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Using Gudebrod Hand Wrapper.

Using heavy book to control thread.

Using by hand.



Take a length of strong Mono and tie a knot.


To start, cross over the thread. Make sure the guide is taped in place.

 c) a.  e) After 6 or 7 wraps.Get the first wrap around blank c.Add two more wraps. .  f) Push up thread tight with thumb. pulling waste end parallel to blank  d) Keep pressure and tension on thread.Cross over the thread b.

 h) Continue winding up foot of guide. . g) Carefully cut tag end off with knife.  i) Place the loop of strong Nylon in & continue whipping over & up the thread.  j) Cut off the thread leaving 4-5cm long.

 m) This will pull the thread end cap out and in under the whippings. . k) Pass the thread through the loop of nylon.  n) Continue pulling thread until finished.  l) Gently pull the nylon loop out.

 p) Carefully cut the waste thread away.  q) Push the thread up together to tighten any gaps. o) Move/pull the thread until it is at the side of the wraps.  r) Use a blunt instrument like the blade of a screwdriver to burnish the thread .

 t) This is to ensure a smooth transition from blank to tube.  SINGLE LEG GUIDES Single leg guides should have thread wound in front of the foot of the guide to help prevent them pulling out. a) Whip as above. s) Tip tops should have thread behind them.  .

b) Continue thread forward in front of the guide.  c) Pull thread as shown above.  .  e) After 2 or 3 turns insert the strong nylon loop.  d) Pull thread tight against guide.