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Activities to develop

- Medical applications
- Wireless data transmission.

Taking into account the applications, you will answer the
following questions.
1. Explain the importance to consider the Skin Deep in medical

The first thing you should know is the depth of the skin in medical
treatments, the type of wave that is applied to it, that is, if you count in
the account the length of a wave is an extremely important feature, that
is, the definition of the depth in the tissue to be treated, in addition to
the different wavelengths, also known as absorption coefficients, if we
take into account that the radiation emitted in the ultraviolet region high
absorption coefficient by the skin with an absorption in the surface that
is in the region in the near future (820 nm and 840 nm) is verified a low
coefficient of absorption, implying a maximum of penetration in the
That is, according to the type of fabric, the length of the wave, that
absorbent tissue, energy in a more superficial way, or allows light to
pass through it, acting as a target in the intimacy of the tissue there,
which is important consider. The importance of depth in the skin in
terms of penetration under waves.

Figure 1 - Didactic design illustrating the penetration of the laser according to its wavelength.

Can the human tissue change its conductivity because a disease? Explain. including a brief explanation about these. . Make a graphic explaining at least three modes of electromagnetic wave propagation. 3.2.

this is because the type of tissue that is used to recover or recover must be taken into account. en la medicina es conocida como diatermia. select a frequency used in medical treatment and explain how it is used and select a frequency used in wireless transmission and explain its application. en el campo de la medicina se usa para tratamientos específicos como molestias en articulaciones por ejemplo con ondas cortas. In fact. their conductivity is different. 4. according to the type of disease that human beings have. the basic data of each tissue or place. you cannot establish a single model for the types of tissues because it presents different intrinsic constants and dependence on the constitution of each one. es una técnica que utiliza el calor producido por la radiofrecuencia para tratamientos quirúrgicos . that is. . you can not apply the same amount of electrical energy or electrical wave to a muscle tissue if you do not have an account in its basic structure. Using the electromagnetic spectrum.

.5. You don’t have to make any math calculation. Define the following concepts and give an example of a practical application where they are used: . it will be evaluated the capacity to understand the relationship between the course topics and the given applications.Power loss .Coupled transmission lines .Refraction .Reflection .Load impedance .Loss tangent In this activity.