, siding, painting, electrical, plumbing,
and mechanical work.
 Civil engineering: experts at earthworks, drainage works, bridge
construction/maintenance, road maintenance, dam construction, construction of canals
and pipelines including fittings.

You can be confident that you'll get a smooth and seamless turn-key service.
Registration Certificates
NCIC Registration
Tax Clearance Certificate
VAT Certificate
Work Experience

We at ProjEx pride ourselves on our ability and relentless pursuit to do our job right the first
time. That is our commitment and promise that any one of our clients can testify to. Some of works
that we have recently completed are as follows:

1 Construction of New Steers Restaurant Total Malawi Ltd

Gloria Chiumia
Value: MK 50,000,200.00
1 Construction of Fences on Communication Towers of Vale Logisticts Ltd
Section 3 of the Nacala Corridor Cristiano Santarosa
Value: $447,425.20
2 Thermit Welding of 104 portions on a 700m Rail Section Central East African
at NOCMA Site in Kanengo Railways Ltd
Asante Chauma
Value $78,101.60
3 Grading of Access Roads in Section 3 of Nacala Corridor Vale Logistics Ltd
Attn: Eng. Allan Nyirongo
+265 888 988 863
Value: $84,057.08
4 Installation of Hydrometers in all bridges along Nacala Vale Logistics Ltd
Corridor Attn: Eng. Allan Nyirongo
+265 888 988 863
Value: MK 36,174,941.45
5 Kapeni Concrete Bridge Decking on Ntonda – Roads Authority
Kamwamba Road (UD) in Ntcheu District Eng Fletcher Mkandawire
MK 27,968,959.80
6 Reinforcement and Recuperation of B35 (Rivirivi Bridge) Central East African
and B45 (Shire Bridge) along Nacala Coridor. Railways Ltd
Mr. Nori Alex Sasaki
Value: USD 581,618.88
7 Installation of Cochrane Clear Vu Fences on Vale Logisticts Ltd
Communication Towers along Nacala Corridor Cristiano Santarosa
Value: USD 81,871.23
8 Reshaping of Selected District Roads in Lilongwe District Roads Authority
– Lot 2 Eng Fletcher Mkandawire
MK 7,454,025.00
9 Maintenance of the Pavement Layers in Section 3 of Vale Logistics Ltd
the Railway of Nacala Corridor in Malawi (Phase I Eng. Allan Nyirongo
and II): +265 888 988 863
The contract spanned 143kms on the Greenfield section of
the Nacala Corridor and works involved Expansion of Value: USD 439,216.20
concrete channel drains; Construction of masonry ballast
guard bund walls; Reclamation of pavement layers on
embankments; and Construction of concrete culverts on
access roads and general maintenance and cleaning of side
drains and culverts
10 Rehabilitation of Seed Services Unit Laboratories, ICRISAT – Malawi
Storeroom and Green Houses: Mrs Patricia Namasiku
The works involved renovations of one science laboratory, +265 881 962 437
two green houses and one staff kitchen. The works Value MK42,456,440.60
involved kitchens, baths, floors, roofs, concrete, carpentry,
painting, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work.

11 Construction of Six (6) Units of VIP Latrines at Centre for Intengrated

Msiliza Primary School: Community Development
The works involved new construction of VIP latrines to (CICOD)
improve sanitation health at the school which involved Mr. Robson Pemba
earthworks, suspended concrete slabs, brickworks, roofs, +265 991 660 766
carpentry, painting, and plumbing. Value: MK 23,615,304.90
12 Maintenance of Dedza to Lobi (S124) Road in Dedza Roads Authority
District: Mr. Derrick Manda
The contract was for a 31 kms road section and the works +265 999 204 486
involved reshaping, improvement of drainage system as Value: MWK 3,130,752.00
well as shrubs and grass cutting
13 Construction of an Office Block and Science ICRISAT – Malawi
Laboratory ICRISAT Malawi: Mrs Patricia Namasiku
The contract was new construction of an office block, +265 881 962 437
science laboratory and associated carparks and drainange
system and the works involved kitchens, baths, floors, Value: MK 35,197,071.73
roofs, concrete, carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing,
and mechanical work.
14 Construction of Four (4) Units of VIP Latrines at Centre for Intengrated
Msambachikho Primary School: Community Development
The works involved new construction of VIP latrines to (CICOD)
improve sanitation health at the school which involved Mr. Robson Pemba
earthworks, suspended concrete slabs, brickworks, roofs, +265 991 660 766
carpentry, painting, and plumbing. Value: MK 14,266,644.08
15 Construction of 7 water kiosks at Area 23, Chiuzira Training Support for
and Area 25: Partners (TSP)
The works involved new construction of water kiosks to Mr. Benard Mphepo
improve water supply to the communities which involved +265 993 460 931
pipe laying, concrete, brickworks, roofs, carpentry, Value: MK 10,722,577.80
painting, and plumbing.
16 Construction of 1 Male and 1 Female VIP Latrines at Mineral and Appropriate
Mponela Primary School: Technology Applicable in
The works involved new construction of VIP latrines to Malawi (MATAMA)
improve sanitation health at the school which involved Mr. Glyciahnnie Mapulanga
earthworks, suspended concrete slabs, brickworks, roofs, +265 999 484 749
carpentry, painting, and plumbing. Value: MK 7,431,039.30

Construction Equipment

Tabulated below is a list of equipment owned by the Proj-Ex Contractors

Item Plant Description Year of Condition Ownership

1 4 number tippers 2000-2005 Good Owned

2 5 number D/cab pick up 2006 – 2010 Good Owned

3 Concrete Mixers – 3 NO 2012 Good Owned

4 Concrete Poker – 3 No 2012 Good Owned

5 JCB 2006 Good Owned

6 Concrete and SSB 2011 Good Owned

Making Machines – 2 No

7 Scaffolding Good Owned

8 10 Ton Track Jack 2013 Good Owned

9 Track Gauge 1065mm 2013 Good Owned

10 Pan Pullers 2016 New Owned

11 Ballast Forks 2016 New Owned

12 Beater Picks 2016 New Owned

13 Beater Picks-Handles (Poly) 2016 New Owned

14 Round Nose Shovels 2016 New Owned

15 Rail Tongs 2016 New Owned

16 Slewing Bars 2016 New Owned

17 Rail Thermometers 2016 New Owned

18 Rail Square 2016 New Owned

19 Straight Edge- 1M 2016 New Owned

20 Universal Sleeper Tong 2016 New Owned

21 Rail Tuners 2016 New Owned

Financial Reports

Attached are our audited accounts for the three years ended 30th June, 2016.