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Government's ambition to produce vehicles at affordable prices for the
majority of Indonesian people is not new anymore. Even further, the government
produce a national car dream (Mobnas)
The idea of making cheap cars once Mobnas have emerged since 17 tahunn ago,
on February 19, 1996. At that time the government is still led by Suharto issued
Presidential Instruction No. 2 of 1996 on the National Automobile Industry
Now, almost two decades, the government re-issued the idea of making a cheap
car but without label Mobnas. The government chose to develop low-cost and
environmentally friendly (Low Cost Green Car-LCGC) through the legal umbrella
of Government Regulation No. 41 Year 2013 on taxable goods Luxury category
Form of Motor Vehicles Taxable PPnBM
Here are the differences development Mobnas Soeharto and cars LCGC:
Mobnas Soeharto
In developing Mobnas, former president (Alm) Soeharto issued Instruction No. 2
of 1996 on the National Automobile Industry Development. Umbrella law was
later repealed two years later.
Aim :

1. Stage in the take-off of development needs to be strengthened with the
independence of the nation, particularly in the provision of ground transportation
in the form of a national car manufacture

2. In the long term, the national car should also be exported in order to
strengthen the independence of national financing sources

The Minister of Industry and Trade Nurture. guide. The State Minister for Investment / Chairman of the Investment Coordinating Board Taking safety measures so that the development of the national car industry can run smoothly . The finance minister Member ease in the field of taxation in accordance with the legislation in force: • Exemption of import duty on components that are still needed • The implementation of the Value Added Tax rate of 10% on delivery of cars produced • Payment of Sales Tax on Luxury Goods as stated on the delivery of cars produced.National Car Criteria : 1. is borne by the government 3. and a member of the ease in accordance with the legislation in force so that the national car industry: • Using the brand that created its own • As much as possible using components made in the country • Can export cars own produce 2. Produced in the country 3. Using self-created brand 2. Using the components made in the country Ministry involved and duties : 1.

the following government directives • Basic consideration • Facility • Criteria free Sales Tax CHEAP CAR CAR PROJECT FOREIGN NATIONAL THREAT The existence of inexpensive environmentally friendly cars (LCGC) in Indonesia to be a threat the sustainability of the national car project. Nana Tata and Geely Panda. a car named Esemka. 31/2013 which regulates PPnBM for the automotive industry. said the development of low-cost cars could make a national car industry collapse. Nissan March. and Mistsubishi Mirage. . The rules also regulate the tax issue for other types of vehicles. According Suhari. Special car development cost. the presence of cars LCGC developed foreign manufacturers should be adapted to the national car policy.Cheap Car SBY For a cheap and energy-efficient cars President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono issued Regulation No. Sargo Suhari economic observer. the Honda Brio. You see. Some automotive manufacturers are currently vying for the work on the Indonesian market in the segment of cheap cars. Examples of national cars are cars produced vocational students. there's also an environmentally friendly car that is priced below Rp 100 million. In addition. the national car industry is a national asset that is owned by the people of Indonesia. as Agya Toyota-Daihatsu Ayla. A number of big manufacturers also recorded their own cheap cars.

Perhaps in addition to its cheap price. This is why the cheap car demand. Do not let the national car's defeat by car . But now was not heard from again. Which had skyrocketed his name. high school in Solo also creating an energy-efficient cars named Car ESEMKA. However unwittingly national cars also need the support. also with today's models and minimalist.But now it seems that a trend in Indonesia is cheaper cars because basically every family wants the 4-wheel vehicles. and caught the attention of the government at that time. Though at the time served as Solo Mayor Jokowi that time. in order to grow no less with cheap cars. We should be more support emerging and the rise of national car because it was a state asset.