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Introduction of Electromechanical Measuring Devices


 Electromechanical measuring devices combine electrical and mechanical processes
and procedures drawn from electrical engineering and mechanical engineering in
order to measure units.
 The moving coil instruments are the most popular measuring electromechanical


 Simplicity, reliability, low price
 Majority of such instruments can work without any additional power supply.
 The psycho-physiological aspect of moving pointer is appreciated


 They do not provide electrical output signal.
 The moving mechanical parts are sensitive to shocks, aging or wearing out.
 The accuracy is affected by so-called parallax error.

Priniciple of D’Arsonval Movement:

The D’Arsonval movement is a current sensing mechanism which is used in PMMC
(Permanent Magnet Moving Coil) measuring devices.

The deflection system is arranged so that the pointer can be deflected to either right or left of zero. the instrument is referred to as a null meter or null detector.  To use. In this situation. connect the galvanometer in series with the circuit. depending on the direction of current through the moving coil.  Galvanometers are often employed to detect zero current or voltage in a circuit rather than to measure the actual level of current or voltage. .Galvanometer  A galvanometer is essentially a PMMC instrument designed to be sensitive to extremely low current levels.