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The human influence is felt in meeting the needs of everyday life. The information obtained does not include a local area (national) but also the international area. The use of computer technology is now starting rampant. it is characterized by the many cutting-edge technology products and the latest information. all the technology is growing rapidly. But to produce the human resources information technology field there must be a better education to be ready to plunge into the world of information and communication technologies. Now this is all kinds of activities must be related to IT. With the development of technology that is accompanied by the development of informatics knowledge can be acquired technology is increasingly new and more sophisticated. Computer networks spread everywhere so easily and quickly get the information. Now this is a period where information technology is developing rapidly. Science continues to increase and renewal especially in the field of Information and Technology or so-called IT. TV. To get an updated information from one country to another can be a matter of minutes to get it. This technology is needed to facilitate the delivery of information to the public. Education at any time should change according to the time of developments to improve the quality of education in a place or country. Although the changes provide better impact than before but certainly no adverse effects were given. . but also telephone. Almost all jobs are now using computers. especially in education. In order to improve the quality of education. quality human resources who have competence in the field of education and be able to follow the development of Information media use as a means of supporting teaching and learning in schools. if we do not then we will follow the development far behind. Changes in life today is very different than the past. THE DEVELOPMENT OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGI IN INDONESIA In this globalization era. electronic home appliances. and certainly will affect life on earth. All electronic equipment was to make life easier. Tekonologi information technology is used to provide information to all human beings. but also makes even inseparable dependence on information technology. Examples of Information Technology is not only a personal computer. and modern mobile devices (eg mobile phones). Science has developed so quickly. In modern times we are required to be able to keep up with technology.

movie and so the information presented is richer than the conventional books and e-book mejadikan superior compared with conventional books. graphics. In addition to the featured apps like that. create simulations from simple to complex animations from the base up to the professionals. DVD (4. images. can be accompanied by snippets of the image type so that the user can clearly understand what is meant by the renderer. With this technology. movies and other multimedia elements. As the idea of using machine-learning. An explanation of the types of images. Processing and delivery of information through telecommunications networks open up many opportunities to be exploited in various fields of human life. for example. learners and trainers do not have to be in the same place. then the current speed has been calculated by permiiliar (nano) seconds. some other opportunities that are simpler and less expensive can also be developed with advances in ICT today. tinio. A desktop computer or personal computer is now not considered as a luxury item. but also sound. In education. If ten years ago the computer microprocessor is only able to access the memory at speeds perjutaan seconds. The use of technology that is run by using Internet technology allows learners to be anywhere as long as it is connected to a computer network. also known as E- book is a book that can be obtained online. . speed of operation is also increasing.5 GB capacity) or flashdisc (currently available capacity up to 32 GB). Multimedia format allows e-book presents not only the written information. Electronic books or e-book is one that utilizes computer technology to deliver multimedia lessons in the form of information that is concise and dynamic.7 to 8. stating that "e-learning include learning at all levels. images. Type the e-book simplest is just to move a conventional book into electronic form that can be displayed by the computer. As in this period lasts very rapid development of computers. that uses computer networks (intranets and extranets) for the delivery of teaching materials . In addition in the form of e-book there are also other applications such as e-learning . Could all definitely offices and large companies own and operate a computer. one of them in the field of education. In addition to increasing its capacity. animations.. formal and informal. Victoria L. Resulting in learning that is synchronized to have the advantage. hundreds of books can be stored on a single CD (about 700MB capacity). but rather as an essential requirement to be able to follow the progress of technology. In an e-book can be included impressions of sound.

and / or facilitation. chat. (1994) argues that the future of education will be determined by the information network that allows interaction and collaboration. Tony Bates (1995) argued that technology can improve the quality and range when used wisely for education and training. or via video conference. 1995). Special software is commonly called learning management software or LMS (learning management system) presents the e-learning package is complete. open. Mailing list can also be provided for the learning site that serves as a discussion forum. Here we discuss some of the assumptions of the experts. and previous education experience. Mason R. Mukhopadhyay. the future will be more open and two-way. "Globalization has triggered a shift in education from the conventional face to face education toward a more open" (M. That definition has included radio and television broadcasts of education as a form of e- learning. LMS-based Internet technology so that it can be accessed from anywhere. Bishop G. anytime. As an example of the Internet-based learning or web-based learning in its simplest form is a website that is used to present learning materials. In olden days the experts already exists that has the notion of information and communication in the future. but basically agreed that e-learning is learning by utilizing electronic technology as a means of presentation and distribution of information. managing the learning process included evaluation of learning management and the management of communication between learners with the facilitator. namely "e-learning is learning through electronic services". education. and has a great significance for the economic well-being. From the view of scholars can be concluded that with the influence of globalization. rather than the school building. age.interaction. learning materials management. This allows learners to access learning resources provided by informants whenever the learners want. There are also other definitions put forward a working paper SEAMOLEC. The facilities provided on the e-learning is the management of learners. Romiszowski & Mason (1996) predicts the use of "Computer-based Multimedia Communication (CMC). diverse. The presence of the parties involved can be represented via e-mail. Although definitions vary. "for most of the learning process takes place with the help of the internet network is often referred to as online learning. . This facility allows learning without face to face between the parties involved. and anyone over the available access to the Internet. and accessible to anyone who requires without differentiating factor in the type. (1989) predicted that the future of education will be supple (flexible). This is so that education can be developed in accordance with the development of information and communication systems.

so do not miss about technology. relatives. Apart from the educational development of information and communication technologies are also needed in companies and kator.multidisciplinary. especially information technology and communication. Then of which has a regular machine to the most sophisticated. too many companies that make electronic goods such as handpone. Up-peenemu many inventors who could develop information and communication. Starting from the era before independence means of information and communication already exists but it is still very simple. Example is from a soap company that produces soap. and other bnyak. tablets. In a company is very important as a means of effective and efficient in promoting the products of a company. today handpone been like lives every owner. Today. After it aired then everyone will know the products produced by the company and if the interested consumers will definitely buy the product. then make use of television as a means to market the products they make. and colleagues. television. Depending on the tastes of each konsemen own. But it should be remembered that. At the present time it has become a tool that should be available are like goods. the development of information and communications in Indonesia is very rapid. radio. tingaal want to choose from a cheap price until the expensive one. Because if it does not bring will definitely feel anxious or uneasy. and competitive and will certainly adapt to technological advances evolve. Due to the use of information and communication tool we can send a message to people far and sends a message to everyone to market prodak. Thus we can conclude that. Consumers are now spoiled with the development of information and communication technology. At this time. This may be due to fear of not received information from family. information and communication systems is a very important tool and has a very good value funsional. friends. Now every electronics companies compete to DAPT create a tool that has a small size but has a tremendous engine power. In other words. Examples of such handpone (HP). So now we can easily access whatever we want. information and communication tools are indispensable. Indonesia also needs to develop information and communication systems not to compete with other countries . In Indonesia alone does not compete with other countries in the field of information and communication. The company is now working in the field of information and communication very much. When lagged information from coworkers feared not know info about the market conditions mapun office work. computers.